Baking Halloween Treats with my Best Friends ft Dixie, Chase, James, Noah & Larray | Charli D'Amelio

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    hey everyone! we thought there was no better way to celebrate halloween than to have an entire halloween weekend with our friends. we each made a video to celebrate and mine is making a spooky treat. make sure you go watch all the videos to see our entire weekend unfold. thanks to @James Charles for having us over and thanks to all of my friends @Dixie D'Amelio @Chase Hudson @Noah Beck @LARRAY

    james' video:
    dixie's video:
    larray's video:
    noah's video:
    chase's video:

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    instagram: charlidamelio
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    1. Avani Aesthetics


    2. marie-lourdes maroudin

      I love you too charli ans dixie👑❤️😍😘

    3. Kimberli y kima jukilop

      No se ingles

    4. Szandi Sebestyen

      Hi Charli. I love you

    5. Kendra Krause

      I saw something with chase and Charli 🙃

    6. عسولت النجف 👈👉✌️

      انا متابعتك من التيك توك

    7. Nataly Acosta Andrade

      chase and noah are jelly(jealous) at 7:57

    8. Nataly Acosta Andrade

      i loved chase face at 4:09

    9. Yasameen Mahfodh-G1

      Is James a girl or a boy

      1. can

        say what you want, girl or boy.

    10. Agustin Martin

      No entendí ni verga pero te amo charli

    11. Bia vidios

      Niguem brasileiro aff👁👄👁👌

    12. Daniela Echevarria

      dixies look in the intro LOL

    13. munira’s lab

      that slap tho


      i love that James explains everything i love

    15. mela Tagi

      Can I be in your shottout

    16. Pat Abiola


    17. Ashtyn Frey

      poor chase. he did nothing the whole time

    18. •itachi_huchija•

      No puedes ni con brawl estars jjajajajajajaj

    19. tawny redman

      7:13 deadass could see him doin sum shi 😭

    20. sofea edora

      hey charli what are you baking cake? 😋

    21. Amelia Kwiatkowska

      Hello !!!✨

    22. Jack Fuller


    23. Valeria Regalado

      Charli looks super cute holding the dog lol the dog giving charli a cut g 🤣

    24. _ahmed._.khan_

      There something wrong with the dmelios

    25. SouthWezzt Beats

      no one: no one at all: chase being left out the whole time:

    26. Aric Sanes


    27. Aric Sanes

      Chase is me when I'm in school

    28. Antonina Sporakowska

      Hiiiii im dunkinsss

    29. Paula Molinari

      Chase don't do anything 😂

    30. Leyais Poppin

      I love the rain

    31. Pink-DemondPlayZシ

      You should have more subs your the best yt and tt

    32. YG_ana 69

      Charlie why are you having rumors is something wrong🤨

    33. Maria Sol Niza Quezada

      I didn't understand or verga but good There to clarify that I speak Spanish

    34. Neftali Llanas

      Charly ya tienes tu comentario en español😎👊

    35. Kellikhin Monhanlalmyi

      Hi Charlie my favourite tiktoker salty 😍

    36. Hayley Shack

      i hate how James makes everything about him and needs to be the boss like James it's Charli's vlog and what about Chase like maybe he wants to talk like, I am just saying James fuck the hell off!!!

    37. Nila Phillips

      R.I.P that garden aaaayyyyyy

    38. Ava Martin

      when dixie said to noah “no not you” omg😂😂

    39. Luca Webb-Podevin

      hi charlie i am a big fan of you and cooking i enjoyed watching the videoit is ok you dont like the brownie i wouldnt eather

    40. Movie without sound

      6 feet

    41. Southern beauty 27

      The way they said idiots at the same time

    42. Anitagss Garcia


    43. Jewel Bran

      Dixie is rude gosh

    44. Axel Yahir Martínez Martell

      saludos desde México Chali estoy siegamente enamorado de ti

    45. احمد العنزي


    46. Journee Plays xo

      You know? I want Noah’s personality, larris humor, Charlis voice and laugh

    47. Eloa Nascimento

      bro the best sisters love a lot 🖤🖤🖤 help Charlie ?? I loved your channel best tik tik

    48. Faith Johnson

      Rating the hype house squad: Dixie drama queen 6/10 James takes over channel 7/10 Larray funny quite quiet 7/10 Noah quiet but kind 8/10 Charli funny kind and loving 100/10 Chase loving kind funny helping 1000000000000000000000/10

    49. Bell

      6:53 Charli:trying to hit Noah neck Dixie: can u stop hits her lmao Chase: looking at them like their crazy

