USA or Czech Republic? Advice to a Czech-American: Which country should he live in?

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    One of my viewers asked my advice: Should he live in a place he loves? Or a place where he can earn more money? This is such a personal question, and I can’t stop thinking about it. So watch my response and in the comments, tell me what you think? What would you do in his position?

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    1. Dedd Un

      Very nice video, well and intelligently spoken. Thank you

    2. OliOn Line

      Tomaš your story is about, is your husband or that viewer?

    3. Honza Měkuta

      yeah, having some 300 000 dolars in investments alows you to move to czechia and following 4% rule, you do not have to work till the end of your life :D But should you waste best years of your life in work and place you do not like? Really Philosophical question I would say.

    4. Madri Buckova

      This was disappointing to watch. The amount of times you used 'successful' purely in the sence of being a workaholic in a big American city is sad. The same with saving as the only thing to do with your money when you're 25. It's an outdated perception that a salaried person can become wealthy simply by living below their means and saving. Somewhat like the title of your video, there's a difference between "you working for your money" and "your money working for you". I like your videos about life as a foreigner in an adopted country, but giving "advice" like this is probably best when it's done by someone better suited/informed.

      1. Madri Buckova

        @Dream Prague That's why I had issues with "advice". "Opinion", in my opinion, would've been better suited for what this was.

      2. Dream Prague

        touchy! He asked for my opinion. Thanks for yours.

    5. Samo Muránsky

      The idea of having a job that earns a lot of money just to make sure the investment into the education payed off doesn't really stick for me. I mean, someone paid a lot of money and now they're gonna have a miserable life just to feel less bad about it? What's the benefit? One should always put happiness first. Money are a tool to achieve that to some extent, but they are not the goal itself. Earning unnecessarily large amounts of money at the expense of one's own satisfaction is a bad choice. (Of course I'm not talking about taking that job to be able to repay debt, that's understandable.)

      1. Dream Prague

        I get what you're saying.

    6. Shub Niggurath

      haha 70 000czk :D joke? :D Prague normal friends get paid around 1600 USD. IT Programator (basic Java, badly english) around 2000 USD. FastFood job around 880 USD. 80 000czk / 3700 USD yes get IT Programator Admin Linux, perfect skills (C#, Java ), has perfect knowledge, understands two languages (English, Spanish, Germany), a multinational company... Travel, Yes you can travel but have problem. Take 1600USD and go to Sydney, New York, buy one night in hotel haha :D the price is high for you, you have to save more but you can travel. American says it's a normal price, it's so cheap!

    7. Beldin 2

      You said something like "earn much money now and then retire early". I mean as somebody who kinda retired at 53 and now tries to live with only 1000€ per week i can understand that, but as far as i have seen it most of those people don't really retire and want even more and more and work until they die at a heart attack .. or they get killed by their greedy kids 😄 And in this case when we see the relative numbers in the end he just earns like 20-30% more in the US maybe so for me that would be an easy decision.

    8. Tomáš Chaloupka

      Holy shit! Gut Girls

    9. L W

      Hi Jen, an American Expat living in Prague here. I thought I should mention that if your friends from the US are earning less than 100K USD a year they can qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and although it may not help them pay their student loans off, if they really can't afford to pay, they can use that to show they don't make any US income. Example, if they are on an income driven repayment plan, their payments would be zero because they make zero US dollars. In a pinch it can help. I have a big family and both adults have big student debt (lucky us). We would be hurt by those monthly payments each month if we had to pay $400 each. This way we pay what we can instead. There are many tax sites that discuss this for Expats. Anyway, great video and good all around advice for anyone who is still trying to figure out what they want in life.

    10. Ivan Novotny

      No matter how big your house is, how new your car is, or how big your bank account is, our graves will always be the same size....

    11. Ivan Novotny

      The way i see it, everything in life is a TRADE OFF, plain and simple.

    12. Expat

      At the end of the day, she has a Czech partner, if not a spouse. Angry about anyone who has an “education.” Some of us do. The only thing I see here is a self-centered California chick, who discovered a Czech who can tolerate her Valley Girl talkZ

    13. Expat

      Get a degree from a recognized university, instead of ranting.

    14. Expat

      What a loud, self-centered American.

      1. Dream Prague

        And thank you for commenting on so many of my loud self-centered videos! I think you have a secret crush on me. I see you, Expat.

    15. Stu

      While I don't know Tomas' options, the pandemic seems like a good time to "try on" life in another country if your employer is requiring you to work from home anyway (presuming, of course, that the border is open and allowing tourists). Take a couple months and airbnb it in a few countries and see how it feels to be living elsewhere. Sure, you'll have double rent for a bit (unless you can rent out your flat while you're gone), but a small price to pay for the experience and perspective gained. Tomas has a huge advantage over most of us, since he already speaks Czech, but what a great time to take advantage of difficult circumstances and try something different. The future is so uncertain at the moment, why not embrace the uncertainty? Regardless, be true to yourself - don't let the advertisers, parents, and peers choose your future for you. Good thoughts, Jen.

    16. pan tau

      i LOVE your videos Jen...pls create a gofundme or something so we colud support you for this amazing content...

      1. Dream Prague

        Thank you for watching!

    17. heyhulaheyhulu

      Co je s tebou? Si enigrovala do juesej?

    18. Epru89

      I’m a keyboard warrior 😉 Great video.

    19. Petra Bednar

      While I was watching your video, I thought exactly what you said at the end. Just stay in Cali for few years and work as hard as u can with minimal expenses. Just don’t find a spouse. That’s where I hit the wall. Fell in love with an American, now have two little Americans and moving back to Czechia is pretty much impossible now.

      1. Dream Prague

        Nothing is impossible Petra! 10 years ago I would never have dreamed I would live in Prague.

