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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)



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    1. Shivam Singh

      Now I'm gonna watch this trailer everyday.. until I get this game. 😂

    2. Ames_817

      3:16 🔥🔥🔥

    3. X-Factor 2999

      Me: Loves BF1 with a passion and finds it a masterpiece with all trailers BF2042: Allow me to introduce myself Me: Proceed with caution, but hell it is good to see you

    4. Jalen Hazelwood

      Just follow me on Instagram

    5. HaiqalZ 13

      Okay, jokes aside, I just want to ask, is this games have story or just multiplayer games

      1. HaiqalZ 13

        @Synd1cate so I will never bought this game

      2. Synd1cate

        Multiplayer only

    6. Dillroy

      remember, no preorder

    7. MightyGoat5

      Pretty good, but still doesn’t live up to the Battlefield 1 trailer

    8. Spectre slicer nelson

      Best trailer in the world oh my God so good

    9. NoOne Important

      The coming race war shall be glorious.

    10. M A

      cant wait 😊

    11. Shu'ulathoi

      EA? Theres gonna be lots of Micro-Transactions isnt it?

    12. 11Blunt

      Me: Dies in WarZone to a hacker Also me: So when’s the new battlefields release date?

    13. Yuzu Mitsu Tv

      another 100+ gb game... but it's so nice

    14. AeroDog

      This is the first time I’m excited for a battlefield… DO NOT DISAPPOINT DICE

    15. Gergő Szabó

      cant wait to die only to vehicle campers

    16. McDoTavish

      Imagine you just killed by a player and then activate his wingsuit and he type in the chat that say's Y O U J U S T G O T V E C T O R E D

      1. Boltpoke


    17. GFAN54

      They just have to confirm c4 launching, then it will be the best battlefield ever

    18. Dybala Mask

      When Ghost and Friend react this

    19. Gromit Mug

      Why does the first 21 seconds sound like something out of transformers

    20. NeoLoboX

      Alguien mas vino por lo del caza y el RPG?

    21. Massimo Migliaccio

      I just cant stop watching this

    22. Nabucho Donozor

      Oh my god.. I'm stoned right now. Please be better than warzone!

    23. Ghost

      So We Got Both the Tesla and Space X in The Same Trailer

    24. Humphrey360 Money moves


    25. Kaiser Restrom

      So what's next after this game tho, Battlefield The Forth Coalition

    26. Sgt Pot

      BF Sound FX has written Enforcer all over it. Love it!!!!!!

    27. KayzenTV

      Looks like a little bit like Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, so that talking to me, love it!

    28. KayzenTV


    29. Venture Pictures

      My god. I havnt been this excited about a FPS since Modern Warfare came out. This is truly a fan service game. We thank you.

    30. PeerBr

      Impressive collection of cut scenes

    31. skedar23

      Sigo con la ilusión de que vuelva el battlefield 2142... Aunque este se ve bueno

    32. Popsibra

      this trailer is so cool everyone is the main character

    33. Lord Shrek

      Looks like they learned their lesson from Battlefield 5's trailer.

    34. snoopy owen


    35. Душан - Dušan

      Does EA know that the F35 was deemed useless recently lmao

    36. Mert Beşiktepe

      Battlefield bollywood

    37. Savage Gaming

      Rendazook !!! I freaked out over that one part

    38. Andy Anderson

      what da dog doin?

    39. ִ

      All aboard the hype Tuk-tuk!

    40. Vex


    41. Starman Crusader

      Why does Battlefield make some of the best game trailers

    42. Blessed Yo

      Only the real ones have seen the jet kill already 😏

    43. Mitchell Stock (MCGaming)

      Remember no preorders

    44. nate dog75

      If you know the jet kill scene u a og

    45. Mr. Nobody

      A lot of Men Soldier, A lot vechiles, A lot of variation of environments and a lot of explosion... This might be as good As BTFD3

    46. LimitIsIllusion

      I'd honestly rather see a movie than play the game.

    47. Faze Plays

      3:04 Pilot: want see me do a trick shot

    48. Mr. Mad Man


    49. S F

      Woooww 👏

    50. QQER z

      3:26 Is that su57 and F35?

    51. Kickassman3

      This is possibly the best Trailer, I have ever seen. I am beyond excited for this game to release! Refine everything Battlefield and do not hesitate to make things feel powerful, Explosions and the Jet Scene, You KNOW they love their fans... The future is now people...

    52. Hatter_

      Трейлер прям до мурашек, просто охуенно

    53. Даврон Акбарходжаев

      Can't wait to die over and over in Operation Metro sgain.

    54. Zahid

      2:59 The part you're all here for.

