Singing In Front Of Friends Best Reactions Compilation😍🥰


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    1. Rafaela Azeredo

      a de 5 min me matou, minha vó faleceu ano passado. eu nao vou ter como cantar para ela tao cedo

    2. Mika Marie

      When did you start singing, yesterday 😏

    3. Stevan Ruutana

      5:30 & 7:01 ❤️😭

    4. Lexi Christine

      Don’t stop believing by journey is sooooooo good!!!

    5. Peck San Hok

      The second-hand joke undeniably interfere because undershirt synthetically object toward a needless seeder. tasty, rural gold

    6. ♡Chøcø Møcha♡

      I Would Sing A High Note Song But My Lungs Hurt So I Cant Sing High Notes😳😳

    7. John Winchester

      Most of these are amazing but a few I question the validity, because unfortunately there are some bogus videos out there with the singing in front of friends title.

    8. LasagneOne

      crying at 9am bc this is literally the purest compilation I've ever seen

    9. darling seventeen

      0:32 se llevaron mi corazón porque es mi canción favorita🥺

    10. Midnight  Wolf Frost


    11. braddream7777

      That one chick has something I've not heard in a long time.. thr boyfriend one

    12. Its_Akari

      Ok- the one where the father and son are singing together is priceless!

    13. Гаяне Боголюбова

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    14. Roman L

      That guy (Dylan) at 4:33 sounds a bit like Michael David Rosenberg (Passenger) :)

    15. Lia DJ

      8:30 has my dyyyyiiinnnggg 😂💀

    16. NoPauseBoyGames

      5:05 is amazing. I wish my nan could have seen me after some vocal training.

    17. Thomas Miles

      Videos are great but dang it reminds me of so much music I need to download not enough time in the day

    18. Sakaria Tui

      Bruh she sound like Billie eilish


      name for all the song please

    20. Kiran Ludwick

      i aspire to be as great as them someday

    21. Hope MJ

      I'm a good singer i love watchinh tbese reactions, they remind me of how blown up ppl are everytime they hear me sing since i was like 5 years old... rn I'm 16 y/yo How cn ppl with such beautiful voices wait this long till they reveal their talents to ppl close to them like.. dnt y'all need practise everyday?

    22. Andrew Hendricks

      The first one was cute buddy was just smiling like yea thats my friend

    23. Jan Martin

      They kid on 7:17 got meeeee

    24. Rose Gomez

      0:37 I aint ever seen two handsome bestfr-

    25. ZBD 20

      3:45 🤩

    26. Rishabh Royals!!

      3:20 that was just an amazing reaction of that dude ryt there

    27. Rabbi Mangaoang

      7:57 is the best one

    28. Aaron Matthews

      That lean on me was tough .....the runs was crazy

    29. Brunilda Gomez

      I love it🥰🥰😘😘😘

    30. chillyun72

      I have a pretty good at singing,but compared to them I can't even

    31. Patrick Bone

      7:25 is one of the cutest couples I have ever seen in my entire life

    32. Brooklyn and Brielle's World

      the little boyyyy

    33. Rebecca Koralewski

      1:28 favorite part fs

    34. Noah Luciano

      What’s the song called at 6:19?

    35. Sheridan Bunnell


    36. Sherrie Johnston

      I sing like the frist girl I kinda suck

    37. Sherrie Johnston

      There good

    38. My Jootube

      Whats the name of the last song?

    39. itsbigceu!! are u stupid?

      1st guy is legend

    40. ricktheking7

      whos singing at 1:20

    41. 김사라

      When ever I try to sing in front of my friends they just tap my mouth.............

    42. Natsu Dragneel or is it the same but translated??

    43. Natsu Dragneel

      1:00 guy has a good my opinion

    44. Edgar

      Who is the girl from the first clip?

    45. Hope Grace

      4:29 WOW

    46. Whipporwi11

      When they say this is the first time singing in front of friends, then why not stop having multiple different songs, in front of the same car load of friends on different compilation videos? Once you’ve sung in from of them for the first time…. There will never be another first, especially with a different song. SMH. Attention seekers.,

    47. ErrorLad

      uh oh big big goosebumps time

    48. sweetconscious

      2:26 girl your a star, put music out!!!!

    49. benjames24tube

      I hate that curly haired fuck in like most of these online

    50. nia

      I want friends

    51. Ny Ma

      When that Man in the garage turned around and screamed I laughed so hard I fell on the floor 🤣🤣🤣

    52. sweet4nt0

      1:27 can you tell mee the name of the song ?????