    20. Kaptan Baha

      Get paid by a US company by US standards and live in Prague. I have best of the both worlds 😂

    21. Sado Maso Hlomoz

      What you're saying is reasonable ... especially comparing the cost of living. Typically, a Czech journalist make a fool ordinary people with messages like "the British queen donated 150 million crowns to charity" and that is, of course, nonsense. She gave British pounds, and those pounds have a completely different value than indicate the exchange rate to the crown. And then we look at the fact that the Czech government sent ten million crowns somewhere, when another state sent the ten million as well, but as euros. Czech rejoices and at the same time does not know that a Czech gift is like spitting into water. Fooling the masses who know little about the world. Tomas is young and has his whole life ahead of him. Priorities change with aging, but it is certainly wrong to stay put just because it is considered normal and because people do so, especially in Europe. He certainly chooses well, he has enough sense.

    22. martina seifertova

      Prices: my house, in a village, 240 m2, built 17 years ago - 60.000 USD. Now, we are building new workshop in the garden, small, 100 m2 - 60.000 USD. After several years, everything will be twice higher. And, the place, with some very old and poor house, but possible to live, 25 years ago, was ..... 15.000 USD.

    23. Pete X

      hi jen..)) you know " money talk?" it is just american phrase.....we like live stress .. no heart attack... just flow by water...))) and joy each a day

    24. Dd Ss

      Pravdaže slovenka čo robí reklamu Česku hahaha my sme fakt jebnutá krajina už má nedivi nič

    25. Jiří Blažek

      Actually, similar dilema I had to face last months when I was 42. Surprisingly I decided to stay in job and just save more that I can travel more. Sometimes one doesn't have to change place or aim higher. Just make life style sustainable can be the trick.

    26. Damasek 219

      If you want money, move to USA, if you wanna live, stay in CZ.

    27. frosty A B

      Do you have a video about taking vacation in US vs CR? How long of a vacation, how long, what they do, ... It all ties very nicely into the whole LTW or WTL.

    28. Václav Halama

      Podle mého správně zaznělo,že je velice obtížně žít skromě,pokud všichni přátelé a kamarádi okolo hodně utrácejí za pohodlnější život. Je to o vůli a ne každý vydrží....

    29. Oldřich Tristan Florian

      I'm interested in US culture, history and politics, and I always wanted to know what it's like to live there and get to know it better than just through books and one-off vacations. I was drawn for the Diversity Visa, and at first, I was glad, but now I am primarily scared. I am a city person and what scares me the most is the cost of living in cities. The wages are tempting (if I ever get a job in any of my fields), but when even in Boston (which I like probably the most), I would be paying $3k a month for a one-bedroom apartment in a solid location, it's pretty sad. I'm glad for videos like this because at least they give me some food for thought.

    30. Vít Ožana

      Ať jde pracovat do Tesly v Německu. Tam potřebují vysoce kvalifikované inženýry, platí asi dost a do Prahy to není daleko.

    31. Старыгина Людиила

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    32. Lenny

      U can buy chata😂ya..i moved to dublin when 28, nice time spending money for visit in czech when your salary is higher..but how u is more expansive there..i know ppl who bought houses here but i enjoyed to going out for dinners and, i should,i could haha

      1. Lenny

        And for tomas,move to czech for pension and go surfing in age 25 just apartment or flat and enjoy life👍he can move back anytime in furture..

    33. Acada

      I just wonder: If 25 yo man take a job, which allows him to save some money, but it would not be so satisfying. Will the 35 yo one be able to leave it? Priorities will be shifted. Maybe his own family will shift it for him. I wanted be a train driver. Took a school for it. I was good at school so I went to university with promise "You can always drive trains, but you are good at school so learn whie you can". Well the only time I drove train was at the school. I use my analytics skills now in my work and it is pretty good. But it is not like driving train. I can of course take a course now and do it. But it will never happen.

    34. Roxanne Liggons

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    35. smeyox

      Hi Jen, I always enjoy watching your videos, and I'd like to ask you how do you edit them? What software do you use to make cuts, all the effects, to add captions, visuals etc.? I'm a complete noob in this.

      1. Dream Prague

        Thanks! I use Final Cut Pro, and then I add images that I edit in Photoshop. It takes a while to learn, and I'm still improving!

    36. Rasam3

      Do Prahy přijely dvě Rusky, Na hlavách beranice a na nohou křusky. Přijely z Leningradu dělaj tam u brusky, Hej, já jsem zamilovanej. A jmenujou se Nataša a Šůra, řekly mi, že nemají v kapse ani bůra. Já doufám, že to není žádná habaďůra, Hej, já jsem zamilovanej. A já jim hrál na banjo písničky od Matušky A vony mě zpívaly pravý ruský častušky. A pak byla konverzace hustá, To že jsou Rusky špatný holky je lež pustá. Po rumu líbí se mi štíhlá i tlustá, Hej, já jsem zamilovanej. Holky se mnou pily z láhve zdatně, Co se pak dělo vzpomínám si jenom matně. Vím jenom, že nám bylo ráno hrozně špatně, Hej, já jsem zamilovanej. Do oběda zmizely ty Rusky, Aby mě nevzbudily zuly si ty křusky. Asi je z Leningradu volají ty brusky, Hej, já jsem zamilovanej. Bez Šůry a Nataši moje srdce krvácí A můj smysl života úplně se vytrácí. Připomíná mi je naše bříza, Asi mě díky Ruskám chytla druhá míza. Já bych jel za nima však nedají mě víza, Hej, já jsem zamilovanej.

    37. Mikeman

      Není to o tom kde člověk žije.Člověk se musí snažit všude, teprve pak bude úspěšný

    38. Jada Isabel

      DATME: -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

    39. Mirek Kraus

      It is not obvious at first glance, but this is your best video you have done. Ever. This should be viewed by every young Czech, who thinks this republic or society sucks and everywhere else is better place to live. You have highlighten the point - it doesn't matter where you live, but how you live, who do you want to be, what do you for your life and what people you have around you. Simply - where and what your life values are. Thanks Jen :-)

      1. Dream Prague

        That's sweet to hear, Mirek, thank you very much. I'm glad it resonated with you.

