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    In the second part of Inside Kylie Cosmetics, we take a look at how Kylie Cosmetics expanded beyond just Lip Kits and grew into something I always dreamed of. I also want to give you all a peek into what it’s like working with my mom and how she inspires me and my team every day. Stay tuned for part three, coming soon.

    The new Kylie Cosmetics launches July 15 at 9am PST on

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    1. Youl Shabong

      No matter whatever people say about the kadarshians but you they are an inspiration to all the entrepreneurs out there

    2. Tiffany Le

      Legit these girls would be nothing without Kris xD

    3. superduper cool


    4. Perfect Stranger

      Kris Jenner is a good mother

    5. Emilia Williams

      I dont think people understand how hard kylie works and also having a daughter that's alot of hard work and she makes it look so easy and she is just beyond amazing

    6. Keisy Gil

      Stormi es la cosa mas tierna del mundo

    7. SOFTXJENNİE #ForeverDarkofLalisa

      Please help we Turkey is burning

    8. Join Colouring  Art🎨+ASMR

    9. Natalie derbas

      I'm your biggest fan Kylie ii

    10. Humbe Fernandez

      Shane Dawson documentary??? Vibes

    11. Maire Sirah

      0:14 its liek i’m watching the kdrama penthouse because of the background song 😭

    12. kirsten williams

      I'm here for Kris Jenner's energy chile 🤣❤️

    13. Juliana danielle Catli

      I wish Kylie is my mom cause my mom is always at work and never pays attention to me 🥺

    14. Estefany Gomes

      Cadê os brasileiros? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    15. marimo jamyr

      If my mom was "Kris f******* Jenner" I would be opening up my own cosmetic line. . 🤭

    16. Dilmieh

      Krisssssss 💖

    17. Sofia Ladushkina

      Просто вы все видели, что у Сторми на футболки написано "Кактус Джек" НА РУССКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ, РЕБЯТА?????.

    18. Neni Pepan

      Why stormy cry

    19. Im pilaa

      These videos actually inspired me a lottt 😭💖💖

    20. ArcticNemisis

      Kylie Jenner is like the only nice Jenner get me right here

    21. chloe lynn

      i love how kris answered when the interviewer asked who are you ?? kris replied kris f*cking jenner like ahh

    22. Regina B

      LoL it’s a joke

    23. Aisha Wahid

      I love how real she is. She is telling the truth and does not care what others say. Because she is a strong woman.🤍

    24. Vaishnavi Pawar

      They motivate me to work towards my dreams by hook or by crook ❤️

    25. Vaishnavi Pawar

      They look like real life movie.

    26. Bahtişen

      Kylie is 11mn subriseced!

    27. Bahtişen

      Kylie 11 mn subriseced

    28. Bahtişen

      Kylie 11 mn subriseced

    29. Gabriella Manu


    30. Nathania Wilfred

      This is so emotional 🥲 KYLIE IS MY ROLE MODEL!!

    31. Devananda K

      Where is Travis

    32. Angel Nicole

      The intro was fantastic 👏🏽😂

    33. Yacob Einauan

      1:02 she’s such a mood

    34. SimplyxChyler

      Kylie: “ your so cute!” Stormi: “ I know!”

    35. Karess Capella

      Who are you: Kris Jong Un lol

    36. Karess Capella


    37. bowen voowy

      I like the the fact that they are trying to make people realize that Kylie's business is more than just Kylie Jenner.

    38. Melannie Saldana

    39. Hope T

      i need the energy kris has even if im just vaccumng my room

    40. Hope T

      kris jenner is an icon point blank

    41. triplegoddess

      My motto is the same about NO. I do not like or accept no

      1. bowen voowy


    42. Valentina Krulová

      ´I wish Stormi looks at me the way that i look at my mom.´ This made me cry


      Kylie cosmetic worth some 150m but the rest she earn from marketing which she is doing now ,,, and by paying media, n the staff.. Well must say Kris is the most fraud women i I have ever seen and she passed the same to her daughter... Guys they are just creating a hype in the market.... I need to know this....

