They Got EXPOSED BAD!! 2v2 Basketball Against Nick Briz & Carlos!


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    Looking for revenge 😤 Me and Kenny came out with a vengeance against Nick Briz & Carlos in 2v2 basketball😈
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    1. CashNasty


      1. OneSin


      2. L.L. Hogie

        Savage team be the type to comment first like and comment

      3. I am 👑

        Top of the key

      4. King ismael2002yt

        @cashnasty yessir you got that dub

      5. Jack Mount

        We do cash a lot 😂

    2. Werb.

      I wanted to see a rematch like they did in the 5v5. Just because he won once dont mean he didnt lose twice 😂. But good shit

    3. Abel

      biiig dub bro

    4. Colton Mcclellan

      Carlos is truly cheeks

    5. C. S.

      Carlos has never met a shot he didn’t like.

    6. Riley Hensley

      yall needa play quin cook

    7. Gilbert Dramillio


    8. Edwin Soto

      Man Carlos looks like the thumb from spy kids I can’t 🤦🏻‍♂️

    9. Chris Pagano

      These boys could build a house .... 🧱

    10. Özgül Uzun

      Carlos:Made a half court shot Nick briz:AirBalll

    11. Andy Ausman

      Think Carlos is worst out da bunch, wish I could play em.

    12. OneSin

      Cashnasty ain’t nasty u suck 🤣🤣

    13. Age Wilson

      Cash did all the work

    14. Jonathan Hensley

      Won’t do it against nick and Chris or Chauncey..

    15. Aubrey Smith

      All they doing is shooting 3’s

    16. Nick Kriebel

      Lost both 5v5’s miserably, and a close game with Carlos😶 Cash Ight doe ngl

    17. Wendy's Games

      Why you ain't showing the one where yall got beat bad

    18. Tmath

      carlos sucks

    19. Julian Andre

      It's as entertaining as watching paint dry

    20. Julian Andre

      everyone is terrible

    21. Noah Roach

      They not playing and talkin shii

    22. Tyler Beach

      Bruh zack is the only one that’s good aahahha and they don’t even try fr. Zack only go try hard when he doing 5v5. But hopefully cash n his team gets real good to where they can go n do 5v5 at parks if not and they only doing these little 2v2s n shit for Fun that’s tough. I’d love to see more you tubers getting serious abt basketball.

    23. #MMS #MZY #MGod $ensei

      When Carlos hit the 3 in the beginning.......☠️☠️

    24. Patrick Lane

      Cash such a good guy, good content Cash

    25. Oscar Baker

      Lol the 5v5 tho

    26. Corey Gibbs

      I wish I could get famous for playing sub par basketball

    27. Corey Gibbs

      Mannnnn I could beat Carlos

    28. Loveth-Evans Kahira

      Carlos needs to keep consistent on D despite whether his shot is falling or not.

    29. yo push

      carlos is actually fucking terrible 😭😭

    30. yo push

      nick when he dribbles 🐰 🐰 🐰

    31. Robert Mclean jr

      Actually y’all all are azz😂

    32. Officialtrapcj

      Oh yea cash that’s I like to see my boy good shit

    33. XfittingWolfhunter

      Is this 2v2 or a 3pt contest?

    34. SUAVE

      Top of the keyyyyyy Carlos

    35. Viking 047

      Wasn't " Kenny" the one throwing dirt on Nick's name?? Then both of you get completely skunked on the 5 v 5?? This ain't 2k boys....

    36. Jay The lamb of God

      Look at nick Briz video he don’t do edits they lost badly

    37. Zac Hull

      Why everyone talking shit on nock brizs video but on this video there all friends??

    38. kwame amponsah

      Me: just noticed that flight likes and cash likes Lebron No one:we all know🥱

    39. Jay Scarlett


    40. Cold

      WET LIKE WATAAA!!!!!!

    41. Big Ben

      Flight vs carlos

    42. Mason Hayden

      How about that Chris game tho

    43. Brandon Farmer-Younger

      Nick has no type of bag lmaoooo

    44. MES Production

      Post the 5v5 y’all got clapped

    45. Joshua Megliorino

      Bruh.. instead of Carlos and nick it should’ve been nick and Chris. See if they be talking. Carlos is a shooter. Big disadvantage for nick.

