Purging my Makeup Collection... Decluttering What Doesn't Work to Use What I LOVE!

Lauren Mae Beauty

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    1. Beth Richardson

      Your taste in primer is very similar to mine. The Bare Minerals website has a pretty good shade guide. Suppose it would only work if one was familiar with their undertone. They offer several kinds: powder, liquid, cream, and CC. I like brow powders. Fave came from Bare Minerals but they don't make it anymore. Sigh. Found a great one from BH but they don't make it anymore. Sigh. Finally found one from Anastasia. Ash is my color. Love shimmer, duochorme, multichrome shadows and fine pigments but hate, Hate, HATE any kind of glitter.

    2. Elizabeth Ann ferrario

      hi , all my liners are from estee lauder every colour , all water proof , all set in the waterline love them , i have cataracts with very watery eyes and no irritation , all stay in place , great , would never use any other , all my lipliner are too estee lauder they too , stop feathering , perfect ! my mascaras hourglass tubeular my lower is mac the extended play mascara is very fine wand .perfect.

    3. Yes it’s me

      I’m south asian and a medium skin tone. I try to order one of the darker ‘medium’ or lighter ‘tan’ foundations depending on what I think will match better based on swatches. I’ve tried findation too which is pretty good for me so I’ll also use that to pare down my options. Unfortunately not all foundations are on there though.

    4. champagneandgranola

      Try the maybelline dream urban! Its been a hit for me.

    5. monique gonzales

      I’m so proud at your non-hoarding ability. I’m yet to learn this skill. I literally just bought more makeup today. 🙄🙃

    6. Madison Devoe

      The Milani conceal and perfect concealer is so good!!!! Paired with the No. 7 powered on top it does not budge and blurs so well

    7. Melissa Meeks

      My current favorite foundation is Covergirl’s “CG Smoothers” I have combination skin that leans more toward dry.

    8. Beer Cheese

      Here for the highlighter declutter 🙋‍♀️

    9. Amanda S


    10. TAZ Wise

      Hi Lauren . Maybelline has really nice drug store foundation.. actually there whole line is nice. Also L'Oreal , Rimmel.. just few suggestions, ❤️ Wasn't bad Declutter but I enjoyed it🥰🥰

    11. Violetta Karras Sim

      Love your series!!! Your declutter are so satisfying.

    12. Madison White

      I have neutral fair/light tone and freckles so my face, neck, chest, and hands are all different, idk which one to match to lol

    13. Erica Beyer

      I usually go to the middle selection and start searching 😆 I found names with golden are usually a good place for me to start, beige/medium are too light and anything with honey I usually find too pink for me. Unfortunately I still finding myself mixing foundations regardless of drugstore or high end. My base color is nc42 but that’s at my darkest summer shade so obviously it varies for me so mixing will always be something I have to do. L’Oréal true match has always been my tried and true of I’m in between shades, but I’ve been enjoying elf’s cc cream as they have a good yellow undertone selection. I found revlon, maybelliene and cover girl run too pink for my liking.

    14. Dat_Ella*

      Im impressed with how modest this collection is.

    15. Jennifer Baze White

      You should just get the LA girl mixers instead of keeping foundations to lighten and darken or have summer/winter shades. I’ve been watching @roseandben on tiktok and she goes into detail on how to adjust any foundation with them. Life. Changing.

    16. Jennifer Baze White

      I love that Becca primer and I’m so sad it’s going away. One of my favourites :(.

    17. Katrina Leigh

      I feel so validated that all your foundation tones are different lol

    18. S C

      I will note two important things to remember when picking your shade (this is my tactic) 1) know your undertone! Is it pink? Yellow? Olive? Figure it out! 2) Once you know your undertone figure out if your warm, neutral or cool I suggest consulting a color wheel and i would compare w your natural lip color as that is telling to the things i mentioned above


      The Tula glowy sunscreen gel in yellow packaging is the perfect glowy base for anyone reading!!

    20. Megan Riley

      Those liners are stunning! And to think you considered skipping over them!

    21. Jaimie Appleton

      When I am looking at foundations online, if possible, I like to- read the description closely, read reveiws, look at arm swatches, look at face swatches, watch HRaero reviews (esp if I know someone is a simliar shade to me), and check their return policy, LOL

    22. Ellen Sdrolias

      What were the cheap colourful pencil liners she recommended?

    23. Taylor Girl

      I always try to go for a “neutral” shade and always google swatches!

