NO BAKE Oatmeal Bars | ONLY 3 Ingredients

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    No bake peanut butter oatmeal bars are a little bit sweet and a little bit savory. A quick and easy homemade treat that you can make from pantry staples.

    PREP TIME: 10 minutes
    COOLING TIME: 2 hours
    TOTAL TIME: 2 hours 10 minutes
    Yields: 16 bars (about 50 g)

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    ---------------------------------- RECIPE ------------------------------------
    * 3 cups (270 g) old fashioned oats
    * 1 cup (240 g) peanut butter 100% natural
    * 3/4 cup (255 g) honey
    * 1/2 tsp salt (if your PB is unsalted)

    * Line a 7" x 11" or 8" x 8" square cake pan with parchment paper.
    * Measure oats into a medium size mixing bowl.
    * Heat peanut butter and honey in a microwave 1 minutes (stir every 10 seconds!) until the texture is smooth and creamy.
    * Add salt, mix completely.
    * Pour peanut butter honey mixture over oats. Fold oats into the mixture until evenly coated.
    * Transfer oat mixture into the pan. Using the back of a silicone spoon or your greased hands, evenly press oats into the bottom of the pan.
    * Allow to cool completely in the fridge about 2 hours up to overnight.
    * Cut into slices.
    * Store in an airtight container, refrigerate for firmer bars or store at room temp for softer bars.



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    1. Keir Winter

      You could cover it with dark chocolate and bejewel it with with dry fruit. Yum!

      1. Food Metrica

        feel free to experiment

    2. Keir Winter

      Not for Diabetics.

      1. Food Metrica

        Who said that it's for diabetic?? Not Keto also

    3. K 8

      Great video, recipe & music. I like short & simple ⭐ Question though .... Doesn't using a microwave destroy the good bacteria in the honey ? & basically all microwaved foods ? I've heard that. Thanks !

      1. K 8

        @Food Metrica 🎉 Thanks for the reply ! 🎉

      2. Food Metrica

        Hi! Use double boiling method to melt peanut butter. if you honey is runny don't heat it

    4. Greeneyes Tiger

      Nice simple & very good. I would like to add other things i.e. sunflower seeds, almond slices, chocolate chips, so many options.. Thanks for the quick no bake receipe!!

    5. Daphne Rodriguez


    6. Bahaar Husain

      These look delicious! But is it safe to eat uncooked raw oats?

      1. Bahaar Husain

        @Sher64 CT Oh wow... thanks for letting me know!😁💖

      2. Sher64 CT

        Of course you can 😁 ...I throw up from the smell and taste of cooked oats my whole life. I’m 66 and have always eaten raw oats since a small child, absolutely love it!

    7. TheRhondaebayer


    8. Gwendolyn Beatty

      I'm Allergic to PEANUTS ; what do you suggest I use as a substitute ??

      1. MiriamArt

        You can use 2 mashed bananas, about 2 cups of oats, a teaspoon cinnamon, a tablespoon of honey, some nuts (about half or 3/4 of a cup depending on how you like it) (I used pistachios, you can also use cashews or almonds) add raisins or cranberries if you would like, about 2 tablespoons melted butter and bake it for about 15 mins high heat in the over and that’s how I made mine. My mom added the butter but idk I think it would be better without butter. You can also use a tablespoon of peanut butter. Delicious.

      2. Kimberly Bardin

        Any nut you like, really. I like hazelnut butter.

      3. Kimberly Bardin

        Almond butter

      4. Barbara Sheehan

        Sun butter

    9. Molly Jones

      Agave nectar here.

      1. Molly Jones

        These are absolutely delicious! Wish I would have discovered them a long time ago. They are so good and easy to make. Everybody who loves peanut butter needs to try these. Also just a quick request. I am interested in recipe videos creating no bake bars with ingredients like quinoa, millet, various nuts like almonds, cashews, etc and seeds. There are not many videos about them that I have found but I would love to make my own from scratch.