    44. Sib Ga

      Stormi is sooo cute 😍😍😍❤❤❤❤😘😘😻😻

    45. Blessing Fossoh

      I just knew Kris would cry😅

    46. sugar software

      kylie is younger than me and I wish she was my mom

    47. Alyssa Torres

      h8 to be the person but is there not a single poc in that office?

    48. Diana Ramirez

      I love your family they are so cute Kendall and you are the Best

    49. Marion Rougé

      In an other épisode of "Kris crying for no reason" 😂 this is how we love her tho ❤

    50. Rainbow Star Kyra🌈 🌟

      I Wish she was born rich tho I don't got all the funds lol would be amazing tho.

    51. bodoti qwiu

      Can't take my eyes off Kris' diamond chain necklace, so bold and perfect, what a statement piece of jewelry.

    52. SiN nOmBrE Xd

      Hello Kylie :3

    53. T Jemilua

      I find it crazy that I actually experienced this proverb of “If someone tells you “No” you’re talking to the wrong person.” Last week I had missed the deadline for hiring my gown for my graduation and had called up the company supplying the gowns. The first lady I talk to you had told me that there was ‘private hire’ but there was little guarantee that it would arrive before for my graduation day, except on the day which was tight. In this case I would’ve ended up possibly missing my graduation. However, 10 minutes later for some unknown reason I decided to call them again to ask a different question about hiring, but then I ended up telling the new lady how the previous staff member told me there was no guarantee. In that moment she then told me that the hiring could be delivered for two days before my graduation day! I was flabbergasted and found it too good to be true because the first lady emphasised how it couldn’t come earlier then on the day. Now hearing Kris’s words is actually motivating because of how close to home it resonated with me🤍

    54. Mehak Grewal

      1:32 she is going to launch clips and she didnt tell us🤧.

      1. bodoti qwiu

        that’s so funny 😂

    55. Anitta Estúdios

      Kylie Jenner

    56. nadia nabaggala

      Hey Kylie I'm 17 I'm Ugandan and u inspire me so so much .when I start up my own make up company, I want to do a collab with you first. Love love love Kylie Kristen jenner 💜

    57. Avisha Meshram

      Kylie: great packaging Fenty (Rihanna): great range, glowy and shimmer James: great colors

    58. Harsha Gautam

      I dream to work like Kylie, 18 hours a day, with passion. SHE'S SUCH AN INSPIRATION

    59. Jo Vallejo

      But why is Kris last name still Jenner? Honestly curious.

    60. T zeena

      What was her source of investment at the beginning

    61. n o r a

      Where is the category where videos where the woman gets an orgasm from the dickrod grinding her clithead. Like real sex is done . -all women ever. It’s creepy it’s 99% women not getting off here, take some responsibility

    62. Jess Rivy

      Thank you.

    63. Jess Rivy

      I am a ceo. & my baby will be too.

    64. Jess Rivy

      I will give my baby the best ceo I can be.

    65. Eva Espe

      Storm's sooo mature little baby

    66. Eva Espe

      Realizing that how much Khloe and Kris look a like, I mean it's her mother but omg

    67. Owl

      I just genuinely love kris jenner

    68. vera ochoa

      She even workd more than kourtney

      1. marina kasparov •

        they have a different work ethic & I think Kourt has ADD too not that it’s verified by anyone but it isn’t really hard to work more than Kourtney

    69. Donna Garcia

      You know what my mom ordered a lip kit when she first started and my mom go so scared that they will sell out so fast but she got there on time and ordered the nude on and that’s so funny 😂

      1. NA AN

        @aswer huio I invite you to accept Islam as your religion. Do you want to accept Islam as your religion?

      2. aswer huio

        be fired👎

    70. Jen E

      Strong woman, I love it. 💕 💪🏽

    71. Marylene Hall

      Kris is the real momager goat 🙌🙌🙌🙌 The pic with Kim crying 😂😂😂You can tell Kris taught her kids about responsibility and business effort.Kylie is so mature,humble and loving and a great mom and business woman.

