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    15 Months is a short film sharing my experience and feelings over the last year and a half.

    Original Music by: Ursine Vulpine

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    1. Lilith Acacia

      Sean, you are not alone in how you feel. It may feel like it but there are so many of us who you helped whether or not you see it or feel it. You have been a beacon of light for a lot of us. That doesn't make it your responsibility to keep doing it. Those of us who care about you just want you to be happy and healthy (physically and mentally). If that means no more videos or social media. Most of us understand. We still care and will be here if you want to come back I identify a lot with this video because I have been chronically ill with no real answers for 10+ years. I have dealt with loss, isolation, fear. But I don't constantly have to deal with being in the public eye. Long shot, if you need someone to talk to, I am here.

    2. Jonathan Huerta

      I wish i could give you a huge hug, you deserve the absolute best in life. You are an inspiration to many, and a blessing to many others. You help people on rough days. You bring people laughs and happiness. Life is hard, and even amazing people such as yourself, can have a hard time in life sometimes. Sean, you mean a lot to us. You are a special and amazing human being. You've made an amazing and positive impact on so many lives. We are all here to support you, no matter what. Whatever you choose to do in the future and with HRaero, I'll support you 1000% on it. Your overall health matters the most. I wish i could give you a hug. 💚

    3. Avon Ingenion

      Shades of Bo Burnham's Inside. Powerful. Thank you for this

    4. Lilith Acacia

      I am like a couple minutes in and this feels like my panic attacks.

    5. Tronnus

      Fans: "Play the White Day remake!" Jack: "Look at this shit I made!"

    6. Shane Corley

      Amazing vid it's literally the best and most interesting way to reach out about how u been feeling, hope u stay positive n motivated bc u r truly a great person 💯

    7. Burger King

      Sean I know things have been hard for you in the last 15 months but remember, we will always be here for you ❤️

      1. Ar0z


    8. Discord is a dank place

      please take a break from youtube, take as much time as you need

    9. WildBoy200

      Don't worry jack, you've gone so far and we're by your side, don't worry because if you ever feel like this again, you can hang out with us on a livestream

    10. ZYE

      Sean, i think im speaking for most of the people watching you, everyday you've made our day better, made us laugh or just get through a hard day. For that, thank you. But we've not thought about how YOU feel and what you're going through. So Sean, please. Take all the time that you need to get better and feel better, we will all be here when you get back! Take care!

    11. Karma Dollie

      I support your change to make or do whatever creative thing you want to do. If I was able to have a conversation with you I would let you know that the time you have spent on HRaero impacted those it needed to. This is a beautiful project you've put together and encourage you to do what you need to in order to thrive. **edit after watching in full** Seán you're a talented young man who really did the darn thing here. Even if this comment gets lost to the void, I would love for you to know that you sharing your experience with us is a step in vulnerability that I admire. The ending to me looked like a freedom from the camera/cave you have had to dwell in. Big up to you!

    12. HSE

      This video is absolutely gorgeous. The music, editing, and cinematography are simply fantastic. I miss ya, Sean!!

      1. Ar0z


    13. CeRbrUsCaNdy

      we all kinda knew you had mental health issues. Its very obvious a lot of other creators like you have them too. This video was a very creative and beautiful way to capture something so terrifying. It makes it more clear that we’ve been acknowledging something we haven’t truly acknowledged. The depression, guilt, and the emotional limbo you are experiencing over all. It feels much more real now that you have made this video. How can I help? How can we help?

    14. Jimfinite Games

      I love this form of expression from you, Sean. I hope you make more films like this in the future.

