Conor McGregor REACTS to Machine Gun Kelly FIGHT at VMAs!

Entertainment Tonight

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    ET caught up with professional fighter Conor McGregor after his intense confrontation with Machine Gun Kelly on the VMAs red carpet. The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards aired Sunday, Sept. 12.

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    1. Entertainment Tonight

      Check out this new angle of Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly’s scuffle on the VMAs red carpet ->

      1. Kevin Keane

        Did everyone get Audio on this video or have I done somthing wrong it's just when I turn the sound down full I can't get any sound when I try to turn it back up🤔

      2. CEW MO


      3. B4økêñ

        We support Conor we can do anything for him can fight anyone its gang time ,mark my word man 🤬🤬

      4. Zam Nabukalu

        @Tk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzaaaa

      5. Heraldo Medrano

        @Leo Luna fake dram

    2. Andrew K.

      Celebrities are so fucking cringe

    3. Brian C

      Don't open your mouth to a real Irishman that can fight unless you yourself are ready to fight.☘️🤜

    4. Ruben Ramirez

      MGK and Megan are some Weirdos

    5. Emre Witchalls

      Why. The fuck. Is Charli damelio at the vma's

    6. J Warren

      She called him a boy haha

    7. Lo Mein Bullies

      Megan Fox and MGK could it get any lamer? I can’t believe Travis Barker went pop also.. sell outs!!!! Back when Blink 182 was actually cool, no one respected such activity. It’s not punk

    8. Lo Mein Bullies

      MGK hasn’t deserved fame since “Till I die” he completely went lame pop star whiteboy celeb on us

    9. Nathan Mwanja

      0:01 teachers asking me about the fight during lunch 🤦🏿‍♂️

    10. Aroma

      Trust ja rule to spill the tea

    11. sleezy 225

      Look Ja wit his dry snitchin ass

    12. Trawizz

      Embarrasing people, the whole bunch...

    13. Jesus Pernia

      Wow both of Eminem’s victims in the same video? Coincidence?

    14. I'll Be Me. You Be You.

      Conor McGregor is hilarious! He said, “Vanilla Rapper.” Machine Gun Kelly seemed a bit shaken up. So, was Megan Fox. They both looked terrified.

    15. Prince Yem

      The Irishman career is over the clown is a shadow of his former self.. He was also out in three of those last four fights. So now he starts going on the weaker ones

    16. C_Turna

      How does SHE pick HIM???

    17. Sean Murphy

      Ja rule doesnt know fuck all 😂😂😂

    18. Mike Garza

      Did ja rule just snitch?! 😂🤣

    19. Paul Lasky

      Nothing like famous people dribbling over each other to make you feel ashamed to be human

    20. J Medina

      Mgk was scared lol

    21. Mydnight's Oblivion

      Music is dead

    22. Shook one

      How Ja rule got out from the NoLifeShaq toilet?

    23. leo boi

      It's the first time I ID machine gun Kelly

    24. Jev

      Even his own wife called him a "boy" 😂😂😂

    25. slashthe2nd

      He's the most talentless boy in the world Sounds about right

    26. FESSOUY

      what the hell is Ja rule doing there he's so irrelevant 😭😭😭

    27. Craig Stethson

      He lied when he said he doesn't know the guy. How does he know that MGK's a vanilla rapper boy

      1. Kimberley Jane

        Exaggeration, us irish use it A LOT, and knowing his career (why he’s at the VMA’s) isn’t all that surprising in the same way you’d know tonnes of actors names but not what they look like etc.

    28. Wantiba Santana

      em send him

    29. Khushi

      Wait a damn minute- Who is Megan fox and who is that person who said "idk him except he is with Megan"

    30. Mario

      Vanilla Boys fight.👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

    31. efrizzles

      somebody call Ja so I can make sense of all this

    32. Asher Sunil

      How tf does these people even define talent?!

    33. Luffy


    34. Probable Paul

      What happened to megan fox

    35. kanyechain


    36. Sydney Reichle

      Mcgregor would’ve ended mgks life lol

    37. Edward Jacobus

      Jarule a snitch lol

    38. MemeBoi 1945

      Who were those people like Ja who? Mg-who? Oh hey it’s that chick from some valentine movie Megan-who?

    39. Adrian Pearns

      She Said boy !! Dam

    40. The People Brothers

      Mgk > Conor

    41. Ra

      Who the fock is that guy

    42. Zyga Godhand

      The only fight Conor Mcgregor is fighting now is to stay relevant

    43. Savan Rajput

      Megan fox's lips never touch when she's speaking

    44. Dj Stewart

      Dude fuggggley

    45. kalob king

      You can see mgk tell Megan "your doing too much" watch his facial expressions during his and hers interview

    46. minnesota kid

      Funny....little boy vanilla. ...he

    47. Austin Huston

      Idk the guy but imma bash him like I do 🤣 mcgregor a fighter but you can’t do allat

    48. Jonathan Pierre

      I remember machine gun Kelly before he turned into a weirdo

    49. DmT_D0n Mz

      Pathetic band,machine gay.