    40. Radka Radka

      Speaking from experience even if he makes 3-4x more money in Silicon Valley he’s still over all much poorer than making way less in Czech. That’s the honest truth. He wouldn’t be able to afford the same lifestyle as he has in czech even making Big Bang in California... Besides making only $8500 in Silicon Valley is not very high pay either, even people who make $200000 a year there (pre tax) spend most of it on the crazy cost of living.

      1. Dream Prague

        Yes, I think you are correct. It's incredibly expensive to live over there in ways we don't consider here. This summer, we went to a baseball game, and had no choice but to pay $40 to park one car. Public transit was not an option for us that day, either. We felt like we were bleeding cash.

    41. Jan Novak

      Seems like we immigrants have the same dilemma and thinking about it over and over again... Great videos by the way.

    42. Lada minuetkittens

      Vzdělaní versus “ many making abilities”. American movie star thinks, that capital of Italy is Spain. But she remembers, that she paid for her shoes $560.

    43. Cal EuXX

      Great video. Love this topic, which comes so "close to home" for me. Im a Czech-American (grew up: 10 years in USA/SoCal, 8 years in Czech)... moved back and forth several times. Am 40+ now; went to University in Prague. I once heard from a person in a similar situation, that in Czech he feels American and in the USA he feels Czech, everywhere else he just feels like a foreigner and that is exactly my experience. Even though you/we are biologically Czech and speak Czech, we are not really Czech but we are international-fusion-people. This Tomas's situation is different from mine in that he went to a prominent US university. Taking that into consideration, the fact that Tomas is a European-American, I would recommend trying to find a job and try starting a life in another European (EU) country that speaks English a lot and is more westernized (eg. Belgium, Netherlands, etc.).... that way you get closer to the European life style and at the same time in a Country that is not in many ways bogged down by old-communist mentality, etc.. Yet, its close to Czech, so you can see family and friends in Czech relatively easy. The older I am the more it seems to me that a person will find the people to spend their life with, when the person is finally themselves (authentic) and living the life they want to live. I totally agree that a person of 25 years has so much opportunity to try different lifestyles and places and to save up, no need to feel stuck. I know many people who just worked and worked in the USA to save up for a house and after they did they went back to Czech to live. Just within the USA there are places which are supposedly more family and free-time oriented: Colorado, Utah, etc. (so Ive heard). I wonder what Tomas's parents do, where they live. Both my parents are now back in Czech. I have a friend from years ago, who (he) was also born in CA/USA to Czech parents, raised in CA/USA and he had a similar dilemma until he met his now wife Denisa (Czech woman) - they married, have children and live in CA/USA. Oh, and dont forget to listen to your emotions: sadness, frustration, contentment, fear/anxiety, happiness, excitement, etc.... they are your guides to what is good for you. Recommend czeching our "Jovie's Home" youtube channel about life in the Netherlands. Wish I could go back to being 25.

      1. Dream Prague

        Thanks for the comment! I hope Tomáš read this comment, I think you have a lot of excellent points!

    44. М. Б.

      Myslet na USA je ztráta času, ta země je celkově mimo, navíc morálně upadá extrémní rychlostí. Možná do USA za prací, vytvoření úspor, ale i to je na zváženou...

      1. Rasam3

        usa je zaostalá země, od prvopočátku je zakódován zločin ve formě genocidy skutečných, pravých, původních obyvatel, to jest indiánů, jen jim Amerika patří. Všichni ti povětšinou přijíždějící britští osadníci si nakradli a uloupili území, které jim nepatří. Američané jsou lidé nemocní po majetku a bohatství, to je jediná hodnota kterou uznávají.Tito lidé nebudou nikdy bohatí. Jak to říkal jeden starý indián, "až se vám podaří otrávit vzduch, půdu, vodu, mezilidské vzrahy, zjistíte, že si za peníze už nic nekoupíte" 💰

    45. Pavel Grec

      Ahoj Jen, Nevíš náhodou proč se lidi v Americe, kteří se ráno vracejí domů mají boty v ruce a jdou zřejmě bosí?? Viděl jsem to už několikrát ve filmech a vůbec mi to nedává smysl

    46. Muž z lesa

      Já vydělám 20000 měsíčně a žiju si jako král a do práce chodim asi tak jenom na 4 hodiny denně. Jezdim s popelářským autem a dělám co mě baví i přesto že mam vystudovanou elektro průmyslovku.

      1. Muž z lesa

        @Lada minuetkittens Já nemam žádný problémy a ani dilemma. :)

      2. Lada minuetkittens

        This forum in not for you. You solved your dilemma.

    47. Muž z lesa

      Pokud bych bydlel tady a dlužil bankám v americe tak bych jim neposlal ani halíř a chtěl bych vidět jak by to ze mě u nás v ČR dostaly. Zas takový páčky nemaj :))

      1. Muž z lesa

        @Lada minuetkittens Banky jsou zloději. :)

      2. Lada minuetkittens


    48. Muž z lesa

      Za 110000 dolárů bych si radši koupil hovnocuc a jezdil vyvážet žumpy.

    49. Muž z lesa

      Je mi Tomáše hrozně moc líto, takovýhle složitý problémy řešit. :))

    50. Karel Rozehnal

      Problém je v tom, že v té Kalifornii si sice může více vydělat, ale tam opravdu musí moc pracovat, aby mohl žít. Téměř všechno je tam násobně dražší včetně zdravotní péče. V USA si musíte zaplatit i porod a léčba Kovidu v nemocnici při závažnějším průběhu nemoci vás může zadlužit i do smrti.

    51. Igor Bukový

      Work to live. Life is not only about work, it is important to have some fun, legal and moral fun. I am going to be annoying but I have to share my experience. Hard american capitalism is very unhealthy for lot of people and also the environment.