    24. Horsey Girl

      👍🏻 for swatches xoxo thanks

    25. Lauren Demmer

      Revlon: photo ready Candid! Sometimes I mix it with the glowy version but I really like it! Also- I usually watch try on videos from people with skin tone and type similar to mine to determine shade match. Or look at swatches.

    26. Daniela Ferreras

      I would have bet your undertone was pink! You look really pink on camera

    27. Hannah Korycinski

      i typically do a TON of research on YT for the specific shades that I think will be my closest matches and see who wears it. Sometimes I'm way off on guessing, but it helps to narrow down to the closest shades to my skin tone

    28. BeautyforGood.net

      Re drugstore, I’ve been really liking the new(ish) Milani hydrating skin tint, as well as the illuminating and dewy primers, and they’re cruelty-free! 🐶❤️🐰

    29. Babyface

      Your foundation rant hit home for me! Its so freakin exhausting! Can we please get a baseline?! Lol

    30. Grace


    31. Gerri

      Try the It Cosmetics mascara. That and the Double Decker by Butter London and mon siure big by Lancôme are the best.

    32. Folded Pizza

      The Maybelline fit me is a good concealer, sits on the skin very nicely

    33. Kathleen Jessiman

      Product wise I genuine love is the UD All Nighter concealer, however when you are swatching to colour match it oxidises a lot, so it will look so light until settles, but it lasts forever. The essence twist up liner (fight me, I hate wood pencils) in the silver shade is so good. I love it in the inner corner under other colours, or on their own. Also its so nice in the lower waterline, it looks stunning, but less stark than white/peach colours. I also use it for a super precise subtle highlight and it's great to toss in a bag if you like a highlighted cupids bow (cause lips stuff has to deal with food/drink)

    34. Kathleen Jessiman

      When it comes to online foundations I'm typically the lightest neutral shade (often the 2nd lightest colour). Also I have helped friends colour match who look very different from me. I start by trying to divide and conquer, so I try to find the "1/3rd" that would be closest in a range (often light/medium/dark in theory). Then within that again in thirds (light end, mid-range, dark end). Then from there start looking at undertones. Typically from there it's 1 or 2 shades to choose from. If I'm uncertain between them I start really studying the swatches. I try to find other swatches/reviews to see if it oxidised, pulled warm or dark. Typically it has worked well for me and the friends I have helped!

    35. ken m

      You purged the silk canvass primer😖

    36. Yadira

      Could you try the new maybelline skin tint? Sound interesting 🧐

    37. Kelly Kaiser

      I have absolutely been loving these de-clutter videos. They inspired me to go through my collection and do the same, and boy did it need that especially my lip products. Can’t wait for the highlighter video!

    38. Jessi

      I think you might really like some Kbeauty stuff. I recommend the Peach C primer - it’s like a moisturizer consistency and is super illuminating in the way that the old MAC Hyper Real foundation was. The new Purito Cica BB cream is another one to try. The Missha Glow cushion is also gorgeous.

    39. Amanda Perez

      I cant believe i have a bigger collection than you or any HRaeror i am in shock and clearly in denial with how much makeup i need lol

    40. Amanda Perez

      Flower beauty illuminating foundation i am inbetween 2 shades though the 2 lightest and believe beauty are my 2 drugstore recommendations and high end recommendation Nars soft matte foundation i have dry skin fyi

    41. Steph Lyons

      You did great. This was relaxing 🤗

    42. Christy Fielding

      My favorite drugstore concealer is neutrogena hydro boost stick concealer or maybelline fit me and age rewind. They're older products but they're so good.

      1. Christy Fielding

        @Jessi really? I didn't know that. I wear the lightest shade so I dont have experience with the darker shades. They definitely need to go lighter and darker. I'm pretty pale but nowhere near the fairest I shouldn't be the lightest shade in anything

      2. Christy Fielding

        @Jessi really? I didn't know that. I wear the lightest shade so I dont have experience with the darker shades. They definitely need to go lighter and darker. I'm pretty pale but nowhere near the fairest I shouldn't be the lightest shade in anything

      3. Jessi

        I love both of those but I wish the Neutrogena would expand their shade range. They run super orange!

    43. Christy Fielding

      I usually pick foundations online by picking the 2nd lightest shade that is neutral unless it's a huge range like Fenty. Then I go for the 4th. I promise there's reasons lol. I just know from experience where I usually fall in a shade range depending on the number of shades.