    15. DIF

      Look jack if you need a break just let us know because we don’t want you to leave for another reason we don’t know about because we already know about your father,if you want to stop that’s ok it’s fine if that dosent make you happy by doing this for us and making us happy that’s not a healthy standard and I can look back to your old videos anyways ;(

    16. Stanislava Valeva

      I can absolutely relate to this. But in a bit of a different way. I lost my dad and grandpa last year. 6 months apart. Because of what is happening in the world, both me and my mom lost our jobs for months. Right between both passings. The stress and anxiety got to both of us. It unlocked an issue. Not as bad as Jack's, but still pretty harmful if untreated. Insulin resistance. I didn't know, but I was walking around with an insanely high amount of insulin. Rapid weight gain, unleashing more and more demons. Eating disorders and very, very harmful thoughts. Slowly but surely, things are getting better for everyone. With the right people and good support. Please, please don't get lost in your thoughts. Have faith. Things do get better. It takes time. Just remember that you're doing everything you can and so far, you're doing amazingly. Don't let anyone steal your happiness. I still remember my dad and grandpa. I miss them both dearly, but I know I can't bring them back, so all I can do is just keep their memory. You're doing amazingly. Please don't stress. You are loved. You are appreciated. Just take care of yourself, your health, your happiness. Everything good will follow afterwards. ❤️

    17. SID

      Just sitting outside in nature is so peaceful for me after spending days inside on my computer. I think as humans we are not ment to be inside all the time. Being outside kills my depression and anxiety. Jack please spend some time everyday outside for at least an hour to spend on yourself. You give us so much, but save some for yourself

    18. FPS Unknown

      Sorry for what your going through like this whole year and shit and you are one of the people on earth who doesnt deserve it time heals remember you have 27 mil people who loves you

    19. Tom.t

      I have the same inhalers as you

    20. Maxim Monov

      Very well done, really thought provoking, and the cinematography is extremely good. Even without speaking you conveyed what you have been experiencing for the past months. I hope it gets better for you

    21. Ixen Harroc

      This is some professional triple A cinematography right here holy shit.

    22. Cabesyy

      The beginning made me breathe manually

    23. Mr. Noname

      Sean, I've heard what people have been doing to you and your father. I'm so sorry for your loss and I've never really heard about it... until now.... until this, how do you even call this? They are making a fucking trend out of a person's death, what the actual hell is wrong with people, in all seriousness??! This is so disgusting and otherworldly shocking and that this is happening to all our favorite, Jackaboy... I've never felt this angry, but also sad for Sean before, knowing that this bullshittery is happening to one of my first ever HRaerors that I subscribed to. I've never really had any hope in mankind to begin with, but at this point I hope we'll all die soon to a global catastrophe. I hope mankind gets annihilated asap! Done for! Eradicated! I mean, weren't these people raised with the thought of respecting people's deaths?? If those people would die, I'd shit on their grave and smear it all across their tombstone. Sorry, got a little carried away there, but this is nuts!!

    24. RimuruSimp

      Life is sometimes mundane...I like that; because when you do something as simple as go outside, it feels like an accomplishment.

    25. 。。Mikorin 。。。

      We Love you Jack! ❤️

    26. TheDerpDerp

      I understand Sean, love you man.

    27. Shwifty Pineapple

      I don’t understand why people should dislike this, stay strong jack🙏

    28. AnimePotatoGirl


    29. Anna Kuromiya

      You helped me not only through, but also out of my depression, I love you Sean, and I’m so sorry for everything you’re going through, you’re such an amazing person, truly

    30. killex 668

      Sean, as someone who has had asthma since birth and has had to use inhalers their entire life, I feel your pain. Waking up like that can be terrifying and I am so sorry you get that so often. Noone deserves asthma.

    31. Gl1tch_ Gamz

      bro u good i hope ever will clear for u man

    32. Christie

      Take a break.

    33. FreddyE97

      A very important message rests in this video! We support you, Sean! Always got your back! Take your time and let the storm pass, however long it might take❤️ good job making the video by the way! You are truly talented! 😘😘 We love you!

    34. arrow_in_the_geek

      Excellent. A perfect example of how something can speak to your soul without speaking a word.