      Conor is trying to set a big pay boxing match with MGK , like his idol Jake Paul

    51. Pablo Alvarez

      “Who gives a fuck about what ja rule thinks” 😂😂

    52. Ooweehuzy

      Conor mcgregor is bloody fookin hilarious 😂💀

    53. The Continents are Giants Stuck in Dried Mud

      Celebrity relationships are SOOOO fake 🤦‍♂️

    54. buket

      1:51 yes okay slutshaming other women:/

    55. LyricBoss

      Connor should of knocked that boy band frontman out

    56. Craig Gurule

      Popeye the sailor man has been drinking too much proper12 and not enough spinach

    57. Stevan Z.

      This is Walking Dead Carpet actually... Poor Ja and MGK buried by Eminem and Conor buried by Justin.. still walking around like a God damn zombies

    58. Ryan Keeping

      Shouldn’t Mr. Rule be in prison?

    59. Logical Gamer

      Conor McGregor: I don't know the guy. Fact: It's an award show and nobody out there knows you

    60. James Gatz

      Ja Rule running around out here snitchin'

    61. John Fucalot

      Ja rule: snitch or no?

    62. DanielsVideos

      What has Megan done to her face?!? She used to be so beautiful, now she just looks like a melted plastic bucket 🤯

    63. R.C. Just Me

      WTF is MGK wearing on his face??? But I gotta respect how she is with him. Megan Fox: "Whatever daddy says"



    65. Out Here Having A Pint

      MGK looks like he's in a FF14 cosplay outfit.

    66. Ashton Jay


    67. L Kennedy

      Machine gun......more like water pistol

    68. Nasty One

      Trust me, I know coke, and you can easily see it that he's still heavily into it. His demeanor, his facial expressions, his eyes, body language, just everything. It's dead obvious. The drugs really took over his mind. If people are confused and unsure as to who he is, trust me, HE doesn't even know who he is anymore...

    69. Judge and Jury

      Conor would rip that scrawny punk in half

    70. Thomas Smith

      Ja rule snitchin still

    71. Bayrischer Hochadel

      Mgk is her Toyboy and yet she calls hin „daddy“.

    72. Andrew Ryans

      Sweep the leg!!

    73. Naimi Naimi

      Hes not allowed to bring other hoes in his videos its the wueen or no one 😂

    74. Justin Horton

      Hahahaha I only fight real fighters lol. Not little vanilla boy rappers hahahahaha

    75. Sam

      These comments mane, no shit UFC professional Conor McGregor would fuck MGK up

    76. Lucas Gates

      Where her like 2 ten year old kids.where is Brian Austin green in all this.come get your soccer mom. Wth

    77. alldeeznuttz inyomouf

      mgk and fox is such an industry plant 🤢

    78. alldeeznuttz inyomouf

      ja who?

    79. Christinaanna5

      Ja Rule on Fyre! Oh wait...

    80. Hector Colon

      It's ja, ja can you tell us what you think at a moment like this?

    81. Camilo Cardenas

      what await us .

    82. Na Ich halt.

      Conors face bloated from all the cocain amd whiskey

    83. Mark A. Demaline

      Pathetic junkies, everyone of 'em.

    84. Playboikrill

      Conor - I don’t fight littile vanilla boy rappers

    85. life with twins and a fur baby

      Looking at this vulgar celebrities I feel so bad about all those girls who are in the hands of human traffickers and had to unwillingly do such stuff which the woman proudly showing off!!

    86. j toet

      2:50 Whahahaha Were is Jaah Rule Men Jaah Jaaah hahahaha lol

    87. Rabah Madini

      Whats on MGKs face 😂😂😂

    88. Iyi lombi

      MGK 🤣wft my heart is beating so fast....but I'm okay my guards are near me..🤣🤣🤣

    89. Click Bait

      Ja rule is on MGK side dont aks me why 🤫

    90. ItsJustRain

      Connor McGregor just seems like a douche who’s angry he cant win a fight anymore

    91. B. B.G

      Jus roomers!

    92. DeStresser


    93. Stranger Danger

      Nothing happened Machine Gun Kelly acting like a bitch this is a clear cut how the media is fooking trash!!!

    94. Jacob Hamilton

      Watch out for McGregor's broken fucking leg and 2 losses

    95. Jacob Hamilton

      You're so washed up you're like Connor McGregor talking about Connor McGregor

    96. Clay W

      Thank God we have Ja Rule to make sense of all this.

    97. Joel Childs

      Its like highschool... lol