    44. EnglishProfStyle

      I really rely on Temptalia's foundation matrix for shade matching. I know it works better with more shades, but even just putting in my Double Wear shade (which I had matched at a EL counter and have been so happy with) has given me some good matches or let me know their isn't a good match.

    45. The Lepidopterror

      I struggle with picking our foundation and concealer shades, too. Sometimes I use findation for close matches. I also see what people that wear similar shades to me get in other products and buy from places with good return policies. I tend to go with tinted moisturizers over full coverage foundation, too. I've been wanting to try Nars concealers, but don't want to get the wrong shade.

    46. Contessa _

      I cant find a foundation light enough but not with a pink undertone and i really dont understand :( the only perfect matches i ever had were the two fenty foundations, which have a bad formula for my skin :/ soo i kinda accepted to just wear darker shades and blend them down the neck... i just try to pick the lightest color with a yellow to neutral undertone(but not too gray) and pray haha

    47. Rebecca Jenkins

      Foundation shades actually confuse me; I have one that looks lighter in the bottle but is too dark on & ones that look too dark but are the right shade on. I just know a couple people especially on Instagram that wear similar shades to me, and I just kind of go with that if shopping online. In person I just swatch my best match (Too Faced Born This Way in Swan) and then swatch them next to it.

    48. Krista Wiegand

      This is why I don't wear foundation hardly at all...it's worse than trying to figure out your dress size.

    49. Unearthly Beauty

      elf camo concealer elf camo cc cream lash idole by lancome

    50. metro skyes

      It's easy for me. Lightest pink or neutral shade. I'll double check swatches because a lot of the time they're too dark

    51. Sarah Clemens

      I feel like trying to match foundation shades from different brands (or even the same sometimes) is like trying to find your size in women's jeans from different stores

    52. Queer Trash

      The good molecules priming moisturizer is great just as a moisturizer :)

    53. Viorela SN

      i mostly use the findation site that helps you get a better match based on your current foundations, or concealers, especially if you know you have ones that match you really well. Also i look for a lot of swatches on similar skin tone and try my best to make a good judgement based on these. x hope it helps.

    54. GloomyHoolaKat

      Ok I’m sorry only one of these recs are drugstore but hear me out. PM skin fetish sublime perfection concealer in the shade L2. It’s worth it. Texture formulation and color are sublime. Kosas revealer concealer in 1.5C. It’s not pink it’s just the right peachy but not too light. All of their shades tend to run a little dark and yellow but the new shade 1.5c works well for me and I am very fair neutral leaning warm. One drugstore rec, L’Oréal age perfect radiant concealer in the shade 200. It’s one of my darkest ones but so natural looking and smooth, moves with my fine lines instead of settling in them. Looks similar to the glossier. I’m combo/oily. Also while I’m here, the Patrick Ta cream contour and powder bronzer for us fair people that aren’t pink toned, is amazing. Doesn’t pull red/pink/orange at all. I have the shade She’s statuesque.

    55. LL

      I go for the lightest shade and hope it's not too organge 😁. The only perfect match I've ever found is in uoma beauty!

    56. Belle Clementine


    57. Amber Cordy

      Watching you rub 10 primers into your skin is infuriating. Please don't swatch everything! Otherwise love your stuff xo

    58. Beatriz Herzberg

      It’s so hard to match foundations!!! Almost impossible- names literally don’t matter. Like that porcelain?!? Porcelain is a literal WHITE CLAY - that Laura Mercier color is just plan off. How are you meant to succeed when those GAMES are being played?! Haha I am intrigued by the online matching websites like findation - but haven’t purchased one after looking at my matches yet.

    59. Cat McCloud

      I would love to see a “Products that inspire me” video where you talk about the products you own (and maybe some you don’t) and some looks inspired by them!

    60. nakedlaughing

      I'm straight up neutral. Always fair/porcelain/ ivory bc I'm super pale. It actually makes it a bit easier to color match imo because I have such a small range.

    61. Lynda G. Bullerwell - poetry

      This is the kind of declutter I like :) Ruthless ones hurt to watch LOL. I am new to your channel and I am loving it! 😊

    62. yensid

      For foundations I have a couple HRaerors with very similar skintones to mine, I also try & look up real swatches if available. Sephora also has a tool that allows you to cross reference foundations (not all but quite a few) So for instance if you have a good match in MUFE some brands will give you a couple options in their foundation that is an approximate match/undertone. It's worked pretty well when I used it. Other than that I just ask for samples of every foundation with my order & usually you get a card with several shades to try of each foundation. That way you can compare swatches on your jaw & see the actual differences.

