Kevin Durant Delivered An All-Time NBA Playoffs Performance in Game 5 Against the Bucks | NBA on TNT


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    The Inside crew reacts to Kevin Durant leading the Nets back from a 17-point deficit against the Milwaukee Bucks.

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    2. John Lavvas

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    3. oiuet souiu

      That was pure legend KD did. No on court drama and no flopping

    4. Johnny Crawler Sr.

      Durant has surely passed LeBron as the BEST NBA PLAYER !!!. Just came back from surgery, played entire game, triple double,, carrying the whole team by himself. The 👑 has been passed to Durant. Durant will win at least 3 rings, pass Kareem's points records. This man is TRULY A SCORING ROBOT!!!?!

    5. Lucia J

      Making investment plans now is the ultimate goal

      1. Douglas Raymond

        Any sound investment will eventually pay off..

      2. Douglas Raymond

        Courage taught me no matter how bad a crisis gets ...

    6. Q

      I really thouht Jeff Green was all star calibur when my sonics drafted him, never had a doubt about Kevin Smash. Which reminds me- BRING BACK OUR SONICS. And give us back all the draft picks from that era including westbrook and harden.

      1. Q

        On that note fill up some spots with players who came through washington like terrence ross, dejaounte murray, rui hachimura, and jalen nowel. You can put holiday and isaiah homas on the team too. Get me Marquess Chirss and Markelle Fultz too.

    7. minij hooi

      Witnessing greatness. We won’t see another Kevin Durant.

      1. oiuet souiu

        Durant did every think. He is a great player. But seems alone. With 2 main players injure. I hope they come back healthy

    8. cnmmd qiuoo

      Hey you...yes you, random person that I will never meet, I want to let you know that you are loved and deserving of everything! Today is going to be a great day!🙂❤️

    9. Christy Black

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    10. conspiracy decoder

      You, & shaq gotta stop hating black athletes. Period😠

    11. toijg avnnr

      Shaq- “he’s on fire Ernie Johnson”😂😂😂😂

      1. minij hooi

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    12. Rvve Duio

      “Good company” lol. “How you gonna say good company when it’s just you?” . I enjoyed that lol

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

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    13. John .C

      i remember and also agree about that one play giannis had a 1v1 against harden and didn't take the opportunity to attack and get an easy basket, that made me yelled so loud when i was watching it live lol. i think i remember giannis settling for a mid range jumpshot instead of attacking the basket against an injured harden on that play. what a awful decision by giannis. just shows you the direction the game was going second half..

      1. zuygj bnsv

        Shut up and dribble!

    14. nijuo joing

      Chuck so humble. He didn't boast about himself having achieved simillar,historic stats.

      1. toijg avnnr

        All black panel Nice

    15. Bgood2life always

      Playoff series after Playoff's, when Kevin Durant is playing, there are Naysayers out there, who continue to question his heart and if he has a killer instinct. For their life, why, especially when he has consistently displayed that side of his game on the biggest stage. In the NBA Finals. Based on my insight into the game, the MVP voters don't issue out that award because he tells them he's KD.True or False?

      1. Rvve Duio

        Shut up and dribble!

    16. Sadie Roberts

      Bucks really do have an underrated team

    17. laskin riubn

      Chuck: “Bucks gonna win it all!” Giannis: “Will you shut up man?”

      1. nijuo joing

        rick carlise gonna take over head coach if bucks lose this series

    18. comptonproduction

      they shut 'Uncle Jeff' down the other night. Uncle Jeff got Stuffed Big time.

    19. yuitr loing

      Chuck: were you surprised they put Lopez on you and didn't go small earlier? Green: I really don't care.

    20. Paid to Drive

      Who cares about sports

    21. Zohair Fares

      Durant did every think. He is a great player. But seems alone. With 2 main players injure. I hope they come back healthy

      1. laskin riubn

        Great game but one game

    22. Aaron

      *Hey, to you reading* .... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

      1. yuitr loing

        Harden looks like thinking of reinjuring himself again, can't focus on the game they should rest him he's probably not 100% this game.

    23. Aaron

      Jeff Green as always looking like a young John Coltrane.

    24. me supre

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    25. PengxueYG

      rick carlise gonna take over head coach if bucks lose this series

    26. Joseph Stone

      Kenny always taking shots at chuck 🤨 has kenny ever had a 45 point game? 😂

    27. Chris Washington

      No one has ever won by themselves

    28. Blackwater 911

      Great game but one game

    29. Kameron Rylan

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    30. Blue Atlas

      Harden looks like thinking of reinjuring himself again, can't focus on the game they should rest him he's probably not 100% this game.

    31. User Kody

      Is it me on the background music for the highlight is hard!!!

    32. huhia gumoo

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    33. Elem Fao

      Curry cant do that cuz he's inspirational, Lebron cant do that cuz he quits!

    34. Rex Terranovaa

      Jeff green always put on Legend 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    35. ZXOP Pro Gaming

      Alteast show the name of the person who is speaking on behalf of KD ...

    36. KROW

      IS Jeff Green Da Leauges Greatest Underated Ever?? Dat CAT Can Flat Out Ball!! Much Respect..