    72. Hawwa Khan

      ok but does anyone remember the walnut scrub?

      1. Hawwa Khan

        @evalynne robles ya i guess ur right

      2. evalynne robles

        doesn’t matter, it was a simple mistake and people should* stop attacking her over a effing skincare product.

    73. Lynn Lee

    74. Sylvia Hastenteufel

      Is Kylie pregnant or what is that beige suit??

      1. evalynne robles

        don’t make speculations about pregnancy.


      Don't Tell anyone !??

    76. Thando Mhlongo

      Kylie fucking Jenner. That’s it. That’s the comment.

    77. Sylvia Rosé

      Kylie has grown so much🤍 so happy for her. Such an inspiration

    78. Nightwish is the greatest band on the planet

      Kris Jenner: the real boss

    79. Anson Barnes

      @KrisJenner Santa Clara county 333 west julian st. That’s where my mom works they told me if you have sexual Reassignment surgery that you’ll lose your retirement and you’ll be fired👎

    80. Anson Barnes

      @KrisJenner they told me at Santa Clara county that if I have sex change surgery that 👎 I will loose my job and that I will loose my retirement did your husband Kathryn Jenner or ex husband loose his/her retirement . So like I’m scared 👎

    81. ingrid

      I love you

    82. lottie chambers

      why would you want your mum to work into her 80s? it would make me so sad to watch my mum still working at 80

      1. lottie chambers

        @evalynne robles the way she was emotional seemed like she was happy for her mum to keep working until that age. Like she was proud of her. I wasn’t trying to say kris wanted her mum to work until 82 I was more expressing the fact that I find it really weird that that’s admirable to her the way I worded it just didn’t come across the way I intended. Personally if my mum was still pushing herself to keep working to anywhere near that age I’d find it concerning and upsetting and I’d be worried about her. The whole idea of retirement is for someone to have time to relax and enjoy themselves after a lifetime of work but before they start to suffer ill health in old age and personally i hope my mum has as long of that time as possible.

      2. evalynne robles

        wth? she never said that. her mom is retired now and kris is impressed by how hard working her mother is.

    83. ArYaMdI

      I mean this is all so cute. But I've tried her products... They're not that great as of quality

    84. Ash Rose

      We all need a mom like kris 👍🏼

    85. Sushmaa Pearl

      😂 I love them and I'm mind blown.. how amazing a Leo woman and Scorpio woman are together in a team. . 🤯😊 Amazing how the universe works ❤️.

      1. evalynne robles

        i mean they’re mother and daughter so that might be why they’re compatible working partners 😐

    86. Jacqueline FABELA

      Kirs Jenner is such a mood

    87. Ng varpi 29

      I love kris Jenner the most ♥️

    88. Black sheep

      0:33 savage Momager

    89. Charli fans

      kylie is a billioner but i don't depressed i'm not being a billioner cuz i'm a coinioner

      1. evalynne robles

        a what?

    90. Nic Ralph

      Is Kylie expecting her second baby? All previous footage nice Kylie clothes that show off her amazing figure interview footage from sit down hudge coat wrapped around and holding onto it for dear life .. just asking x

      1. evalynne robles

        kinda rude to ask and inappropriate

    91. eleNYork

      Referente entre las mujeres que tenemos un negocio propio. ¡Gracias!

    92. cottagery

      7:46 I think someone told stormi off 7:56 THAT RIGHT THERE!!

    93. serry ciok

      The first person we see is kris Jenner, that’s because she runs this fking show! Stan my Scorpio queen 😭

    94. Alex Romero


    95. Shane Lynch


      1. evalynne robles

        no..? don’t be weird.

    96. Nadiya I

      Such powerful women 😩🖤

    97. Laura A.

      Kris is like an Evil Business Woman.

      1. serry ciok

        I bought Kim eyeshadow s years ago they looked great in the palette but didn't last on the skin. Haven't tried kylies for that reason.

    98. Nihad Belaiche

      7:50 that's so cute omg

    99. mllop aeet

      Kylie: “she has a lot of strong WOMAN to look up to”