    53. Heidi Langowski

      They are all sooooo good! I have goosebumbs !

    54. Ann-Gee T

      @4:31 I Felt That! 😮 OMG.! Dayum! His Voice, tho’..😶

    55. Shi Cruisin'

      Shows my age......I've never heard these songs and these kids know them off by heart! :o :'D

    56. lukababi

      7:15 .... OMG so cute.

    57. TrainH Ying

      Whats the song called at 6:23

      1. 「 Wintychii 」

        Idk but it sounds like a song from daddy yankee

    58. Kyris

      No matter how hard a try to sing infront of family or friends, i cant. :(

    59. Mauve Melon

      My friends ask me to stfu when I sing

    60. Izzy Gennoe

      i cry almost all the time when i am singing but i find that funny and i love how at 4:11 they just have a pic of a cow

    61. Janidu Adhitya Herath


    62. Jonathan Luna

      From @0:00 to @10:16 were my favorite 😍

    63. Jonathan Luna

      😂😂😂 the first one tho she came outa no where

    64. H̴e̴l̴i̴n̴a̴ ̴:̴P̴

      5:09 - 5:59 🥺🥺

    65. AbbyCat

      7:50 his voice is so good and the reaction 🤣🤣🤣

    66. AbbyCat

      7:00 this was so cute

    67. Shawneka Mcphee

      Tell me your trying to show off without telling me

    68. serenity larson

      do more its good keep it up

    69. Zoë

      I should do this but my friends have already heard me sing

    70. Michelle Elliott


    71. Arti Kumari

    72. Nini Hodges

      7:12 cutest thing ever

    73. YumiTheGamer


    74. YumiTheGamer

      All your singing are good I like it so much I can’t stop running in real life when I’m playing with my fiends

    75. YumiTheGamer

      And his like come here come here I didn’t know you can sing she’s like I don’t know

    76. YumiTheGamer

      Your friend is like come here I didn’t know you can sing haha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅

    77. YumiTheGamer

      I love your song is much the friends are bruh who’s singing that

    78. Todoroki

      My best friends would tell me to shut up 😒

    79. John Smith

      With the STAGED Corona SCAM the governments all over the world are trying to eradicate our FREEDOM. If we don't FIGHT back we will end up as SLAVES...

    80. Ashton Morgan

      1:59 and 2:26 need record deals

    81. HorbGlobe 404

      8:28 « Cary on cary Ooooooonnnnnnnn !!! » 🤣

    82. Alexis Perez

      4:30 is the best

    83. Hadley Jarrett

      i got chills the first one

    84. Briana Nauman

      1:03 lol that it was James Charles

    85. Alexa Melody

      At 8:25 he screamed because he thought no one was in the garage on till he saw somone xdd

    86. Laura-Lee van Dort

      I wish I had the courage to sing in front of my best friend

    87. whoopfox yt

      The one were she sang for her nan it was gust heartwarming 💕 ❤ 💖 ♥ 💗 💓 💕 ❤ 💖 ♥ 💗 💓

    88. Bob Down


    89. McKinley LeClair

      That was cute wen the big brother and the little brother saying

    90. Leen

      0:49 he looks like shawn mendes

    91. Charlee Kate

      8:29 was so funny 💀

    92. Charlee Kate

      4:16 is soooo amazing!

    93. A1fromthe9💪🏾😈💯

      the boy and the when they sing is amazing

    94. Victor Poulin

      The girl at 2:30 has one of those American Idol voices that usually wins the competition hands down.

      1. ZBD 20


      2. Sin M

        She’s so good ! .... yaassss girl

      3. Julie Girouard

        If I'm not mistaking, I'm pretty sure she was on the latest season of American Idol! lol

      4. Mark Anderson

        @Kevin de Groot what? Lmao

      5. Eulalie Sandoz

        @O Blake Exactly

    95. Not- Pc

      2.27 - holy shit !!!!! Now that’s a voice

    96. Sunshine Sunrise

      The guy and the little boy singing in the car tho❤️❤️🥲🥲 SOOOOO CUTE CANT STAND IT❤️❤️

    97. Jacqueline Theriot

      1:59 best singer EVER🔥🔥🔥🔥💥🔥🔥

    98. Janese Killebrew

      Thank you for your bravery. What talented people.🎵🎶🥰💙💚💜

    99. Tabasco Abuser

      The one with nan made me cry