    37. KROW

      Greek Freak I Got News 4 you.. Shoulda Took your Talents to South Beach😁😁😁

    38. B S

      Big ole women from San Antonio

    39. Scott Morris

      Green with a boring interview lol

    40. Delishua Gibson

      Only the real know nba jam😭💯

    41. daniel Stefane

      you can't but love Charles Barkley he is the reason i watch TNT inside the NBA

    42. Ignore the Armageddon Script

      How’s Boca Chica???? 🦇🦠

    43. Almighty Samm

      Don’t watch my vlogs you will be hooked 🤯🤯

    44. Valor University

      I like Greens interview... that part "I realy dont care". Keep that attitude and they will win

    45. Faze Benjamin

      I think you play James with restricted minutes in game 6

    46. Clinton Thompson

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    47. Justin Fencsak

      Kd is like MJ

    48. Mr Bingo

      I got emotional watching Rucker Park KD come back. Honestly I don’t know why I got so emotional all jokes aside. He really took me back even doe it’s only been two years it feels like a lifetime 🤴🏿🙏🏾

    49. Matt V

      Sheeesh KD

    50. Olva Dilorenzo

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    51. Leyo

      Enough with the stats, gettin old man gotta have a ring.. -Harden

    52. Peace Love & Hope

      Pls.pray rosary to free all nation from war, calamity, drugs, abortion, prostitution, corruption and divorce.pls pray for peace in all families in the world..

    53. JustPrincess

      KD is a future hall of famer. Step aside Giannis, Zion, Steph and Bron - KD is the face of league!

    54. Glenn Peter Caballes10

      I know you four don't fun with nets. Lol!

    55. J From

      When this man retires I will a kd jersey

    56. Vibing with Rj

      Chuck - “ they’re dumb “

    57. Turkic

      What African channel is this ?

    58. Elwanda Keihl

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    59. TimeBucks

      Kevin Durant is one of the greatest players in NBA

      1. Norese Newsome

        @Ramirez nooo it’s Jeff 1 and 2 joe Harris

      2. Ramirez

        @July Stylez no lol/ Lebron 1- Durant 2

      3. Ahmed Tuama


      4. July Stylez

        1 Durant 2 Giannis?

      5. Morella Továr


    60. Paula Wooder

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    61. BB 10

      Bill Burr loves Brooklyn

    62. Squid ward


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    64. Aarron Brook

      “I wouldn’t feed those dudes on the plane” 

    65. spiderdrew

      YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!! ‐Herm Edwards

    66. 4LitreJeeper

      Please pray for my mom who's in the ICU on a ventilator fighting for her life against this virus for 4 weeks now and not looking good with multiple infections. Her name is Doris. I don't have much family and we're very close. If you can take a second to pray for her please.

    67. 2REAL TV

      KD - greatest big man ever???

    68. 2REAL TV

      Barkley is a Human Meme

    69. Мусорщик

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    70. Jay Bee

      KD still has 0 rings in my eyes

    71. Anthony Phung

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    72. Elann Chaisaklert

      Uncle Jeff stepped up big for the Nets.

    73. meestaShin

      lol Green seemed disturbed or angry about something.

    74. SalKhayer

      How you saying good company when it's you?

    75. Matt Trichel

      This is the best show on tv. I could listen to them all day long talk basketball.

    76. Desroy White

      "go ahead kenneth" 😂😂😂

    77. Jian Guan

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    78. FlawlessMMA

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    79. Bryan Chris Joseph

      Magical performance from KD ... I hate that Jeff Green performance was overshadowed

    80. Jonathan De Oleo

      As good as giannis is and maybe if he continues to improve he may even get better, but because of playoff loses like this I don't think he'll ever win mvp again.

    81. Dustin

      I hate the nets but this series is over. They just took the bucks soul. worst case scenario -KD destroying in a huge comeback. It's OVA!!

    82. Maggie Faragher

      Love The Chuckster. and Clarkson.. Bring it AZ...GO SUNS

    83. Jermaine Aiken


    84. Beatbytwin

      Hey you...yes you, random person that I will never meet, I want to let you know that you are loved and deserving of everything! Today is going to be a great day!🙂❤️

    85. Chuck Dgaf


    86. Hingle McCringleberry

      Man I really don't want the nets to win but I'd LOVE to see Steve Nash own a ring.

    87. shelby delacruz

      Draymond green must be mad

    88. Chuck Dgaf


    89. Ryan

      Giannis should play the 5. .

    90. Serge Foppossi

      I was rooting for the Bucks to win, but then KD caught fire and I switched. I like Giannis but the Bucks need to lose this series, last night was embarrassing.

    91. Eric McCray

      Yeah! Durant was the MAN!!!🤔

    92. B Zeober

    93. Vinh Truong

      Because of this performance, I’m buying his shoe. 💯

    94. OmegaProxy

      Kenny, my grandmother needs her glasses back.

    95. Glen Newman

      I'm a fun of K D, especially his technique is incredible.

    96. Shango

      Why Giannis didn't guard Durant in the 4th quarter? Defensive player of the year, playing the same position, almost the same height, why didn't Giannis guard Durant?

    97. I'muslim Raadalkurdii

    98. Morgan L

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    99. The dapper Dan

      Kd put up 2k my career stats dude way better than lebron

    100. AngelkissDj

      Durant was lethal kudos to him yet Budenholzer one more time showed how weak is he