      1. bocoy noiu

        can I get in on these, oh my

    46. Hello Bro

      Smokin’ on that 2hype pack

    47. Daniel Addleman

      love the fact that the big man had no idea what the score was and said "whose winnin tho???" thinking his boys were winning lol

    48. TeDaKidd98

      Carlito don’t like losing 🤣🤣

    49. Conner Gonzalez

      All those dudes bums

    50. kevin wilsion

      Yeah Cash!!!!!! They silent

    51. Brandon Gutierrez


    52. K LI

      I bet they wouldn’t do that against the other guys 😂 , Carlos too easy try challenging yourself oh wait they did in a 5v5 and got slapped 😂😂💀

    53. craig nolan

      Temper tantrum though huh

    54. Kai Grimes

      Everyone in comments go to flight’s channel and spam Carlos vs flight

    55. yasio bolo

      Carlos better keep his mouth shut, all that talking, they quiet now😭😭😭😭

    56. MonkeyzReacts

      Savage squad legit ruins the beautiful game of basketball, like they are a pure disgrace to the basketball community

    57. Bam Bam Flinstone

      1 v 1 me cash

    58. raragonez1

      Man y’all challenged nick and his weakest player at least a different player it would’ve been different Fs

      1. raragonez1

        @Eren Jaeger they would’ve won easy

      2. Eren Jaeger

        I agree XD if Nick and Chris would’ve gone against the two of them. They would’ve won again

    59. sonicboomer

      Damn he was mad, mad! Lmfao

    60. Galla Master

      can I get in on these, oh my

    61. Dennis Finan

      He should picked chauncey!

    62. murahk123

      Carlos literally the definition of a laughingstock

    63. Danny Ganaden

      Nick brought Carlos for the views not the W 😂 Carlos the worst in their team.

    64. indigo drippy

      Cash y’all only winning Bc of Carlos play nick and someone else next time my guy

    65. Bru Bru

      carlos gotta quiet down bro

    66. Tony Patrón

      Carlos should not be touching a basketball

    67. Mattremot

      Kenny stop shooting

    68. Silas Mckellar

      Cash was 4/6

    69. X Yz

      Cash you gotta add a fadeaway to your game

    70. Makana Eaton

      Cash pick me up next time you ball against nicks team please!!! I commend you by staying humble and not talking shit like nicks whole team

    71. The Daybreak

      they got Abe Lincoln on their team LOL

    72. Chris Osborne

      Post the 5v5s cash😁 bet you won’t.

    73. Between The 3's

      No one plays defence lol what is this?!

    74. Mir.-

      Ayo what happened to Carlos 😭😭

    75. CoLD_mADeNa 313

      This is too much hot garbage in a video that has over 5,000 likes.

    76. Cameron Miller

      Briz won’t take it up on cash like he would Kenny 😂😂

    77. Berry McCawkiner

      Kenny has no clutch gene

    78. Break Nation Sports

      I mean you all got smacked in the real games. Real pathetic effort lol

    79. Zeb

      "bet u wouldn't play me 2v2 though" no shit he like 6'7 almost 6'8 with that super cuts haircut and 240 pounds at least if that wouldn't be unfair idk what is

      1. Amalia Synolaki

        he's Actually 6 4 but yea still he's Tall Af it would be Unfair

    80. kui

      Didnt y’all get smoked in the actual game though

    81. Chapo x ABK

      12-7 Called it boa it’s 1-0 2v2 record and 0-1 5v5 record

    82. Chapo x ABK

      Boy oh boy fa

    83. Grass Is Greener Lawn & Landscape

      Carlos is 🗑

    84. Jesse Smith

      Everybody knows it is a show right? Like make believe...

    85. mtednby21

      Carlos gotta play Iman 1v1 and the loser gets off the team

    86. Bud Influence

      Carlos look like someone on yo Hood all can do is trashtalked but dont know how to dribble properly and his shooting form is SUCKS


      Ayyyy you a hooper hooper now, on another note 🤣🤣🤣🤣carloooosssssssss better luck 🍀 next year

    88. michael mulero

      we all know nick brizz squad better than y’all

    89. Taurean Patterson

      None of yal can shoot lol

    90. fjgret

      This is TERRIBLE Basketball, why tf are they talking

    91. Prince_Phazed


    92. XclusiveTwigg

      Send him to the middle carlos, THAT IS NOT THE MIDDLE CARLOS!!!

    93. Khristian Darbon

      This nigga nick could’ve got Chauncey or sumthin 🤣🤣

    94. Fytn_ Aj

      But didn’t y’all lose in a 5v5

    95. Dom Aguirre

      lost two 5v5 games where’s that at though ?

    96. Jose Hernandez

      Outta all of them why tf did nick pick Carlos 😂

    97. sahiliqbal98

      Nick Briz sqaud gets carried by Chauncey every time.. This showed it even more

      1. Chevy Skinner

        You obviously don't watch them

      2. I’m Kyran

        this video showed that carlos is bad 💀💀 what video were you watching

      3. Chase Richardson

        ok you clearly dont really watch

    98. Hani Allous

      In that 5v5 kenny said the n word at 19:45