Gigi Hadid on Being a Farm Mom & Celebrating America | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue


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    Gigi Hadid talks with Emma Chamberlain about being a mom and celebrating American fashion at the Met Gala.

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    Gigi Hadid on Being a Farm Mom & Celebrating America | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue

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    1. Karolina Ng

      I can’t believe she has a kid!

    2. María Villarreal

      America is not a country

    3. Shaq

      Gigi Hadid is so overrated. I can't believe people hyping her up so much.

    4. Naomi Cichanowicz

      The way emma speaks and holds her self is so amazing. She is genuinely so so beautiful and amazing

    5. Blue Gray

      This was my favorite look! There was red white and blue as well haha i just noticed that

    6. Kamya Jha

      i love gigi, but i just couldnt take my eyes of camila and shawn mendes in the background

    7. sofia sweigart

      they mix well together

    8. Jessie Henderson

      Does she realize Prada (as in Mario Prada) is Italian? Not American??

    9. Tumbler In

      Best Girl Gigi Hadid💖

    10. Tumbler In

      Best girl gigi hadid😍❤💖

    11. Lacey Noel

      Why was no one there to fix Emmas hair?!?!

    12. tiva perez

      i will never not love gigis voice, it's so beautiful

    13. Genesis Ansbro

      Did she say that she had Covid?

    14. regina cahyani

      other people watch these vogue interviews vids bcos of the celebs, but im here crying in proudness for emma!! she deserves all the credits and attention she has rn. So happy most of the celebrities recognized her immediately 🥺 QUEEN🤩

    15. Ana Otero

      gigi te quiero

    16. Emily Baker

      She had the best answer of conversation

    17. Panda Pie

      Disturbing Celebrity worship Many people suffered this year...

    18. yuoop noke

      My life has totally changed since I started with $7,000 and now I make $ 10,450 every 11 days.

    19. toots g

      Her answer to the first question was perfect, the rest of the interview was fantastic 👏 👌

    20. Daniel James Manuel

      Emma looking like she drunk wine instead of coffee

    21. Moemena Elgendy

      Her body colour is nice for the dress and also her hair style and its colour are wounderful choice for the total dress . I like her and kendal looks but gigi is most one .

    22. Rumiana Shevchenko

      I love Gigi!!!

    23. batblurr13

      Gigi’s answer is so inspiring to me

    24. Deborah B

      The difrence attitude this frome the Megan Fox one, wow

      1. yuoop noke

        surprised her bottom teeth are crocked but go off Gigi

    25. joshgrindle

      This was so genuine

    26. S Ben

      “America coming together with something that isn't politics” safe to assume she hates aoc just as much as I do especially because aoc showed up to the met WITH politics.. stupid dress saying “tax the rich” girl tax yourself then? Pretty sure nobody at the met gala (including aoc) is not poor

      1. this mother fucker

        The billionaires do need to be taxed more. The tacky dress doesn't help matters though.

    27. Cheryl Smith

      It's obvious Gigi is not too bright.

    28. hoiy vinosa

      Gigi's previous shivering voice lowkey changed after being a mom.

    29. vnssa

      I’m literally so happy for Emma stfu

    30. JONE G R-1


    31. saghana

      emma deserves this so much istg

    32. Soren R


      1. hoiy vinosa

        Gigi is so well spoken

    33. Blackened Rose

      surprised her bottom teeth are crocked but go off Gigi

    34. العنزي العنزي

      هاذا الجمال الفلسطيني 😭

    35. London Bags

      Coming together over high fashion psh if you can afford it! These dresses aren't cheap

    36. Tay 🍄🌿

      Greed and vanity is now painted in a positive light in America

    37. hal

      y’all are so rude to emma , give her some credit considering it’s her first time!!! she did absolutely AMAZING and she’s come so far, i’m so incredibly proud of her.

    38. Itz KatPlayz

      the whole video my eyes were literally on her hair,iconic

    39. Mr. Abdu

      It wasn’t about politics until AOC showed up and ruined it



    41. Ashritha Tekuri


    42. Laila Hossam

      Emma and Gigi are amazing together omg

    43. yewduyou hxh

      Gigi is so well spoken

    44. Local Lush

      Emma! Great choice Vouge. Her vibe is on point.

    45. cass is here

      i love gigi's voice so much

    46. Natalia

      Okay but she reminds me of Anastasia so pretty!