    55. Niko Beličić

      cant wait fo smell this nugget

    56. LuCho

      Warzone copy

      1. Sean Billups


    57. Lee Thetoad

      I can't be the only one who can't stop hitting replay right?

    58. MadMarks

      They could have put sharks in that 🌪 and I still would have loved it. Unreal. Go DICE

    59. FrontlineSoilder

      F Yes! Thank you dice.. this is gonna put me back into gaming

    60. Brian Swanson

      Stun Gravy!

    61. Lego Plane

      4:25 now this is a just cause 4 moment

    62. Pancskebro

      Nobody The boys locker room: 3:29

    63. Praxis6

      Just wanna put it out there that at the beginning the airplane that crashed and then fell down of the cliff doesn’t make much sense seeing as objects falling down have the same acceleration no matter what their weight is and so if the soldiers jumped off the cliff before the airplane fell then it wouldn’t have caught up to them, let alone be fast enough to crash that poor guy. We know the plane had no vertical velocity since it was moving horizontally, Ik it doesn’t really matter to anyone and the game is amazing but they keep talking about the new physics system so I found it funny that this happened in a cinematic trailer… Love the game though

    64. Brian Charles

      Soldiers: why are we fighting?!?!? Other Soldiers: I have no idea!!!!

    65. NITRO

      Мне кажется или имя солдата держащего жетон это отсылка к Titanfall 2

    66. Eirfan Khan

      this will be battle royal also?

      1. iTakePainkillers

        @Prompthorizen 12 ik right

      2. Prompthorizen 12

        No one wants a battle Royale

      3. iTakePainkillers

        The game isn’t gonna have battle royale

      4. iTakePainkillers


    67. hugo santinhos pereira

      don't see anyone here complaining about how men's lives are cheap :)

    68. Gaming123

      3:15 the amount of people that are going to try this old trick shot from battle field 3 is going to be insane

    69. Daniel O Connell

      Only game I'm excited for this year

    70. Lucki

      4:01 me and the boys

    71. TheBlackPhantom2018

      I feel bad for the civilians who went into work that day not knowing that they’re in the middle of World War III.

    72. Kyle Kallies

      Yes can’t wait

    73. GoblinSlayer142

      There’s a trick shot in the trailer by and actual guy named stun_gravy

    74. Cristian Vargas Estay

      This brings me back old memories, cried like 7 times... the jet scene, thanks

    75. Viv Alland

      I see that we have worked on the bugs and there is no more such garbage as in BF5

    76. lou jean

      They should release it on sept 22 !

    77. RiceCake1512

      Everyone's talking about the Renderzook but I wanna pet the penguins

      1. lou jean

        it takes 7 whole months to come out!! im mad asfuck :(

    78. Jacob Mamula

      I don’t know how I feel about the specialist idea. I wanna be a grunt not some super soldier hero

    79. Ryan Pomeroy

      Implementing characters instead of classes is going to ruin the game for a lot of the og battlefield player base. Probably the only disappointment about this reveal

    80. Matt Hardtke

      I hope that tornado is in multi-player lol

      1. Matt Hardtke


      2. E Enderman

        There's no singleplayer

      3. Finn935

        It is man!

    81. TheJuantaco

      POV: you watching a good trailer

    82. Wiksaraya Binar Nugroho

      10 years, and still one of the most epic trickshot in the history of battlefield

    83. 困るマン

      Is this main theme remix of kick start my heart?

    84. AR

      Infinite warfare part 2?

      1. xH4rDx


    85. Just Breezy

      Still can't believe they put Stun_Gravy's trickshoy into the trailer.

    86. Miguel Acosta


    87. Fish

      This was look similar like Star Wars

    88. Brizan


    89. チャンネルアイビス


    90. Billbeaux

      My favorite part was the red-head with a prosthetic arm claw, weilding a giant Maori club.

    91. Matt Mofer

      Can confirm all the clever vehicle kills, the helicopter, ATV and the jet kills are all things done in BF3 and 4 🤣🤣🤣

    92. Fameless TV

      Did you noticed that on the Taxi in 4:05 you can see the sentance ,,Why walk when you can Fly?"

    93. Ace matolcs2

      Just cause 5?

    94. English Dave

      I know the jet scene was supposed to be cool but it’s just so dumb. It’s like an 8 made the idea.

    95. Joeh “Vexoxv” Edits

      3:16 anyone remember the guy who did this in the game lol

    96. Antonio M

      Me: How long do we have to wait? DICE: 4 1/2 months. Me: Ok we can do this 2 days later am still watching the trailer over and over

      1. Ghost Shooter


    97. Shield

      Petition to add Rendezook and loopzook as an Achievement

    98. Hathaway Kouchner


    99. Fresh&Fly

      Motley Crue in the background I’ll take it

    100. hiroki kisigawa