Granola Bars - Easy One Bowl Recipe.

Jenny Can Cook

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    1. francinne lima

      This recipe is amazing! Made it yesterday and came out very tasty. Def saving it to make more times. Tks for sharing!

    2. Chris Lambert

      Can you use olive oil

    3. Candy Q

      I love this tutorial it's so simple and fun. Great job🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

    4. Maya Papaya

      "you can eat these or you can chew on particle board. It's up to you" iconic.

    5. Wendy Titterton

      If you scrunch the parchment paper up it will lie flat.

    6. Windy Wise

      I grew up calling the silicone spats as “kid cheaters”. Obviously!

    7. Lucyna Blacha

      I love it

    8. F F

      U r such a nice human

    9. Meriam Eden Fernandez Barreto

      I felt so nostalgic & cozy watching this. it was like I'm having a good ole time with my own grandma although I'm an Asian 😁😂😀truly it's also having that weird awesome vibes to have that 80's or 90's version of this, thanks alot Grandma Jenny for the recipe, I really love it 😋🥰😘 so yummy!

    10. richard stevens

      You could use a potatoe masher to press it down ?

    11. Empanada

      omg she's the *spanks dough* "who's your daddy" woman 💀

    12. Makaia Davis

      I love the shade.... lol

    13. Cait Bailey

      Talk to the hand! 90's nostalgia

    14. Nanette miller

      Jenny, canola oil is not a natural oil! Maybe use coconut or avocado oil?

      1. Nanette miller

        @Jenny Can Cook i didn’t look at the recipe, i watched your video!

      2. Jenny Can Cook

    15. John Jaques

      Wet the grease prof paper it will then stay in any shape.

    16. Karen Oswald

      Really do love the retro look!

    17. Ricardo Candelaria lll

      she can cook!

    18. Altloobi

      This is my first video to watch from you and I love you already, it's not my problem talk to the hand 🧤!!!

    19. kamz

      Dwrl particle board

    20. Hikazaya Nikushi

      This is just for me. Use maple syrup when you don’t have honey

    21. Laz 213

      Love this video she great!! Time make granola bars. Wish me luck!!

    22. brent root

      Tried to make these last night, but they weren't sticky enough to stay together. Still tasted great, but why didn't they stay stuck together? Thanks for any help.

      1. Jenny Can Cook

        Follow the recipe exactly, including the size of the pan. See my notes with the recipe.

    23. Charles Sarles

      Dude every recipe I try of hers is soooooo good. People don’t believe I make the food when I make her oven baked ribs. And now I save money on snack bars.

    24. Karen Leigh

      Hey Jen...Made these delicious Bars...but I am not sure what I did wrong, but they did not cut into bars...they broke into a million pieces....not sure what I did, because I talked to the suggestions?? It didn't take away from the flavor....thanks

      1. Karen Leigh

        @Jenny Can Cook thanks 😊

      2. Jenny Can Cook

        Follow the recipe exactly, including the size of the pan, and make sure your oven temperature is accurate. Here is the full recipe with tips:

    25. Neens

      Based on this recipe, I made a granola bar but with half rice crispies and half oats. It was super yummy! I also added a tablespoon more of brown sugar since I made the bar with no intention of being healthy. I think the 1 cup of extras was a bit too much? But I think that it’s just preference. I’d make this again but go full 3 cups on the oats if you guys aren’t super into extras.

    26. Janet Sherman

      If you wad up the parchment paper then flatten it out it will lie perfectly flat.

    27. Irima

      Making this ASAP.😋😋😍

    28. Ri Ray

      Just made these and waiting for them to finish baking. I used dried apricots, chocolate chips, almonds, pumpkin seeds, macadamias, hemp seeds, sea salt, maple sugar 🍁, maple syrup, raw honey, cinnamon, vanilla and coconut oil oh and I made the brown sugar (molasses plus cane sugar) my kitchen is smelling sooo good right now!

    29. Joanne Cucinello

      I love watching your videos, Jenny, and every recipe I've tried has become a favorite! You make things so easy. It's almost as if you CARE about your followers! LOL. Your sense of humor is hysterical too! You SHINE because you're sooo real! xoxo

      1. Thomas Max

        That's so nice of you,,,,,I really enjoy watching Jenny. Hello how are you doing I hope you having a wonderful day.

