TWICE Vs. Google Translate (Kpop Edition)


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    We tested TWICE to see if they could guess Korean phrases translated through Google Translate!
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    TWICE Vs. Google Translate (Kpop Edition)

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 11 dana


    1. REACT

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      1. Meher

        LOONA !!

      2. artaznc

        We need more of TWICE + Dreamcatcher, Ateez, Everglow, Weki Meki, Purple Kiss, Pixy, Secret Number, Stray Kids, ITZY, day6 etc. hehehehe thanks!

      3. artaznc

        We need more of TWICE hehe

      4. John Clifford Enriquez

        i need moree !!?!

      5. Grace Mibla

        More TWICE plissss

    2. Reen Jinzu

      Blessed us with more TWICE contents omoo im happy!!!!

    3. Logan

      rip fbe

    4. Edina ARJ

      So happy and surprised to see momo sharing her thought she usually scrambled away from mic 🥺 she spoke really well ✨ you should do moreee momoring !!

    5. Jeremy García

      I would love a video with Tr_Be😍

    6. Royals People


    7. subah


    8. Daniela Valdez

      Me -sees the twice thumnail Also me - How about we click that

    9. EXO-L_ TOFU•

      Jeongyeon is enjoyinggg.... Thank you so much

    10. EXO-L_ TOFU•

      Momo trying hard not to hiccup is so cuteee lol ㅋㅋㅋ

      1. Edina ARJ

        When where how

    11. Yoo Beep beep

      Tzuyu literally speaking with her visual

    12. HIRAI MOMO

      1:40 momo hold her yawn 😆

    13. TzuDonggie Jjang!

      Is that only me who didn't hear Tzuyu?

    14. Anonymous

      Love my girlies TWICE..

    15. Deepak Sharma

      3:30 that's Sana's signature move 😂😂she's just too cute

    16. Deepak Sharma

      How hilarious Jihyo forgot the name of her own documentary 😂😂

    17. Ghost

      Can You GuysMake Adults React To Musical Creator HRaeror LHUGUENY Please?

    18. DANY!

      The one with short blonde hair looks a little too uptight compared to the other ones idk that’s what I see 😵‍💫

      1. Edina ARJ

        @DANY! i think it's her own decision and we should just respect that

      2. DANY!

        @GrowGhosg I think she should take a little more time off maybe she has a little bit left in her.

      3. GrowGhosg

        That’s Jeongyeon, she just came back from a long break because of anxiety and mental health

    19. Alex Arais

      Cheeese kim-bup.

    20. Orbitinbloom

      It wouldve been funnier if you put subs on what the korean text was saying, what weird sentences they were reading

    21. Sersh Una

      5:40 I keep coming back to this just to see momo's 'We have to answer in english. I give up.' And Sana nudging her 😂

    22. Storm Born

      Even Twice know they are the Female Group with most MV having 100M views! (18 MV with 100M). Onces should continue supporting them

    23. Storm Born

      They did 3 interviews/shows in this 1 setting no wonder they look tired

    24. Zii

      is this the same day with jessi showterview right? the clothes their wearing are the same hehe i just noticed that

      1. Edina ARJ


      2. Storm Born

        Yes they did many interviews in 1 setting thats why they look a bit tired

    25. Beny Rozali

      I love Mina's english pronounciation..

    26. Vimarsh Sharma

      사랑해 정연🌻♥️

    27. Rovilen Balomit

      I never knew I'd needed Sana's "Documentary story" accent!

    28. Lala React

      Chaeyoung cantik bgt

    29. ken

      bruh why do they have to answer in english :/ jihyo had the answer on icsm

      1. Neel

        No she said 3 million , it's actually 300 million .

    30. zoe leigh

      itzy should definitely be invited to do this... so much chaos.

    31. Josh Dane

      Group A is literally all of my crushes in one group 😍😍😍

    32. Raghad

      They’re so beautiful

    33. Jordanlg

      Mina is so adorable! ❤

    34. Shiba Inu


    35. isabela neres


    36. Nescafe CFC

      Speak English Twice I love u

    37. Deenszx King

      They look tired or just woke up from sleep

      1. Satang

        It's the same day when jessi interviewed twice on her show, so they're a bit tired

      2. Shukri Said


    38. Arsala Areesha

      OMG Sana is looking soooo gorgeousssss 😍

    39. Candy Cane

      This game is ticking me off and I’m not even playing

    40. Mã Lęk

      Tzuyu really please speak 🙂🙂🙂

      1. periwinkle

        or you can just shut the f up?

      2. lily

        dude she doesn’t have too

    41. Chou Tzuyu


    42. lakshmi rani

      Chaeng ✨💗

    43. lakshmi rani

      Tzuyu didn't say even a word, what happened to my Tzuyu?

      1. Fari NI

        Why are you suprise? It's not like it's her first time being quiet the interview we all know she is quiet person.

