Karatsev Takes On Musetti; Humbert & De Minaur Look To Progress | Monte-Carlo 2021 Day 2 Highlights

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    1. M Ramadhan

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    2. Monica Matos

      Millman takes lots of quick short steps like Agassi. 🤮

    3. Marko Baric

      Nadal's return in style, Delbonis only three games (klizeci.blogspot.com)

    4. t 3

      What is happening with the scores in the Humbert vs Millman match?

    5. cypher31

      I seriously don't know what took Karatsev so long to burst onto the scene. With groundstrokes as solid as his he should've been whipping players left, right, and center. Such a pure ballstriker he will certainly be a force to be reckoned with on the ATP tour.

    6. Juan Antonio Quintas

      Sin público en las gradas 👍🏼 ...en Marbella ATP 250 un supuesto 20% del aforo 👎🏼

    7. Juan Antonio Quintas

      Fabuloso Karatsev. Su revés, su resto, su actitud ... 🍾👏🏼🥂


      You think you're very good untill you have to face the top5.. He lost by Stefanos in straight sets (6-3. 6-4) enough with the comets all the time.. There is a reason these guys are in the top 10 for years..

    9. Leonard Dai

      I can't wait tennis tv making video about analysing karatsev forehand and return. The angle is very sharp

    10. scribblefnΨ

      The scoreboard at 4:45 🤣

    11. vitamincisgoodforme

      Karatsev has the most unorthodox "waiting to receive serve" stance I've ever seen

    12. kronovi je

      Karatsev so overrated plsyer bruh he is making 10000 unforced errors this returns looks so bad he cant hit 1st serve overhyped player who will never win any tournament again

    13. Sebko

      Reading these comments makes me realise that 99% of comments here are from people that never played tennis and are pretending like they know everything lol

    14. Sebko

      Should i remind all of you that Karatsev got destroyed of Korda 2 weeks ago?

    15. A Wong Abroad

      Where has Karatsev come from? 😂😂😂 literally out of nowhere

    16. Luke Casio

      Purple and burgundy together... Nike what are we doing here, B?

    17. Pika Sup

      I love how karastev's eyes grow big when he is returning as if someone threw a hand grenade at his face.

    18. Gustavo Rodela

      Aslan found a way around Musetti: throw missiles at him on all points at any possible time. Just look at those backhands, minimal margin of error!

    19. mlungisi manzini

      Karatsev the slayer!*please guys promote this monicker*

    20. Alexander Mayorov

      Школа английского языка в Пушкино - Обучение теннису Игра Карацева впечатляет! Умеет навязать свой стиль… - «коротко и ясно»… Не идет на длинные ралли, которые так любят «грунтовые черви»… Удачи нашим!!! Alex April 12, 2021

    21. AM

      Where are "Brilliant Musetti incredible shots" highlights?

    22. avtar Kahlon

      De minaur losing first roundz not surprise anymore

    23. Dylan Wagner

      4:39 What's up with the scoreboard?

    24. Radim Tichý

      Might he be new Safin? I miss Marat so much... But for that Karatsev would have to work on his racket smashing, quantity of it I mean.

    25. Felipe Maldonado

      I was rooting for Musetti, but man! Karatsev is on fire again. I didn't think he could play with the same style on clay but apparently he can do it.

    26. R F


    27. Dean Ryan Martin

      You got this, Aslan Karatsev. Is it possible that he'll meet Rafa in the finals?

    28. Jiwoong Park

      Aslan still has no sponsors??? What are they doing??

    29. Filip Sostaric

      I think Monte Carlo has fastest clay courts on the ATP tour

    30. L Milne

      Karatsev tremendous shots on both wings frizzing clean through the clay. Shocker from humbert getting beat by the milk man.

    31. Sayres Rudy

      "the Russian" ~ why do these idiot announcers (who never say anything of value) refer to players' nationality all the time? this has no place in tennis, an individual sport.

    32. Rand U

      Karatsev about to receive a serve: did I turn the lights off? Did I feed the cat? Is my safety sticker expired? That woman last night; I'm pretty sure she was a woman!

    33. Efthymios Christodoulou

      what will happen with the suspended matches, will they be played tommorow?

    34. Kis Katalin

      I think we must learn new name in the tenis like Karatsev.