    63. BLWSquared

      Drugstore concealer- Elf hydrating camo for sure. I’m surprised you haven’t tried it! You could also try the Makeup Revolution concealers; they have several formulas that get good reviews. Oh and the Flower Beauty concealer too.

    64. BLWSquared

      Have you tried the Missha BB Cream? Since you like the Yensa and it’s more grey neutral, you might like the Missha.

    65. BLWSquared

      The icy sherbet primer is so fragranced! I couldn’t get past that.

    66. goattty

      when she said ‘duo lash glue smells so gross, this reminds me of makeup school’ i felt that 😭😭

    67. Jenna Menzies

      Please try some Flower Beauty. The Light Illusion foundation and concealer are both great! Also Benefit Boing cake less concealer is great too.

    68. Liz's everyday

      Foundation twins!

    69. Cat McCloud

      If you haven’t tried the Elf Hydrating Camo... GIRL. What are you doing?? Haha

    70. Cat McCloud

      I literally just go with the 2nd or 3rd lightest neutral shade. But yes, they are too pink sometimes!

    71. chiquiflakes

      I can never match myself for foundation online but weirdly I can get it spot on for my friends and family. It is sooo weird 🤣

    72. Marissa

      I usually get good matches online after a lot of research but I’ve had epic fails mostly when I get to do the in store swatch so I guess I’m better online

    73. Vivian LeVine

      To find a foundation online I typically look up reviews for that foundation on pale people using online swatches and then also use my best match as a reference. So say you are looking for a foundation shade in a specific brand, use a well known brand that has a foundation shade that you know matches you quite well (like Nars chantilly does for me for example) and try to find multiple swatches on the same arm to determine the closest match to that well known brand’s shade. I have done this since before I made a steady income (since I was a child basically) and it is my go to recommendation to those who suffer from extreme social anxiety as I do or, like now, those who are in the midst of a pandemic 😉

      1. Vivian LeVine

        The hd foundation that is... last comment, I promise hehe

      2. Vivian LeVine

        Also a good drugstore foundation rec would be the kokie foundation. I have heard good things

    74. Donna Chuco

      Thank you for doing this. It helps me to see the colors. I think if the KVD and Ulta have lighter cool tones it might work for me. Everything is so yellow or dark. I feel the struggle. So weird how the colors vary.

    75. Brittani Smith

      “I had this in my kit obviously for other people who have brows” 🤣🤣😭😭😭

    76. kateliness2

      I also DEEPLY hate color matching. A formula can be great but if I can't find something similar to my skintone I have to pass. I'm not about to mix every day. I'm lazy and also likely to screw it up and look too light or deep on the daily.

      1. kateliness2

        Also think we have a super similar skintone!! Pale/Fair but not too pink, peachy, or yellow. I often like a "true" neutral undertone - a mix of the above or even a gray-leaning undertone

    77. amanda smith

      i love that makeup revolution stick foundation as well! a pleasant surprise!

    78. dakfsdkfdslf

      im not a big drugstore foundation person, but i use the nyx born to glow concealer as a foundation and its so reliable. its glowy but not too glowy and its very easy to set. will note that applied right on top of wet skincare it breaks apart

    79. SomeSayExquisite

      I feel like the UD Perversion mascara gets no love but it's my absolute FAV and has been my go-to for about 3 yrs now🤌🤌

      1. SomeSayExquisite

        @Feona Arabella Paraiso I always love and appreciate mascara recommendations so thank you! I'll definitely give the Stila one a try. I'm fortunate and already have long and full lashes, I just love the falsie look.

      2. Feona Arabella Paraiso

        Urban Decay makes great mascaras. Cannonball Mascara was my go-to for a very long time (so sad when Urban Decay discontinued it). Perversion is great for a lot of length and separation, very good for an almost fairy-like effect. Like a wispy, fluttery fan. My favorite right now is Stila Huge Mascara though. Doesn’t weight down my lashes but gives me more volume than the Urban Decay Perversion. If you ever find the Stila one on sale, would definitely recommend. But keep in mind that my lashes are kind of sparse, so I am not sure if that formula clumps lashes together (doesn’t do that to mine but… hardly any mascara does unless it’s something terrible like Maybelline Great Lash).

