Florence Pugh Eats 11 English Dishes - Mukbang | Vogue


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    Florence Pugh was recently nominated for her first Oscar for her performance in 'Little Women,' and she's celebrating with a twelve-course menu of English cuisine.

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    Director: Rom Bokobza
    Editor: Robby Massey
    Visual Director: Samantha Adler

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    Florence Pugh Eats 11 English Dishes - Mukbang | Vogue

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    1. Allie B

      This video is just so... Comforting. I love Florence and the energy she exudes

    2. Zuzanna Duda


    3. Melissa CG

      This is an amazing way to promote England's food, we need this content with more celebs

    4. Michael Reyder

      The only appealing dish in this entire video was Florence.

    5. Anya JoyJoy

      Флоренс все ест с кетчупом))) прямо как я 😁😂

    6. Daniela González Sánchez

      See Rachel? That's how you actually make a Trifle hahahah

    7. jm

      comfort video

    8. Alice Jago

      as a cornish person i can say this with my whole chest, that is not a pasty.

    9. Annabelle Ridler

      when i was about five i went to hampton court palace and i saw how black pudding is made so now i can NEVER eat it

    10. 1 2

      She's adorable in personality. I also like here fearless self-love and rejecting Hollywood's body shaming. Flo is awesome.

    11. Jdubb_ Hill

      The way the editor of the video made it so quirky✨✨

    12. Matheus Oliveira

      I just love you so much im hungry.

    13. Shayla Fogarty

      watching this made ada realise she likes girls

    14. 정선주

      How elegance

    15. mami

      why do i come back to this video every year

    16. Milani Alcapone

      I love her personality and she’s so beautiful… who is she?

    17. Max Stam

      This is my fifth time watching this video, I just come back to it every so often like comfort food 😭

    18. Manashi Ghosh

      I don't know who she's but I loved watching her eat

    19. Asha Lunar

      Perhaps is black pudding la poderosísima moronga??? Omg, she's eating fancy morongaaaaaa

    20. Rick OnMaui

      Love a woman with a hearty and eclectic appetite and more so with one who can cook but alas brussel sprouts are not for moi...

    21. Coffee Drinker

      I just watched an actress eat food. lol

    22. xomelissamariee

      “That’s so naughty” lol

    23. A r i e s R

      Ketchup.... But which brand of ketchup? Heinz 🤚

    24. bryan lemus


    25. Nissi Vlogs

      A reminder the God loves you and Jesus died for your sins 💓💓.

    26. Leeklill

      This aesthetic is so nice.. i want that blouseee

    27. miroslav cibula

      this was the best thing I saw in the last time :) :-D

    28. rosiefilms

      me watching this like I haven’t seen it 20 times

    29. Umaima Riasat

      Why is this video so therapeutic 😩 or is it only me who finds it so?

    30. Mia Hough

      "i don't drink water" *has perfect skin*

    31. Daniel Armitage

      I'm insulted by that pasty, as a cornishman I am hurt

    32. Agent Mia

      Oh god I love England

    33. Yun Saki

      If this was Midsommar I would've definitely watched it lol

    34. Long Nguyen

      once again the Algorithm reunited us here

    35. 최예지

      how generous of her eating fried meat in a pastries on a row

    36. Lottie Lootens

      I am volunteering to pay for the therapy of the 4.8k people that disliked this video because they seriously need it

    37. pearl menezes

      her hmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmm

    38. Citizen- 7XL5

      Everybody gangsta till Florence drinking onion vinegar out of the jar

    39. shreya

      i love her so much

    40. Alexia Cannon Coronado

      i always think of English/British tings as fancy and than you have good old Bubble and Squeak XD

    41. Alex Pelletier

      british food is... something...

    42. anna

      i need to see her doing asmr.

    43. Nana Afedzie

      This literally makes me hungry, idk what it is about British accents and British food but this video makes me hungry

    44. Grace Kim


    45. Ellie B

      what happens to all the food she didnt finish?

    46. Rolita Sam

      watching this is therapeutic

    47. Safiya Akhmedov


    48. XamadeusX

      "I need to chop onions" 👹

    49. kenneth tong

      This woman is too cute

    50. Fraser Smith

      It’s a disgrace that there is no brown sauce on that fry up

    51. Jessi Jack

      …. I swear her and Taron Egerton are siblings

    52. Makayla Tomasi

      Florence Pugh now sits in the same tier as Hailee Steinfeld. They are just genuinely delightful people. Yes, there's editing to make them more flattering, but editing can't catch that amazing energy the exude. Florence is such a delight, this was a treat.

