How To: Foxy Eyeliner For (Semi) Hooded Eyes


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    foxy eyes makeup tutorial with eyeshadow:

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    Macqueen New York Waterproof Pen Eyeliner
    Lana Lashes in "Liberty"
    Music by MDMN - Mimosas -

    DISCLAIMER: This video was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in the video. All thoughts are my own honest opinions. Thank you so much for watching!

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    1. ByJeannine

      hey guys! 🖤 I just came out with my own limited edition black liquid eyeliner 😍 it would mean the world to me if you could check it out and support me Thank you so so much!☺️

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      2. Change Eye Color


      3. مصطفى مصطفى


    2. Ngoc Tran Tran

      Love it

    3. Chouchou45

      It’s really great but i think it’s long to do in the morning

    4. Nessa

      Can someone tell me if dis is asian fishing bc i have heard many ppl has said dat doing foxy eyeliner is asian fishing.

    5. NumbieLett

      I don't know why I'm watching this I don't even do make-up. Nice tutorial by the way.

    6. Just Dairy


    7. المها بدر سعيد محمد الغافرية

      انه فيديو جميل حقا ولقد استفت منه كثيرات احبكي💜

    8. In Xanadu

      Ya no way I can do this lol

    9. illa illa

      This is exactly what I needed. Semi hooded tutorial . Thank you

    10. Lily Miller rowe

      not me not having eyeliner but watching tutorials on how to do it

    11. Bia Duque

      Mano, sou brasileira,🤡 como que diabos vou entender esse tutorial sem o tutorial

      1. Cupcake Hours

        1) desenha o eyeliner com os olhos relaxados na direção da sobrancelha. 2) colore 3) vai adicionando até ficar do jeito que você gosta 4) enche todos os buracos 5) faz um triângulo na parte de dentro do olho Tomará que ajudou. Desculpa pelo o português ruim, eu não sei como escrever português direito 😅

    12. Joyce Melo leopoldino

      Eu vendo o vídeo sem entender absolutamente nada 🤡

    13. levi harnish

      If I get botox in a specific area can I like unhood my eyes

    14. Daenerys Targaryen

      Yaaay thank youuu

    15. Celina

      Man this Looks so Beautiful but when I try it- bruhhhhhhh

      1. Panda

        Try it first on your hand Then on your "bad eye" Then try it match on your "easy eye"

    16. K

      What eyeliner are you using ?

    17. Osamu's Tales

      and then when we blink ..

    18. Lain :p

      😭😭I give up

    19. Synese Robinson

      Love this

    20. Divya saini

      Ohhh my godd you have too much patience 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I would have given up by now 😭😭😭😭

    21. Naoshin Anzum Islam

      I actually have round prominent eyes, but this type of eyeliner style works so good for me.

    22. Daania Tehmeed

      My problem is i blink and tear up easily ://

    23. Jota Kaempfer

      wow! gran trabajo!

    24. Suraiya Abdulhaq

      Amazing 🤩

    25. Sophia Bibb

      Hands down the best foxy eyeliner tutorial I've ever seen. The weird straight-line problem has been giving me headaches. Thank you for this video!!!

    26. Its Moxey doll

      Can u please leave a link for the lashes please

    27. Candela Monzon



      O comentário que vc procurava brasileiro está aqui lkkkkkkk

    29. Elaine U.N

      This took waaaaaaaay too long

    30. Lysa Cute

      Love outlined

    31. SleepyHug ASMR

      What are we to do if we wear glasses? It can end up looking weird w glasses 😩✨✨

    32. Nicole Monroe

      I'm faded in my laundry and I'm ohhhhh and I be doing a thick ass line and thin as wing lmfaoo why has NOBODY told me nun oh yeah the hg did lmfaooo she said hg that ain't it .💯💯💯 Anyways sheesh girl that eyeliner popping once I get I'ma start doing this rn

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    34. DayOfThe Muertos

      I have big eyelids so much space there that like i cant lol

    35. As Aventuras de rhayla


    36. Desiree Romo

      love the liner girl!now i need to go try it out lol

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    41. KeXin Fan

      this is insane. I'm jealous of her patient on those...