    52. Aleš Saska

      Hey Jenn, I do think that I am complete oposite of what you explained. However I am not the immigrant I have spend 4 years living and working in the US so I can relate a bit. Recently I have moved back to the Europe ( living in the Czech, but I am currently working the remote for different countries ). And yes - I am personally strong about having the live-to-work mindset ( US-like ) and it is pretty hard to relate to the people here. Most of the people thinks I am crazy and are throwing me rocks under my legs - similar to the czech-like mentality. They are telling you that I should be rather living the life and keep my dreams to themselfs and settle for the mediocre work-to-life lifestyle and not pursue my dreams - and yes they include huge amounts of the personal sacrifice. This is my piece of cake from the person who similarly as you have been born in the wrong country.

      1. Dream Prague

        Thanks for your point of view, Aleš!

    53. Daniel Jurišič

      Ste veľmi múdra žena. 🌺

    54. Jaroslav Malý

      K te praci -no to tu uz za komunistu koloval takovy for -ze se v praci nepretrhnu -abych pak v domove duchodcu nemusel vzpominat jen na pracovni uspechy

    55. MaoShan Ozymandias

      Jen, I realize that you learned and grew as a result of getting those degrees. I wonder, you personally feel that that growth was worth $100, 000?

      1. MaoShan Ozymandias

        @Dream Prague Well, in the US that's mostly true, tragically. I'm worthless here simply because I didn't "buy in".

      2. Dream Prague

        No probably not. Especially when comparable degrees is European institutions are free or a lot cheaper (although Charles University in Prague cost me $6000.) I think it’s an absurd amount of money for a n 18-25 year old to spend. But there’s a feeling in the US, that if you don’t spend it, you (or your child) will never have a chance at making a good living.

    56. Cart Htc

      I would feel pretty bad to "waste" an Ivy league level education (putting aside the real worth of it, which I suspect is more about the name and personal connections than the quality of education itself). Those parents have invested probably a very high percentage of their income and might feel "betrayed" by his choice not to follow that path... Which brings up a subsequent question - how much can such investment guilt children into working in a job they hate just to satisfy (or not to disappoint) the parents...

    57. Jiří Švec

      There Is no generation grew in capitalism...there are Still many And many communists who commuted crimes and making fun from this...i hate this...

    58. Pragal Paah

      Very nice analysis I am just curious what did you mean by "you get to work with TOP people back in California" ? This sounds as if all the colleagues that I work with here in Prague are douchebags, which I can vouch for is not the case.

      1. Dream Prague

        No, not what I meant. There are just certain places where the top people in each field flock. If your field is tech, sf is where you’ll find the worlds top talent. Or at least the top tech companies. Not to say that’s not changing…

    59. Andrej CE

      California's homelessness crisis, California become a democratic / neo-Marxist shith...le. Sorry, but it is a lie if you say it is a city of wealth. Is a fail city.

    60. albertza111

      Excelentná analýza "Tomášových" možností ! Lepšiu odpoveď by na svoju otázku ťažko našiel !

    61. VerrückterAussie

      I live in Australia and I’m married to a Czech/Australian. We are trying to work out if we can afford to sell up here and move to the Czech Republic and basically retire early; maybe do a bit of work here and there. How much do you think you would need (per year?) to have a reasonably comfortable life in the Czech Republic? Do you think 750,000 CK a year would be adequate for a couple?

      1. Alex

        750,000 CZK/pa is not that great for a couple given that it's as if both of you had average income. Average income = average life everywhere. It also depends a lot if you would own your home as mortgage can take up big chunk of your salary. I would recommend to everyone who wants to move abroad to get above average salary in the host country.

      2. Al Cupone

        750k per year is really fine, it is about average salary here. Having your own house/flat to it will make your life standard areally good. Just be careful if you like surfing or fishing, neither is very exciting here ;)

    62. Abir Wait

      Jen, I listened very intensely. I understand perfectly, but I am not sure if this is for the Czech audience. I cannot imagine (if you are financially comfortable) anybody to exchange Californian endless summer for the human crush in Prague. I myself preferred to switch to Canadian "work to live" life. I get your point, I can see that French (for example) know how to live. 8 weeks of vacation from the start! Groceries cheaper than in Czechia (restaurants the opposite). This is a difficult topic. Don't you think that those highly educated people are also highly motivated, that their achievement itself is THE entertainment for them, just as lying on a beach in all inclusive is for plebs like me?

      1. Dream Prague

        I totally agree with you Abir. My dad is exactly like you say, highly educated, highly motivated - he's working 60 hours a week and living his dream! So it just depends what type of person one is.

    63. Václav Sevcik

      Ahoj Je fajn že to tak bereš super video

      1. Dream Prague

        Děkuji Václav!

    64. slavomir kovac

      Hi, I prefer Czech live style I currently live in London, but I want go back to Prague. People in London may earn more money but they pay big prices for it. I see that many people here got depressed, taking drugs and alcohol, prescription pills etc I generally see sociality in crisis. I'm glad I'm from Czech Republic.

      1. Ondřej Matějka

        @Abc Abc Jenomže na západě pořád je aspoň taková ta kultura že chlastat neni normální a ty lidi to třeba tajej nebo si to nechávaj až někam na ven s kámošema, u nás jsou lidi ještě pyšný na to že jsou alkoholici a bere se to jako standard.

      2. Abc Abc

        @Ondřej Matějka To jste vycetl kde? Me se zda, ze Anglani lejou daleko vic.

      3. Ondřej Matějka

        @Alex ono je to vidět i na streetview, tam kolikrát je vidět jak někomu za oknem visí žárovka na drátě, ani na lustr nemaj, takhle tady nežije ani ta největší spodina

      4. Alex

        @slavomir kovac Ten pas by se hodil spis pro deti, treba na studium, je uplne jedno ze tam nebudete zit. Pripadne az bude priste referendum o vstupu UK do EU tak zahlasujete za 😃. Je to vyhoda v supliku ktera se muze nekdy hodit.