      2. Molly Jones

        @Food Metrica I just got finished making these oatmeal bars and I did use Agave Nectar instead of honey. Right now they are in the fridge. Cannot wait to try these out!

      3. Food Metrica

        I have never worked with agave nectar

    10. Charie Wang

      Oh wowww easy recipe yet so yummylicious...magaya one day chef ha...salamat sa pag share...ang sasarap ng mga luto mo...easy recipe pa...God bless

    11. Jaco Bothma

      What is the nutritional info on this bar and how many bars per recipe

      1. Food Metrica

        Nutrition Calculator: .... and read discription

    12. carol ann johnson

      Are these energy bars

    13. ENUFF!

      Yea but look at the grossly high FAT content in the pnut butter!!!!

      1. Bahaar Husain

        And peanuts have healthy fats.

      2. Bahaar Husain

        Yes, but you are not going to eat it all at once. That is why it is divided into bars.

    14. Ellen Suzanne U

      Can you use jam instead?

      1. Food Metrica

        Sorry, but no. agave syrup or rice syrup would be great

    15. Lucian Hodoboc

      I don't own a microwave oven.

      1. Van Gogo

        @Food Metrica Thank you, I don't own a microwave either.

      2. Food Metrica

        use a double boiling method

    16. Robyn Mcsharry

      I am going to try this with crunchy peanut butter and maple or golden syrup.

      1. Felicia Smith

        Crunchy peanut butter would be Good 👍🏾..also I'm thinking to add dried fruit like some crasins..just to switch it up

    17. Leigh MacKay

      Like the music too. So chill! Please point me in its direction. Thanks.

      1. Food Metrica

        its lofi

    18. Leigh MacKay

      Like the music too. So chill. Please point me in its direction.

      1. Leigh MacKay

        @Food Metrica Thank you!! :)

      2. Food Metrica

        Thank you! Music by EpidemicSound. "Shazam" it :)

    19. Chris Sloan

      Looks great. Mom needs to reduce glucose intake and she is a vegan. I want to make this as she can’t eat processed foods/treats. I want to make it but with a lot less honey added and to add nuts and or seeds. Will Adding only 1/2 honey still make it taste yummy? And what nuts it seeds would yoy recommend?

      1. Food Metrica

        Hi, Chris! I have another no bake bars wich contain nuts and seeds and less honey. Try them. Hope your mom will enjoy!

    20. Tita Rafalimanana

      Thank you 🙏

    21. Gemini Video

      nice sharing

    22. wishbone103

      I will be taking one with me to the gym to keep my energy up :)!

    23. Diane Baker

      Yummy 👍😋

    24. Lisa Marie

      You lost me with the peanut butter

      1. Food Metrica

        make a little batch

    25. S None

      How long do these last in the fridge and at room temperature?

      1. S None

        @Food Metrica Thanks!

      2. Food Metrica

        Keep only in the fridge about 2 weeks or in the friezer up to 3 month. wrap each bar in parchment paper

    26. Fatima Zuhair

      Can you bake this?

      1. Food Metrica


    27. Dhir Punian


    28. OneKd

      How would agave work instead of honey ?

      1. Food Metrica

        Just like honey or another liquid sweetener

    29. Andrea

      Aren’t the oats raw?

      1. desipanjaban

        I'm sure the recipe would work just as well if you toasted the oats in a nonstick frying pan or wok stirring all the time for a couple of minutes on low-medium heat or until they aree slightly toasted.

      2. Food Metrica

        the oats is raw

    30. Becci Bakes

      Looks great😍

    31. Vinotha Balasekar

      Wooowww❤️soo goooddd

    32. Safieh T


    33. Penny Flaherty

      These look delicious will try them today thanks x

    34. Shann Jess

      Fail the peanut butter turned into a dry gloop I had to bin 😢

      1. Food Metrica

        it burned down

    35. Namita Bhonsle

      I have heard when u heat honey it looses its nutritional value

      1. its.summergacha

        It also destroys the healthy enzymes in honey. Honey is not just another form of 'sugar', it has beneficial nutrients our bodies need. I prefer to use pure maple syrup. You may want to use just 2 to 2 1/2 cups of oats to keep them from falling a part as much from the lack of stickiness from the honey.