    30. shamim Hirji

      I don’t like sweet stuff since my surgery. Can I substitute half honey with something else?

    31. shamim Hirji

      I was looking for a good recipe and here it. Thanks!

    32. Jackie Sweetser

      Looks great and I can't wait to try. Your vegan chocolate cake (one layer with 2 tbs butter in the icing), WE LOVE!! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us all.

    33. Joyce Edwards

      I'm glad you used less brown sugar, I agree its too sweet

    34. cathy grazette

      but she can cook

    35. Anja Jones

      heh.. 2021 anyone?

      1. rayan Kija


    36. Andrea Thomas

      I enjoyed her cooking and company.

      1. Anja Jones

        Yess finally someone watching this in 2021 with me

    37. Andrea Au

      Me trying to find any recent comments 👁👄👁

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    39. Ayser Amin Qassab

      She’s amazing 👍🏻🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

    40. SopranoVictoria

      These taste so good!

    41. Nora Vaughn

      omg i love her kitchen :D

    42. Greg R.

      Getting off the couch now to make these! Update: I made these last night, using an 8x8 pan, coconut oil and used blueberries and mini chocolate chips as my "extras." AMAZING! I'll definitely make these again! Next time I dehydrate strawberries I'll make strawberry and chocolate chip.

      1. Samir C. Cat

        I've made them now! I used coconut oil (72 grams which is supposed to be 1/3 american cup). It worked very well and held together brilliantly! They were just a little brittle and tended to crumble when I cut them, so I'll bake them for 25 minutes next time. They are DELICIOUS!!! Really RECOMMEND!!

      2. Leon Evans

        Samir C. Cat i use a potato masher

      3. Samir C. Cat

        Did you use coconut oil instead of canola oil? Same amount? How did that work?

      4. James Martinez

        More updates please Sir.

    43. enJOY life

      2021 !!!

    44. Hawk Gaming

      Just what I needed in covid 😄

    45. Mildred Fernandez

      You are my favorite tutorials for everything

    46. Mohammed Noriman

      Hello. Can I not use any oil for this granola recipe?

      1. Sebas Gehon


    47. JGB

      Made this! But fell apart. Eat it. Its yummy!!

    48. trula allen

      Use coconut oil ..... lovin on her kitchen!

    49. minnie

      Me in quarantine be like-

    50. Sea Cristal

      "Talk to the hand🖐🏾🧤" 😅

    51. Farzana Saqib

      “Talk to the hand!” I love it 😄

    52. JJW. N.

      Jenny I watch you in 2021

    53. mary carter

      Tastes good but too dry ..fell apart so I made a chocolate layer underneath once cool

    54. Nick the Gk

      Hi Jenny you never went on tv shows after your show but it's good to see your video

    55. Helal Saddiq

      That legit looks like one of my teachers ._.

    56. Jessica Moore

      Thank you for recipe it’s delicious and my kids were trying to eat the mixture before I got it in the oven

    57. Harish S

      2021? anyone? okay just me-

    58. Libra B

      Made this and it was a winner! I used quick oats instead of old fashioned oats and it still turned out great. Used toasted pecans, toasted sunflower seeds, and milk chocolate chips for my add ins. Was a little on the sweet side, so kids will love it.

    59. William W

      Just a thought wouldn't it be easier to grease the parchment paper before putting it in the pan? seems like it would also deal with the paper curling issue. Thanks for recipe Ideas though. She's awesome!

    60. Mags Nash

      Thank you so much Jenny, I really really love ❤️ the look of these bars. And that tip with the parchment paper was so helpful and useful too. And the tip about pressing it back to, thank you 🙏 again. Once Christmas 🎄 is over, I’m going to make some. Please stay safe and well too xxx Mags

    61. Sonja Bethel

      As she started, I was like, why is this voice so significant of my youth? 😅🤣 Listen, y'all..... I couldn't miss her show! Ran out early from class at times to get to my dorm to see her. Glad to know she can cook, and still has her spunk. And the granola bars look possible for even me, so I'll be making these soon.