    50. Kizzy pearce Pearce


    51. Dina Sefrioui

      chase at 8:32 be like-

    52. Barbara fofo

      Charlie I love you

    53. Mya & Friends

      I love you so much I am a biggg fan of you I wish I could see you

    54. Marzena Rychlik

      I live you charli

    55. Angel Qloxd

      Charli compra bots😈 Charli compra bots 😎 Charli compra bots😎 Charli compra bots 😎 Charli compra bots 😎 Copia y pega 👽🤝

    56. Angel Qloxd

      Charli compra bots😈 Charli compra bots 😎 Charli compra bots😎 Charli compra bots 😎 Charli compra bots 😎 Copia y pega 👽🤝

    57. Angel Qloxd

      Charli compra bots😈 Charli compra bots 😎 Charli compra bots😎 Charli compra bots 😎 Charli compra bots 😎 Copia y pega 👽🤝Charli compra bots😈 Charli compra bots 😎 Charli compra bots😎 Charli compra bots 😎 Charli compra bots 😎 Copia y pega 👽🤝Charli compra bots😈 Charli compra bots 😎 Charli compra bots😎 Charli compra bots 😎 Charli compra bots 😎 Copia y pega 👽🤝

    58. k1ttydudaas

      Someone say me the link of video

    59. Alice Ferreira

      Oi. AL ice

    60. Joséphine Guerard


    61. Maria Flores


      1. Maria Flores


    62. Lau Adame

      Esta en inglés pero amooo 😭☝🏻

    63. Lucie Lou

      Love you Charli and Dixie

    64. pee pee

      James explaining: Charli randomly dancing-

    65. Leo Scellier

      Charli t'es la quenn

    66. Edzhe Ramadan

      It's so funny, how secretly Noah did drink 2 from the drinks 🤣

    67. Marhianna Garcia

      I love you guys so much I really want to do a meet and greet

    68. Finka Subatic

      Not Noah Being Upset Couse Dixie Moved Away 😩

    69. Aleida Gil


    70. Aleida Gil

      Hello charli you name ❤👉👈 I love

    71. Adeline Kabir

      Larry:*doesn’t even drink it* it’s so good Noah: what were y’all saying again

    72. Iris S.

      Is anyone gonna talk about how Noah kissed Dixie? 👁👄👁 ✨✨✨💟


      No entendi nada .-.


      Charli- MAKE SURE EVERYONE CLICKS THE THUMBS-UP Chase- *thumbs down* *sad face*


      Everyone- takes sip of Hebrew Juice Noah- CHUG CHUG CHUG

    76. Beatriz Cristina Eberhardt Braga

      kkkkkkjkkkkkjkjkkjkjk y love you charli d´amelio

    77. Adriana cristina Pantoja basto

      Linda meu amor

    78. Wendy Nucum Cabado

      Chase and Noah is jealous because Larry is to close on Dixie and Charlie I saw the mad face on them

    79. Jessica Porter


    80. celany

      3:31 on en parle de la rapidité de dixie😂😭 (we talk about the speed of dixie)

    81. Bisera kopic

      Oh hi

    82. yt_issie

      "Nantsi ngwenyama bakithi baba" 🤣🤣😭 SIMBAAAA

    83. Jomana

      نعم هذا التعليق العربي التي تبحثون عنه😐😂

    84. Sxnny_123

      Guys wheres Addison and the girls

    85. Bacon boy7


    86. Guzman VIP

      Charli why are people making fun i OF u on TikTok cuz i dont bc ur so sweet and amazing:) 💗

    87. Van_Plays BG

      5:42 Larry in the counter: *Dancing* James:oh my good Me be like:👀👄👀 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    88. Trendy Wendy

      No one Chase: wait, let’s toast James: to what Charli: TO ME

    89. Robloxsuchticoole.Denita

      Der erste Deutsche kommi german

    90. Veronica Garcia


    91. demarco

      someone tell dixie passion ≠ talent

    92. Marlen Aguilar

      Did i see that shit I saw noah kiss dixie And i opp

    93. Jaryn

      Isn’t this Charlie’s channel James 😂 I mean no hate this was a joke!

      1. Jaryn

        I love james

    94. Basel Yaser


    95. casey stein

      Chase don’t even know what’s going on

    96. Basel Yaser


    97. Jydy J


    98. P_Queen_06✅

      5-40 the garmi step👻🤣😂

    99. Mariem Sherif

      No one : Absolutely no one : James : **thinking to put foundation on everything**

    100. Jaymelee Olive

      Noah is saying a thing