      5. slavomir kovac

        Alex, o British passport neuvazuji, deti nemam, vracim se do Cech mam dost penez na pohodlny zivot v Cechach. Je to na dlouhe povidani ale Anglie uz jde dolu, neni tu bezpecno atd nelituju ze jsem zde zil, ale uz to neni pro me. Mozna ze zakotvim v Nemecku, kde zije sestra a kde jsem taky zil. a je to kousek do mu

    65. Vilay Oudama

      That's the question I am asking myself every day.

      1. Dream Prague

        Glad The topic was relevant!

    66. Jace 2wheel

      Speaking as a dual citizen, Can/US....lived in both countries, this last year and a half has absolutely shown what is entirely wrong with our society. So I've made the decision to finish out this year here. But long term, my future lies overseas. Don't know if Czech Republic will be the place but knowing what I know and talking to other expats already living overseas fulltime, its an easy choice for someone like me, with little to no family and very few ties legally or otherwise.

    67. tsevca

      I really don't get this. If he never lived in the Czech Republic, I'd understand him asking someone who does. But he has the full info, so why ask a stranger? It sounds like one of the made up questions in magazines.

      1. tsevca

        @Dream Prague I definitely didn't mean it like that. But the guy, as you described him, actually seem to have the same if not better insight. I can't help it, but he really sounds made up. If you wanted to provide some guide, it wasn't necessary to make him up. If you didn't made him up, he definitely oversold himself if he couldn't think of it himself with the described background. Or a 3rd option, he's one of those lazy people who ask about the film's name under its trailer, because checking the video's title is apparently so difficult. But it definitely sounded weird. Sorry if it offended you. It was definitely not the intention.

      2. Lada minuetkittens

        That is not a point!!!!!!

      3. Dream Prague

        I mean, I have 9 years experience in Prague and my entire upbringing in CA, and make videos about this exact topic, so it's not out of the question that I might have an opinion, right?

    68. kokorox61

      Hey Jen, would you ever consider making a video about the neighbor situation in Prague? I've literally moved to so many apartments around the city always due to loud, inconsiderate neighbors who would stay up all night, every night. And it's happening in my new apartment for the umpteenth time! I'm literally going insane. I'm either unlucky or the whole housing situation here is awful (old houses/paper thin walls certainly don't help). I would love at some point to own my own place without renting anymore, but just the thought of having awful neighbors and being stuck there terrifies me. At this point I'm considering finding a place kind of outside of the city / on the outskirts. Would you have any tips on how to avoid renting an awful place or has anything like that ever happened to you (or anybody reading this)? Thank you and have a nice day. :)

      1. kokorox61

        @padellina Yeah unfortunately it almost never was my was either young people (foreigners who basically come alive during the night and sleep in the morning) that moved in after me or, in one instance, a crazy czech couple that was probably on drugs most of time. For the latter case, I at least was allowed to move out as soon as i found a new place with no notice period..I guess you never know when living in a city :(

      2. padellina

        One way to avoid nuisance caused by neighbors might be to look at the current residents/tenants before you take the apartment. As in other European countries, and in post-communist ones in particular, it is quite common fot the tenants to stay put for DECADES. You can inquire how long the tenants have lived there. Those “old” tenants are a hint the building will be quiet. And should a new person or family cause trouble, there will be enough of you to make order.

    69. Jan Petrus

      The EU has changed things up significantly in this regard. It is much easier to go earn some extra cash and be much closer to home than it was in the days of Tomas' parents (which must have been in the 90s given that he's 25). The changes that happened in the course of his lifetime, in these 20-30 years since the collapse of the Berlin Wall, mean that nowadays you have to have much more determination to go live abroad in general and all the more in such a competitive country as the US. It is actually getting to the point that you must truly want to live abroad as - exactly as you point out in the video - the living standards in Czech cities are pretty much the same as in the countries to the west of us. But we shouldn't complain since this is what we've wanted all along - mít se jako na zapádě...

    70. Jana Kovarik

      Love your view on this subject Jen

    71. non

      nice video! it was exactly as i needed and expected! calm and heartwarming! you spoke so slow and calm, nice. i really appreciate it. is it your way how to improve your videos or you are influenced by czech lifestyle and language or so (or summer)? i have to say, that maybe over year i am trying to solve similar problem. should i work in prague or not? for me prague is california and my calm little town is czechia where i can live happy life but sometime is something missing (mostly because i lived 17 yrs in prague). and last but not least, why pronunciation of the word "debt" from the mouth of some americans (californians?) sounds to me more like "death"? :-)

    72. matotuHELL

      Imagine borrowing money to be able to study so you can get well-paid job to be able to return the money. ... Mindblown. O.O Seeing the title, honestly I thought that the comparison is getting a bit repetitive, but this is yet another point of view. We are getting into big questions of life here and it is interesting. Thanks for the video! Also I love that you read the comments like this and can even make a whole video based on them if they are thought provoking.

    73. Vaclav Sulista

      Czechia for sure :-)

    74. Alexander Korolov

      Getting Californian salary and living in Czech republic is such a good idea. İs it possible though?

      1. Ondřej Matějka

        @Shub Niggurath I have around 1100 eur after tax as a CNC programmer with really high responsibility, you just can't get much more as a employee if you are not on manager position.

      2. Shub Niggurath

        @Ondřej Matějka Yes, I know an IT programmer (basic java, badly english) and the real salary is really like that in Prague around 2000 USD, normal people have around 1500 USD / 34 000czk

      3. Ondřej Matějka

        @Alex And can you finally say that secret what you actually do? :-)

      4. Alex

        @Ondřej Matějka I'm neither a manager nor a thief 😀. One should always be on the lookout for new opportunities. This is one area I feel Czechs can learn a lot from Americans.