    35. It gets worse

      Are you ok jack..? I've felt like this.. alone.. lost and the overwhelming feelings.. I'm 15 dad died when I was 9.. He was abusive.. delt with a manipulative step mother.. a hoarder mom who's never home.. who I feel could care less.. I've felt cramped within junk still do.. you help uplift me so I can smile when I feel lonley and unloved.. I appreciate you.. you deserve to be happy to.. we all love you and if there's anything we all can do.. we'd do it in a heart beat ❤ we are all here for you

    36. Gamer weeb

      Top Notch acting and i love it

    37. Totally Not Yami

      Hello Sean, i just want to thank you for making my childhood pretty enjoyable since i didnt have much to do and rarely played with toys. Sorry if my grammar is bad and i am still in my childhood, i am 15 years old but i have been watching you when i was younger than that and i want to thank you for the fun videos you made, dont let the negative comments get to your head because there are WAY more people who are glad to support you!

    38. Slayer 9000

      This is amazing Jack!!!! 🤩🤩

    39. Harley Howell

      Hey I just watched the video although I wish I had watched it a week ago. I don't know what it feels like to have asthma or a lot of medication, but I have an older brother who had asthma and my little sister had trouble breathing while running sometimes. They're both fine now, my brother doesn't even need an inhaler but we still have one in case and I haven't seen my sister use an inhaler for a long time. What I and others in the comments have said is that time will help heal. I hope you get better and take breaks from making videos when you need to, don't force yourself. I'm sorry I didn't watch this video when it was uploaded but I'm glad I was able to watch it. Thank you for being yourself and staying strong. You're amazing don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    40. Cerys Webster

      The isolation was so present and how much pressure was shown Jack we all care about you and it was fucking disgusting what people were saying about your dad aswell they can go fuck off!

    41. Lisa

      Jack I can't imagine how much its sucks to have to rely on pills and inhailers 24/7 I have asmah myself but not to that extreme I hope you continue to have good health jackie boy

    42. Thomas Tan

      Dang bruhh,this says a lot

    43. Teresa Lucas

      Can we have a movie that is just this

    44. HotEmoToaster

      This was so beautiful man

    45. Jaanai

      As someone with asthma, the struggle breathing noise is terrifying. I see the Inside inspiration for this cinematic masterpiece. God bless, Sean.

    46. Mouse

      Take care of yourself Sean 😔❤️

    47. Poppy Champion

      jack!!! you have been my idol for 7 years now :) i remember how i found out about your account. i was jumping on the trampoline with my cousin and he was watching a vid i asked what it was and it was you on happy wheels. best day of my life i couldn’t be here without you!! you brought me so much happiness jack TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA ✋ i really hope things get better i’ve been believing in you right before you got that shout out from pewdipie!!! you got this

    48. King of Sneks

      Even the beginning 20 seconds made my anxiety flare up. Love you Sean

    49. Pro Gamer

      Jack can u play sumotori dreams again

    50. Memerteen 87

      You should take a break like out in the country Just with family and friends

    51. Flux _Ablett

      Sean I know you probably won't see this and I may not be able to relate as much as I should but I lost my dog recently too and I just wanted to let you know that when I was younger my one and only friend was you Jacksepticeye. Stay healthy please, if it was you had stopped doing everything a long time ago I don't think I'd still be alive, depression was a hard thing in my younger life I attempted to commit one night but remembered all the good memories with my good friend. You

    52. Ariel Mae

      Wow this is amazing. You did incredible! I understand that you are going through a tough time right now but I know for a fact that you will come out even stronger. We love you and want you to do what's best for you. You're 100 percent supported by your fans. Just a reminder: those people leaving nasty hateful comments are NOT your fans.. They are attention seekers who do not have the COURAGE to do what you do. The only way they know how to obtain the attention they crave is by leaving absurd comments with shock value and no regard for who they hurt. I've been there so I know how much it hurts but in reality, there is no weight to what they said, just empty air like their heads. Wish you the best, always💜

    53. Darth Toxicus

      Guys what happens to Jack???