    35. Matias Peltonen

      5.00 what is happening for the score?😅

    36. TENNIS TALK with Cam Williams

      6:05 Millman shakes hands with Humbert : "I love what you're about" Millman most likable guy on the ATP Tour

    37. EL L

      Davidovich Fokina wins wearing one white sock and one black sock? 7:17 Must be a cool guy.

    38. Fidelio

      Karatsev is one of my favorite new players. de Minaur is garbage. I guess if you just are consistent to some degree you’ll get far in tennis and have a decent career and make a good living, but Jesus, sad how really unremarkable he is. Just the most boring repetitive and predictable reactive tennis. Try drop shotting or something man...god watching de minaur is like watching paint dry. Where is the finesse, precision, power, talent, instinct, cunning? None. Just dull consistency, pounded into him from years of high-end coaching and training.

    39. Saunok Chakrabarty

      Karatsev vs basilashvilli would be epic

    40. JC3

      AK is fit af. This dude is coming for scalps. He is one of the best ball strikers on tour rn. Sleep on this man on any surface at your own demise.

    41. Geschmack J

      De Minaur technique requires a lot of improvement. He should copy Nishikori's backhand at least to give his shots some punch.

    42. Rey Mui

      Can't wait for another Djokovic karatsev rematch

    43. Lukas Bergqvist

      Karatsev just shows that he's still improving his game alot even if he came as a surprise this year. I think he can actually beat Tsitsipas if he plays really well!

    44. Nico Polidis

      Karatsev is that guy that have skill and at the same time many lucky points.

    45. Mate Rafa

      4:40 knees weak, arms are heavy

    46. Dusan4666

      Musetti can be next Federer but he need to improve service and to handle better power players. Salute.

    47. Troy Williams

      It’s bonkers how well Karatsev is playing.

    48. Thomas R

      De minaur always looks like he’s getting bullied around the court.

    49. Brady Moore

      Finally the title had me and didn't give away the actual winners

    50. Christian Tanner

      I don’t see how anyone outside of Big 3 can beat Karatsev when he’s playing his best.

      1. Ashish Kumar

        well you said it right, no body can.

    51. Ian Pauchard

      Mirror mirror, on the wall, who hits the cleanest of them all? *K A R A T S E V*

    52. J E Z Z

      De minaur would destroy him on a hard court his one of those typical only good on clay court players (Davidovich Fokina) a bit like Garin

    53. Pierre Lahaye

      Karatsev >>>>> federer 🤡🤡🤡

    54. Magma

      4:31 game set and *match?*

    55. Andrew

      I watched the entire match. Although it was a straight set win, it was not as clean a win as the score line indicates; he could have won more authoritatively if Karatsev was more measured in his aggressive play, as he was impatient on many shots without constructing the point and he missed some easy shots by not playing the margins. He cannot beat top 10 players consistently if he gift his opponents points like these.

    56. Rafa Beast

      Rafa champ sure Vamos Rafa 🐂

    57. 707ladytee

      No crowds, no commentators either! Or they still in Spain and Italy?

    58. Sultan Serikbekov

      De Minaur is so overrated.

    59. надежда ковалева

      Каратцев так держать!👍💪

    60. cbmtrx

      Humbert, the match was lost man. Be gracious.

    61. Yan Okimura

      This Karatsev is really weird,he's playing too good in so little time,something's not right with this guy...

    62. Raidersscm

      Why was Musetti serving to Asian’s backhand I don’t know. He can return short cross court or down the line with that shot. Maybe he will try the forehand next time. AK hit a few of those backhands so hard all the youngster could do was slice it weakly back.

    63. スヌーピーペッパー

      4:50 ????????????

    64. Rica Cattani Milani

      Loved the quality of the audio in the 3rd match

    65. B. Glynn

      So, with no ticket sales, how are these tournaments continuing and where is the prize money coming from?

      1. Championxeneixe

        The same with the world economy. Any answer someone?

      2. Chinna

        May be broadcast rights? Or tournament fund or something? Prize money is drastically reduced too

    66. leprince gut

      The female journalist,what execrable ACCENT,articulate and speak English correctly,what bled u come from? Am foreigner Anglophile,I didn’t understood words.

    67. Anthony Wong

      Karatsev will lose at next round.

    68. Keith Lee

      Karatsev is scary good. he hits so hard, both forehand and backhand. De Minaur is disappointing. He has not made much improvement in last 2 years. He has quick legs, but everything else he is not that good.

