Anne-Marie & Little Mix - Kiss My (Uh Oh) [Official Video]


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    The official music video for Anne-Marie & @Little Mix - Kiss My (Uh Oh)
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    Don’t wanna hear, one more lie
    They used to work, but not tonight
    That’s the last time you do me wrong, uh

    Got my stuff, I’m out the door
    Now I’m the one you’re begging for
    Don’t know what you got until it’s gone, uh

    Already know how this goes
    Give you my all then you ghost
    But when I’m gone you do the most

    Why you only love me
    When I’m walking away
    Only ever want me
    When I don’t wanna stay
    Love the feeling
    Hitting different
    I’m not ever looking back
    While I’m leaving
    See you staring
    Go ahead boy you can kiss my
    Uh oh, uh oh
    You can kiss my
    Uh oh, uh oh
    You can kiss my

    The only time I’m in your head
    Is when your alone up in your bed
    Boy I ain’t the one, you got me wrong, uh

    Yeah, you send me roses everyday
    But I know the game you play
    Boy all you did was make me strong, uh

    Cos I, already know how this goes
    Give you my all then you ghost
    But when I’m gone you do the most


    Tell me about how you
    Want me back baby
    You can kiss my uh oh
    Go on and on bout the times we had baby
    You can kiss my uh oh

    Tell me about how you want me back baby
    You can kiss my
    Go on and on bout the times we had baby
    You can kiss my


    Tell me about how you want me back
    Baby you can kiss my
    You can kiss my
    Go on and on bout the times we had
    Baby you can kiss my
    You can kiss my

    About Anne-Marie:
    Anne-Marie has proved to be one of the UK’s most exciting and successful British breakthrough popstars of recent years. A former 3x world karate champion and West End child star-turned 9x BRIT Award nominee, A-M’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric. In 2018 Anne-Marie released her debut album, ‘Speak Your Mind’ which featured the hit singles 'Alarm', 'Ciao Adios', 'Heavy', 'Friends', '2002' and 'Perfect to Me'. She subsequently ended that year as as the UK’s biggest-selling debut artist, selling out headline shows and playing stadium dates supporting long-time friend and champion Ed Sheeran in the process.

    She has also sang on and co-written many other hits such as Birthday, Rockabye, Don't Leave Me Alone, To Be Young, f*ck, i'm lonely and Don't Play, collaborating with the likes of Clean Bandit, Marshmello, David Guetta, Lauv, Rudimental, Doja Cat and KSI, as well as starring on The Greatest Showman: Reimagined soundtrack performing Rewrite the stars alongside James Arthur.


    1. Bücherimi

      Mixers, I'm here again! Let's really str4am this music videos *massivly* by now!!!👇🏻 *-Love (Sweet Love)* - VERY important; the start of trio Mix and sadly doing baaad with v1ews! *-How ya doin* - also veeery important; a MV of LM's debut era and still hasn't reached 100 M : (( --> let's change this!! *-Kiss my (uh oh)* - i.m.p.o.r.t.a.n.t. ; the long-awaited AM×LM collab, a bop and deserves more love!! *-Confetti feat Saweetie* - IMPORTANT; a great song and collab, but sadly didn't get the recognition it deserves (please focus on the *LONGER MV!!!)* *-Heartbreak Anthem* (on Galantis' channel) - important; this collab is bomb and after 100 M on Spotify, the music video deserves the same! Thank you so much for str3aming this music videos with me to higher numbers, I really appreciate it!

    2. Nicoline Lund Andersen

      I made a dance for it🥰

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      The Bridesmaids intro is everything love it girls!!! 🤣👍🏻👏🏻

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      I love this Song 😍😍🙉

    6. LMwillNeverD13

      Why you only love me , when I'm walking away

    7. Irish Levy

      We can do it mixers & ninjas before it turns 2 months!

    8. Irish Levy

      Less than 120K more!

    9. Sri Velan

      From தமிழ்

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      Yes this is so good! and 4:12 that face on the right lmaooo straight out of a horror movie.

