The IMPOSSIBLE Chocolate Illusion!!😦

Chris Ramsay

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    1. Jepy Is Cool

      the diameter shrinks once the piece is removed the black line gives the illusion of making more chocolate it is really cool to see and is clever!

    2. Bibi

      If you give me the chocolate, I'll like the video

    3. Mr. Senorita`

      It was possible lol...

    4. hammockstand dangal

      The quantity of the chocolate is reduced

    5. ‎Can't Sleep 眠い

      I mean, _mass_

    6. Fob Burgerson

      go watch vsauce

    7. Katie Sheldon

      Did anyone else realize that when he shows the camera the chocolate the 2nd time the small piece is missing? Just me, okay.

    8. Snake The N00b

      Infinite chocolate, stonks

    9. seiom jvony

      Teacher: "this is how you save food."

    10. Asia Crow


    11. Mariokamo

      My brain is too advanced for this video.

    12. Screen Cuisine

      I know it’s stupid but I’m stupid so… Does this mean by doing this you actually get more chocolate?

      1. seiom jvony

        You split a bill into five parts and end up with 2 ripped up bills too, still worth nothing.

    13. KING JAYY TV

      Lol ok illusion I figured it out in 10 seconds it’s easy

    14. Slava Smit


    15. ElfxsieMxchi

      I just lost brain cells

    16. fergalicious214

      Oh God no I remember this tumblr post. XD

    17. Charlie Martin

      That's a mind fuck if I've ever seen one

    18. Merve Naz Aslan

      The power of MATH 📚📊

    19. Hyper_Pixel

      There is spaces at the side of the bar at the end. That mass equals to a rectangle piece chocolate

    20. Axl Despaw

      It’s just a trick..and the video also cuts out right before he starts putting the pieces back together

    21. sokin jon

      Teacher: "this is how you save food."

    22. ADamos Player

      That impoosibly fucking old

    23. MagnusHydra

      The package was Never in the box it sticked Out of the box thats Why he just took the bonus Out so it would fit its all just a lie

    24. Gewuerz wanze

      You got 4mm less on the sides

    25. Dimitris Vlismas

      Its called geometry

      1. sokin jon

        U can see how its not perfectly cut and the wrapper isnt big enough to cover

    26. Springtrap 0

      U didnt create chocolate out of nothing there is just 2 ways to put it together and the 2nd way leaves 1 extra piece and u just didnt count the pieces correctly

    27. сyka

      You split a bill into five parts and end up with 2 ripped up bills too, still worth nothing.

    28. Gabriel Walters

      This was called an Infinite chocolate trick from years ago.

    29. Bläk Kneit


    30. Bronzboi 324

      Its how u line it in

    31. Anonymous___ Vibes

      Well actually its do to the excess of chocolate lost do to the cutting of the chocolate itself which causes it to look like you've made chocolate out of nothing (haven't talked about this in atleast 3 or 4 years so I'm open to correction if needed thx)

    32. TheKillerDemon

      Oh yes you may still be on the other version while we’re on the new one that got patched

    33. Shanice Shirley

      Woah that's so kool

    34. Raphael Rodriguez

      If 2+2 is 4... and 5+5 is10... wtf is this?🤔🍫

    35. Relaxe dude

      It's the same kind of thing sunflowers evolved their seeds are lined up in a spiral Form so more can fit in

    36. Random Account on discord

      i think i would eat the bonus chocolate lmfao

    37. SimplyBesties

      If i ever tried that i'd end up with chocolates in my belly

    38. BarZ GamerZ

      "How to create Infinite chocolate" Welp im on the right video

    39. Ryunsuke Blue

      U can see how its not perfectly cut and the wrapper isnt big enough to cover

    40. MrSockez

      "matter cannot be created or destroyed." -Some idiot who didn't know how to make infinite chocolate

    41. Mixup 221

      Even though the extra Chocolate obviously didn’t come from nowhere, this is still a really cool idea for a product.

    42. Sá Réèna

      Who cares I'll just eat it

    43. Dutch Van Der Linde

      EAT IT

    44. -*Coconutnotfound*-

      Me wanting to eat the thing that spells chocolate on it first and then eat the bonus

    45. Ezequiel Alvarez-benson


    46. Sam

      Who here loves the acid in the gullet that you receive after eating a chocolate bar

    47. ?¿? :3 I am a froggy :3 ?¿?

      Me:*Grabs physics and yeets in trash* Well don’t need that!

    48. Antonio Venegas

      Was the chocolate good?

    49. Science Only

      It's slightly smaller on the edges. It's just an illusion.

