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    Thank you for watching my Makeup That Looks Good IRL video! I've been loving this lightweight glowy base using some newer makeup. Don't forget to subscribe and keep in touch with my weekly uploads!

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    Things mentioned:

    Paula's Choice SPF
    Trinny London BFF Tinted Serum
    NARS Soft Matte Concealer
    Sisley Corrector 2
    Armani Luminous Silk Concealer
    NARS Concealer Brush
    Zoeva 142 Concealer Brush
    Pat McGrath Under Eye Powder
    By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder
    Clarins SOS Bronzing Primer 06 Bronze (discontinued RIP)

    NARS Air Matte Sheer Cream Blush - Gasp
    (it's getting pretty bad Sephora reviews so maybe it will go on sale soon? I don't find it hard to work with at all but as the name suggests, it is sheer, and working the product into the brush using my palm helps with application)

    Tom Ford Abyssinian
    Charlotte Tilbury Classic Powder Pencil - Black
    YSL Touche Eclat
    Jouer Lip Liner Fawn
    Lancome Killing Me Softly Lipstick
    Maybelline Lifter Gloss - Topaz
    Sisley Blur Expert Powder

    What I'm wearing:

    top - Lisa Yang
    similar under $100
    necklace - Mounser
    similar under $100

    This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are my own. Shopping links are affiliate links - meaning I may make a small commission on your purchase. If you choose to use them, thank you so much for your support :)

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    1. bymillie

      The NARS blush looks beautiful!!

    2. Sharman Admire

      The necklace you are wearing isn’t the one linked. I love the one you are wearing!

    3. fortinbra lothar

      Informative, well-presented, to the point as all your other videos. I wish you zoom in throughout the video. We would be able to see a lot better.

    4. tis trelis

      Hi, Sandra, beautiful, classy look!

    5. M M

      Lovely video as always. I have not done a full face of makeup for so long because you have to wear a mask everywhere. Now I am less into sticky lip gloss. Instead I am considering buying the new VB bitten lip tint in the peach shade (I have the rosy shade which I really like).

    6. Catnip 4

      I find the best way to apply any tinted moisturizer is with my fingers

      1. ttsandra


    7. Syifa Adriana

      I ALWAYS get so excited to watch your make-up routine!

      1. ttsandra

        Yay! Thank you!

    8. Dana Logan

      Always love this type of video from you! That Armani concealer looks so light and pretty on you.

      1. ttsandra

        Thanks Dana! It’s a good one 🥰

    9. katia fernanda

      I love that blush 😃 such a beautiful look and omg I always thought Cody is sooo funny 😂

      1. ttsandra

        Now we know why 😅😅😅

    10. nk1

      This look is perfection! Have you been wearing makeup under your mask too?

      1. ttsandra

        Depends on how long I have to wear a mask for. If it’s for more than an hour I don’t wear much makeup underneath. If mask will be going on and off throughout the day I usually do a more long wearing satin/matte foundation underneath (Lancôme teint idole, Dior face and body, pur love your selfie all work well for me for this purpose!) but yesterday I wore this makeup look and needed to pop a mask on a couple of times to run errands and nothing shifted too badly underneath 😊

    11. Cat PBatista

      Sandra this look is ✨✨✨✨✨💖

    12. The Darling Deb

      Beautiful look! 💕

    13. AmateurBeautyAddict

      Love this look but still really want to see your full coverage foundation routine especially for those of us with problematic skin

      1. ttsandra

        Will be doing one of those too with the PUR foundation but in the meantime I have this video using Lancôme Teint Idole which has more coverage and looks great on problem areas

    14. Iki n

      Beautiful as always 💞

      1. ttsandra

        Thank you! 😊

    15. Lisa

      Always look forward to your videos! We have similar complexion tones so it’s nice to get some new ideas! 🥰

      1. ttsandra

        Glad you like them! thanks for watching :)

    16. Elizabeth L

      That’s so pretty and fresh your skin looks great 👍

      1. ttsandra

        Thank you so much 🤗

    17. norpalable

      I was just thinking the other day how much I look forward to your videos. Its like talking with a good friend . Thanks!

      1. ttsandra

        Thanks so much !

    18. Stacmn X

      So pretty. Great summer look.

      1. ttsandra

        Thank you!!

    19. ilana w

      Pretty look!🥰❤

      1. ttsandra

        🤩 thanks for watching!

    20. Maria A

      Need that lippy!!

      1. Maria A

        @ttsandra I can’t find swatches to compare either! I think the PMG has a sheen to it and me being in my mid 30s would rather a more matte formula.

      2. ttsandra

        @Maria A ooh i don't own the PMG desert and can't find swatches of it to compare? what formula is it in? i doubt the color of Rose Tan is that unique, it's the formula that makes it so lovely for me

      3. Maria A

        I bought it. I just breathe through my mouth for 2 minutes! Love the colour so much - unique to my collection. Still thinking of the Hermes Rose Tan - I wonder how it compares to PMG Desert Orchid blush

      4. ttsandra

        so good! minus the smell LOL

    21. Manuela Dumitru

      I might not comment often, but your videos are my favourite and I enjoy all the recommendations! ❤

      1. ttsandra

        Glad you like them! I appreciate you taking the time to comment 💖

    22. Christina Orciari

      Gorgeous! Going to rewatch your one shadow look now.

      1. ttsandra

        Hope you like it!

    23. Natalia Escuela

      Stunning! And all the brushes that you have used….. aaaaaghhh! So beautiful

      1. ttsandra

        Thank you so much!!

    24. ilorietta

      I can’t stand Lancôme lipstick smell...I don’t even look at them anymore. Shame ,this colour is gorgeous

      1. ttsandra

        They really need to get rid of it!!

    25. kris

      lol to the pelaton joke writer, Sandra

    26. rrrar4

      Goodness gracious, that Peloton instructor story is hilarious! Next time someone tells me, "oh, don't wear makeup...showcase your natural beauty..." I am going to bring up this funny fact and how yes, nothing is as it seems, lol! We all just need a little help in different areas sometimes.

    27. Shutupandtakemymoney

      I like this kind of videos cause feel like I am getting ready with a friend 😊

      1. ttsandra

        i love watching these types of videos too!

    28. State of Kait

      Whoa, I LOVE that lipstick on you. It's the perfect sexy/flushed lip shade. I just wish Lancome didn't use that floral scent! I can't do it!

      1. ttsandra

        I keep hoping they eliminate the scent because it’s not cute 🥲

      2. ttsandra

        I keep hoping they eliminate the scent because it’s not cute 🥲

    29. Heather Barber

      I hope no one is ghost writing your makeup banter! We just want the authentic you! Love 💘 this look!

    30. Julie

      all of your looks are so timeless and classy! I need that Sisley corrector.

    31. Kat Sm-Wo

      I love this look not to made up but yet very polished

    32. Dr Heather Wojslaw

      Absolutely beautiful and perfect for summer!