    54. the grim reaper

      Hey jack im not gonna say your name because I feel I don’t have the respect to say it because I don’t know you all to well outside of HRaero but I just watched a couple of videos of despicable people on how they treated you on the passing of your father and I wanted to give my peace on how I understand how it feels to lose someone like that and I hope everything is better and that you have made a beautiful community of people who care I understand how terrible it is to lose people but things will get better and that your an amazing person you have so many people behind you to make you feel better who care about your well being anyway that’s my peace take care jack I’ll pray for you and your father

    55. robot boi o

      Jack im scared dont do this to me

    56. LuckyNeko666 666

      You may never see this, I’m not someone that has been through what you have, or at least not in the wide magnitude you have. I don’t watch every single video you make, I don’t know a lot about you, but still this video, and having been here since the beginning of 1 mil, I can see it’s all collected onto your shoulders, and I’m glad at the end to see you lifting it. I would have cried watching this video if I didn’t have much better control over myself. But still, not a lot gets me that close as this has, I understand it to my very bones and it makes me worry for you, but at the same time, recognizing what’s wrong is the beginning to healing and I hope you find it. I hope you find more of yourself. I hope you become happier again, I am but a stranger, but one in a community of the same that wish you the best life, and we can not make you choose what to do, that’s not our decision. We only hope to see you happy. We love you Jack, I really fo hope you find it.

    57. Brianna Siegel


    58. Dz Gaming

      i hope he is coming back

    59. Dam Sen

      You can do it Sean, stay healthy.

    60. Rebecca Keysers

      Hi jack I hope you get better and happier just remember you got a lot fans looking out for you 😉

    61. LuLu83

      I needed to see this as much as you needed to make this. Thank you . Take care 💓

    62. ArcticFire

      Bro this looks like the intro to walking dead or something, great job it conveys the overall message well though

    63. Owen Freeman

      I’m so sorry jack ive been a life long fan and from the literal lump of the bottom of my heart I say I am so starry for your loss

    64. Crazy Natefan 9874

      Sean I am so so so so sorry For Your Loss Take all the time For Yourself. Your Mental and Physical health Matter More than Fame I wish you All the love In the World please Take Care Of yourself

    65. RZG

      This was incredibly well made, I can really relate, I hope you are doing better💚

    66. WOLFIE

      Overreacting and Drama Cut the BS

      1. Jayboco

        almost like he’s ACTING

    67. Ronan Don

      Hey Sean I’ve been watching your videos a long time and I just want to say how much I and the community appreciate and love you please take all the time you need and stay strong. It will get better. - you’re faithful fan and friends 👍👍☘️❤️

    68. CuterBoyy

      Sean, I'm sorry you have to go through these hurtful comments of your dad. They're scums and they try to get others attention. I honestly hate them and I'm sure you do to. Remember that there are millions who actually care and support you going through this tough time. I'm glad you are taking a break from this. I've been watching you ever since I was 10 (I'm 13 now) and I hate scummy people who say very personal/hurtful things in need of attention. Its very hard to get through a loss of a family member and someday, everyone will go through it. Remember that me, and 27.3M other people are supporting you through this. Please take a break, you need it. Thank you for bringing me happiness these past 3 years.

    69. Noxi

      I watched this video and near the end I had tears rolling down my face, you really feel how he feels, the way this video makes me feel, to know that the people who are "meant to be happy always" go through this, youtubers are people too, the world changes, things happen, everyone has time to stop and say "actually I'm going to take a break" this is ok, life is too short to have to put on a smile and put your mask on, we support you jack and any youtuber out there that feels this way, we love you Please, go outside, see the beauty we have, reach for it and never let go...

      1. Noxi

        I didnt write this for likes, I wrote this so people know that everyone has rough times and that's ok, were all human

    70. Asper

      This is quite possibly the best HRaero video i’ve ever seen. You are a genius for putting this up Sean, and just know you aren’t alone.

