Game Recap: Bucks 105, Suns 98

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    Led by Giannis Antetokounmpos Playoff career-high 50 points (17-19 FT) and five blocks, along with 14 rebounds, the Bucks defeated the Suns, 105-98, in Game 6. Khris Middleton added 17 points, five rebounds and five assists for the Bucks in the victory, while Chris Paul tallied 26 points and five assists for the Suns. With the victory, the Bucks have secured the franchises second NBA title and their first since 1971.

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    1. John Dave

      The bay area

    2. Jhan Doriel

      Gianis Greek god of NBA

    3. bofooit gojo

      spewing rubbish, always changing tone.#bucksinsix#

    4. Patryk Ejsmont

      Do not lock. I have friends which send a lot of massege to school drive cause they were sitting in him head he spółkę will fight to end they were man

    5. minij hooi

      Wow JAE crowder is a 2x game 6 champion with a lost feel it for my Bahamian boy thou🇧🇸

    6. sket brownies

      phoenix make me cry.. Only wanna be with you

    7. Tommi265

      As the Green Bay Packers going to suck more and more (ask Rodgers about it 😝), Wisconsin still has a great sports team for replacement. Well deserved after waiting 50 years Bucks 🦌🏀🏆.

      1. bofooit gojo


    8. Francis Dagum

      Pliss your may hero in my cuonyry. mAh mey be its wouths

    9. Abby Sigmon

      Suns gave it their all.

      1. vliduu zeeb

        No ones talking about jrue holiday. Him and his wife are the only couple to win an NBA championship and a women’s World Cup.

    10. misuyy fong

      The Greek freak you are amazing, I am LA Clippers fan but I want to congratulations you and your team well deserved ring and MVP award. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

      1. minij hooi


    11. Matthew Stewart

      Bucks got lucky.

    12. Matthew Stewart

      50 years, 50 points and weak competition. Bucks benefitted from injuries

    13. Regdu Geht

      Let's go Greek Freak!!! I wish you the best. We are very proud for you. 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

    14. LusterX4


    15. Böser.Stachel

      Thats all folks! Suns got beaten again in the Finals just like in ‘93..

    16. liouy cnny

      Feer the Deer! 🦒🦒🦒 Bucks In 6 Finals MVP the Hero Greek Freak, what an epic story

    17. LEL_ Werewolf

      What an incredible team Milwaukee is, and Giannis is probably better than LeBron at this point

      1. k i

        has potential, but not yet

      2. Regdu Geht

        Keep calm and get vaccinated, Biden says of 'breakthrough' COVID cases .

    18. Ricky Italian

      Ora basta! Guardate e diffondete.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

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      1. liouy cnny

        Give full gas Giannis ... You constantly make us proud, you are a little God. Thank you! 🇬🇷 💓

    20. king power

      Akumpo would've score 149 points if he did not bent his knee the other way

      1. Rvve Duio

        Phoenix loses because cp3 tried to be the mvp of the team. The first 2 game won because Booker was taking the lead.

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    22. Huynh Helen


    23. GBO Arhtur

      No ones talking about jrue holiday. Him and his wife are the only couple to win an NBA championship and a women’s World Cup.

      1. k i


    24. Hardcastle


    25. exclusive trends

      Keep calm and get vaccinated, Biden says of 'breakthrough' COVID cases .

    26. Jennifer David

      Bj b mo

    27. Πασχάλης Καζάκος

      Give full gas Giannis ... You constantly make us proud, you are a little God. Thank you! 🇬🇷 💓

    28. Erick Martínez

      Giannis Antetokounmpo 50 -26 Chris Paul. Bien

    29. max Chandra

      Phoenix loses because cp3 tried to be the mvp of the team. The first 2 game won because Booker was taking the lead.

    30. Allan Junior Mana

      Wow 50s years later 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    32. H D

    33. H D

    34. Joselito Ramos

      Congrat's mga idol....

    35. Vladislav Satulo ARCHIVE


    36. Dylan Wood

      I’m from the uk and have a soft spot for the bucks cus of giannis and Middleton less goo bucks

    37. Riel

      I keep raving about the highlights not being in synch with the commentary! Even if it was live commentary, it catches the ACTION! Imagine if that Lopez's dunk was caught in synch with the commentary! The commentary coming after the action has happened is totally useless! I didn't watch the game live, I should be able to enjoy the highlights with a little extra fever if the commentary can be in synch! HOW HARD CAN IT BE!!!😭

    38. Riel

      It is criminal, not adding Giannis's block at the start of the game in the highlights!

    39. Αpostolos West

      50years, 50points, 50 chicken nuggets! 😁

    40. Eddah Chepkirui

    41. Redx_Gamer

      I like green

    42. Antoine Roquentin

      Most free season in NBA history trash champion

      1. gbemi arubi

        Stfu bandwagon

    43. El Robe


    44. Del Bulactiar

      Shoot out for the big foot of durant

    45. Sandi Eržen

      Cool ! GA34 & KM22 bravo Jelenčki ! vau 50pts.Th

    46. Gerardo Peña

      A funeral has more excitement than this video’s narrator

    47. Davey Jones

      Jesus is Lord repent invite him into your heart

    48. Zyad Sabry

    49. woodedco

      Is anyone else put off my the massive camera flashes every time someone shoots??