    80. Elizabeth Ann ferrario

      i go onto charlotte tilbury site and you can upload your photo from a snap just taken on your phone and they come up with a suggestion then they overlay the shade on your face , its brilliant, for estee lauder i am lucky i just use the shade i always use . but i have just changed my foundation to charlotte tilbury magic foundation it’s beautiful, very impressed but i can mix it with my flawless filter and my skin looks amazing ,my concealer is also charlottes it works like a stretch formula and it moves with your skin so no creasing , i set my face with her pressed powder .i am really converted to charlotte Tilbury highly recommended, i have fallen in love with her products . i just bought one item a month until i had all my complexion. products . i bought all mine online !

    81. Ray Of Sunshine

      That tart mascara looks like a tampon honestly

    82. Karen M

      Foundations can be such a pain, even with how the brand describes them. So you swatched the Born this Way foundation in Snow and it looks quite warm, whereas the brand describes it as "Fairest with rosy undertones." I just looked it up because on your arm it looks like it could match me.

    83. Jennifer Saunders

      The rare beauty concealer is amazing and the elf hydrating camo concealer is too! Edit: Don't just buy the lightest shade for the rare beauty concealers though, they go real light!

    84. Figurista - Девушка с формами

      My hack for foundation shade is to choose the lightest and the most pink/cool toned. And pray that it is not too dark 🤪

    85. Tayler Hayes

      I’m looking forward to seeing your ND custom 5-pan pallets 💗🎨🌸

    86. Autumn Fables

      Really interested in your thoughts about the kvd foundation. Looking forward to the video 😊

    87. Lilia Rivera

      When you said “I’m just showing you stuff” That would be me trying to declutter 😅

    88. Erika Trine

      Lauren!! As someone who loves drugstore makeup, try these drugstore foundations-- Loreal Infallible Fresh Wear 24HR Foundation + The Ordinary's Serum Foundation are my HOLY GRAILS!!! They're the most lightweight feeling types of foundations that are medium-full coverage that look stunning! Definitely give them a try!

      1. Erika Trine

        @Rhiannon Davies YES EXACTLY!!

      2. Rhiannon Davies

        The Ordinary is the real GOAT for me! It’s the palest and the best olive undertone I’ve found! I hate heavy base makeup, it literally just evens you out, so lightweight and cheap! Pair it with CT flawless filter and it’s perfection! 💜

    89. Amna J

      I’m an F4 in the Makeup Revolution stick foundation and I got the kvd foundation in 012. Both very similar shades!

    90. muumol

      I tested out the new Wet N Wild Tinted Hydratorand it’s pretty awesome! I like t better than my Tarte tinted moisturiser also their new Impossible Primer is pretty good too! I have oily skin but don’t like the matte look

    91. CE Sandman

      This declutter series, made me look at my own collection, I threw out over 10 liquid lips that old and dry 😅

    92. Lisa K

      Picking foundation: search for swatches of all the tones and try to pick one that looks neutral compared to the others. I have fair - light skin (plus my neck is super fair, whilst my face has more of a tan, so it looks off anyway 🙄) and I think I have a olive undertone that do not come through when I do not have a tan, but I know they are there 😅 I really like the Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation (not sure of you can get that in the us) and the Revlon PhotoReady Candid Foundation. Also I like all the L’Oréal ones in some way. Especially the infaillible line.

    93. OneCueT - Kristi

      The Kaja Moon Crystal's work beautifully as a topper type product. I wished I had gotten more shades.

    94. Sarah Ulbrich

      I always buy too light foundations 😂

    95. Janice Boer

      Please please please

    96. Janice Boer

      I will gladly accept some makeup... I really want them I would make so many makeup tutorials for my channel. @Janice Boer. Email-jaboer231@gmail.com

    97. Miranda BF

      2 great drugstore recommendations: PhotoReady Candid, and Age Perfect Radiant Serum foundation. A high-end suggestion: Skin Feels Good by Lancome :)

    98. Dorian Fournier

      findation has a great database with a quiz that lets you know what are the identical/really similar shades to ur current foundation in other brands! it has you fill out ur current foundation shades that match, and then tells you what your best match is in other brands and foundation lines

      1. Dolly

        Just what I needed!! Thank you!!

    99. Bazil

      I'm one of those people who is so fair that it's really hard to find a foundation light enough. I remember in high school I would get a foundation, the lightest shade, and it would be too dark. So I would have to put pure white powder from Hot Topic on top to lighten it up. Like vampire skin, I never tan and always stay in the shade when it's sunny.

      1. Siouxsie A

        Same. I have a white mixer 😂 my skin is so pale it’s translucent on my arms/hands and ppl think I’m constantly bruised. Nope. Just overly pale

    100. Haley Pate