      1. The Burger King

        You clearly haven’t watched race to division 1

    71. Jon bell returns

      Jack is faking all of this and he’s fooling all of you LOL

      1. InsertCool UsernameHere

        Your not funny, no one looked at this comment and laughing. As everyone knows people do this for attention but I think there’s a reason to it, like Mabey they have something going on at home. If this is the case and you are hurting inside, I wish I could feel sympathy, but you need to redeem yourself so go out and do a good deed. Just please don’t do this to Sean, or anyone, the more positive we are the better we can come out of this covid nonsense. Stay safe people 😁

      2. name_insert

        Stop being so insensitive. Just because it doesn’t seem like some people are going through hard times doesn’t mean they aren’t. What younger doing is making the hard time harder, I don’t care what you excuse is because frankly you don’t have one for being so rude.

    72. paige manuel

      I get it. It’s a never ending cycle that your probably still continuing now, you could get a lot of support in the comments but is it going to change what your having to deal with? No, not really. It’s something that you deal with while putting on a smile pretending like it doesn’t exist while not knowing how you could possibly fix it, you need support but you also need a change. Everyone deserves happiness, freedom, love. You just have to ask yourself what do you need to do to get it. What needs to change is it a person? Yourself ? Religion even. Everyone has a path you just feel like you haven’t found yours yet but it’s there and it’s just a bit hazy. You have thousands of people in the comments supporting you, but it won’t change how you feel. I remember watching your content 6 years ago, thinking this guy is just rude now I watch your content and i can see you’ve changed. But it should’ve been because you were happy and I hope you find that happiness. I was going down a similar path, but don’t let your sadness get you down I know it’s easier said then done but you can do it. I know it’s annoying to most people, but I found my freedom in the Lord maybe you will too. Even if it’s not, I hope you do find happiness

    73. Flipside Josiah

      Holy shit Jack, truly outstanding! I may not be a big youtuber, and you wouldn't be able to tell this by the videos I make, you have had a huge impact on my humor and my life. I'm sure lots of people, including me don't know the heaviness that can be in someone's mind, even if they're laughing all the time on camera. Best of wishes, truly fantastic ❤!

    74. DjMiBsweden

      waking up in panic like that i do all the time... like you have no breath... so damn scary.. hate my anxiety

    75. reinanier60

      Holy ₴Ⱨł₮ this edit is ₣ʉ₵₭ł₦₲ sick

      1. reinanier60

        For a second I thought you were v₳₱ł₦₲

    76. Expired Coupon

      We have to remember, our favorite creators are still human, still feel emotions, and can still get sick. With being in the spotlight some might not want to express that they are in pain, but when they do we have to be there for them. Give them the time they need to feel better.

    77. secondaryspine

      I only wish for you a kindness, I don't know what kind; only that you know.

    78. Blxst

      This hits deep. I have asthma too and I have to go through this as well. I feel you on this one.

    79. That One Dude

      This felt like it lasted a few minutes and a few months at the same time

    80. Alex Westwood

      I felt the pain and anxiety in this short film knowing your story added to the effect by god that hit .e

    81. glen hendrick

      Jack i think that you have some skills for making thumbnails for your videos and things like that so please keep it up do not stop doing this on youtube ever because i like what you make a lot

    82. Jonas Kennedy

      This is a cinematic masterpiece, we're all so proud of you and so grateful for what you do.

    83. RossMurrayFam

      for the first minute I heard jack I thought...

    84. Hydra Clan

      This hurts man, jack was the one guy I always watched to make me feel better, I’d re watch the happy wheels series and all the try not to laugh or cringe episodes to cheer me up. It’s crazy how much u can connect with someone when they have literally never met u or don’t know anything about u. I hope everything gets better for u Sean…

    85. Greg Holt

      Love you jack hope your doing well ❤

    86. Alien

      I know many wont agree with me on this, but sometimes making the hard decision is the right decision. Maybe its time you moved on from youtube. Its all your choice and always has been, but I promise you whatever you choose to do, those who have been here long enough to know your sacrifices, your hardships, and your desires, will all stand behind whatever you decide. You have already given us all a gift that we could never repay you for, years of videos. Over 4000 videos for us all to watch. As an outsider looking in, it seems as though you have made immense social sacrifices for us, and if you want my opinion, many of us aren’t worth that. Your friends, family, relationships, your mailman, gardener, etc, they all matter far more than we do. If you want my advice(which you dont have to listen to or take) I think at the very least, you should take about a year off youtube. Or even better, move on from it. HRaero is temporary, the people I mentioned earlier will be with you for life. Take the time you need to think about it all, because its a big decision.

