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Cody Ko

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    1. Johnny Joestar

      At 7:35 😭😭😭when I caught the report button appear on the screen I started screaming

    2. FirstTurtle

      what if the guy that he handed the kid too was just a completely unrelated dude okay i made this comment a couple seconds before he did i would like to take this time for pre-emptively stealing your joke Cody

    3. em ma

      Cody's hair looks amazing i will not condone any slander

    4. Amys world

      Ew never pis on chips

    5. Dave Slattery

      @6:21 Cody’s face sums it up pretty well I might say

    6. Courtney

      Wouldn’t it be ironic if the people on their phones were watching his tiktoks and that’s why they’re distracted.

    7. Christie Phillips

      funny how when he throws the phone it bounces literally inches from the child’s face every time, hero material

    8. ramona's shit show

      in the 3rd one, he puts the child down, child falls on his hands, and he almost smashes the phone on the child 💀💀

    9. em ma

      I like to think that all of the people who were on the phone were speaking to their dying mothers and never got to say goodbye because he smashed their phones midway through

    10. Zachary Battles

      People really can’t make quality content to save their lives

    11. blockify

      I love how they’re throwing fake phones too haha

    12. Kay_OhTTV

      7:17 I thought the edible kicked in when this part came up

    13. H


    14. Ash Sawyer

      Well, I definitely wasn't expecting our hero to get stabbed or to pee on chips... so there's that.

    15. dede deeb

      Lol the hero guy got stabbed and the lady couldn't call the ambulance beacuse the guy smashed her phone...ironic

    16. Hashbrown 221

      The fact he has a style of “saving” the kids, like just swinging them around for a solid 4 seconds before picking them up

    17. Yng_skater_boii

      so he saves baby’s and destroys phones

    18. theflowerhead

      Fuck I love this channel.

    19. Seamus McKeon


    20. Connor

      what if the cat has rabies

    21. Citizen Of Kurtistown

      6:23 idk why but u look like my grandma here

    22. swizzy

      cody:”Am i a good person?” *instant flashbacks to the video where lauren continued to believe she was a good person even after everything shes done*

    23. Fluffy _49

      This guy is a Turk haha (Burada türk göreceğimi hiç düşünmemiştim--

    24. BigAcorn Lavafla

      That poor toddler thinking he’s always in danger

    25. vildan yeşildal

      for the first and probably the last time I'm proud of my country

      1. lazy lazy

        Rezalet jcksjckzjfkd

    26. riley m

      everybody say thank you for the consistent uploads mr ko

    27. Marium Faisal

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 HE dropped the kid at 4:20

    28. Amritam Ghosh

      Did anyone notice that he threw the same blue covered phone in every video? That phone is harder than a diamond mate

    29. Daniel Smith

      Why'd you have to go and ruin dill pickle chips for me like that, man...

    30. Rais Ahmad

      Should've been a THATs CRINGE

    31. Jill Ruff

      That one toddler is gonna FOR SURE is gonna grow up w PTSD literally anytime he's walking down the street, spots a camera, or sees cousin Esmer running full speed towards him to save him from ABSOLUTELY NOTHING while he's with his own parents minding their business! Lowkey can't wait for all these family channels, tik tok & insta-kids to grow up & reveal all the fake-prank trauma their parents forced on them for likes & views!

    32. Aybüke Ersoy

      you should definetly check out "beyaz golge" on tiktok i promise u wont regret it its worse or better (?) than these

    33. Greta

      one of those casetify sponsorships would have been perfect for this video

    34. Will Hanley Reed

      4:19 the way he just drops the kid lol.

    35. Textual Predator

      *Apu from The Simpsons is on Tik Tok?*

    36. Ness Mills

      Irony Alert here. He save the child from abductor. Breaks the phone. Then gets stabbed in front of the person who phone he just broke. Now how is she suppose to call someone to help you. hahah full circle.

    37. sinplayer

      dude i live in same country with this hero😎

    38. Rivka Arbetter

      I love that this guy spreads the message that phones are bad by making tik tok videos on a phone

    39. Steve Woods


    40. LionScout

      It’s a shame Quinn is so shitty in person

    41. mary smith

      tiktok makes me want to jump off a cliff

    42. Jojo

      Is that the same kid each time? If so, he’s been through a lot in his formative time of childhood, not to mention watching a simulated stabbing.

    43. Sineka Guss

      air punch.. pretty sick

    44. meghan bonafilia

      the reference to one of his old vines was so iconic

    45. ovin

      cody’s video has the same number of likes as the tiktok at 4:30

    46. Eslem kabakci

      Videoyu utanarak izleyen türk var mi

    47. Eslem kabakci

      I am living turkey and the way you read his name was soo wrong but cute Also no turks are not like this they are kinda normal

    48. Liana Smith

      Why does he pick the kids up so violently 😂

    49. Jessica Durai

      So you use technology to watch videos abt the fact that you shouldn’t use technology???