    69. Chris Jean-Gilles

      No one that I wanted to win won today.. I’m still mad that Rublev didn’t take the Miami title..

      1. Sofia

        The same about Rublev 😩

    70. ram krishna

      No titles for commentary it is covering the screen

    71. T-Pain

      Karatsev is built different!

    72. James Hu

      he finally has a sponsorship with Adidas.

      1. Shubham


    73. Gavan Leong

      I'm a simple guy. I see karatsev v musetti I click

    74. Truther11 Seeker

      The lion roars! Keep on winning Aslan!

    75. Tarako

      De minaur getting weak??

      1. Alex Celo

        always have been

    76. Suvantola S

      Karatsev has the ability to block Tsitsipas out in the next round, I'm quite excited to see the match.


        ...you think so..

    77. Clint Eastwood

      Aslan got some massive calves.

      1. tungt88

        @Clint Eastwood Guess he never skips leg day ...

    78. Championxeneixe

      Karatsev legs...

    79. Arnold Hans Decierdo

      What is happening to Humbert, not playing good at all this year.

    80. RL X

      Man good for karatsev he is getting the love he deserves, the guy is a beast!!

    81. cx Jhon ψ

      ima Karatsev lover

    82. Tu ._.

      So is eveyrone is going to ignore the fact that at 4:37 the umpire played with the scoreboard and literally gave Millman a free point? 😂 15-40 to 40-40

    83. O Javardo

      karatsev came out of nowhere. this guy is very solid and mentally very strong. He is the player of the moment. Musetti defends even better than nadal. he returns absurd balls

    84. JB-CIPHER

      ATP - can you just orovide a schedule like 3 hrs before which live match r u going to stream?


      Dude some co. needs to fully sponsor Keratsev (Adidas or Asics?) Why no attempt to sign him. Don't get it, dude has a smooth game, definitely worthy of being fully endorsed.

      1. farid 92

        He's not that active on social media. No worries, he definitely will get few sponsorship.

    86. Rafi Rahman

      This is De Minaur's 4th loss in a row, and literally no other Aussie is in form rn except for Popyrin, goddamit.

      1. Sebko

        De Minaur sucks on clay..

    87. pardeep Singh

      karatsev looks like Indian film actor Nani

    88. vhyles

      Every single comment is about Karatsev im dead 🤣

      1. OakSplitters — Gaming, Vlogs & Original Videos

        @Sebko Piss off you reptile

      2. Championxeneixe

        Men and women loves strong legs...but mostly men’s.

      3. Sebko

        Yeah he is overrated,people talk about him like he is Federer,forgot that last week Korda destroyed him

    89. Bird Dude

      at 4:42 is it just me or did the scoring change midpoint?

    90. Rufat Rahmanov

      Karatsev is just an all out offense.

    91. Richie Wang

      Karatsev my guy!! LETS GO

    92. jeff kornhauser

      De Minaur Looks To Progress??? Get your *HEADLINE* RIGHT!

    93. Joe Alanson

      Musetti will get nowhere if he doesnt fix his serve

      1. 2souls

        he served good. otherwise it would be 0-6 0-6.

    94. John Giorgione

      Tsitsipas will take out this DH in the next round .

    95. Darcy Powell

      Now that Karatsev has started to improve his game at the net he’s becoming unstoppable!!!

      1. Sebko

        Also Karatsev:Will lose to Tsitsipas,like Rafa and Novak are unstoppable but not him ffs

    96. pedro Koury

      Damn, everyone I wanted to win lost...

    97. Joshawott

      All 3 of the guys I wanted to move on were knocked out. sucks.

    98. NotSoHandyTim

      The big boys are filtering back in.

    99. Owen Davis

      Did anyone else see how the score in the corner just kept changing randomly during that long Millman-Humbert point at about 4:41? lol

      1. Felipe Molina

        The umpire was trying to fix it... take a look again... with one eye he looks to the machine and with the other he looks to the match lol

      2. Rey Mui

        It's rigged

      3. Steve Just Saying

        Haha, good catch. I had to watch it again to see that. Pretty crazy, lol.

    100. Shanmuga Sundaram

      Musetti will quickly understand what it takes to beat a top 10 player.

      1. paozan485

        @kronovi je sinner Lost ti karatsev too, does It mean he's bad? No

      2. kronovi je

        He is not so good he will go just down now after lose against Djere now Karatsev