    11. 3_kays

      I'm obsessed severely. Especially 1:48

    12. David Connolly

      IT SHOWS HOW AMAZING LITTLE MIX ARE STILL PREGNANT AND CAN MAKE MUSIC 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘💙💙💙💙🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰🥰💯💯💋💋💋💋💋

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      As a Dad, I approve this honestly. He's right, we aren't always right and we can't control our children everywhere they go or what they do. All we can do as Parents, is just hope that they are happy and accept them for who they are.

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      Jade take my breath away 🥰

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    20. LMwillNeverD13

      You can

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      Paldies par mūziku 🙂

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      Notice how she didn't wrote FT. LITTLE MIX but, & LITTLE MIX #BFFGOALS

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      i love this song

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      This song is so underrated cm'on😫

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      Woww laught me she when said : kiss my😁

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    30. Little mix BGG

      The Lerrie scenes are so wholesome

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      Best song ever

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      3:10 😉😏

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      Can we still make atleast 13M?

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      3. Bücherimi

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      4. Bücherimi

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      1. Bücherimi

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    37. S M R I T H I

      Love the feeling, hitting different

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    39. LITTLE MIXER 4

      But when I'm gone you do the most yeah

    40. LITTLE MIXER 4

      Give you my all then you ghost

    41. LITTLE MIXER 4

      Cos I, already know how this goes

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    43. Aiden Green’s Fun Entertainment

      What does she mean my Uh Oh?

    44. GamerGirlHoff

      I love all your songs Ammerie aspwshally don’t play and our song

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      Someone knows oryginal?

    46. Saleema Ed

      Isn't this song kinda old or it's just me?

      1. Saleema Ed

        @Anita Karácsonyi Thank you Anita.

      2. Anita Karácsonyi

        Never leave you by Lumidee. They sampled it.

    47. Priyen Perumal

      This is a brilliant track... Let's not forget Lumidee though...

    48. LMwillNeverD13

      Uh ohhhh uh ohhhhh

    49. Miyi Swd

      😂 Leigh et Perry sont restées au lit bien au chaud vk le poids de la grossesse c'est mignon

    50. Saaba Teklay123

      This song is such a vibe why didn't it get the hype it deserves

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      the fact this is better than the original one - 😌

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      this is a vibe

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      Amazing song! Great Bridesmaids reference too 😂👍

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      collab of the year!

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      Wiesz kiedy mi chuja na oczy przesło kiedy porządne cycki zobaczyłem

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      let's get this to 14M before the end of this month

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      Mixers make sure you are also Str3aming Love (Sweet Love)

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      0:13 Stove hahahahahahah

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      S T R E A M H A R D E R

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      If is not to late,,,Let my know ,,.

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      A very beautiful song, beautiful words and wonderful music. I expect the clip to reach a billion views

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        @R 7 my point is : even if there wasn't a thing called autotune they could still survive cuz of their talent 🤭 now u got it?

      4. ʟᴍx | ɪᴛᴢʏ 0.2

        @R 7 bruh i said that they don't need a.t cuz they're extremely talented and also can sing live 🤡i never said they don't use it! r u stu---?

      5. R 7

        @ʟᴍx | ɪᴛᴢʏ 0.2 u literally said "they dont need it" but then said they use autotune? What's your point😂😂

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      Jade, her name is Maryam

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      Little mix got 200M stre3ms last month on Spotify

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      Everybody talking about the babies who was born and I'm like omg this Lumidee's song never leave you that I used to listen everyday, what happened to her?

      1. ʟᴍx | ɪᴛᴢʏ 🦋

        the fact that everyone talked about it when the song came out etc! 🙄

    87. Vocally Musiq

      Duwalli riddim mix

    88. hochu med

      очень красиво (-_-)

    89. Edson Luis

      Mixers & Ninjas, the video for Kiss My (Uh Oh) is nominated for an International Clip at the Break Tudo Awards (Brazilian Awards) and is worth a physical award. Voting ends on the 30th. Please vote. Unfortunately, youtube deleted the comment I tried to post with the vote link.

      1. Edson Luis

        @Whimsical🌨 Amazing. Thank U.

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