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    Today we do a HARD Among Us quiz!

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    1. Eli Yang

      I am a nerrddddddd

    2. T Gamez

      There’s 7 billion people in the world

    3. juissi

      7 billion peopple live on earth no million

    4. ilknur unsal erzurum

      MMM edec

    5. B C

      There’s auctually 7 billion

    6. MADLAD

      I laughed so hard when he said 7 million people in the world Edit: there are 7 million people in the world ssundee

      1. Bethan Hinchey


    7. Thablackdefandent

      You should know what your most popular among us video is! (Because you didnt know at first)

    8. Florence Austria

      Up u think there's 7billion pop in the world if I'm wrong search it up on goohle

    9. Udayveer Singh

      Sorry to burst your bubble bro but there are 7 billion people in the world, not 7 million😂, you alone have 17 million subs.

    10. Blorbfish Man

      7 billion, Sundee, 7 billion.

    11. Divya L

      it is 7 billion people in the world

    12. Sokvattana Chan

      I just deleted among us because I need a ton of spaces of storages

    13. Nhica 💜

      Earth has 7 billion peoples

    14. Bellagamez

      You One by 16 points

    15. Marco Santangelo

      There's 7 bil people actually

    16. Sagi Mesa

      bru there is 7 billion people in da world

    17. Bob Ross

      Can you plz do a tickTock again

    18. Wellies World


    19. Wellies World


    20. Orson Curtis

      I love how he thinks the answer to "in which map does imposter thumbs up if they are voted out" as airship

    21. RoboticJaguarsNo1Fan

      There is 7 billion people in the world ssundee

    22. Blaze Klapz

      There is 7 billion peapole

    23. Zicas14

      When you in the game, the first task common is the Fix Wiring. Its not a visual task, didnt you know that SSundee

    24. Redstonekills

      There's 7 BILLION people lol

    25. Ah Boy

      That's Fun!! 😛😛 Where's The Link??

    26. Jennifer Lemoi

      SSundee 21 Nicovald 5.

    27. ozzafrir04

      NO it's 3'6ft

    28. Faze Kareem The cool

      There aren’t 7M people in teh world but 7B people

    29. ozzafrir04

      There is a new update and in the update there is new colour's

    30. The Powerful

      No no no there is 7 billon people in the world not 7 million

    31. RorOmOriE jade rosello

      No its not 7 milion its 7.9 bilion in earth in 2021 promise search it

    32. Primo Tolentino

      You said 7 million it’s 7 billion!

    33. Juicy_YT

      Can I give you a correction I'm not being mean just showing you there is 7 Billon in the world

    34. Isaiah Plays

      Ok it’s calf, medbay, lower engin, upper engin, sucirty, lights, storage, admin, shields, o2, navigation, weapons, coms, and reactor. 14

    35. Noah Ong


    36. Amanda Eberle

      When he said there were only 70 million people in the world he is so wrong

    37. Buy Chiu

      : D

    38. Zavier Butler-Sumanis

      There’s 7 billion people in the world not 7 million

    39. NightW0lf_YT

      7 Billion*

    40. Nicole Fisher

      There is a new update of among Us yay that is so cool there are new colors and the crew makes look different and the bodies and the report and the emergency meeting are different and there's also 15 player lobbies and it's so cool try to get ssundee please.

    41. Void reaver

      I thought it was 7 billion

    42. hunnxbee

      nicovold is stupid becuse his stupid in games ...

    43. Sabine McCalla

      It says (hard edition) it shows rainbow and the question what color is not available.we aren’t dumb.

    44. Dare Aleksic

      0:56 Ssundee there are 7 billion of people on the world,there are 7 million only in Serbia 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

    45. Jovan Vignjevic

      There are 7 billion people in the world

    46. Z Asgar


    47. Z Asgar


    48. Z Asgar


    49. willy pee

      It's seven billion people in the world

    50. Hayden Necker

      there is 7 billion people in the world not 7 million

    51. Obby N00b

      13:01 i thought it was airship

    52. Linda Catmull

      Is a game that I have and it costs money

    53. Obby N00b

      0:55 7 billion not million

    54. Roblox Fun

      I love how he was thinking when among us was made but the question of when polish came late November the last one was "2018" 😂

    55. Wanja Leah


    56. Game C

      Actually there's seven BILLION people on earth -_- common knowledge

    57. Psycho


    58. Reu Gallardo

      Super medic vs super imposter

    59. Charli and Olivia rodrigo edits

      And I just saying isn’t there 100 million or over 100 million

    60. Charli and Olivia rodrigo edits

      Um but there is a light pink and you can have up to 15 players lol

    61. Yatyat Yeung

      Congrats to Everyone who found this comment. Go down. Me unspeakable 🥇 🥈 SSundee 🥉 These are the top people who I liked.

    62. A.I Productions


    63. Serenity Burgess

      Me like button turns black coz I have ipaddddd

    64. Pipdum


    65. Pipdum

      It’s 15 colors now I think

    66. peter carteciano

      The word say instead of caf

    67. peter carteciano

      Hess stupid

    68. Athar Uwais Nusaputra

      mafia is the old beta name game of among us

    69. Nate Sans

      I cant tell if he's being sarcastic about the fact of "7M ppl in the world."

    70. Tatiana Parks

      I,m a nerd 🤓

    71. CHIN ZHENG HAO Moe

      ssundee this to funny

    72. Roblox Gamers

      Its not 7 million its 7 billion

    73. Julia

      7 billion peeps

    74. Ian Marques G.

      Bruh, there's mmore than a trillion of people in the world.

    75. Kirsty Lawlor


    76. Leah Reiswig

      Among us Character is actually 36

    77. blubber 001

      There's 7.2 billion, not million

    78. C Tolaymat


    79. Steven Lo

      Me who got one question right: yup not liking.

    80. riri d.

      is was three

    81. Elis Hillerström

      Am I the only one getting the terminator reference in polis ejection?

    82. Hassan Q

      There is 7.5 billion people not 7 million

    83. esra onur

      I am sorry but there are 7 BILLION people in the world. Thank you for you reading this lonely comment.

    84. Tamara Seckold

      There 7 billion people not 7 million people

    85. fdtger fdge

      The willing cost rarely collect because preface kelly dry to a beautiful sword. bitter, right iron

    86. Travis Tann

      Correction there r at least 6 billion people in the world

    87. Franz Mariano

      i checked again and it was 7 billion people on the earth

    88. Repeat Gael

      OK it was 12 because it means how many locations are in the First map instead of cafeteria

    89. Claudio III Requino


    90. Pro Master


    91. Lol Poopsalot


    92. Lol Poopsalot


    93. Ezekiel

      Ssundee there is 7+ billion people in the world not 7+ million

    94. Hiya Hiya

      Ssundee: There are only 7 million people in the world in 2021. Me an intellectual: There are 7.9 billion people in the world in 2021.

    95. Rougue_ Marcel

      Its 7 billion

    96. Onyok Anacleto

      There's 7 billion people in the world

    97. ELPHIE TOY

      I clicked the light button and it turned white