    87. Alex Fish

      The absolute peace imagery kind of worries me

    88. Paulius Z

      Im guessing the last shot of the camera with the intense music was how jack feels when he records videos, it feels as though the camera represents the whole world watching him and over time it grows on him and a phobia begins. A phobia of the wole world watching him and as though he is trapped.

    89. Rick Robertson

      i love the memes about your dad. he deserves it

      1. Jamer Gamer

        What the fuck, bro? Why the hell does he deserve it? I’m sure the jury is waiting in BAITED BREATH to hear it, fuck-for-brains!

      2. Nolan Lewis

        Grow up

    90. Princess Emily

      I've been a fan of you since like 2016 (I think), you were my favorite HRaeror and I can say you still are even if I don't get to watch your videos as much anymore. Your energy and optimism has always inspired me and to see you go through now, hurts my heart (don't feel bad, it just means you're that good of a person that can affect others' lives❤). I want to see you be able to take care if yourself physically and emotionally, you deserve the very best and the same love given back to you that you give to others. I'm so sorry for the loss and the depression. A LOT of virtual hugs for you today. I love you so so much along with many of other true Septic fans. ❤

    91. Theminecrafter

      Take a break and chill go have fun do wat you want to do even if it means you stop doing HRaero. You can stress yourself out that much and I suffer from asthma too so I have a small understanding but I don’t know how your life is. 😊

    92. Antomamm

      I know theres a lot goin on in these here comments, a small war between subconciousnes in order to battle for views, or attention. Young ones seek so much that you have, and yet I understand you feel guilty for not feeling fulfilled by having it. But looking past that, we understand your loss, and as many people stated, take time with friends, family, people that are there for you in person, that you can BS with, rather than over the screen, because it automatically becomes overwhelming, it only adds to the asthma. We love you, and everything you've done for yours and others' communities. Stay up Sean, and follow what is best for you, because this world has separated eeverybody beyond belief, we must stay there for eachother, then begs the question whether social media is bringing us closer together, or in all, tearing us apart. Just adding to the stress, it really puts anybody in the state of mind of feeling almost.. trapped mentally

    93. Shaely Born

      I’m not sure what combination of words would help, but just know that you do mean a lot to us, not just as an entertainer, but a friend. Some of us, me included have been here since the beginning and you’ve always made some lonely days, a little less lonely. I wish we could reciprocate the same way to help you.. God bless Sean.. ☕️🤍

    94. K J

      As someone with PTSD, a panic disorder, and asthma, I really felt this. Thanks for sharing Seán, I hope you’re taking care of yourself. I’ve been doing a therapy program called CETA, which involves using exposure therapy to make panic attacks (or the physical symptoms of anxiety even if not a full blown panic attack) more tolerable, and I think it’s really been helping. You probably won’t see this, but it may be helpful for you to look into. I found a therapist who does it through a trauma therapy program, but it’s helpful for more than just trauma/ptsd. Sending you hugs!

    95. Yashaswini Kanaujia

      Jack, this was absolutely beautiful. This made me very emotional , how it expressed all the hardships you go through everyday. You are not alone , we'll always keep supporting you. Please take care of your health and stay healthy and safe.

    96. Katherine Carter

      Sean, I found you at my breaking point. I was about to open a CID case against a fellow soldier for harassment and blackmailing. I was afraid to talk to anyone about it, because I thought they'd see me as the bad guy. I was new to my duty station, far from my family, and felt like I had no where to turn. I happened to stumble across one of your videos, and your energy and humor made me laugh for the first time in what felt like forever. When everything else was bleak, you were a colorful lifeline that helped me to feel human again, even for a short time. I'll always be eternity grateful for you and your channel and will support you to the end. I only hope you will take care of yourself and know that I am so proud to be a follower of someone who's so strong and amazing to share something as emotion stirring as this.