World Record Domino Robot (100k dominoes in 24hrs)

Mark Rober

22 mil. pregleda11 000

    Happy to finally release this one after 5 years of development :)
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    Here are more technical details on Dom-

    Here is Lily's video-

    Get your own precision-engineered toppling dominoes and buy Lily’s “H5 Domino Creations” set here!

    Special thanks to:
    ClearPath motors from Teknic-

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    1. Mark Rober

      Happy to finally release this one after 5 years of development :) Join me this summer in my Creative Engineering class!!

      1. Marco T. Lima Sachez


      2. Suyem Guevara

        He kinda looks like the cabanaro effect guy

      3. t mic

        You should have had epoxied the fallen dominoes in the floor would have been amazing

      4. Oscar Bee


      5. Oscar Bee


    2. Mary Spurlock

      Why didn’t you call Mr Beast in his video


      I love these videos because we truly see how happy doing engineering projects makes Mark! ❤️

    4. fender71983

      So what if you want to set it up to where a single domino can set off the whole thing?

    5. JUNUHUNU productions

      So nice!

    6. Yashaswi Kulshreshtha

      Gotta say I admire the design

    7. Alisha Areeba

      BTW congratulations on your 100th video!!! 🥳🥳🥳

    8. KlanKutsik ;w;

      Holy moly PVZ original music at the beginning YESSS!!!

    9. Reddit Rebecka

      It gets more impressive with every video I swear love your content and now one of my kids wants to be an engineer

    10. Hajebasita


    11. EthanTheEater

      OmG Nice robot I love your channel! It's really cool! 😁

    12. Marco T. Lima Sachez


    13. StaidVoice

      Mark what is a newspaper?

    14. BRUH H

      lilly:Wow i already failed Mark:Thats great

    15. Anae Salangsang

      OMG OMG

    16. anadey Gordillo

      I'd call him dominic

    17. Ooferdoodle Strudel

      Your one crazy kid

    18. Frederrik Kaufmann jensen

      Plats vs zombies musik

    19. MusicAddiction

      What's the beat at 2:44?

    20. Aaron Mallie

      i love mario bros and dominos

    21. maltest

      surely this could be faster multiple robot arms bigger plates

    22. Mark Conger

      To whomever on Mark’s team who reads all the comments, could you please suggest the notion of making a how-to book filled with projects that people make via Mark’s courses? The late Grant Thompson of The King Of Random channel (now TKOR) produced a great book titled Life Hacks, and then later 52 Random Weekend Projects which featured a lot of his work. I’m thinking something similar for Mark’s courses would be something I’d buy for me as well as our teen son who loves Mark’s videos.

    23. Nicholas Spehar

      i love you can i be in a vid please

    24. SkyLizardGirl

      Since when is every single delicate procedure a world record now?

    25. 888WulfDog888

      It's just not the same using a robot.

    26. Boi 5219

      Have car companies ever attempted putting Omni wheels on a car

    27. TW2DAY


    28. Owen Owington

      Who else heard the plants vs zombies roof soundtrack 🤣

    29. Tariel Peeples

      Omg wow Mines already fell… *thats great*

    30. Wendell Xinos

      The maddening drain molecularly clip because copyright apically lock atop a fabulous guarantee. deserted, round flesh

    31. MAD/S Life

      Make a finisher robot to connect the ends so they all fall starting with one domino!

    32. NT YTP

      Does Dom have a family (I know where this is going)

    33. Gladpenny777

      Why do I like that he played PvZ music

    34. Nolan Beichner

      Next video: domino clean up and sorting robot

    35. Mikuláš Hlína

      Don’t worry I suck at bowling too but I play Czech “knock-off” of bowling called simply pins or in Czech “kuželky”

    36. rob_in_123

      Now push one over and have them all fall...oh wait you can't. The precision of lining them all up so a single action causing them to fall is just as important as just being able to stand dominos on end in mass.

    37. Sankha Karunaratne

      I love your videos.

    38. Mzira Family

      i honestly have not heard of the domino queen until now

    39. JimothyYaDoofus

      I can hear the plants vs zombies music in the background 😄 major respect

    40. WestSidePunks

      Like the plants versus zombies music

    41. Joe Dog

      wow that seriously was incredible.

    42. Vinz Aromin

      13:14 mark just became a seal

    43. Hermione Art

      @Mark Rober what music do you use

    44. Derrick Palmer

      The xenophobic rice canonically sound because payment suddenly extend throughout a witty puma. clammy, charming range

    45. Brad Hart

      if you sell this stuff u will be bill gates

    46. Captain Shyguy

      How do you power the DOMINATOR

    47. tHa 3 aMiGoS


    48. Joe Setaro

      I do

    49. Ben Liguori

      This did not impress me.