      1. Sabrina Williams

        @California's gAUld it is Jenny Jones

      2. California's gAUld

        I thought this was Jenny Jones!!!

    62. Patricia Godwin

      I don’t like coconut. What can I replace for the coconut

      1. Io Cea


    63. Jackie B

      Thank you Jenny for the video 😍😇🙏

    64. Goody

      You’re so cute😂😂

    65. Elaine Munro

      I found Jennie when the lockdown first happened early this year. She is a clever and funny gal! Well done videos.

    66. Elizabeth Bowen

      Niah I’m here,

    67. Patricia Ludlum

      Sounds great. How long will they keep?

    68. Maria RG

      Love all your recipes, Jenny. Thanks for sharing! 💕

    69. Sandra Perkins

      Can anyone tell me about how many calories are in these bars ? I’ve made them before but I’m just curious. Whatever, I’m about to make them again . 🤗

    70. tanner bgis

      I believe you are the lead of granola bar rest of youtuber following your recipe. Thanks.

    71. G.E. B.

      You don't have to grease parchment paper.

    72. Лола Кулдашева

      Why haven't you written recipe? It would be easier to get the point.

      1. Jenny Can Cook

    73. Malathi Weerasooriya

      I used chopped dates and it helps to bind the ingredients well. But if you use dates cut down on the sugar because dates are sweet.

    74. Nasreen Jamil

      Its yummy enjoy

    75. Christian Matsoukis

      The way she goes at store bought granola in the start: (in Frank Reynolds voice): Anyways, I just started blasting

      1. Savage Bear

        Lol she gotz the spice.

    76. White Dove

      Thanks a lot, Jenny 👍🌷

    77. Laurence Sams

      Gorgeous. Now does it mean I'm greedy if I sprinkle this on my fresh fruit that is on top of my porridge?

    78. Olivia Naigulevu-Koroi


    79. Rachel Solomon

      Looks great. Thank you so much Jenny. You are amazing.

    80. squizill

      Talk to the hand

    81. Pratik Gandhi

      Amazing - can't wait to try ! 👌

    82. anastasia46


    83. Claudia Balakumar

      Very nice granola bar

    84. Roni D

      On I wanted to see her take a bite of it to see how smooth the note is if the inside is sticky note it's a good recipe gecko dough

    85. corinne stevens

      😋 Can’t wait to make these! Thanks Jenny.🤗🌻🌻🌻

    86. Chris Kearns

      I'm an avid cyclist, who just ran out of energy bars. Figured that I would give these a try. We had everything I needed in the house already. Used Walnuts, pecans and almonds with raisins, besides the oatmeal, coconut, and honey. Yummy!! Both my wife and I loved them. I can see myself having one after every ride!!

    87. Bluebeck2

      If you don't think this is important, you can talk to the hand. Lol

    88. Adela Gaze

      One question! Why sugar when you put honey??? Why do you bake it???? Its healthier eating it raw!!! This is possible only in wonder state od America.

    89. NoLaKazi

      Wooowww. One of the realest cooking/recipe vids on HRaero. What she she started working with the measuring cup to measure the oil looking at it and pouring the honey like, yeah you’re gonna watch me pour this honey😂 and then realized she could’ve removed the top😂😂😂 I was like 🥺🥺🥰🥰 I’m subscribing lol

    90. Gerard Goddard

      I never come here for the recipes, I just like her personality

    91. Labas Salam

      People with dislike!! are you okay?!

    92. Joshua Aghedo

      Three syllables lov-ing- it

    93. Ebtisam

      this recipe is great thank you jenny

    94. Claudia Balakumar

      Very nice granola bars

    95. Sharon Tarr

      Good stuff but I don't use canola oil.

    96. Geetika Saxena

      The subtitles block major part of to remove them?

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    98. Dave von Deschwanden

      Damn~ Doctor Crusher already throwing shade on store bought Granola bars in the first 5 seconds...

    99. Miss art

      Am I the only one who is from 2020?😅

    100. Ann R

      Hey Look who I found