      2. Gordon Keh

        Maybe she is shy when speaking in english

    44. 리 피 피 Φ

      I love Mina's English accent and I want to hear Mina speak often☺💞🐧🍭🍹

    45. jrikhsan

      before or after jessi show😅

    46. James Baron

      Haha Nayeon's confused face lmao

    47. Rheymond Ebal

      5:39 i feel bad for momo🥺🥺🥺

    48. ニカch

      2:28 jeongyeon pissed momo 😑

      1. Gillian Octavyia Vincent

        Ikr, no hate but Momo seems like no mood after that

    49. mocha chocoloco

      Why is there always a fresh set of comments

      1. u can only bribe me with kpop merch

        It is what it is

    50. Youtubeda sıkılmıyom

      3:20 Gaelic

      1. YUM URTA

        mina kaşlarını kaldırıp sana'ya baktı...

    51. JUN


    52. Anisa Nurhakimah


    53. S N

      Tzuyu didn’t say a thing

    54. zed.k.

      Momo your English get better Once proud of you 💙💙💙

    55. jjakii

      Thank you for this! Hope to see more Twice from Reach 💕

    56. muti -

      3:06 HAHAHAH MINAA

    57. Twicelovely

      They are so cute when they speak English 💗

    58. BIBI SKZ

      SKZ: "Step out! We are Baby Photo!" TWICE: "Millions, hey, me, two!" Google translate giving JYP groups new names 😂

      1. Naima Hersi

        twice is we are one in million lol

    59. cocodoundet

      Curly hair Mina 😍😍😍

    60. Alaisa Francisco

      my nayeon looks sleepy

    61. Ima Bae

      Same attire in showterview..must be in the same day

    62. Astrid Magma

      Sana does anything is so cutee 😍😍

    63. Maria Grainger

      I'm happy to see everyone in the stage. Tzuyu is so cute. Happy birthday!I hope you have a nice year.

    64. Jessica Mae Meer

      Pls let them rest 😭😭

      1. Hazeljat

        1:39 Momo looks yawning but she hides it.

      2. Livia Menezes

        They are wearing the same outfit that they wore on the Jessi show meaning that they shot this and ther interviews in one day.

      3. Naura Alifa

        Ikr, they looks tired.. especially Nayeon, she looks sleepy :(( But I'm glad that they were enjoyed it!

      4. •

        Bro chill they gonna have their rest time soon

    65. jaz

      They're so cuteeeeee

    66. Lord Ash

      I think they delete the comment section every day and create another one.

    67. C J

      so petty!!

    68. Da tsh21

      Thank you for this. loved it

    69. Zulkarnain


    70. Shane

      2:30 😭😭 look at Momo

    71. max iu

      don’t they have translator or sumn?

    72. Mai Trương Quỳnh

      1:25 hehe Momoring, you said hesitantly "better than ...", what did you mention :)))

    73. miguel sandoval

      Me encanta TWICE

    74. Mrs.Sanchez Budgetz

      Any English interview these girls seem so awkward lol but I’m here for the awkwardness 😅

    75. Jaswin Singh

      5:40 I can understand momo when you have to speak different language but you don't want to 🤣🤣

    76. Senātus Populusque Rōmānus

      God This channel is trash now.

      1. Senātus Populusque Rōmānus

        @mocha chocoloco No 👎

      2. mocha chocoloco

        @Senātus Populusque Rōmānus tbh this was the only thing that promotes this channel nowadays. If not for these kinds of content then no one would bother to watch this garbage channel. Be thankful.

      3. mocha chocoloco

        their original cast are old now. The best years was back then but now this channel is really dead.

      4. Senātus Populusque Rōmānus

        @Conrado Luis Lallego Then am afraid I can't help you

      5. Conrado Luis Lallego

        Why is it trash? I don't get it.

    77. Rico Jerico

      06:19 Jeongyeon speaking just like in award show winning speech 😁

    78. Minfires Man Yeah _ That Was Mingenious

      Jungyeon looks so pretty in that outfit

    79. letizia -

      everything they do I LOVE

    80. D LM


    81. Vincent Theo

      Momo already lost her passion when the game is about english 😂😂😂😂

    82. Teudoongie Jjang

      05:39 Momo turning into owow 😂

    83. Grzegorz G


    84. Taqi Iskandar

      lmao this is lowkey awkward hahah

    85. Taqi Iskandar

      I think this video kinda try to blame on google translate 😂😂

    86. Taqi Iskandar

      3:31 sana's habit, as usual 😳

    87. Rene Mendoza

      CAN WE TALK ABOUT SANA FOR A MOMENT? This beautiful women omfggg

    88. むお

      5:40 そうやんな大変よな

    89. Deanni Suhana


    90. FoxLikeGirl

      Aw momoring is so cute

    91. Sharifa Bakary

      wow it was translated in Swahili my native language

    92. Divine Carreon

      Chaeyoung is so cute

    93. MYOUI !

      5:39 Momo is done with this International Interview

      1. afreebird

        Ikr! I actually hope that they could just ask the questions in Korean bcs twice members looks pretty uncomfortable :(

    94. 連晟翔


    95. Strafer66

      Docu..... (wait for it)........ mentary.

    96. Salma Nia

      Lagi dan lagi tzuyu hanya jadi penonton....

    97. jenniekimfan

      Docudiary Docuchapter Lol

    98. Hidayat


    99. Orlandov Halawa


      1. Zoo The zoo


    100. Dwi Uwow

      Akhirnya ada subs indoooooo