Improvisation at the train station in paris!


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    1. Nayan Das

      Lucky are those who were at there at that time!!!

    2. Maria Groparu

      Mozart who...? This guys are AMAZING; Improvising for 7 minutes 👏👏👏



    4. Ziyao

      luv dis sooooo much~ dunno this is de how many ******th have watched this

    5. fauzi hidayat

      Di indonesia, belum sempet main itu yg pake baju putih udah di tabok sm messi, lu ngikut aja ajgg,

    6. Dian S R

      This art much better than idiot tattoo

    7. Yorch

      Siempre regreso a ver este video. Lo que transmite me hace bien.

    8. Vince

      Salut à tous c juste un coup monté c 2 personnes ce connaissent mais bon, c comme ça 🙄

    9. bsam fahad

      Anyone from 2021 ? 🥰

      1. Yorch

        Me again here

    10. Sofiane Beltas

      he is from Algeria

    11. [K]eC ON*

      2021 i come again...and again...and again ...and........................................................

    12. Alvaro Morata

      Anyone know the name of the guy???

    13. หมีป่าพาเที่ยว ทั่วไทย

      wacthing again in 2021 so feelling goods

    14. Şeyda Kapan

      It’s 2021 and I’m still here ;)

    15. Rima Alharby

      I love this vid 😔

    16. صدام حسين المجيد

      لو عند العرب كان واحد فيهم ميت

    17. Alejandro Valle


    18. Lubomír Lokos

      I think it's already messed up and quite embarrassing. The same people still pretend to be random passers-by ... At the same time, it is clear that they are people who can play, they are trained and everything is according to the script! This is not a random situation, but a thoughtful scene !!! Really embarrassing !!!

    19. Kathleen

      Aww I'm so touched even I've watched this more than 10 times. Idk why I wanna cry everytime I hear this beautiful melody🥺

    20. Marzena Mitchell

      I love it ❤️Who is this gifted standing guy. He is amazing 😀

    21. guksimbrother

      After 6 years dan still counting, is there anyone can cover this instrument from that duo awesome musician with more clear sound..? Sorry fo my best english..thank u😁

    22. Recep Topal

      Çağlar Ertuğrul çok yetenekli adammış


      kudos for not losing focus !. I got hella piss'd at her just sitting here watching.

    24. HTD


    25. HTD

      Thấy thương cái đàn quá, nhưng mà ông đeo balô dẫn dắt cảm xúc hay ghê

    26. M-UC Channel

      I have seen this twice. Best perfomance.

    27. Zainab


    28. GoSerano

      Now I realize I've watched this video multiple times

    29. huy1990 nguyen


    30. izad555671

      when Lucas Vasquez Real Madrid meet his rival Gerrard Pique Barcelona at train station...

    31. All Top Autos

      *and thats how you take over the show sweetly

    32. Rahul Joseph P

      Still Watching on 2021 June 25

    33. neha singh Raghuvanshi

      Been thousand times,it still makes me smile!!! ❤

    34. Юра Стукало


    35. Barış Bulut

      Çok iyi adamlardaki kültür ve eğitime önem seviyesine baksanıza istasyonda biri piyano çalarken orada olan biride dahil olabiliyor ve yıllardır birlikte çalıyor gibi uyum içindeler bide bizim halimize bak ne saygı var ne insanlarımız mutlu nede hayata karşı olumlu bir görüş abi yok oluyoruz gelecek kaygısından ne sanata nede bu hayatın güzelliklerine kendimizi veremiyoruz geçim sıkıntısı siyasi bitirici bir düzen sefalet içinde geçen bir yaşam ve toprak abi biz bunları hak etmedik bunu bize hak gören herkese hakkım zehir olsun 7 dakikalık videoda adamların kültür saygı eğitim standartları gelişmişlik herşey mevcut bizim gençlerimiz uyuşturucu hırsızlık cehalet içinde karanlığa atılıyor resmen


      2021 watching from Covid planet 😭

    37. Юрий Искра

      Its all i want to know about the music. 😢

    38. Itachi Uchiha

      I'm pretty sure the guy in the white is the street musician El Loren.