    50. Demetrios Lemas


    51. Alfie001

      Well done bucks you did well

    52. samu el

      *It's time to repent and seek JESUS* .He gave his life, and suffered the wrath of the Father in the cross, to save you from a eternal hell. For God loves you, but the sin must be punished. On the third day He raised from the death, showing to the world that He is God. So stop sinning and clean your life. He returns soon to judge and destroy the sinners. *Read the Bible.* *THE END IS NEAR.*

    53. Blender Wiki

      Giannis win against the Sun's and against another average Middleton and Holiday game. He did arguably the best individual performance in the finals in the last 10 years (yes even better than LeBron 2015). All the year long i was worry that he couldn't get enough help, but he went over any limit also over his teammates limits. Dedicated to all the haters that defined him the most overrated MVP in the history.

    54. Ottoman The 1st


    55. Jackson Altidor


    56. Aditia Pamungkas

      Giannis is the real king

    57. Bob Ahmed

      What kinda trash commentary is this?

    58. Jackson Altidor


    59. Michael Strode

      My only comment for the last game=double/triple the Greek or lose. Terrible coaching by the Suns. Proper execution and use of the Greek. Grest coaching by the Bucks. Excellent NBA Finals. Very happy for both teams. Bucks will be top 4/East Finals next year. Suns will not make it to West Finals. Blown chance for the Suns will crush them for a long time. Send Paul to the Nets. Nets will be cursed indefinitely.

    60. DailyDose

    61. ScumTrashBeats

    62. JT CopaCobana

      Better luck next time CP3 FANS and bandwagon jumpers. Hahaha

    63. I am not a Cat

      Cool kid won. The bully lost. Suns in 4 after all

    64. Michele Crisci

      Bucks it's mediocre and lucky team, the best is only him....Giannis

    65. Апельсин Сальвадорович

      Янис в соло затащил оленей на пьедестал.

    66. Hellas 2004

      Giannis! Gold Card, Game Strength 99 🇬🇷👍💪 😁😁😁 Well done!

    67. Eren -M

      Giannis 🏆💚🏆

    68. lucas cherki

      Giannis and Lopez CARRIED the Bucks

    69. Oto Patama

      Joga muito esse monstro

    70. צחי כהן

      One of the greatest players played in milwaukee bucks giannis anttekoumpo a champion nba ring

    71. Greg Mc Elhinney

      Chris Paul costed them an important game in this series

      1. Travel Crawl

        What else is new? 🤷🏼‍♂️

    72. Wole Peters

      Absolutely Nobody: Harden: *fist bump his other hand* damn Tucker got a ring before me 😅😎

    73. Lourenço Manguele

      50 PTS and 14 REB in a final game 😲, this guy is a monster 💪🏿

    74. Ja Mah

      Dont forget what Jason Kidd did to the team

    75. Lourenço Manguele

      3 years of victorys from Giannis

    76. DT Gaming

      giannissss ❤️❤️

    77. Black Escobar

      Congratulations Gianni's! You deserve it💪

    78. therapid llama

      Letssss goooooooo💚💚💚💚

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    80. Money Mark

      Chris Paul still ringless. Lol. Serves him right for shimmying at Curry. Next 10 years will be GOLDEN STATE'S Champiomship reign again.

    81. David Andyka

      Good game

    82. tracy nguyen

      Congratulations Bucks on this men's NBA championship

    83. Jerwel Albano

      That's game

    84. Jerwel Albano

      That's game

    85. Ivan Nhamoneque

      "He only run and dunk..." James Hard to Giannis Antetokoumpo. He really have ran to reach the Ring. Kkkkkki

      1. Wole Peters

        How many folks are running and dunking to a ring...

    86. Meschac MARTINOT

      Giannis deserves it🏀🏆🎊🎉🎊💥💥💥

    87. Lebron James

      Congrats G..CHAMP

    88. Constantinos Agisilaou

      Μπράβο Γιάννη σε εσένα, την ομαδάρα σου και την οικογένεια σου.! Πάμε για το επόμενο!.

    89. Ale ST

      Vtnc que narrador horrível

    90. Theodore Alexopoulos

      The GOD of basketball (Nick Galis) said you are the best...and when GOD is talking...we pull over...

    91. Dupe T

      0:28 WTF did I just hear 😂

    92. Ken Dou Sip

      it is the magnificent story of a street child, who succeeds today in reaching the summits just because he believed in it. You can't have more heart than a kid who was willing to sell key chains to support his family and who slept in a gym. I dedicated a sound called ''Giannis /MVP''

    93. andrei hiris


    94. Andres Marte

      Felicidades para el equipo de los Bucks y sus muchachos merecido triunfo 👌

    95. GBtha G

      Giannis could well be the next MJ. Congrats 2 tha bucks.

    96. Daniel Obi



      Goodluck cp3 next year if the suns cameback to the finals and get that trophy i will salute for this team but its hard to comeback in western conference teams it so many players that can compete on that level

    98. Bishop Ayide

      Nigerians are super skilled mehn, congrats to Giannis, the Undisputed MVP.

    99. Taras Partem


    100. among cyan

      Bucks champion🏆🏆 Giannis have a tropy