13 mil. pregleda29 000




    2. cosmic rye


    3. Ibrahim Abu helal


    4. Jaren Washington

      Thats very cool 9/10

    5. Subramanian Viswanathan

      Zach king is editing and this guy is not editing 😯😯😯

    6. suhaimi Seman


    7. 220 gamear

      super bor

    8. Cupeti Crumbs シ

      U get 1,5M

    9. BE-A-32 Haresh Parab

      Zach king is illiusion king and name given as magician

    10. Valyn FOO

      How’d u how’s u ok nothing to say

    11. Jaylen James

      Is it just me or when the water was moving it stopped

    12. Icker Ragadio


    13. Lakshay Yadav

      Ai technology

    14. Ben Ramirez

      That's impossible the diamonds moving its a video edited

    15. teefa Marri

      You are jealous 😂

    16. Anjali Kumbhar

      Reveal this magic trick

    17. Peaches Floyd

      Satisfactory school that is not stupid

    18. Thugz Gamer

      1.5 million

    19. Aubrey Tucker

      No it isn't stupid it's cool I actually liked the video :)

    20. I do edits

      I legit want to eat that cake 🥲

    21. Jolanda Hoxha


    22. Gaurav Tejwani

      I read somewhere that spiderman's friend has started a magic now I also believe it

    23. Lilla Katychy

      They're both edited bruh

    24. Blue

      1.3M? More like you justed got 1.5M!!!!!


      That's just a edit

    26. Tasnim Ahmad

      Do never ever show your magic tricks ok or it wont look good

    27. Odin Abdula

      What I do 😲🤩

    28. Arisa Azizi

      John it is not stupid i give you a like

    29. wilson Fernandes


    30. KBMB Fam

      You should do a collab with Zach king also sorry if I spelt something wrong

    31. Sampath Kumar.N.M

      Now you r irritating in name of magic🤧🤮

    32. ItWoftBoy z

      Dont said yourself stupid great video tho!

    33. Splashy ZR

      There is no real magic

    34. Rakesh N

      Zach king is the best than you with his illusions

    35. benjamin Gutierrez

      Good edits to that some heavy edits dude

    36. Protyasha Samaddar

      I think that's fake

    37. Perla Sagaral

      Oh my his likes has 1MIL

    38. • john10_rey •

      Its illusion 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    39. Latha Kalitker


    40. eury villamor

      it makes me want to eat glass

    41. gamingZONE

      It's editing

    42. Ricky Latonio

      O now dat

    43. FreddyFronter8

      You’ll get 100,000,000,000

    44. Jasmine Evans

      You suck at magic I’m actually magical I’m not faking I’m 9

    45. Jasmine Evans

      That was funny that was axing I’m special I can see when something is edited or green screen that was either or green screen both of them

    46. Sofia G&H

      Lets talk abpu how this guy broke le logic

    47. Bhuvneet singh

      Is it only me who saw difference in colors between the moving and stable diamonds

      1. Bhuvneet singh

        @smriti mathur so may be i am wrong thats what you saying???

      2. Bhuvneet singh

        @Naved Akhter so brother i am wrong or right???

      3. Bhuvneet singh

        @Ravinder Kaur so i am wrong!!!! There is no difference

      4. Ravinder Kaur

        Yeah u r the one who saw

      5. playzRoblox Brett

        20 /20000

    48. Mama Children

      I get it

    49. Tina Vasquez


    50. Mr Supertag

      Wow how best!

    51. Jenny fe Zerna

      OH MY GOD!!?!?!!? I SAW A CUT!!!!

    52. Jose Aguas

      That's editing too

    53. Jetskie Ranoela

      That is good

    54. Felix Ferdinand


    55. Neb


    56. Neb

      Touches arm*

    57. Neb

      I touched my window it's cake I touched my TV it's cake I touched my chair it's cake and I touched my bed it's cake hmmmmm am I cake?

    58. Manuel Doctor Jr.

      Zake king the king of edete

    59. NN MP


    60. NN MP


    61. NN MP

      You are noob

    62. Lovrenc Puntar

      Isaw that glasa as half shit

    63. Aishwin Lall

      Zach: got 13m likes Sean: got 15m likes Mission failed successfully

      1. Aishwin Lall

        @LMAO I know but where did dot go which was in the middle of the 15

      2. LMAO

        It's 1.5 m likes not 15 m smh

    64. Hirjy Kiran

      Your bad because you magic is fack but he makes real magic than you

    65. PCN


    66. Aiman Haziq


    67. Vandavasu V N Kumar

      What your so sily do frozen obby like me😉😉👍👍❤️❤️

    68. Ford Millares


    69. Zamarah Sariah Real

      Its ok

    70. CrossSans UndertaleYT

      Bro don't believe Zach king he's not doing a magic if you watch the behind the scenes you would know

    71. Mokhtar Macadaag


    72. Rani Jadhav


    73. Shamrose Begum

      I think he is a real magician. But always leaves a question: Is he real or fake? But he is a real magician

      1. InFocus

        Or is he just cake 🤔

    74. [UNKOWN] [UNKOWN]


    75. ARox Gaming

      Q: "If Zach can get 13 million likes with edit magic, how many likes can I get with no edits at all?" A: 1.5 million 😂😂

      1. Kent Sentosa

        Just wait bruh, zach king upload it already for long

    76. Jingjing Murillo


    77. ishmael aryee

      Yo how do you do that

    78. Sunny Aujla


    79. Splash Games

      The man at 1.5M rn

      1. Splash Games


    80. IamNotEdward


    81. Ka'Dynce Green

      That's not even cool Zack magic tricks are cool

    82. Raghav meena


    83. Sem Hagtingius

      Its good

    84. Sri Charan

      Your editing

    85. Dr meatloaf

      How the heck did he do that

    86. Akshay Dhiman

      Nice editing

    87. Aguinaldo Dumaya

      I wanna eat that cake

    88. Mattox Kurtz

      Oh crap maybe I'm cake

    89. × T o r d ×

      My brain melted when they moved-

    90. Timoteo López

      your the king 👑

    91. diceeHQ

      Me: wait the cards are edited :O

    92. Hi-tech gamer


    93. Adrianna Korsak

      Hooooooooow did u do that

    94. psчcho父 nσσв

      ţђāţ'ş māgįç wāş ęāşy bųddy

    95. Alia Alsaad

      That guy is actually a magician

    96. Rhuderyn Adlaon

      Your one is fake

    97. ma ma


    98. シシɢɪᴏʀɴo

      Omg! You gy 1,5 mil likes congrats man!