3 Year Timelapse - Fiero Restoration | Abandoned for 20 Years

Ronald Finger

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    Restoring this 1985 Pontiac Fiero was a wild and crazy journey. This was my first time ever undertaking a project car. I did a lot of things not in the best order and made lots of mistakes, but after three years I persevered! I fully refurbished the fuel system, drivetrain, suspension, interior, bodywork, and most importantly: the pop-up headlights.

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    Songs in Order of Appearance:
    Memory Drive - ELFL
    I'll Never Die (Instrumental Version) - Daniel Gunnarsson
    Zero Gravity - ELFL
    Racing Hearts - Mattie Maguire
    Midnight Highway - Coma Svensson
    Dreaming Out Loud (Instrumental Version) - Daniel Gunnarsson
    Your Spell - Traci Bryan
    On the Knife - Future Joust
    Sunstorm - ELFL
    Crispy Days - Lupus Nocte
    The Space Mechanic - dvine
    Yhello - Lofive
    Purple Voyager - ELFL
    Never or Right Now (Instrumental Version) - ELFL

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    1. David Beaujean

      First time i see that kind of project done with so much passion. Awesome !!! Thanks for the journey !

    2. Alfredo Contreras

      I ADMIRE YOU MY FRIEND! CONGRATULATIONS! Hope you strart restoring a new car!

    3. A.z. Zen

      Get tesla

    4. Kamil Kwiatkowski

      So satisfying to watch, good work

    5. PC Zilla

      nice job!

    6. Justsayit Ok

      wish you record all the epic fail and epic accidents for the last parts so all the viewers will know how much time effort - pain - sweat - blood and sacrifice you give for this Awesome video you make

    7. Sammy Garcia

      Godd dammit priceless love the enf couldnt stop laughing great job guys

    8. Andrew Goodhope

      Used to see them burning on the side of the road all the time. They had some real problems.

    9. Erdinç Tekinkaya

      Harikasınız çok büyük iş.izlemekten keyif aldım.

    10. Mark Ryu

      Wow amazing!

    11. eric gilman

      Why would anyone dislike the video? Over 3 thousand miserable donkeys who never got hugs growing up, is my guess.

    12. James Viele

      I remember driving one one these back in the day probably $0 years ago

    13. Digvijay Khinvasara

      Hands down one of the best restoration vid out there, amazing job man she’s a beauty!!

    14. MnEr0nE mmn

      Imagine seeing to 5'8" 300 pound men getting into this I did it was so damn funny

    15. ツWakoツ

      Bravo!!! Nice work!!!

    16. Jaba


    17. Abner Baiguen

      I think restoration to the old car is much better than brand-new 🤔because if there's no old car no modernized car yet today 😃🤔

    18. Harry Hsieh

      impressive! bringing back memories of my college life with my 1984 Fiero just like this one in the video. although my Fiero had lots of little problems, i still loved it. amazing and awesome!

    19. greenhalo xbox

      Love a good rebuild. Did this myself in high school with a jeeep

    20. Joseph Jordan

      Great job bro. Beautiful!!

    21. chevyboy37

      Sheer dedication and commitment !!!! Hat's off to you my friend.

    22. DannePlutt

      You got a lot of solvent pop in the paint (tiny bubbles), and that is because you did not wait long enough between base coat and clear coat, the base coat did not get enough flash off time. You should wait long enough so the base coat looks dry and even, up to 1 hour. Otherwise awesome job! really impressive!

    23. Hit man 309

      But why ??

    24. shaurz

      Another major setback for entropy.

    25. Tee Jay

      *clicks on vid* *looks at Fiero* *fast forwards to about 40 minutes* *watches ad* *looks at Fiero* NICE!

    26. Rusty Wrangles Arizona

      As someone who has restored and rebuilt cars for a lifetime, I thoroughly enjoyed your timelapse. Congrats on such a great looking car for all your hard work. Im sure you got a lot of pleasure and an equal amount of head aches from it.

    27. MN 84 chanel

      yang punya modal mah oke oke aja dah,lanjutkan bro

    28. Falken Von

      Tons of hard works, talents, patients. Etc. Maybe it take almost a year to restore

    29. relic strat

      But it's still a Fiero...

    30. mb101367

      Amazing job sir!

    31. Omar Gonzalez

      Wow! Can you believe there was a car underneath all of that car?!

    32. Ezra's Toyland

      This video was recommended to me. So glad I watched. You are a CRAZY GOOD. Congrats and be proud of yourself. Just AMAZING WORK here. Wow Wow Wow. 👌

    33. Timothy Courtney

      Just WOW.....

    34. Tim Huff

      Just curious...why this model of car?

    35. NOTHOTlanta

      Most guys will never accomplish a project like this !

    36. tommy win

      Wow, freaking awesome job!

    37. Flip Wiggins

      SKILLS! Amazing...so cool!!!

    38. John W.

      Enjoyed your video very much... Seeing all guys completely restore That car...very awesome job..