      5. Ondřej Matějka

        @Alex I am not saying there are not people who earn that, I am just saying you must be top manager of big worldwide company to have that or.....thief. :-D Ordinary people barely overcome something like 30 000 CZK/month (after tax) even on very qualified position. And when you earn so much money, you have probably really big responsibility, you do mistake and it can cost your company milions, do you really think it's so worthy work on such position? When you do some mistake and destroy company, they will not employ you again on such high ranked position. And if you are just owner and your companies earn money for you, then you had to do very risky investments and you can lose everything when people under you do some mistakes. Not everyone (especially today) can just build big company and let it work alone and just earn money. You need hunderds of milions CZK to start some competitive bussines. People who started in 90s had much easier start than young people today.

    75. lamebubblesflysohigh

      California: earn 100k a year - live in tiny tiny house or apartment. Homeless people everywhere, street gangs, heat, wildfires, water shortages Czech republic/Prague: earn 35k (dollars) a year - live in a McMansion or spacious apartment in a big city. One of the safest places on Earth, mild weather and the closest thing to any shortage of any kind is when you go to your local potraviny (grocery store) at 6 pm and rohliky (sort of croissant but not really) are dry and hard. Unless you chase that CV flex

      1. Denisa K

        @Ventum Naturae what the actual fuck are you talking about? Are you high or something that you're talking about AI? That's really random and weird. Unless....

      2. Denisa K

        @Ventum Naturae yeah because I've never traveled YOU THINK. I've just don't use the argument that I am expert in comparing countries just because I've been there. I don't talk shit about Jordan just because I had bad luck that every other was trying to scam me. But I've also met nice people and have great memories to get to know their culture and mentality. You need to learn respec, if you traveled that much I'm surprised you have not gain this. Or you are just typical czech person who thinks that Czechia is a shithole and everything is the worst here (this usually happen in puberty) and the grass is greener on the other side. Já nemám nic proti, kde kdo žije, ale šířit lži o Česku je stupidní. A pokud si myslíš, že nikde jinde nejsou žádný podvodníci nebo tak, tak bys měl cestovat více. Respekt ke svojí a ostatním kulturám by měl být získán u každého, kdo často cestuje přirozeně. Bohužel to ale u mnohých "cestovatelů" chybí.

      3. Denisa K

        @Ventum Naturae wow it seems like you're talking about yourself at least in your first two paragraphs. I'm glad that you recognize it even though you projecting your character flaws on me rather than yourself. That's one thing that you should work on in the future. I'm starting really wondering where do you live where everyone has the best mentality ever and crime doesn't even exist.

      4. Denisa K

        @Ventum Naturae you are too much fun. Now I will miss you 😭.. . You're just too ridiculous. Have a nice day in your very very safe and maybe the safest place in the world where nobody can hurt your ego! 😉

      5. Denisa K

        @Ventum Naturae it's okay nobody will miss you here 😘

    76. Kosna Kosna

      ... "live to work" or "work to live" question .. And everybody here is "work to live", no exceptions . Hmm.. Its look like "live to work" people are too busy to listen to Jen.. :-)

    77. kasuha

      Live to work or work to live, that's exactly the question I was deciding on when I was about Tomáš's age. I chose work to live and I never regretted that decision. I have one comment regarding 10 years being short time period. It is and is not at this age. You never know when you meet someone who will make you decide whether to keep up with your plan and leave the person or stay with the person and give up on your long term plans. And if it happens to you when you're in the USA, you have the paradox: if you choose the person, you're choosing work to live in a country that's very built on live to work mentality. And if you choose your plans, you might be just ruining the life you decided to work for.

    78. Kingrex Kingrex

      Success is measured differently in the USA and Europe. In social sciences, socioeconomical status of a family is based on annual income in the USA and on parents' education in Europe. It is more about cultural capital.

    79. pacechcz

      ... and with a remote work booming, there is a whole set of new possibilities. I moved from Seattle back to Czechia 20 years ago. As a software engineer, I got a well-paid job working remotely for a foreign company while living almost off grid. Best of both worlds!

      1. Dream Prague

        Sounds like you did it right!

    80. Marky Markix

      Ahoj Jenn! Zajímavé video 👌 But there Is something that bothers me a bit. You said that you have studied things which Are not included in your work. Since you are employed as english teacher. And you and your whole family payed a lot money for these degrees - even had debts. I would feel VERY ashamed if I had my family pay my studies and years later this investment would not come back because I chosed a different field.. I don't know, maybe this Is just my european point of view. It sounded little bit selfish. Anyway, I enjoy your content. Keep up good work.

    81. Thamiri Vonjaahri

      My personal motto is definitely "work to live", because one day everybody will die and what good will all that cash do, when you're gone besides being given to the state, or charity (or your ultra-lazy children, who never had to work for it and hence will never be on same ladder as you were).

    82. jn!x23

      $140K Annual Income Needed to Renting 2-Bedroom Apartment in Bay Area. I read recently.

      1. jn!x23

        @Dream Prague now add the insane healthcare costs to that. How does a bus driver live in a place like this? Teacher, construction worker, shop assistant ... or anyone who does not work in tech...

      2. Dream Prague


    83. Markéta Hendrychová

      No nevím, dát 110 tisíc dolarů za vseobecný rozhled a abych nebyla nudná a uměla diskutovat??? 🤔🤔🤔

      1. Lada minuetkittens

        Ano, americke skolstvi je drahé. Člověk vzdělaný jako ona žije úplne jiny život. Jde o kvalitu života. Jen by nemohla říct zcela to co říká, kdyby nemela americko- japonsko-českou zkušenost. Kolik ceských “kvalitní českou vysokou školou vzdělaných” žen by mohlo vzít kameru a říct to, co ona a jako ona?

      2. Markéta Hendrychová

        @Ondřej Matějka moje řeč!!! Naprostý souhlas.

      3. Markéta Hendrychová

        @Radim s tím nikdo nepolemizuje. Pouze říkam, že je americké školství předražené na to, jaké studenty a s jakými znalostmi chrlí do světa.

