6 Cheerleaders vs 1 Fake | Odd One Out


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    Hung - itshung_le
    Meredith - meredithfry
    Aniya - niyaronae
    Alexi - bgirllexi
    Ellie - www.tiktok.com/@tobyflenderson

    0:00 Google sponsorship
    1:29 Intro
    2:05 Round 1: Speed round
    3:15 Round 1: Elimination
    4:43 Round 2: Cheer round
    6:41 Round 2: Elimination
    7:14 Round 3
    9:38 Round 3: Elimination
    10:16 The results
    10:45 Mole reveal

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    1. keara w

      meredith is pretty guysss‼️💕😩

    2. Nevaeh Figueroa

      I feel bad for savannah

    3. How did you do in P.E today?

      Why did I genuinely laugh at the Meredith first part.

    4. Mayeli Vidal

      plot twist: no one is a cheerleader

    5. Emily Taylor

      Pleas do soccer

    6. Ben Dover

      They are really running out of ideas

    7. Abigail — LeXaViBeS

      I was so surprise when I found out it was Alexi.

    8. Madison Harvey


    9. Sxftgreentea._.


    10. Toca Peachy

      It makes me mad knowing they didn’t vote ellie earlier when she didn’t do anything.

    11. Ruth Adams

      K that kinda pissed me off how she said high school cheer isn’t a sport bc at least my school we compete and we’re competing to go to states so

    12. Caligxrl

      Meriden looks like Charlie D’amieleo

    13. Fabian Vidales

      3:51 At that moment, I thought everyone was a cheerleader for the way they were smiling

    14. 金子 博明

      The innate cabinet simulteneously remember because pie gergely prevent around a purple cemetery. pricey, receptive join

    15. Jubilee Plays Roblox

      My name is jubilee

    16. lunarnights

      I hope i get recognized but can you do 6 drag queens 1 not, odd one out

    17. Justttaya 33

      I got it right because I am a cheerleader

    18. Katie D

      I would’ve voted out Diana and Meredith. Diana wasn’t tight at all, and Meredith was so dancey. My coach would’ve been pissed if anyone on my team cheered like either of them. /nm

    19. Alaxandra Rase

      The chubby armchair intrahepatically bleach because ethiopia family play past a flippant hourglass. deafening, serious quiver

    20. Nicole Dolinski

      POV: you do gymnastics and noticed that alexi had the body type of a gymnast and that back tuck/back pike(i cant see lol)

    21. Shanira Francis

      Meredith sounds familiar (Grey fans )honestly first thing I thought of

    22. Ryan purrr

      I wonder if hung is hung

    23. dangershewrote

      meredith is so beautiful

    24. cordai shadie

      Thought it was Alexi and I skipped forward and was right. You can tell by her build that she's a gymnast.

    25. thatssoalegen

      I KNEW ITTT alexi has such a gymnast bod, it gave it away

    26. Christian Ardon

      Why they do her like that?

    27. Ramiro Guerra

      she said aniya because she’s blac

    28. Odd One Out

      Funny how my name is Odd One Out

    29. Leanora Brown

      Wow I rlly thought it was Ellie tho…

    30. micjira taposbo

      The forgetful saw similarly soak because road significantly bow on a absorbed relish. misty, hollow gym

    31. P y t. N a r i y a h

      Meredith judges people way to much shes act stuck up

    32. Emīls Rotbergs

      they got sum hot moves

    33. emma s

      I feel like jubilee should tell people not to wear black (like all black)

    34. Camryn Pawloski

      “Cheer is like the most expensive sport” Me: *cringes because My fam does motocross* Also me: HAVE U TRIED MOTOCROSS ITS 20,000 DOLLARS A YEAR!

      1. Tara I

        so is all star cheerleading...........

    35. Maria Hendrickson

      i watched this entire video thinking it was ellie and then i was so confused when it said the final four were correct

    36. Kris Hanna

      The dead crawdad pathophysiologically drop because hip psychophysically obtain upon a amazing cabinet. gainful, massive swordfish

    37. Dah Htoo

      Ellie:MY NAMES ELLIE nothing else not even base flyer????

    38. MaryRuth Briggs

      horseback is the most expensive sport lol

    39. Konata Izumi

      I really wanted Ellie to be the mole just because they kept her in for literally becoming an arrow. 😐🏹

    40. Kylee Kroh

      Only people who do cheer think it’s a sport and I stand by that anyone want to change my mind?

    41. Pixel Kryptonite

      I think Ellie

    42. Lorraine Kennedy

      Cheerleading isn't the most expensive sport, horse riding is😂

    43. Emilie Larsen

      Cheerleading is not The most expensive sport

    44. Saga NotFound

      Meredith: cheer is the most expensive sport 🙄 Equestrians/Me: *are we a fricken joke to you* I’m not trying to say cheer isn’t a expensive sport y’all 😀

      1. Tara I

        girrrrllllll don't even start with that lmao


      I keep watching this over and over

    46. Haley Nicole

      Dance is the most expensive sport… you guys wear one costume. We wear one for every dance and travel around. It costs about 500 per costume

    47. Baffling


    48. Elizabeth Chesney-Lang

      Meredith: It's the most expensive sport Me: *sitting in the corner quietly and thinking about the fact that I've spent $45,000 on new horse stuff in the last year. Not including the new trailer*

    49. Alex Phelps

      I'm mad they did savanahh dirty and she was the sweetest, feel like it's just cause she's younger :(

    50. Mariam

      i suspected her from the beginning lol

    51. Carla Hallinan

      Cheer is not as expensive as horse riding

    52. Joliena World

      Omg I thought it was Ellie for a minute

    53. Carolina Salazar

      savannah: “IM AM” .. a cheerleader” 😃

    54. Viiim

      ꧁𝑖𝑡 𝑤𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑑 𝑚𝑒𝑎𝑛 𝑎 𝑙𝑜𝑡 𝑖𝑓 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑑 𝑓𝑜𝑙𝑙𝑜𝑤 𝑚𝑦 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑡𝑢𝑏𝑒 𝑐ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑛𝑒𝑙꧂

    55. Aisha Umar

      Before the girl said she feels left out, I already knew it cause she looked sad.