    39. Noah Gainer

      So many individual detailed restorations to parts of this. Incredible..... I can't begin to fathom the blood sweat and tears that went into this over 3 years.. I had an 87' SE Coup with a 2.8 V6 and it was stupid fast and I probably shouldn't be alive with the crazy I was in that thing. I ended up blowing the head gasket and warping the head.... sold it for 300 and never looked back... thanks for this video it was awesome

    40. star k enterprises

      Wanna do my 60 Austin Healey Sprite? I'll wait. Ha! Someday. Nice job. Any little sniggling thing that you could have done better? Still bothers you? Want to still fix.

    41. Dan S


    42. Bennie Boy

      Engine gets red hot you drive it long enough

    43. Coolio Ash

      :) 3 years of mine too bud

    44. Gerhard Dräger

      ...amazing... Damn it! Good luck with it!

    45. Robby Suede

      Not a fan of these cars but BRAVO! But this is a beautiful restoration!

    46. abdul aziz darmawan


    47. Marclen Chin

      Not many restorations I've seen have earned the amount of respect this one has. I'm purely astonished at the amount of dedication to and pride in your work. Hats off to you good sir. Hats off to you.

    48. Robert Reilly

      Just amazing, This guy is unbelievable, every part of the car is like new.

    49. Henk Braaksma

      Love the details like the decals and stckers, great job.

    50. Elio Joubi

      Slt &RESPECT

    51. EK2107

      You are a champion. My respect!!.

    52. 주린이

      멋진영상 잘봤어요~~ 폐차장에 갈 운명인차에 새생명을 주셨군요

    53. Wahyudi Ibra

      Nice good job Brother 👍 greeting from Indonesian

    54. Jayson Mark Tv

      unbelievable! amazing!

    55. ian reed

      Two words " HOLY SHIT " !!!!

    56. Salma 02


    57. Gary Byler

      Man dang. Is this a service you offer? How much to do an e30? Whoah

    58. Hakim M

      wooowww. that was incredible amount of effort. great job

    59. rapsi1978

      Johnny Lawrence was very prud.

    60. Callsign Motegi

      It becomes priceless very detailed and great work

    61. phluffy muffin

      This car is probably in better shape now than when it came off the factory floor, quite impressive. You have earned my sub for sure!

    62. Edmund Kemper

      Ha ha... I like all the mishaps at the end. Cuss words makes everything more better

    63. Carl Owens

      Got the Lamborghini body kit for this?

    64. Lindsay Thompson

      Orange peel?

    65. aidan welly


    66. Noel El nigromante

      This guys are from another planet !!! i bought a grill and take me 2 weeks to put it together!!!

    67. Charles B

      What is the resale value?

    68. thebubba1

      last minute.....me in a nutshell working on stuff

    69. AM Fitness

      Incredible job!

    70. Tilian

      Dedication is real.

    71. BIJU P F

      Brilliant work..Keep it up 👍👍

    72. Omer Mallhi

      I can't seem to understand how come 3k people disliked it. What is there not to like. I hate these haters. In the language of poster "God F******g Dammit"

    73. Mamang Serok

      wow very cool and detailed car restoration I've ever seen, this is amazing for classic car restoration, success always for Ronald Finger warm greetings from Lampung, Indonesia

    74. Bonfireman

      Absolutely sick rebuild guys incredible job!!🤟💣🍺

    75. Ian Ancherbak

      А нахрена было ее разбирать/собирать? Конечно молодцы, то логичнее было разобрать полностью один раз и собрать полностью один раз.

    76. Rob Reuler

      Looks nicer than factory.

    77. Friendly Junco

      Very nice

    78. Cecep

      How long?

    79. Victor Caceres

      Excelent video...! 👍

    80. Ronald Weed

      35 yrs ago i tried one i totally loved this awesome car & was about to purchase it when they stopped production.. :(

    81. Avenger 25

      Too bad it's not a 86 GT

      1. Avenger 25

        But still a collosal work of dedication!

    82. knightwing44

      Amazing. Love the last 30 seconds (adds some realism). What's the next project?

    83. Richard Elinskas

      Best restoration on the tube! You are an artist and a craftsman. Absolutely excellent.

    84. CryingSike

      how about the keys tho?

    85. Rajab Yusuf channel

      Subhanallah.allahhuu akbar,restorasi mantaff,,mudah mudahan saya dapat give a way mobil..Aamiin.

    86. Mas Jiwo

      get born again !

    87. Jenny_haruki Suta


    88. keysoundproduct


    89. Andy Fin

      Summa solla sollakoodathu thalaiva. kalakitinga 🙏🏾

    90. Andy Fin

      This is what real men do on real video , not those like the ones with a million subscribers. No talking just doing . Superb 🙏🏾🍾👍💫

    91. Eric Fisher

      Best part we’re all the goddammits at the end

    92. Александр Христич

      Hard work and very nice result, cool post-credits shots like Jackie Chan

    93. ASEP BIMA


    94. Aravind

      It's more than a Rolls Royce now , since hand made, what a hardwork & dedication

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    96. Suhas 9009

      Fixed Every Freaking Piece Bro !!! Amazing

    97. Filll Makeev

      Really Amazing! 👌

    98. NightCrawler810

      Dude who are you 😳 💯 🦾

    99. John Hancock

      Would you know it, it took some smart ass Texas boys to get the job done!!! Bad ass restore guys.