    42. Yuqisthetic

      My eyelashes are so long that I have to fucking close my eye to do my eyeliner 💀🔫

    43. Mama Sky

      Becareful my people r gonna cancel this (yes asians i see yall cancelling make up styles now)

    44. zai.


    45. Isabelly Santos

      Bem perfeccionista


      Me messing up: its ok. I got eye makeup remover. Me after messing up really bad: ok, i need tO clean this up. 5 mins later after trying to find the eye make-up remover: OH HOLY SHIT. WAS THAT THING FINISHED 1 MONTH AGO?!?!? 😭😭😭😭

    47. Jaqueline Silva


    48. Chayxsauce

      When you have perfect eyes shape 😍😩

    49. SophiaXD

      Im saving this on my playlist so when i get like teen age i will be doing this. Im a pre-teen now almost teen yayy

    50. Hisoka Morow

      What lashes r u using?:))

    51. Hisoka Morow

      Sooo beautiful

    52. Lunna

      OH MY GOD YOU'RE AN ABSOLUTELY GODSENT! I've attempted to put on eyeliner for so long and your tutorial absolutely saved me! You explained everything so well and it just all around helped a lot! Thank you so so much!

    53. Valentina Rams

      La tuya por si acaso. :v

    54. Lila Dockery

      My only problem with eye liner is that my eyelashes are so long and thick even without mascara and if just keep getting in the way

    55. montserrat

      okaaay.... sooo I tried, and I love it, but why do this hurt so muchhh

    56. Kat

      But then wen u look down ur eye looks fucked....🙈😂😂😂

    57. Ms Gxx

      ❤️❤️❤️ insta @fortyqueens

    58. anna!!

      how do i fail even when this is a step by step tutorial

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      My problem is I cant close my eye it's not relaxed, it's kinda tight idk :'(

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      OMG!!!! The efforts she is putting Hands down girl ❤️

    61. justin case

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    62. Polyana Guedes

      I tried to do it but it was ridiculous, because I have a lot of eyelid! I am upset with myself 😰

    63. wifeu of Bangtan

      I need to wake up at 4 am to go out at 10am to draw this eyeliner because my hand is too shakey and my eyeliner is a bitch 😂 But honestly this liner tutorial is 🔥

    64. Frozen Waters

      fox eyeliner is racist

    65. kerolainy ramos

      it was beautiful

    66. kerolainy ramos

      Alguém português ?

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      This is the best tutorial thank you 😊

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      I had it, and then I lost it... Edit: 4 hours later, and I finally did it!

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    79. Ruhani Lamba

      I am here after watching a girl with this eyeliner on tiktok

    80. Jaleigh Croft

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      New Subbie, amazing tutorial, you’re teaching this 34 year old tomboy new tricks. I’m practicing everyday from now on thanks.

    84. OhNoItsNoe

      This is literally turning the thing Asian people were bullied about for DECADES into A FUCKING MAKEUP TREND

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      It really helpful for me as a beginner and i learned a tip on how to do that properly,thanks!

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      I’ve returned but I have long eyelashes and I can’t do anything

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      I think this trend is racist

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      this helps SO much, i have hooded eyelids and i’ve been really wanting to learn how to apply eyeliner. this is very helpful, thank you. :)

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      I always used to raise my eyebrow and have the same issue but this helped me so much! :)

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    96. Anaya Kealeboga

      why am i watching if i dont have eyliner

    97. ninja legend


    98. Todoroki Simp

      I tried this and worked magic!! But one thing i would say is fox eye is not for me . I’ve got very round eyes !! Wen I say round i mean big . And fox eye on my eye shape is a big no no. I usually do round puppy eye eyeliner! And that makes me look all cute amd kawaii ♥️

    99. Atsumu Miya

      pov: u r a weeb who is currently home alone and bored af... u desided to try to learn how to do eyeliner.... u saw semi and eyeliner... u clicked and are now reading this ;-;