      4. Ondřej Matějka

        Určitě je důležitý mít ňákou střední školu nebo vyučení, bez toho si v životě člověk neškrtne, ale u těch vysokejch škol souhlas, vubec to nutný neni pokud nechce člověk dělat vyloženě něco kde ty vědomosti potřebuje. Většinu zaměstnavatelů stejně vzdělání nezajímá, je nedostatek kvalifikovanejch lidí na trhu práce, každýho zajímá jenom jakou máte praxi a ne co máte za školu. Já kolem sebe vidim spoustu lidí co chtěj studovat co nejdýl to jde, je jim skoro 30 a žijou jako já když jsem byl na střední, z drobků co vypadnou od rodičů, semtam ňáká brigáda, to si fakt v tom věku nedokážu představit, je mi 29 a už mam 6 let praxe jako operátor/programátor CNC strojů s platem kolem 30 čistýho, těm lidem co zevlej na těch školách těch +/- 5 let praxe bude strašně chybět a pak budou do 40 sedět někde u pokladny v Albertu za 20 hrubýho. Trh práce tolik vysokoškoláků nepotřebuje a pokud maj ňáký humanitní vzdělání, nebo tak něco, tak je vysoce pravděpodobný, že vubec práci v oboru neseženou a skončej někde u tý pokladny. Když už studovat (pokud to člověk fakt chce aby se uplatnil a ne aby prostě studoval protože se mu chce), tak rozhodně ňákej technickej obor, protože s tim člověk najde v dnešní době uplatnění celkem snadno. Lidi si myslej že se zašijou někde do kanclu a tam budou přepisovat něco z papíru do wordu a rozesílat maily, jenomže tyhle pracovní pozice v příštích 10 letech nejspíš uplně zaniknou, případně jedna kvalifikovaná "kancelářská krysa" která fakt o tom kanclu něco ví, dokáže nahradit 5, možná i víc těhle trapáků co neuměj ani s excelem, je hrozně neefektivní že zaměstnavatelé zaměstnávaj tolik zbytečnejch lidí v těch kanclech. Když si vezmu co všechno já musim zvládnout za směnu když rozjíždim ňákou novou výrobu a připravuju programy do CNC strojů, tak mi připadá uplně směšný, možná až urážející, že někdo ve svojí pracovní době poslal pár mailů a přepsal něco z papíru do excelu a bere za to mzdu.

      5. Radim

        @Markéta Hendrychová To kde ted je bylo jeji svobodne rozhodnuti ,ale měla ruzné možnosti díky vzdělání ktere absolvovala. Určitě bych se vyhnul nějakému škatulkování lidí kteří se vzdělavájí v USA.

    84. Jaroslav Hampejs

      love this video genre so much, you'll get so much great content on here guys... subscribe to Jen ;)

      1. Alex

        @Dream Prague If you ever decide to return back to US to live there you will break our hearts!

      2. Dream Prague

        Aw, thanks!

    85. Miloslav Dědek

      Vážená, to vaše povídání by chtělo oživit nějakým zbrusu novým tématem. Pohovořte např. o následující výzvě: Vybudujme všichni společně nový spravedlivější svět. Určitě to bude stát za námahu s tím spojenou. Litovat změny stávajícího politického uspořádání lidstva budou pouze ti lidé, kteří se v současnosti nespravedlivě obohacují na úkor všech ostatních obyvatel světa. Nový svět je možné vytvořit tak, že se urychlí vývoj politického uspořádání lidstva. Proč a jak je nutné urychlit vývoj politického uspořádání lidstva? 1. Války, vývoj a výroba zbraní: Konflikty vznikající mezi státy se často neřeší mírovou cestou. Soustavně se vyvíjejí a vyrábějí nové zbraně. Vedou se války a ozbrojené střety. 2. Nevzdělanost a velká chudoba: 17 % lidí na světě neumí číst a psát, 15 % dětí nechodí do školy. Miliardy lidí mají velmi špatné vzdělání. Nevzdělanost je hlavní příčina chudoby. Téměř polovina světové populace žije z 60 Kč na den, 1,3 miliardy lidí musí vystačit s 30 Kč na den a méně. 3. Život v ne-demokraciích: 2,5 miliardy lidí na světě žije v nedemokratických státech. Ve státech, kde vládne jen síla a její uplatňování, práva a spravedlnosti se nelze dovolat, základní lidské svobody jsou omezené. 4. Nepříznivé působení lidstva na biosféru planety: Voda i atmosféra na celé planetě se znečisťuje. Atmosféra planety se otepluje. Jsou vyhlazovány živočišné i rostlinné druhy organizmů. Pokračování viz:

      1. Radim

        Tak budte tak hodný a oživujte jsi to u sebe a přestantě tady spamovat a zdarma si tady dělat reklamu .

    86. Tomáš Frybert

      this is so deep nice video

    87. The Tall Girl

      Just wonder if Czech people now eat you alive. Or don't they? I always thought they feel like the Czech Republic is the worst place in the world.

      1. Al Cupone

        We constantly complain, but at the end Czechs are big patriots, proud and happy whenever anybody finds their country on the map and even prouder and happier when someone compliments their homeland.

      2. Ondřej Matějka

        Only people who don't travel thing Czech Republic is the worst place in the world. When you visit some other countries, you must realize that it's actually pretty good country for living.

    88. Martin Maťha, Ing.

      Very good opinion.

    89. frantisek vacovsky

      Myslím,že jste docela dobrý analytik. Kvalita života je o jiných hodnotách. Co Tobík?Také mám psy.

    90. Radka Janotova

      My strategy was always to make enough money so I can travel. As simple as that

    91. Tom Novotny

      Hi Jen I have a question, can you give your take on what is happening in the USA right now as far as what the Biden administration is doing.

    92. Peter

      I was almost in the same situation but at the end it turn out great for me. Living in Prague but doing contractor work for my old company in the UK. Especially now during covid mankind found out that some jobs can be easily done remotely and prior to covid it wouldnt work.

    93. SENGVIN

      This is amazing video and it touches very important things to actually consider. We live in US and we have big dilemma what should we do next especially now when we have 14 months old baby. We may try Canada before we move back. After 20 years we think we had enough of American dream 🤷‍♂️. But hey you are very smart and very helpful to people that actually need it. Thank you again.

