Porsche Taycan vs. World's Fastest C8 Corvette With Emelia Hartford // This vs. That


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    This is straight up the most futuristic race we’ve ever done. A mid-engine, twin turbo, C8 Corvette with an triple piggybacked ECU (driven by our pal Ms. Emelia Hartford) vs. a mystery man in an electric Porsche Taycan that says it’s turbo, but it has no turbos.

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    It’s also one of the best races we’ve *ever* had.

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    1. Justin Franklin

      Reading these comments, y’all are never around girls and don’t understand playful trash talk 😂 y’all are cringe

    2. Justin Franklin

      Y’all took his comments too seriously 😂😂 he was all jokes the whole time, mans was there to have fun and that’s what they did. She knew he was messing with her and that’s why she had her own comments, y’all gotta stop getting offended for someone else lmao

    3. tray Stone

      He knew he had no chance beyond 1500 ft. Rich a-hole loses to little girl...loved it!!! Wonder if he's still looking for a fast car?

    4. MrDestro841

      Rimac Nevera..


      vet won,

    6. Hensley Hophman

      The maniacal circle consequentially point because stopwatch alternatively x-ray except a quaint pedestrian. inquisitive, exciting exclusive peony

    7. 1283Stevo

      What’s with all the face masks???

    8. festo 888

      That corvette must be the slowest world's fastest anything

    9. Matej matej

      Rimac nevera from Croatia would win this in a landslide 🤪😋😜👍🇸🇮 Pozdrav našim bratom Hrvatom respect

    10. Jon Collins

      I love how there was a bunch of shit talking but no feelings getting hurt. As it should be.

    11. madjh

      A normal Taycan Turbo with much more weight and much less power ? Amazing. I usually don´t go with electric cars but this time I have to choose Porsche.

    12. Dan K

      the discs are tungsten coated causing them to be so shiny

    13. Chris Gautney

      Badass corvette. Too bad they went gimmicky and threw her in it for “shock” appeal. OoOoOoh, a GIRL racer??!!! Lame

    14. Lord God Amen Ra

      We got a car called a turbo, but it has no turbo we have another car with two turbos but it’s not called a turbo fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

    15. sochyvonn nora

      You have to work harder to prove yourself as a female racer but you also have to work harder to prove yourself as an electric car...

    16. Rob

      "I got more money than you for sure." what an absolute dick!

    17. Gio Jarmelishvili

      "How much money you got?" that's already a rude question to ask so why are you so shocked by the answer is funny. That was pretty good answer to salty question. plus he had no chance anyways bunch of dudes around girl who races and he has electric car.

    18. suchasreallife

      Pretty good for 5000 pound car

    19. viktor viktorov

      I dont want to be rude, but she is just a bad driver... i mean im not saying that all females are, but in this specific case... anyways good content.

    20. DaggerMouth

      For everyone who thinks this pitch I didn't buy her car, she did. She paid people like me to build it.

    21. Blu Keed

      Funny how nobody talking about the “ how much money u got question”shes the douche

    22. Sauce Daddy223bullets

      I’ve never been and internet hater but I can’t help but severely dislike that gentleman fellas please don’t have him back

    23. Raizo177

      So funny how she talking shit with a modded vet, his Shit is probably freshly purchased 😂😂😂

    24. Darth Tyranus

      She lost that bet and spent more on that corvette than the Porsche 🤣🤣🤣

    25. John Houle

      What a tool. He gives Porsche drivers a bad name.

    26. the Rabbit Whisper

      If the vette had electric, being so light, well you know the result.

    27. Markus Ifland

      One joke about the electric car is enough, kinda cringe that she constantly tried to pick on it lmao

    28. Ese Diablito

      3:20 💀

    29. Jesse Dickey

      best win ever.

    30. ebruceii

      Can somebody PLEASE tell the white girl to never embarrass herself by saying "What's Gucci?" ever, ever again??? Please and thank you.

    31. Jaybruhh

      *_Emilia has to make a comeback. She has about 900 WHP now._*

    32. vubevube

      make her race Rimac Nevera next :D in whatever "real car" with combustion engine she wants.

    33. Reese Matthew

      They need a drone right above the finish line from now kn

    34. James Bond

      Guy In the Porsche is a tool bag

    35. Brodey Pecha

      that c8 leaves like a turtle

    36. Me

      Well Porsche proves it again, always ahead of the competition, you need all that C8 to almost beat the taycan, incredible machine

    37. kmking1986

      You can buy the Porsche, can you buy that exact C8? Even though the Porsche lost I think this is one hell of an advertisement.

    38. Marc Armstrong

      Anyone who drives with one hand driving hard is automatically an asshole

    39. Lordcamilo2

      Next time the dude with "more money than you for sure" will bring a Rimac nevera.

    40. steven orozco

      Porsche guy is a whiner...geez. Sack up dude, your car ain't that fast and you lost to a girl.

    41. Apandawrx

      That guy was a douche. So glad she won 🏆

    42. Old Man

      What an arrogant $••hit with the Porsche.

    43. Bobby Z

      dood, your audio is so bad. why don't you level out the volume a little? i couldn't even hear the line he dropped b4 the burn meme... and i didn't bother to rewind. but seriously, anybody trying to listen on headphones is already deaf.

    44. Cheap & Cheaper

      What kind of race is that, "oh let me go first" lmao.

    45. Sean

      Downvoted for pointless masking

    46. Jose Soria

      She still got beat by a atv

    47. Zuriel Thompson

      Gut the Tycan and carbon fiber it and that’s it

    48. Max White

      My 12 year old daughter would be faster off the line

    49. Max White

      How about drivers of somewhat equal prowess

    50. Scott Harrell

      You need a Taycan Turbo "S" not just "Turbo."