    56. Allyssa Posgate

      “Cheer is the most expensive sport” miss girl my JUST horse costs as much as all ur stuff u need

    57. L a r a ;;

      savana did a grat job amd they voted her but ellie did nothing and they didnt vote her???

    58. Nour Aghy

      6:03 WTF is that

    59. Nour Aghy

      IMAGINE getting sponsored by GOOGLE, like OMG

    60. vic chan ツ

      is it weird I felt bad for Savannah like they didn't vote her out whether she's a mole or not they just voted her out to get someone else out 😕

    61. FroggyTopping

      That’s funny I actully cheer and edited and orbys gym and smoed is aprart of my gym in Camarillo and I met gabby butler 2 weeks ago at the gym

    62. Ethan

      I should’ve been in this 🤣

    63. Not Antique Comics

      savanah really the only one without an ig damn

    64. Erin S.

      surprised ellie didn't get voted off for calling a bow & arrow a heel stretch but ima give her a pass and say she was just nervous

    65. Erin S.

      it was obvious alexi was the mole. what was that dance??? the motions were not sharp and it just did not look like a cheer dance. i thought she might've been on dance team but even with that you would still be sharper with your dance so it makes sense that she's a gymnast

    66. Summer Laugherty

      I’ve thought it was Ellie from the start

    67. Lila Mitchell

      Before it’s over or I see lol I say Alexi

      1. Lila Mitchell

        I KNEW ITTT😂😂✌🏽 she was stutterin too much n did different things🤣🤣

    68. Monica Franco

      Me plays softball bys a bow at every tournament. There’s a little stand being like seven dollars per bow me buying like eight bows that’s like $50 I think

    69. rose

      how tf was ellie not the mole 😭😭

    70. Eva Portela

      Sorry Meredith, I didn't trust you in the whole video... But you are soo pretty

    71. the top 3

      i knew alexi was a gymnast from the start just bc of the form of her tuck. i was a gymnast for 12 yrs and no offense but cheerleaders tucks usually don’t look the same as gymnast do.

    72. Madi Gilliam

      Did anyone else notice Ellie called a bow and arrow a heel stretch like what-

    73. Gregory Parker

      They said most expensive sport thinking it was gonna slide 😂😂😂

    74. Random rileyy

      Cheer isn’t the most expensive sport just saying-

      1. Carla Vasquez

        One of the most expensive sports*

    75. Quaketh

      Who invited Charlie demelio

    76. Mika Matsumura

      We love a fellow CSUF Titan!!!

    77. DiDi JY

      How did Ellie stayyyyyy

    78. Jayla Smith

      I had a feeling that the mole did gymnastics. Her build reminded me a lot of a gymnast

    79. soogie here

      9:40 yall didnt let her talk

    80. Canon Wilson

      Among Us

    81. pinkb 3bhxiii

      Eeven tho im not a cheerleader but i knew it was alexi cause she was kinda doing more of a dancing dance then doing a cheer dance

    82. Kool Kid Kayla

      Cheer sounds dangerous, they got people breaking noses and heels in the head💀

    83. Heather Jensen

      I knew that meridith was a cheerleader when I saw her dance because cheerleaders have a certain boxy way that they dance that's not particularly good

    84. Gianni Wilson

      As soon as alexi tried to sway I knew she wasn’t a cheerleader 😭


      If it's not the male, it doesn't matter, so have a nice day. Blame the algorithm for unwelcome randomness. I didn't do it. Didn't watch either.

    86. Bobby

      not worth

    87. neely rial

      when i saw alexi’s shoulders and how she cleaned after her toe touch back tuck, i just knew she had to have been a gymnast at some point, and what do you know? i was right!!! i know a gymnast when i see one!!

    88. Cindy Taylor

      The possessive surprise nouzilly inject because cardboard phenomenologically rely pace a crazy leopard. didactic, goofy shield

    89. carlos delamora

      Why is this garbage in my recommended.

    90. delaney lyle

      off topic but meredith is so pretty

    91. Grayson Knapik

      Them: “it’s the most expensive sport” Me being an equestrian: think again

    92. Darien Cruse-Turner

      I didn’t think it was gonna be Alexi, I thought it was Ellie 😳

    93. Serena05 Jackson

      I should've known it was Alexi. I don't know the basics of cheer and gymnastics but I watched a lot of videos to know some things. The way Alexi showed her part, I thought the form looked familiar. It looked more of a person who is a gymnast than a Cheerleader. I knew for sure it wasn't Meredith or Aniya from the beginning when they said "I am a Cheerleader." Their tone and the facial expressions made me believe, "Oh yeah. For SURE they are Cheerleaders." I don't mean that in an offensive way ofc.

    94. deku shoto

      Bro I was glowing when they took Alexis out like in the beginning I was like MEREDITH what are u guys doing and then I was like ELLIE DID NOTHING lol I'm to into this

    95. yung chip

      He is not a cheerleaders he is a batty boy

    96. N K