      1. Dream Prague

        Hi Sengvin! So glad the topic struck a nerve! I am in CA right now, and I have to say, it's a tough life with kids here...or at least it seems to me. Very expensive, and not much of a community unless you have family close by. I hope you guys make the right decision. At any rate, enjoy Canada! I have always enjoyed my time there.


      I was born in 1959, the same year my father (23) was killed. To make long story short: 1984 refugee in Austria. 1985 Boston. Arizona. San Francisco. 1988 Sierra College, Rocklin (AA English). 1990 University of California, Davis (BA Image and Culture). 1998 California State, Sacramento (MA Photography and Literature). I have a house 50 km west of Praha. The way I live here would not be possible in California or anywhere in the USA.

      1. Jiří Moc



        @Dream Prague I am diving into the past in the house of my ancestors filled with books and old things. What an everyday adventure. Discovery. Sometimes it is almost too much... like a dream.


        @Dream Prague Boston Museum was fine but slums not so much... long drive to Arizona. Free like Kafka in Oklahoma. Swimming in American River near Auburn in El Dorado County and creative writing at Sierra College was the best. The best of time.... Now the great future is behind me. Thanks for your videos.

      4. Dream Prague

        Vladminir! What a life you've had. My brother went to Davis too. I'm glad that the life you've created for yourself outside Prague suits you....there's no point in running on the treadmill if you are never quite satisfied. Thanks for your comment :)

    95. Light Knowledge

      Why did you say you wouldn't make it if you moved to Prague in young age ?

      1. Dream Prague

        Well, it's not that I wouldn't make it.....but I do see a lot of young 20 year olds move here and struggle financially. We were more mature, had some more savings and some more education and so we weren't stressed financially. Actually, I just heard (second hand) about an acquaintance who lived here for a year 9 years ago, and she had JUST finished paying off the credit card debt it took her to live in Prague and travel Europe because she came before she had any saviings.

      2. Chatter1

        I'm wondering that too, as I believe even if one is maybe not rich, the youth and it's energy compensates for it.....

    96. Joseph Majchut

      Like 👍

    97. Daniel Horák

      Kdo nemaze nejede. Greasing the palms exists in America too, but not to the extent as in Europe IMO.

    98. Chatter1

      The key question to ask oneself is "do I need to be the richest guy at the cemetery"??? And there's much of it already answered.....

      1. Chatter1

        @Ivan Novotny actually not as there are both big and small graves.... 🙃

      2. Ivan Novotny

        Chatter 1 No matter how big your house is, how new your car is, or how big your bank account is, our graves will always be the same size...

      3. Robert Luckhurst

        @Dream Prague Haha, Vysehrad came to my mind too! :)

      4. Chatter1

        @padellina I've always been of the opinion that except of good education that I as a parent would provide, the offspring should build their own carriers....

      5. padellina

        Except when you have a surviving family who could benefit from your savings no matter how large or small. This system had worked for ages. And not every offspring will found a facebook or a Microsoft while still in college.

    99. Ep!dEm

      If you earn US wage, then it might make sense to live in the Czech Republic. Other than that, it's the US all the way...

    100. Bohuslav Kanovsky

      Nerekl bych ze zivot v USA je drazsi nez v CR, je tomu prave naopak. V USA je levneji a vydelava se tam nekolikanasobne vic. Vyjimkou je snad jen socialisticka CA a pak mozna NYC kde jsou ceny opravdu vysoke. A vsechny ty vyhody jako skoly zdarma, zdravotnictvi zdarma, placena dovolena atd, to je jen podvod protoze to vse si clovek samozrejme zaplati a jeste dvakrat, ono to prerozdelovani stoji hodne a to ani nemluvim o tom ze prerozdelovani podporuje korupci. V USA je clovek svobodnejsi, sam si rozhodne kdy pujde do duchodu, na jak dlouho si veme volno (neplacene, ale zato za praci dostane ferove zaplaceno), atd atd. Evropa je dobra pro nefachcenka a pracujici lidi tresta sankcema v podobe dani (snad vetsich nez desatky pro kostel ve stredoveku). Jenze socialisti maji dobry marketing a lidi na falesnou jistotu slysi.

      1. Bohuslav Kanovsky

        @Dream Prague I think yes, from US point of view CA is socialistic. There are way bigger taxes than anywhere else in US. As an example the sales tax is 8,25% there, the rest of US has much lower sales tax, some states have it 0%. Same for energy, as an example the gasoline, it is 50% more expensive in CA than what is the US average. CA income tax is one of the highest in USA. CA is the strongest Democratic party state. I am not sure what advantages the people of California have from it, might be just more regulations from the fat good paid state. As an example, every car in CA has to go for emissions and technical check regularly, many US states don't do that, the people are responsible for the car they drive, and the result is that they have more money left to buy a new better car since they do not waste money by paying the government to tell them what to do. Yes, compare to EU even CA is not socialistic. I lived in some USA states, the longest in MI - for 15years. Yes, never in CA. Anyway, trust me, when I went to CA I also spent a lot of money very fast, neither visits in CZ were cheap. Visits are always more expensive than a regular life when being in the local pattern. If we do not consider CA, HI, WA, and NYC; then I think USA is generally much cheaper than CZ - houses, properties, cars, consumer goods etc. There are some exceptions as a beer on the tap or so. And yes, it is much harder to keep up with the Johnses in US since people are generally much richer there. The life in Czech has also many advantages, that is for sure, though the standard of living is still way lower here. Money is funny, though the happiness is not just about the money. The syndrome of emigrant cannot be cured, people become addicted to new perceptions which will never completely satisfy them. Jen, many thanks for nice videos!

      2. Dream Prague

        You think California is Socialist? 😂😂😂😂 I have been bleeding money since I arrived here last week. I have spent more than my Prague rent in 3 days.

      3. Chatter1

        To je treba presne Švédsko!!!