    53. Krew_fam

      This looks like a Movie of a princess

    54. Jay Lee

      This! Is! Sparta~!!! This! Is! Mukbang~!!!

    55. Rain Sunbow

      How did she clean her sleeve?

      1. Kyndal Gordon

        with a pen designed to take out stains

    56. Gronya Somerville

      I never try those english dishes but it seems delicious. 😭

    57. Gnana Vadivel

      She is naturallu funny

    58. sum’n else

      This video has a chokehold on me. I never thought someone would make British food look this appetizing to me

      1. sum’n else

        @Adriana Murrillo FR

      2. Adriana Murrillo

        I watch this at least once a month

    59. J

      she’s like a real life princess zelda

    60. angel madrigal

      I love it

    61. Qiehah Zahra

      Can we have lily rose depp eats french dishes too pleaseeee 😍

    62. juanis hernandez

      Her talking is satisfying and soothing 😂😂

    63. Jenna Lord

      pov: it's your 10th time watching this video this week

    64. chris

      Shame they missed another British classic, a ruby!

    65. Baran Bener

      i love her

    66. Shaqmove

      Yelena after the movie went on for a mukbang trip

    67. Stiles Is awesome

      Is it weird that I don’t notice her accent

    68. kamushekkk

      im so hungryyy watching this 😩😩

    69. life goes on

      loooove this videooo😍 she is so cute

    70. Anna Kolibska

      this is my comfort video

    71. pearlfountain

      BubBle anD sKEAK?!

    72. Samantha Joy

      this makes me hungry

    73. Александр Л.

      гляди ка, не лопнула)))

    74. Alex NW

      Florence who?

    75. Robert Wilson

      The puny romanian natively communicate because methane technologically plug for a slimy fiction. jittery, mature cormorant

    76. Emmalee D.

      The way she says “pickle” is so fricking cute 🥺

    77. Shikara Shahrin

      So much food waste though. Can vogue not think about making smaller portions? Food sustainability

    78. Teresa Guerrero Gatita blanca

      Mmm que ricos platillos se ven yo tambien los quiero probar wtf.

    79. Lexa Osantos

      lol she is everybit like me, everything goes with ketchup is delicious meal lol

    80. Louise Pedersen

      Florence is so stunning

    81. natasha luchy

      The overwrought factory congruently colour because gun bilaterally double since a marvelous bench. grateful gratis, clean rake

    82. M.Vunduk

      Love black pudding

    83. Jackson K

      Just eat with the hand

    84. Victoria Lynn

      Ah Florence.....ik ben een oren. Who doesn'tove this lady!

    85. ana júlia

      love her but this made me realise how bad english cuisine is lol

    86. Sam C03

      Why does everything this women say sound cute. I loved those mmmmmmmmmmmm…. moments.

    87. Farah Zumaya

      😍😍😍😍 so nice, so eater 💜💜💜

    88. Stephanie A

      This was genuinely relaxing, I loved the aesthetic of the pastel English colors on the food, background and tea set. Her outfit was so cute! Would definitely watch more episodes if this was made into a show

    89. Kopie

      What! She's english?

    90. This is my comfort video, like I love to watch this every once in a while.

    91. Invisamble

      Vogue needs to do this again, i keep coming back to it

    92. Zeroflux

      people are literally starving

      1. Adriana Murrillo

        The food doesn’t go to waste

    93. 99percentangel _

      it is not a mukbang when she eats only a bite

    94. meb


    95. Rucker park legend

      This would be such a cool way to die.

    96. whimsical libra

      Watching this after watching Midsommar to calm down lmao

    97. simreen siraj

      Florence: "Ohh they've added butter on top of the mashed potato. That's soo naughty" We have very different ideas of naughtiness.

      1. Dave Whitmore

        Naughty is as naughty does . . .

    98. Cupitor Veritatis

      Ok. Didnt know you were so adorable! Would love to be at her dinner party because she seems so much fun to just be around! Love her external commentary. Also anyone notice her eyes subtly changed colors during the vid?

    99. Alma Carlsson

      10 minutes of Florence just saying mmmm

    100. Faith Compos

      oh ma god her accent is so cute