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God Of War Ragnarok - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Reveal Trailer | PS5



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    1. Matt Garcia

      they shoulda gave loki longer hair. that hairstyle is atrocious

    2. J Meezy

      "Are you a calm and reasonable person?" "Idk, why dont you ask your boys?"

    3. Ева Сацио

      See Angrbode in game. Me: L3 + R3

    4. R Rafay

      THOR = You seems like a clam and reasonable person Kratos = And you seems like a pregnant fat guy

    5. Ева Сацио

      "Are you a calm and a reasonable person?" Me: R3

    6. Ева Сацио

      Black scandinavian woman... what. Well bent under the feminists, Sony.

    7. Richar_16

      I literally cannot wait

    8. Augusto Vicente Franco Banchón

      In the prequel, Freya is hinted at searching for her Valkyrie wings. At best, she will be a huge adversary, like Sigrun in the Council of Valkyries.

    9. The Kalifa Confidential

      I would, very much, like to play this game when it is released to consumers. Please keep me informed of your progress toward completion. Thank you in advance. :)

    10. JoE the InFernO

      Dad of boy DadOfRock

    11. B R A Y N E R  tv

      The sound track in the 2:13 is amazing

    12. Jerize Bravo

      *excited to see the world serpent eat thor*

    13. MAli 169

      overratet af

    14. Caleb Kent

      I wish they made this one fimblwinter and the finale of the trilogy ragnorok i dint think one game is enought to cover what could be long ebough for two games maybe the third will have odin and kratos

    15. Michael Pratt

      Kratos = Leonidas Influenced By Ares

    16. panos the god

      *boss is low and im low too* in moments of crisis, panic does nothing, harness it, let it serve you

    17. Wayne Johnson

      I know this game is supposed to be out in 2022, but I'm betting it wont be out till 2023. I think Sony knows this as well, but they don't want people to know yet so it wont affect console sales

    18. Cisneros’

      Whether I’m for it or against it, is irrelevant 3:05 clear virtue signaling. 🤔 I thought this game was based on Norse Mythology?

      1. DEBU SINHA

        no it isnt kratos himself is lifted out of greek mythology just for this series .There literally never was a kratos in norse stories.This completely fictional has no semblance to actual mythology.

    19. Mohak Dhuri

      *Sees tyr* Baldur: i thought you'd be bigger. Ah now i get it!

    20. Kimono Franek

      and the monkey got a role

    21. Im very thirsty

      Tyr will have to say goodbye to one hand

    22. Garrys Factor

      Kratos as a GPS when you pull up at the gym: "You are NOT ready."

    23. Fish Nimo

      Is this gonna be one shot as well? 👁️👄👁️

    24. Stacey Gram

      Stop the blackwashing and appropriation of my culture, thanks.

    25. ItzMeSarthak

      *Tyr stood up* Kratos- Hercules was bigger

    26. The Wrench

      I have a feeling that Kratos will smile in Ragnarok...

    27. Sarang Bagul

      Game is the better. But Even game cut scenes are the best than other movies !

    28. MaKsiMuN


    29. Kazu Senshi

      Sony if your reading this... Please don't make us actually kill freya because she's such an awesome character... And... She DID help save atreus.. Come on she's like the "lady Dimitrescu" of this series >< shes a fan favorite lol

    30. Roll Brand

      My only complaint about this trailer is Kratos doesn't say "BOY"

    31. Andal Targren

      Of course. Gotta add a different race that never lived there at that time to satisfy the masses

    32. MADDAZZA 95

      One thing i didn't understand in the last game was, why does Kratos use the Blades of Chaos when in GOW 3 he is given the Blades of Exile and uses them all the way to the end?

    33. Mike Baxter

      Pick up that hammer and find out, tubby.

    34. Pure Sour

      Thor : “ are you a calm responsible person” Kratos: bish if you don’t get out of here looking like you fnna do a high noon with that spoon for hammer , and while you’re at it go and get ya self some gym memberships “

    35. Cherry2k7

      Thor is going to get a thrashing..