    50. the girl with the sun in her head

      this guy stole ricegums move, lame

    51. MattD

      Is he smashing the same phone over and over

    52. Shimmy Shimmy

      Clearly, it was his evil twin doing all the pissing after Hero Ezmiriniz was stabbed to death

    53. Den riktiga Lowe Gemoll

      how come i find this amazing channel now

    54. Alice Bennett

      That kid must be so confused

    55. Plo Mori

      agliyorum cevre turkiyeye ne kadar benziyor diye dusunurken kullanici isminin 'esmeriniz' olduginu fark ettim...utanc

    56. Mark Velasquez

      This video proves that the more shattered phones you find on the street, the higher the child count is in that location.

    57. P3TR0LH3AD95

      This is just mini Dhar Mann

    58. blitz Tv.

      Is it just me or does Cody look like he has 2 different hair styles at the same time

      1. Deez nutz

        I just noticed 💀

    59. Soph

      4:23 UHHH am I missing something or does that dude actually end up smashing the phone on the child's head??? 🤔

    60. Aren Eisenman

      this rn has the same number of likes as the third video

    61. Sarandon Capri

      Missed opportunity to say salt and pecker flavored cmon Cody

    62. Winthrop Abeles

      DHAR MAN 2.0 lettsssss gooooo

    63. BurritoPuppy

      so do people know these are all fake

    64. S M

      i can’t tell if cody actually cracked his phone at the end and that just makes it funnier

    65. Jimmer Seiber

      He even used the same blue phone lol

    66. Kay

      For the love of God, he legit tackled that child in front of an actual moving car. Wtf

    67. ric ruiz

      No one watches Noel

    68. Kevin Andersen

      Song at 4:20?

    69. Kevin Andersen

      3rd video song?

    70. luciamariahh

      i shit my pants

    71. Usman Khan

      Nice 10 min mark loser 👎🏼

    72. Luko Flavi

      I think most views on tik tok r basically 6 to 12 year olds


      Oh shit he founds us

    74. Blake Bouman

      save kid, hand kid to parents, smash phone, save kid, hand kid to parents, smash phone,

    75. Ev Putz

      dude holy fuck enough with the ads

    76. The European Empire

      i like how he stabed him with his thum 6:34

    77. Nyctosparkle

      It's the obvious staging himself as the hero for me

    78. Mistic_ Cari

      I like how when he used crutches he bent his knees to get his crutches low enough to *almost* get the money

    79. Dylan Kurtz

      Dude let the cat fall tf they have 9 lives why would you risk your one to help it

    80. Esha Edakoth

      piss chips

    81. Mr. Biswas

      Hey cody have a look at sssniper wolf

    82. Prod. DOT

      please make a reaction video to these karens

    83. Anonymous Only

      The thing giving me anxiety is the way he is tossing the kid in the air!

    84. Gage Jongeneel

      Number of likes = Number of neglected children saved

    85. Sutton Jones

      2 girls once table topped me and broke my wrist on god

    86. Dirk Z. Duggitz

      His name is Esmer? As if the haircut and general cape-wearing didnt make him punchable enough.

    87. Fluff n Stuff

      He saves the same kid over and over from the same Mom. Plot twist: This is his kid and wife, and it's all set up.

      1. Cik Tina

        It is

    88. wade

      Tik tok is cancer

    89. migerusantte

      I can't believe how people just follows these stupid "humans" on tiktok, thanks for sharing Cody.

    90. Cooki3monsta54

      The stab one is crazy, he broke her phone now she can’t call for help 😀

    91. mufftheduff

      no one gonna talk about how bro be just handling that kid way worse

    92. TheKingKamo

      As soon as I heard the music 🤦🏾‍♂️

    93. Keltzi J

      Kody you need to react to the fetish Facebook videos of the woman with a manicure making unusual combinations and talking suspiciously...

    94. Mister Tootsie

      Bro he almost hits the baby in the head with the phone 4:22 nice

    95. K

      Thought this video was sponsored by CASETiFY for a sec there😂

    96. guap_SSJ

      At 4:23 I thought he slammed the phone onto the back of the kids head for sec lol

    97. Icha Grianti

      ooo cody ko discover tiktok jelek

    98. Griffin Martin

      My friends tabletop pets me in middle school and I sprained my vertebrae

    99. JustHalfling

      The worst part is that he is smashing bouncing glass objects onto the ground i.e. child eye level

    100. Grail Montgomery

      This is the ultimate epitome of a savior complex.