      2. Joanne Day

        And what nutritional value is that? Just another form of sugar

      3. Vee !

        *loses And considering honey is pure sugar, it really doesn't matter if it's heated.

    36. Judy Rush

      Would Rice malt syrup or maple syrup work fine ? I'd like to make them vegan.

      1. Barbara

        Hi Judy - I've made these before (from other similar recipes) using maple syrup. It substitutes just fine. I add raisins or craisins sometimes too.

    37. Nola Lewis

      with natural peanut butter: Amount Per Serving % Daily Value* Calories 421.2 kcal 21 % Total Fat 22.7 g 35 % Saturated Fat 3.6 g 18 % Trans Fat 0 g Cholesterol 0 mg 0 % Sodium 142.1 mg 6 % Total Carbohydrate 39.2 g 13 % Dietary Fiber 4.8 g 19 % Sugars 18.9 g Protein 12.1 g 24 % Vitamin A 0 % • Vitamin C 0 % Calcium 1 % • Iron 8 % each at 12 per batch.

    38. Mags Nash

      I really really love ❤️ the look of these gorgeous oat bars. Great 👍 too, for no cooking. Going to make these

    39. Shawna Kimberly Goode

      Thank you for sharing this amazing video like this one showing us how to making very homemade oatmeal penutbutter bars only three ingredients on your HRaero channel sending me more of your amazing recipes sending it to me on my HRaero channel ❤

    40. Shawna Kimberly Goode

      Sound really testy healthy snack.

    41. Nourish by Rebecca

      These look great, I love that they are no bake and only 3 ingredients!

      1. salt and pepper

        All I can think is, stupid clickbait, which one did they think they didn’t have to put in the count? The oats because it’s assumed or the salt because it’s for seasoning?

      2. Lindy Lou

        Errrrr..... thats 4 ingredients........

    42. Der mysteriöse Messermörder

      Is there a vegan opzion for the honey? This looks great and I'd love to try it!😋

      1. Barbara

        Maple syrup works!

    43. Susan Skilton

      One that I will try… baking too. Thanks, looks simple to make but mouth-watering too.

    44. Houston Girl

      Is the nutritional information available?

      1. Houston Girl

        @Food Metrica Thank you so much.

      2. Food Metrica

        use this one:

    45. Moon Tv

      Very good and very tasty and delicious Recipe big like thanks for sharing 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏽💐💐💐💐

    46. Penny Nickels

      Yum! I LOVE oats.

    47. Danielle van der Vaart

      Do you have nutritional info per bar?

      1. Food Metrica

        use this one:

    48. dani hesslinger

      I stumbled across this, and am grateful, because I know how healthy oats are, but hate porridge, muesli, and the like, so was always at a loss at how to eat them. Will look at your other recipes, too. QUESTION: can I use almond or cashew butter instead of peanut butter (I always make my own - totally easy, if your blender is robust enough 😃)

      1. Food Metrica

        yes, you can, it doesn't matter which butter to use

    49. Abdias Etienne kitchen

      Nice one wow

    50. Viva2011C

      Very nice and good video

    51. moni58802

      Thanks for the oat muffins recipe. Tried it and it was wow!!. The muffins came out with crispy tops, moist inside with a very fruity taste.

    52. RisingYeast

      Super easy and delicious!😀😀

    53. Ольга Цой

      Ммм вкусняшечки , очень понравились , большое спасибо 🤩🤩🤩🍀🍀🍀💐💐💐

    54. Isaac Stroe

      Would this work the same way with maple syrup??

      1. Isaac Stroe

        @Food Metrica I will try with rice syrup, thank you!!

      2. Food Metrica

        Unfortunately, no. We need something sticky like honey. Rice syrup works great

    55. Bata Elkhatib

      Very nice i love it 😋😋😋

    56. Oh . . . lecker!

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