    39. D. Cypher


    40. Michael Coldewey

      The annoying lady stops talking at 1:50 :

    41. AMANE أمَانْ

      The second guy is from Algeria 🇩🇿❤️ The music has no Limits , Salam from my country 🇩🇿✨💚

    42. الماسة البراقة


    43. Arushi Gupta


    44. Mahaki Manuheuroroa Tepano

      he escuchado esta cancion desde que apareció por primera vez, aproximadamente unas 600 veces, incluso a veces la dejaba sonar un dia entero en mi habitación, hoy en pleno 2021 me sigue dando esperanzas. increíble canción, sin igual y completamente improvisada. una vez leí en facebook un comentario del tipo de España que toca, asegurando que no se conocían, yo le creo

    45. Vishnu Babu

      Just one word 'ozm'

    46. B AjA


    47. raghul ponneelan

      The clash of two souls ❤️

    48. Jefri Oktario

      6:30 AMAZING

    49. Marry Mine


    50. Duong Nguyen Xuan

      The guy with backpack is talented guy, more than sitting guy

      1. Quang Khánh Nguyễn

        People having their own roles in this, you can’t tell if one is more talented than the other simply just by watching they doing their part of the job :))

    51. Legends Gas

      1 guy with barcelona jersey n another guy with white shirt like a "real madrid" jersey color, they have been united by a MUSIC

    52. Arnold Drong

      Next level !!!

    53. Laurent Miot

      Faut toujours que la SNCF vienne tous gâché !!!

    54. Cyriaque Sache

      Only a barca fan can be this good

    55. Yoha Asakura

      Ethan hunt at 1 o’clock 2:37

    56. itsJXM

      fckin announcer voice

    57. Sattwik Shekhar

      Since 2015, whenever I’m sad, upset, stuck in a mental space, lost out and dejected, I keep coming back to this video to shed a tear of hope, happiness, compassion and unity.

    58. ゼウス

      I felt that this is what it means to enjoy music

    59. Gabriel Bautista Caceres

      Dragón valla gt

    60. cinthya zambrano


    61. Edu Murcia

      ¿Que canción es la que empieza a tocar?

    62. harsh lokwani

      Divided by borders.. United by music ❤️

    63. Semir Smajevic

      Niko Kranjčar



    65. Love Aliens

      Utter perfection and still watching this after like 5 years 👍 best public performance!

    66. tout les domaines

      Ce jean la citant algérien

    67. Said Ahmad

      Please dont stop it 😭 its so perfect, i'm feel like goosebumps. Nice bro 👍

    68. Mohd Nadeem

      I have watched this more than 20 times

    69. Apiwaro


    70. Hiep Phan

      Wow amazing

    71. 頑張りまっちょ


    72. Goodsell Sellgood


    73. Jyothi Manoj

      Nicely played mol. My favourite song

    74. Zeynep Özkılıç

      Since a long time..🍀

    75. Anne Yap


    76. A Lost soul in Social media

    77. Светлана Яворская

      Это профессионалы

    78. Светлана Яворская

      Очень круто😄

    79. jair acosta

      Alguien me puede decir el nombre de las canciones que tocan por favor?

    80. Kevin puente

      2021 still here listening to this masterpiece



    82. SN199

      "ok, thanks, i'm late for my train, see ya"

    83. Quan Nguyen

      Sự kết hợp quá tuyệt vời

    84. IGOROT ofw vloggers

      Nailak c father myt wetiwit na hihi

    85. Hakami Mundziri

      Luar biasa

    86. Jason Chiang

      lovely two cuties and wonderful music from the God. Perfect....

    87. Morteza Ghassemi

      Great job thanks 🙏

    88. Renee Manzoor

      I felt like smashing that speaker making announcements.

    89. Samawal Alkider


    90. Mahdi Ouali

      The one is an Algerian From ( Bejaia City ) , and the second is Spanish . 😎👍👍

    91. Bane Kanikak

      this guy is the Messi of public pianist

    92. A. R.


    93. Хаятовна

      ваув, супер👍👍👍

    94. Hải Lương

      2021 who still listening?

    95. Victor Evans


    96. Victor Evans

      Lo mejor que he visto😥😥

    97. ポケらーsayuriさゆりチャンネル

      この曲は、何て曲ですか? What is this song?