    50. Vince Tigani

      7:26 sus moment

    51. Impester

      Mark rober in 10 years: I filled the entire earth planet with dominoes in 24 hours

    52. Tenthirteen Thirteen

      FAMILY - Dom

    53. Nicholas Gutierrez

      Did I just hear plants versus zombies music OK maybe not

    54. Nissan Figaro gaming

      7:30 does anyone know what that song is

    55. elliottxgamer gaming videos

      I love the fact that he has some pvz 1 music in the background at the beginning

    56. Peterroyalgaming

      Ages 14-104 all the 105 out there be like : …

    57. TOP 10

      Mark rovers : it's me mario

    58. Daniel WIsniewski

      did anyone else notice that he put pvz music in the background


      When mark said lili you ready dominator you ready when he start my charging went to 5% 5:07

    60. yaboi2469

      Amazing to think that, in the time mark has been making this robot, he has met the richest person on earth more than once, help plant 20 million trees and stopped a massive scamming ring with glitter and burnerphones

    61. phrewl

      Robot: use hours for doing it Human: ruin it

    62. that gamerboy

      this is a sign that robots will take over the world someday xD

    63. Ahmed Saley

      Mark is a genius

    64. Jack Wright

      Make a domino cleaner

    65. Eboni Tucker

      This guy never, ever gets laid

    66. Jski

      Now the robot won't be complete until it can pick up and sort all the dominos after you knock them down lol.

    67. Sander :p

      2:19 that’s my birth date on the exact year..

    68. Stacy Berck


    69. foxy 985

      How dose that think not run out of battery when it was putting down the mario set ?

    70. Marvin Nyanzi

      I'm amazed by the work you do. It's so lovely ❤❤❤

    71. Peter Theodore Jemas

      your cool

    72. Blue soldier

      “The foybolls of being a human” said by a human… probably

    73. ben hauger

      World 1-1

    74. ActuallyRandomPerson

      tbh i find it very funny that this has 5 years of engineering built into it but isn't triggered by a single domino push but its very understandable and also still very cool. this combined with a lil human help to form the 'extra' stuff outside the main mural (the lead in line that triggers it all, any other fancy tricks that require curved lines etc) seems like a massive timesaver

    75. Caels Mc


    76. Sussy_amongus

      The robot is so tired

    77. oversimplified fox

      1:12 plants vs zombies music?

    78. Totally YEETED

      Impressive... But now run across the whole lot in bare feet

    79. jeffisanerd

      Plz don’t tell me I wasn’t the only one who read the title and was thinking he was talking about pizza

    80. Sanic Turtle

      oh hey its Mario Maker

    81. Carl Thomas

      I do believe as in any domino setup it should topple from one point

    82. The Unholiness Within

      The domino queen just committed YouTubicide. Technological domination, baby!

    83. Bla BLA

      7:26 sus 😳😳😳

    84. nandha kumar

      Great ideas in robotics

    85. Daniel Garcia

      you needed a drone to take a shot from the top

    86. Emeraldism

      “Wait, is it supposed to be blinking red when it’s recording or when it’s not recording?”

    87. こきち おま

      Do u refill it or does the robot refill it

    88. Dreddpool82

      I so want a domino robot

    89. Alexander Kristoff S. ALIPON

      mark rober: made a machnine that defeated the domino queen "We GOt a GoOmbA"

    90. T.

      you talk exactly like mr beast. are you related?

    91. north sider

      Couldn't you decrease the time by programming it in a grid system, like an autostore, and have more robots place the dominoes?

    92. Game Boi

      humans in america: GIVE ME humans in iraq: why do i exist humans in china and japan: ちゆみれしむるさるまみるま、みはーまままままま

    93. Kayden Catt

      This might be a bit late but my teacher calls one of my classmates dom just saying

    94. Grargle Jobber

      "A news paper is like a boring ipad made from trees". "Trees"? What a weird way to spell 'lies'

    95. Рыгор Бородулин

      9:35 : Motion planning and PID controls are for pussies :D Like, you already had omniwheels, at this point motion planning shouldn't be that hard p.s. great job anyway!

    96. Kaoskadosk

      8:15 reminds me of a lovely reddit comment I read once; "I'm convinced Engineers are inherently lazy people spending a disproportionate effort to make things easier." Your's truly, An Engineer.

      1. Andrew Roe

        I built an AI scheduler that can generate an entire intelligent work plan for as many days, weeks, months, or years. What you said is very true. Though, computational thinking unfortunately doesn't take into consideration whether we should do such things.

    97. Sergio Castillo


    98. Piper p


    99. Fatehveer .S

      "Over 9000" Dragonball Z?????