    47. Master The Giraffe

      Why is Emma Chamberlain famous? Sorry I’m like not aware of her

      1. Sandels D

        shes youtuber!!

    48. Jennifer Schwartz

      Choosing Emma to interview was the best decision, she's great at this and people really feel comfortable warm up to her. She's so real and relatable. Gigi looks amazing! I also feel like she seems so kind, so intelligent, down to earth, etc.

    49. miko foin

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈

    50. א ק

      It is very surprising how shearing a very pretty gown

    51. Chibi.isa31

      shawn in the backlol

    52. Isadora Tavares


    53. Isadora Tavares


      1. miko foin

        What is a farm mom??? A mom on a farm?

    54. Lady LaTre'viette Phantumhive

      I can hear Kiki Palmer in the background loud and clear 😂

    55. Nick Y

      it’s refreshing to hear gigi speak about the history of fashion and what the theme and event and wearing a designer means. the industry has gotten so lost in social media that a lot of attendees don’t really know the meaning of vogue and this event anymore so i’m glad she prepared an answer and spoke it well because it shows dignity and respect

    56. hannah

      emma is a great interviewer! everyone is so comfortable with her. this makes my heart so happy

      1. Alexia Delavega

        Seriously though! Her personality & energy are amazing. :)

    57. Nyc Ashley

      emma and gigi compliment each other so welllll omgg

      1. Alexia Delavega

        They do!:)

    58. Black Dog


    59. Mia Carolina

      Sometimes I just forget about that Gigi is mom 😩🤍🖤

    60. McKinley B

      gigi my queen

    61. Mikyla Films

      She reminds me of brave

    62. Georgia Smeltzer

      meanwhile, outside the met gala: (if you don’t know, while rich people were partying, activists were outside fighting for blm. this was to show that black lives still matter. many were arrested.)

      1. MuffinFighter

        Yeah, it makes me feel ill :(

    63. Canadian Roxee

      I love this look!

    64. aves

      I love them

    65. missy

      Vogue loves emma

    66. fae

      i love emma sm

    67. Rebekah

      What is a farm mom??? A mom on a farm?

    68. Knowing truth is bliss

      Emma looks anorexic. Please take care and eat some leaves.

    69. cqvio doli

      She’s so kind and humble mom raised her right hopefully she will get married with Zayne

    70. rupali semwal

      Gigi oh god she is so kind 😩❤

    71. rupali semwal

      Gigi own my heart❤

    72. G C

      Brigitte Bardot

    73. alifia ayu masita

      because of shawn at the back i can’t focus on gigi sorry haha

      1. cqvio doli

        Red head

    74. Grace N.

      Awesome 👉👉👈👈

    75. hi_ yo

      0:08 hi camila, she in the back I don't how I saw her, don't ask me 😅

    76. Duru Ates

      The best thing Vogue did this year is putting Emma there.

    77. - ⧣ ᎷᏗᏒᎥᏗᎷ𖤐 .


    78. R

      I luv this woman so much, gigi

    79. Amber Klebach

      As a European I am here like "why is "America" a theme?" 🤣 cant relate

    80. Maya Macrides

      Why does it feel this is just emma vloging at some hi-fi Hollywood party lol

    81. Carryminati

      She looks so gooooood😍😍😍😍

    82. Syifaa Salsabilla


    83. KF 1968

      Well done Gigi you remembered the script given to you

    84. S

      Okay but did Emmas stylists not style her hair? It looks kind of flat

    85. bhad bhadbie

      What does the us have to do with met gala

    86. bhad bhadbie

      Amen lol

    87. bhad bhadbie

      Red head

    88. bhad bhadbie


    89. Titania Crawley 🇨🇮

      gigi is so sweet and down to earth. there's nothing fake or stiff in the way she talks, it's refreshing

    90. yessenia m

      Gigi is so well spoken!

    91. Rvve Duio

      I love how, we all know that it's impossible to hate Emma, she is soo genuine and loving, I love her so so much

    92. Hello World

      Didnt know she could speak like this, she isn't just a pretty model but an awesome mother and woman. Wow, love her!

    93. Ayesha Gull

      Beautiful gigi

    94. Sunny Love

      All unmasked, hugging. A rule for thee and not for me!

    95. Saba

      Is it just me or do Emma and Gigi kind of sound the same ?😭❤️

      1. Rvve Duio

        where is bella?

    96. Manny Bee

      Ari bid lol