    36. Pedro Vieira

      Tyr scene remember me the Meeting between Kratos and Hércules, i was waiting for : Tyr ( Hércules ): Hello, brother.

    37. Virescentsky1

      PS4 and ps5? Or just ps5?

    38. Bảo Đức Võ

      i have a bad feeling that this isn't gonna be 1 cut like gow 4 cause some of the shot in the trailer is filming some weird place but i could be wrong though, even if this is not 1 cut i'd till be fine with it.

      1. sikm33

        It is going to exactly like the previous game... they confirmed it...

    39. george akridopoulos

      They had to put a black person didn't they

    40. once onse

      3:04 She kinda reminds me of Pandora. Her way of speaking kinda feels like Pandora...

    41. Asad Shaikh

      What if Thor hits athreus, then old gow music plays And kratos old attitude comes back😡 What a moment it would be🔥

    42. Dark Knight

      Press F to pay respect for the People who don't have a Ps5 andjust came here to see the Gameplay (Includes me aswell :'/)

      1. Maciek G.

        Also for ps4

    43. Taya Tamara



      Timed release please ?

    45. Rabbert 123

      i cannot wait for that bad boy

    46. Noman Khan

      People making fun of thor... Until they know comic thor hahahahha.. Kratos is no match for thor

      1. sikm33

        @Noman Khan lol yeah

      2. Noman Khan

        @sikm33 yeah so people can make fun of thor?

      3. sikm33

        @Noman Khan lol different myths have no common ground to base their comparisons and superiority... nor do they have any logic... that’s why they are myth and this is fiction lol...

      4. Noman Khan

        @sikm33 even in the myth thor is unmatchable

      5. sikm33

        Comic thor? This game is based on the myth and tries its best to follow it somewhat closely... not some dumb marvel adaptation lol...

    47. Dariel Lamberto

      I want to see mjolnir added to kratos' arsenal

    48. Alberto Pezzoni

      2:13 song?

    49. FrenchDoggo

      Will Thor be the final boss or freya?

      1. Peter H

        probably odin

    50. мемный пепный


    51. PAYASITO

      Esta brigidoooo!!!! El juego algun dia lo voy a jugar csm jajajja pedazo de juego. Congratulations la media pelea final esta de pana

    52. Mogus

      Atreus looks like those cringey youtuber kids that usually got millions of views just by uploading toys and playing in the playground

    53. Gonzalo Figueroa

      Freya atack block botton L1

    54. Marlon Tayag

      Freya Everywhere: Kratos - San

    55. Kirito The Player

      Any date?

    56. Mitchel Tillman

      See rockstar? THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE WANT

    57. lakshya Nair

      Oh Im sorry but I hate Atreus’s voice 🙁🙁

      1. lakshya Nair

        @boys in the hood oh well that's too bad 😟😟

      2. boys in the hood

        @lakshya Nair your voice is going to change, but I imagine it won't be like kratos

      3. lakshya Nair

        @boys in the hood so am I going to sound like that forever or will my voice change to a voice like kratos

      4. boys in the hood

        @lakshya Nair mmm makes sense, u will learn about this eventually

      5. lakshya Nair

        @boys in the hood 10 will be 11 in November

    58. NYC2CU

      2:07 L3 + R3

    59. Josef Zeen

      IM HYPED ASF!!!!!!

    60. Zak Williams

      Guys idk if people realised this but Freya doesn’t split the shield, her sword gets inveteen a crevice when it’s deploying which stops it (watch I’m 0.25) speed

      1. Zak Williams

        @boys in the hood a lot of people seem to think she slashed through the shield and broke it

      2. boys in the hood

        yeah, its impressive. she's so fast, can't expect anything else from the queen of the valkyrie ig

    61. islam Martin kurdish

      I love you sony

    62. Grzegorz Kucharski

      Już nie mogę się doczekać tej części to będzie mega gierka

    63. Bluee gaming

      animation is at sky level

    64. Nyorner

      Can’t wait for this dlc

      1. Daniel Smid

        Dlc that consists Thor,Odin and Ragnarok is what I always wanted and will gladly pay 100dollars for this 40hours long dlc 🥰

      2. Ruben

        How is this a DLC???