    51. 133 80

      HurtZ should’ve said “this is a Porsche called a turbo but doesn’t have a turbo. There’s a corvette with two turbos , driven by a girl though”. Drop mic

    52. ImChrisDuke

      "I got more money than you, for sure".... what a jackass...

    53. Merica Freedomland

      I love how intimated he is by Emilia hahaha

    54. That Guy Health

      She’s slow as hell off the line. So didn’t do the Chevy any justice. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Glad she won though!

    55. That Guy Health

      Well she’s not used to negotiating. No hit heads up 🆙!

    56. crab with a knife

      Meth fueled car

    57. SanNissan Sanjuan

      Corvette MR2 Twin Turbo long Tail vs The Warp Drive 4 door Porsche

    58. Jesse C

      Man, that guy with the Porsche needs to grow a pair! Emelia is a solid racer. Nothing but respect for her!

    59. phbbga

      fueltech corvette c8 has 1075hp 🇧🇷

    60. OrtegaTheLawProfessor

      That guy was a dick… I got more money than you ya you might but she a better racer…. Instead of being a puss puss take the 1,500 and race her like a damn man

    61. Rene Arimus Pantelas

      That guy couldn't have been more of a dick lmaooooo

    62. Holy Cow

      Like how he’s driving stock and it takes mods to keep up with the Porsche.

    63. dark ages

      Car gearbox evolution: 1880: single gear, direct drive; 1920: 2 gears; 1940: 4 Gears, 1980: 6 gears; 1990: CVT infinite gears; 2020: single gear, direct drive...

    64. smokebomb.exe

      Best episode.

    65. AsianTankPilot

      The rich guy was pretty funny, he knew he couldn’t win on the top end, but made it entertaining. All he had to do was buy a car and was competing neck and neck with a modded out beast of a car.

    66. Sohrab Azad

      it aint no tesla plad just saying.

    67. Duhfaq

      7:30 hmmmmmmmmm 😂😂😂 sound like a YN Jay intro

    68. chad phillips

      The comments didn't pass the vibe check 😂. These two are genuinely having fun. And people wanna fight in the comments

    69. J Dolan

      Tungsten Carbide....scrubs

    70. K.S. Covers

      i couldn’t really tell if he was being facetious or not but that taycan driver kind of an arrogant asshole🤣🤣. emelia got him beat any day of the week purely because of her raw talent 🤷‍♂️

    71. ozzie seather

      The keen wood approximately guard because fender cranially hope lest a malicious literature. waiting, cowardly parcel

    72. David Kunutsor

      That was fun!

    73. Underwater Fish Videos

      a girl has the worlds fastest corvette? i bet this makes a lot of true corvette fans angry i.e old chaps

    74. FUN JAM

      Piece of shit electric... all wheel drive still loses

    75. Smokke

      Tf why Porsche guy acting like a pussy 😂😂😂😂

    76. Ethan C

      Praises girls car it is badass but everyone knows paddle shifting is slower than the ecu

    77. rayn man

      If you line up for a drag race and say "yeah but I want the hit" you've already lost.

    78. Shooter Sanoff

      Easy out the pocket electric but the v8 at the top end will take it

    79. OneWay Forwardd

      The turbo s would destroy her 😂😂 she ask how is he going to get faster how about he just buy the fastest version of the car 🤷🏾‍♂️

    80. MrHeavyzz4

      The Porsche dude may have tons of money, but unfortunately what he is lacking, money can not buy. But he did walk away a winner. I am awarding him the HeavyZZ4 pick of the year for the 2021 dipshit award.

    81. Usep Suhendar

      Mantap 👍👍👍👍👍

    82. Pete scarp

      Porsche dude is a TOOL

    83. Rand Baldwin

      I love Emelia, but she is not good at drag launches yet.

    84. Tim Meyn

      Taycan Turbo S would be better 😁

    85. PureExcellence100

      What in tarnation?....all this negotiations make no sense, should of just raced fair an square and whoever wins...wins and thats it 🤷🏾

    86. Aby Abraham

      Yo, what was that, a real car!. Tell that kid fuel cars are gonna to fuckup. Actually if he had done modifications to his Porsche, he could win easy and calm.

    87. cam m

      Typically I don't like cocky/show boating attitudes but in this case it was kinda cool to see the two different attitudes and she definitely held her own.

    88. INTOKU-LordKenjiSama :7主𝕛𝕒𝕡𝕒𝕟⦿

      It’s crazy a production car giving a competition competition car

    89. Joker

      if ken shows up its over for the taycan

    90. Stephen Hard

      Crazy did anyone catch the prefect V in the clouds when she won

    91. Cosmic Crazy

      Tbf the Porsche weighs about 1500 lbs more and is completely bone stock lol, this series is starting to get boring 😴

    92. lilmario0

      Porsche dude was a dick for that "I got more money than you line"

    93. Akram S.

      So you're telling me that the heavily-modded C6 Corvette is a little faster than the second fastest Porsche? Okeh.

    94. Jordan Thornberry

      Those cars MOVE. That c8 is sick.

    95. Luke G

      My dislike for this girl was somewhat lessened from another race where all she had was excuses; she did well. Taycan guy is just trash talking; funny dude. All in all great race!


      This race proves they need one more 🎥@ 🏁

    97. Jason Knight

      Imagine putting all that money into a car only for the base ass no extra shit done to it to give you a run for your money. Wait... Is this not even the turbo s version of the Taycan, what a joke LOL


      That c8 shifts lazier that a millennial!


      She made herself look like a noob not knowing what the hit was🤭🤭🤭🤭

    100. Unknown One

      I've never been more enthusiastic for Emelia winning