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    2. Ronald McDonald

      where tf is tobi’s contract at

    3. Paytonic

      If Tobi was a goalie in the euros he’d be a monster

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    7. Ginger Ninja

      How did timo Werner even hit the target

    8. Ginger Ninja

      Why does vik start taking small steps when his about to hit it he dum lol

    9. Ryan Stokes

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    10. Markodoesnothing

      Is it just me or has josh haven’t been in the videos

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      Can we just appreciate the dip they puttin in these shots

    15. Sophie Eastwood

      get tobi on a team now

    16. Putnsb

      Im confused how people ran faster than jj but still get under 30

    17. VyxlHonda Transport Flicks

      That speed challenge was quite a gooden to be honest. Although when I saw JJ didn't really look like he was going at 30.1, Harry who was 0.2 behind seemed like his top speed looked alot faster, althought JJ used longer footsteps than Harry does idk how Harry did not hit 30, he looked about the exact same pace as Tobi.

    18. eoghan mckeever


    19. Gabriel Lumpkin

      Image Tobi is a murderer and your the runner 👀

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      Addy daz is how Simon said addidas

    22. Aditya Singh

      tobi motivating vik was so wholesome

    23. Sheesh

      Did they say A-Di-Dass?

    24. Leyton Bramble

      My name is Leyton as well as the field is

    25. Leyton Bramble


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      Vikk is like a cute disabled puppy

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    38. SToRm Max 7

      What’s on Harry’s head

    39. RMK Gaming

      I’ve already got the gmr thing

    40. Manol_btw

      WHy is Vik just so bad?

      1. abz_ abz

        Because he ain't athletic but he still tries

    41. Dan Blyth

      Not one can kick it properly 😂

    42. Angus Barnett

      Song at 5 : 17

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      Werner’s was without the added one for a reason

    45. aceoutsidedrip _

      ksi runs like an aunty

    46. Otto Kaalund

      Its sad that the chip doesnt work that well its very unaccurate

    47. Farhan Hussain

      ad-idas lmao😂😂😂😂

    48. Pranav Menon

      3:12 Harry with the elastico

    49. GrayGray123

      They should have played Indian music when Vikk was running. 😂😂

      1. Madzzz 07

        Nah that joke died ages ago

    50. Kea Lewele

      People are out here talking about Manuel neur ,look at tobi 👀

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    52. RecklessNinja18


    53. Querae


    54. Jen Milinis

      Harry’s shirt though

    55. Omar Afifi

      Am I the only one who thought that the thumbnail was sarcastic

    56. Gerry Shom

      Ethan's fall in slow mo has me dead bruv

    57. gagi2332

      How to create toby in fifa:finishing 99 Dribling 99 Defending 99 Goalkiping 99

    58. LZR SWiiFT

      oh so its ad - ee - das now

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      Harrys run looked faster compared to jj

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      What does Harry have next to his right eye

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      Can I be in ur sidemen

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      التك توك 😉

    64. Markel Mckeithan

      Tobi out here crushing dreams

    65. Alex Mačo


    66. Dimitris Tsakos

      Vim so so trash

    67. Peter Griffin

      My man just said ahdidahs

      1. elijay 06

        It's pernouced differently in other places

    68. Jose.

      If Josh would've scored the one were it was going to the corner I would've gave him 99 shooting in fifa .

    69. Gam3Sting

      Why does JJ look like a guy whos running after the bullies who stole his candy

      1. ZVLOBEY


    70. Jefferson Espinoza

      17:46 SIMON’s LEG

    71. Adomako Ephraim

      OMG vic is Soo dumb at football 😂😂

    72. Vatsal

      Wtf vikk

    73. Luca Casati

      Werner is actually 33.7 because he would have missed the target

    74. Mark Ghattas

      no one: not a single soul: ksi every 5 seconds of the vid: WHAT A SAVE

    75. Ndbd Hjfir

      Add'da'di'das. Lol

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    77. Agastya Anchan

      Eff u Tobi really got me. It reminded me too much of the office

    78. Syahiran Soffian

      tobi should be man united first choice keeper

    79. Angus Smith

      Please get fifa to do your stats and make your cards

    80. Mr Wavey

      Kon needs to chill wit the drone shots thoughts I was on a rollercoaster at 6:21 ( I don’t like rollercoasters )

    81. Redwood On The Beat

      didnt realise how tiny Ethan was until now lol

    82. Redwood On The Beat

      if only every sidemen has a girlfriend.. they could've made "sidewomen"

    83. Steven Cascone

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    84. Yahia Achiche

      Harry has to win

    85. K J

      I bet I can beat them all on everything

    86. Daniel France

      Me literally livin 2 mins from lofc stadium

    87. Jonathan Shrier

      Heck yeah Vik try’s so hard and does really great 👍🏽 he would do way better than me in a football game. I also like how Tobi cheered him on.

    88. Kjk172

      Tobi is such a good guy

    89. Thought Rank

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    90. Thomas Vanhout

      Just shoot on a dropshot 100+ km/h instant Like if it’s true ;)

    91. Joseph Oshinaike

      How is Tobi not a Pro player?

    92. ha whi

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    93. Irfan Danish

      Timo werner without 1 added lmao more likely -1

    94. Daniel Kazo

      JJ is fasttt

    95. micky caligiuri

      tobi should be man u keeper. he is better then david de gea

    96. Deejay Badger

      all tobi has to say is black goalie

    97. GamingBeFly

      Tobi could legitimately be a good goalkeeper for a team in the fourth division, Cambridge United perhaps.

    98. WEILKII VE

      3:04 thank me later reddit

    99. ItsSlicedPug

      I felt the intro- add deedas

    100. Umbreon Pizza

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