    65. World Serpent

      Thor: are You a calm and reasonable person? Kratos: ask L3 +R3

    66. World Serpent

      Me seeing kratos standing infront of tyr: oh, Tyr Is as tall as Kratos Me seeing Tyr get up: oh shi- anyway

    67. Garp Singh


    68. Shiv

      Next time you should try the Egyptian gods as bosses it will be different

    69. Yeye of Yt Gaming TV

      Play Station scalping and reselling never ends of PS5! all the true gamers cant get their hands on PS5

      1. Daniel Smid

        I got PS5 easilly, just preordered and waited 6 months....

      2. Brandon Sarsland- brunner

        This will be on the ps4? You do know that right?

    70. THOR

      Bring it.

    71. fouad ausi

      When is it gonna come out

    72. Javier Carrizoza

      Idk but this gives kingdom hearts vibes in terms of atreus getting older

    73. admin1 dkk

      is this available on ps4? 😢

      1. Abraham Lincoln

        Yes it is. It will be released for PS4 aswell so be happy my dear friend.

    74. lucaskevinlok

      I don't think Santa Monica knows what Norse mythology is? because Norse mythology only has Norses don't have blacks why talking about history not being rasist OKAY don't buy this game 🤮

    75. lethal protector

      How does this have how?🤔

    76. Hisonic

      worst game

    77. C C93

      Genuine question. Why is there a black Asian girl in Norse mythology?

      1. boys in the hood

        there wasn't exactly a piece of text saying all jotuns/giants were white

      2. Kourosh Rm7

        Virtue signaling

      3. Abraham Lincoln

        I thought that too

      4. Abraham Lincoln

        @MILI bruhh

      5. MILI

        American devs

    78. Haider Ali

      "Are you a calm and reasonable person?" *Rips a boulder from the earth with his bare hands and chucks it at Thor*

    79. Charpel

      Keep in mind Kratos is 7 feet (2.13m) tall, so Tyr is not your average tall guy.

    80. FVA

      im guessing those human warrior are Einherjar

    81. Fatma Hadod

      في علي بلايستيشن 4

    82. Citizen Goose

      I have a theory Atreus is not Kratos son

      1. sikm33

        He literally has the spartan rage like kratos lol...

      2. Peter H

        terrible theory

    83. KingVlad

      I’ve watched this preview like 7 times trying to piece as much together as possible

    84. turki alshamary

      Thor : you seem like a calm and reasonable person ! Are you a calm and reasonable person ? Kratos : have you hears about Greek mythology? Thor : no ! Kratos : exactly !

    85. Scino Vlog

      Thor reaches his Mjolnir as soon as he sees Kratos with Stormbreaker.

    86. UnMecNormal

      Dislike are toxic Xbox fans

    87. Darth Man Hunter

      There are 2 things I want to see in this game: 1. Kratos bashing Thor's skull into a pulp 2. Kratos ripping off Odin's beard

    88. RoachIV

      Just can't stop watching the trailer

    89. Robert Mũnũku

      3:05 I like that there's a person of color in this ...

      1. ☕ Johnny Knoxville ☕

        Of course you do snoyboy 😂

    90. FunkSoulSensation

      Glad the blades of chaos are back. The combat looks sick af

    91. jodamacotube

      Looks like a PS4 Pro game, but not much more than that.

    92. muhv 007

      Is it gonna be on PS4 ?

      1. Abraham Lincoln


    93. Vilas Karkhanis

      Tyre encounter is like krtaos brother I forgot his name

    94. Yuhin

      Excited for Breath of the Wild sequel, it looks great already

    95. donovan doyal

      my man got two hands still, i wonder

    96. Odachi23

      Nice! They added a dinosaur and the boy has grown up a little bit. I think i'm gonna wait for a huge discount.

    97. Bingmun95

      I just want this game so I can feel the controller when i recall the axe

    98. Brandon Young

      this is my third time watching this today lol

    99. muhamad rapi

      Coming to ps4 please🤗

      1. Deyvi