Fixing The UNFIXABLE: Squishy Makeovers from "The Hopeless Bin"

Moriah Elizabeth

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    1. Margaret Sprazza


    2. Linda Haley


    3. Believer_Gamer_Shorts

      Even though she went through so much trouble it was worth it because she did really good

    4. Mária Szász

      Me: *sees this weird pod* Also me: wat the fuck is that

    5. Amanda A

      Make a carrot squish

    6. morgan

      make a yummy bear family

    7. Catherine Brusca

      anyone else realize that her most recent hopeless squishy makeover was the one she was holding on this videos thumbnail

    8. PurpleCatJ11

      You are one of the best HRaeros ever

    9. Ashley Adams

      Buy Squishies from the store and repaint them

    10. Angie Lim

      I love your cute squishies. There so cute.

      1. Angie Lim

        Dianes world

    11. Queen Brycee


    12. Jolene Wright

      She says that’s a great way to spend my time like he has something better to do

    13. Naniya M

      Hopeless been hopeless been hopeless been helpless then again again again again again again again😈😈😈✌🏾

    14. Katherine Montgomery

      Moriah: this doesn’t count as a rainbow, me: then what do u call it-

    15. Katherine Montgomery

      Moriah: this doesn’t count as a rainbow

    16. Autumn Bishard

      Can you do more vids I love your squishy makeovers

    17. Honey C

      Can you pls try to fix a squishy and turn it back to how it originally looks? 😊😊

    18. Lillian Larson

      moriah ik u said u were fine but……. After a request or aggressive demand, let’s start another: “who wants her to be well rested because she provides content to us every week and deserves basic hum respect” copy and paste if you agree.


      Bully’s roasting people- Moriah roasting squishes: Squishy roasting

    20. Xia Glass

      Did anyone else realize that her nail color changed

    21. Kodi Tutt

      While watching this I couldn’t help but think of what kind of plant the bear was. I know it’s inspired by Fred, but my brain decided …. It’s a bearybush 😏😓😂

    22. Kimorah Pinard

      i was a little baby 🍼 and i saw the all the other people that were talking about baby lol 😆

    23. Kimorah Pinard


    24. Artemis Rose

      She didnt even need to use her own memory foam she could used the cat head it was destoryed beyond repare anyways

    25. trash

      video ideas! - you could make some squishies from scratch like u used too - you could paint a clock (it’s a weird idea but u could just decorate the border or smthing - you could do a opie inspired video where u paint a collar for opie or make a painting of him etc - (I am not trying to force you to do any of there things they are all pretty stupid btw I love ur your content!)

      1. trash

        i just wanna say that i love this squishy, every single night i watch your content and every friday i wait until you posted! you are so amazing and you deserve a break!

    26. Mikayla Houston

      I had a milo add then straight after I got a coffee add

    27. Ilaria-Rose’s World

      That looks amazing

    28. Ilaria-Rose’s World

      The dirt at first looked like chocolate

    29. ruth doggett

      You are a god

    30. Adobetherat

      Agree it dos look like a crimas tree

    31. Adobetherat

      are you an artest of squishes?

    32. Just no

      When November is your birthday month: WOOOOOOOOOO

    33. Michelle Stafford

      My cousin got a pickle blanket and I am so jealous😵

    34. Nathan Smith


    35. 10MoNiOl

      I love when you do the hopeless squishies. Every one you turn into art is that much less foam nonsense clogging up landfills and floating in the ocean! Crafting can make a lot of mess, so seeing artists transform things that would otherwise be thrown away into art is really exciting to me!

    36. Isabella Mackay

      can u do the watermelon cave pls

    37. Medic Fiftysixer

      Make more videos please

    38. Myscha Bowles

      Moriha is the best artist and your amazing my family loves how funny you are and we love to watch you every Friday I get so existed to see the video and I always watch it

    39. Lexie Stoney

      Do a new squishy video unboxing

    40. Kristopher Danner

      Can you please fix other people squishies

    41. Kennedy Doering

      She should do a video on spin the wheel on what kind of design she does like desert design or

      1. Kennedy Doering

        Please copy this comment

      2. Kennedy Doering

        Animal design

    42. Wad Squad

      Do people

    43. Owen Herlong

      We love you !

    44. Victoria de Souza

      The plant bear is Fred the fern🪴

    45. Hannah Biggs

      I love when you fix squishys

    46. Cloudy_shimmer

      You should make something out of fine by yourself instead of a makeover and a squishy because I think that would be really cool and hopefully you do it 🤞🏻

    47. HoneyBear15 DIAZ

      I love your art

    48. Emica Lalongisip

      (I’m late) My captions r in Russian 😃😀😃😀😃😀????

