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    Second analyse on ZywOo, Team Vitality, VP.
    What do you guys think of it ? 😁
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    1. Benjamin Durrant

      This is absolutely epic Kenny - I hope you make more in the future. Many thanks! 🙏

    2. Dulla

      people always say watch demos, but when i watch alone i dont get this kidn of info out of it

    3. Crybaby Sasuke

      i dont have the brain for a team

    4. Rezqoh

      parle fr mgl

    5. Jonas Jensen

      I love how Kenny has become a content creator. He is such a nice and talented guy. Would love to play some Pugs at some point

    6. Sans Pseudo

      Pas de sous titre pour les Fr frérot, je suis une quiche en anglais Grrrr

    7. Stefano Lazo

      maaan you are amazing!

    8. leo

      Hi from Russia

    9. ju ju

      l'anglais est terrible lol. j'croit que c'est ta façon de t'exprimer en général même en Français qui rend le trucs comme ca

    10. Vedeno95

      Damn nice explained thanks man

    11. mash mashes mashed

      i love the content they make me horns

    12. Exo Ceed

      Full breakdown of S1mple at IEM Cologne so G2 can get revenge next time! :)

    13. Alireza Vertigo

      Nice. Do more

    14. Hugo Boufflers

      -subtitles pls

    15. IMV99

      More of these plz bro

    16. Bair Lubsanov


    17. Facebook User

      Its really nice having someone to explain the gameplay rather thank just watching

    18. MultiGoban

      @14:45 He actually says "on the edge of the smoke" not AGE lmfao

    19. frenchdna

      G2 vs BIG, inferno, 3rd map. G2 ct side was a masterclass, switching it up constantly. Spunj was impressed on the stream. Ce serait cool si tu pouvais review ce game et ce CT side en particulier :)

    20. BOZE x


    21. Exclu Rap

      y'a pas de français??????

    22. Danopk 193

      I'd love to see Kenny in Vitality

    23. LLORCA Marius

      Dommage que tu parle pas en français gros :(

    24. Robert Perez

      Really nice to see analysis from one of the best to ever do it please do more more more!!!!!

    25. Vaction

      Merci pour ce cours d'anglais

    26. doru dragoi

      looks exactly like my gold nova games 'kappa'

    27. Envy

      Best video I have watched this week Kenny 💙🤍💖

    28. Leugim

      best CS content right now

    29. GOGREEN

      your analyze makes players better by watching this so i think a lot of player would be happy if u analyze a match on mirage too cuse its the most played map ever maybe a astrallis match on mirage when they were on top like on faceit london major or something ty so much

    30. Crisssno7

      can someone post this Zywoos cross? thx

    31. Joffrey / Vedlem / Ved

      une commu pour les sous titres fr ? ;)

    32. 100% Axe

      dommage tu parle pas en français

    33. Josua

      6:11 flipin presente

    34. Thysma

      Incroyable comme vidéo merci Kenny

    35. John SMK

      YEEES Kenny :) Very cool video !!

    36. AerOner13

      C'était la patate gros. Des conseils -de pros- d'une *légende* ça fait plaiz.. ! Incroyable game et commentary. J'attends le next (Xyp the glutch master par exemple!?)

    37. Daniel Rosengren

      start play in team

    38. Osirion

      KennyS la légende

    39. Kolsark

      très intéressant, refait en quand tu veux ! :D

    40. mitsoulas13

      Very elaborate analysis. Makes you wonder how much good quality content, Kenny can provide when he's not coked out of his mind

    41. Sebastian Cubilla

      i love de KennyS youtuber

    42. Taufeeq Ali

      The amount of people criticizing kyojin about his impact on other platforms and videos if they could only watch vitality demos they would know how good he is doing despite his time with the time. Im not a vitality fanboy though but still..

    43. Taufeeq Ali

      6:11 👍❤️🔥 Ex6tenz

    44. Rafael Cedro

      Great analysis! Please do more vids like this.


      KennyS I want to see Ax1le, I think he is even better in the mechanics than s1mple at the moment

    46. Mikuuu GOD

      CS GO NEWS вот тебе английский перевод Сделай ролик плз

    47. Flicky flick

      je ne m'attendais pas à une telle qualité d'analyse de ta part kenny, c'est super continu !

    48. Xenove

      "The age of the smoke" lol => the edge ;)

    49. Calixto Abalo

      Kenny, no need to make subtitles that big m8 :D

    50. rQ

      S1mple has better gamesense tbh but only a little and thats normal since he has more experience..

    51. Nicolas Nidasio

      Hi Kenny! I want a video of your analysis on dev1ce, I think it would be a good video, Greetings from Argentina

    52. Michael Hernandez

      fantastic video, honestly... really liked what you had to say and definitely learned something

    53. Alonso Sanoja

      What a video man. Thx

    54. ArkyZoid

      "U see how vitality use their uchicies"

    55. Nestor Danery Cáceres Roso

      No entendí ni v3rg4 pero, vengo del video del Tito. Grande Kenny

    56. Vedman Lokesh

      one of the best analysis videos by a pro. Keep it up kenny!!

    57. Cesar Morales

      Kennys pls analysis niko

    58. aleksej stamenkovski

      Polo socks. Flex lol xD :D

    59. Darth Jesus

      Try from 9Z Overpass

    60. Carioca Herold

      Well done KennyS 👏 very interesting!

    61. Tatu Hautajärvi

      maybe next analyse olofmeister:D

    62. diego calanche


    63. xXSaminXx

      Hola KennyS vengo de parte de BysTaXx

    64. Robert Ok-n

      Gracias al sTaXx me enteré que tenías canal de HRaero . Saludos Kenny desde Perú!!!

    65. 2 De Diamantes

      Gabacho te queremos

    66. Millán Pineda Daniel Eliseo


    67. Wardi

      Te queremos gabacho jsjsjsj

    68. Franck Caceres

      gamacho te queremos

    69. Gonzalo Branca


    70. СТИЧ

      Привет Братушка )))

    71. KIRITO




    73. Santyago Leguizamón


    74. McDonald Trump



      great analysis nice video kenny!!

    76. HAYATE

      Gabacho te keremos

    77. FilipO Glez Rguez

      GAbachooo te quereMOsSSS a loT!!!!!

    78. CMunii

      El único francés al que respeto suuuuu

    79. Gor Ki


    80. Oderi


    81. Agustín Gil


    82. An Treler


    83. Juan Leon

    84. Saurabh Karki

      The best player ever to play the game, Zywoo 🐐

    85. Fredrik Karlsson

      I think S1mple has better gamesense than Zyw0o

    86. R1val 737


    87. MegaCalvoo


    88. GoDoH


    89. Juan Cruz Scivoletto

      Gabachotequeremos No force

    90. Hyder

      lo que sea me encanta este canal

    91. Hyder

      lo que sea vengo a decir #GABACHOTEQUEREMOS

    92. Joshua Suatean

      More of these please I rly enjoy them + they are useful, keep up the great work!

    93. Mario

      #gabachotequeremos ❤️

    94. dyzfs

      next sh1ro ?

    95. sebas rivero


    96. AndeRH 7

      Gabacho TE QUEREMOOSS❤️

    97. Denise Labonia


    98. m.e.m

      suiiooooooooooooo a quien no le mola abrir cajas chicos

    99. Cirse Viridiana Pacheco Flores

      #te queremos gabacho

    100. A?