    49. IzzyBella LV

      "Things are getting worst before they get better" Me in 2020:HOW IS SHE READING MY MIND (starts going insane🙃😵‍💫)

    50. IzzyBella LV

      Do the watermelon cave

    51. Kawaii .-.

      Moriah: I think I’m trying to create a color that doesn’t exist Me: fun fact, you can’t think of a color that doesn’t exist

    52. Christina Polk


    53. Cathy Fang

      I thought it was a shiba inu in a orange pot that makes it look like a carrot lol

    54. Imogen James

      Your merch is more money than my pool

    55. Ari edits. • - •

      0:57 i want that one GIVE IT TO MEE i will give you 30$ for it!

    56. Ash n' Shameless

      I feel like adding rainbow freckles to the space between his eyes would make him look a little more interesting

    57. ŁennonÑoah

      this is 5 words yea

    58. Les chelous Potter

      Fred is born

    59. Brigitte B.


    60. _Birkenstocked_Banana_

      Love the plant bear so much it’s adorable!! ❤️ 8:29 does anyone know the name of the song..??

    61. The Polars

      fiegfkjlijrhiohq it's so cute I love it

    62. Blanca Luz Ruano


    63. Amanda Ritch

      The cat in the mug and a strawberry are the squishes I have

    64. Kylie Willaims

      I love her squishy videos

    65. •dawn ‘ face•

      Can you fix some of your favourite squishy?

    66. zahirul Islam

      8:26😂😂😂😂😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😎😎😎 "Try to leave it all behind " Really touched by it!😂😂


      I know i am late to this video. the thing is i just let your videos pile up and then watch them in one bunch. What i wanted to say was a long lime ago, well not that long buuuut. so you created a squishy made of a giant doughnut and added a unicorn themed bear. you said that it was one of your favorites. and then i realized it. most of your favorites are in the background of your video, and normally the ones that you block don't have that much spot light. in the beginning of this video i realized the gold unicorn horn trying to find its way through. i then recognized it. WOW. LET IT BE IN THE SPOT LIGHT! I LOVE IT'S ADORIBALE FACE! Ahemm, Move it plz! thanks! oh and also if you agree with me plz let this comment blow the chat.

    68. Cerise Humphrey

      And make sure to family With 2 babies and make sure that they have a Kitty bed or our Kitty mouse story

    69. Cerise Humphrey

      Make a entire video of neon rainbow cats

    70. NiyaFanTheUnicorn Yt Playz

      I'm a new subscriber

    71. cheeesylitzz

      fred is my favorite squishy of all time :>

    72. Thunder Fist

      Please give me the chunky penguib

    73. Trevor Cross

      It looks so cute l wish l could hold Fred😀

    74. Quinten Sheffer


    75. Tangerine

      The bear in the early stages looks like a Gon wannabe as a furry

    76. Gacha_Adventures

      Moriah: "and If Fred doesn't smile...." Moriah: "than nether does FRED"

    77. Amy Roses

      Let’s just appreciate how moriah does a lot of the things that people ask for No matter how hard they are. Love you moriah!❤️

    78. Racheal Hickman

      Do you blow me away your videos are the best I love you and I hope you make more squishy Malcolm makeover videos and more videos that you dumped them out and start them because I like making my sister and I bet you do

    79. Daniel Truelove

      she is amazing

    80. LPS Ayva

      I thought they were un fixable 😐🙄💅🏻✨✌🏻

    81. Angel vlogs

      People copy and paste this PLEASE Moriah is the best HRaeror on this planet. PERIDOT She does way too much work for us and she deserves way more subs. NOW. Plus she is EXTREMELY funny (If you copy and paste this pls give credit too: Angel vlogs)

    82. Ash - Baptist Artist

      I think in the mist of me moving I got rid or lost my bunch of useless stuffed animals that i would use the stuffing of. Guess I should buy more.

    83. Adam Zircher


    84. Yağmur Öztürk

      he looks like a green creature hiding in a pot, pretending to be a plant. its so cute

    85. Yağmur Öztürk


    86. Lena Nikolic


    87. Isabelle Poulsen

      I love how she can just be herself without being ashamed and no one should ever feel ashamed of there selfs

    88. Hafsah

      Love your paintings

    89. Saindhavi Venpa


    90. Saindhavi Venpa


    91. Saindhavi Venpa


    92. Saindhavi Venpa


    93. Saindhavi Venpa


    94. Khloe Bell

      Next u should do a big panda in a giant ice cream cone with mini ice cream gems🐼🍦🍧🍬🍭🍨🍡

    95. Dopey Thepothead

      Awww The monkey squishy hoodie, I love. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    96. Bagel the bunny

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      Can you send me some squishies

    98. Story wolf

      "DIRT" counter: 100000000

    99. Jay Forbes

      By the way I am a girl

    100. Jay Forbes

      I love you so much you are so cool please make a squishy for me girly