    50. Mawo Duffer

      The rectangle you made is smaller now obviously

    51. Nateman1000

      The way it’s arranged is the real reason. Also you didn’t make that Edit: I am referring to the standard infinite chocolate bar not that bs. Look at the edges

    52. hoiy vinosa

      People really telling Chris Ramsay how the chocolate trick works. This dude's a magician and a professional puzzle solver, he already knows

    53. Sikkdawgg

      What can I say bro ur a god

    54. Abubakkar Siddik

      That doesn't fit perfectly.

    55. Master Dementer

      Me who has seen Vsauce's entire channel videos: Wait that Banach-Tarski Paradox.

    56. Tokcnyecko

      Nah it shrunk, it's just a small amount evenly spread around the whole bar so you really can't notice. Trace the original bar on paper and do it again, you'll see. ;)

      1. hoiy vinosa

        I see how you hid that piece off to the side

    57. Ryan Milway

      The bevel around the edge. Problem solved

    58. Leah Soucy


    59. ShinyBrain

      You can’t create matter or remove it, period

    60. Lukas T Tschannen

      Moves the wrapper at the beginning

    61. Jordan van der Keyl

      Give two pieces to a pair of siblings and watch the confusion as one thinks the other has more

    62. Aaliyah Alanah Villanueva

      How does fit and how is it magic chocolate

    63. Trenton145

      You can do that with any chocolate bar

    64. joey_stoney

      damn i remember our teacher showing us this 20 years ago, remember when not everything had to be recorded to tryn go viral haha

    65. Landon

      You just put the chocolates back in wrong

    66. Lily Winther

      It's more like you are moving around the chocolate back into a rectangle shape but with less chocolate than before. All it is is a mind trick

    67. AaronLycan UltimaWerewolf

      It's cause the box is slightly bigger than the golden thing that wrapped the chocolate

    68. Latios

      Matter cant be created nor destroyed

    69. Nawfal Aslam

      Me who realise how is the trick work 🗿🗿🗿

    70. Charlie Mercado

      I see how you hid that piece off to the side

    71. Arctic IceWolf

      Ok, but like- Does it taste good?

    72. DavidplaysBMG

      Its because the box that says cjocolate is smaller

    73. Tebocra •

      For those that don’t know, he actually created chocolate out of nothing, no tricks. He is a wizard.

    74. Kevin M

      Who cares, just eat it.

    75. Dumb Ass

      It’s called MATH

    76. Nebiyu Bekele

      It’s called geometry chris

    77. clodomir chibreluisant

      Hey this one was cool, now that tiktokers have gone i'm okay with these ones

    78. JàyLi0Zz- Ttv

      Ehm it says Bonus…. Edit: it was meant to say Bonus because you were supposed to put it in that order it tells you on the back of the box

    79. Xtreme Danger

      "I bought some magical chocolate bar" Me: wut, what's good with u bro?

    80. Linuxx _

      Imagine paying more (probably) to get this 'magic' chocolate bar only to find out that you didn't get any bonus chocolate 😔🤚🏻

    81. ₮st*rry cake


    82. Diet Milk

      Ez it got smaller

    83. Hanna Productions

      Sir theirs a thin long gap in your chocolate and a gap surronding which, if accounted for, will actually be the equal size of the "bonus" chocolate meaning no it does not fit perfectly.

    84. BrokenKraken

      'Hey, Vsauce, Michael here.'

    85. Redlighter4D

      as you can see there's gaps on the chocolate the last piece can fit in there's if you shape shift it

    86. The12er

      Because the one leftover piece was force-fitted into the initial chocolate.

    87. Osidarap

      Because it doesn't fit perfectly. How are you guys so amazed by this

    88. john thomas

      My brain hurts

    89. Rapid

      Just eat the last part x)

    90. Legionaru Emanuel

      The small ones go ever the tops of others and in the second position it fits perfectly

    91. Riscs

      Yeah how does this work? Maybe "lifehack" videos from 2010 can help us out....

    92. Fractal

      It doesn't fit perfectly in there it jigils and joggles and there is a ton of space in between the pieces of chocolate

    93. wnnalis cioov

      "it all fits in there quite nicely" that's what she said

    94. Franco Villa

      I just want to eat it, doesn't matter how much that confused me

    95. • ItzEla •

      The boxis smaller-

    96. Chicken Bot

      Maybe if you didn’t cut the clip, it would have been a bit more believable...

      1. wnnalis cioov

        It's not fitting snug in there

    97. jerson sabijon

      I think its about how you put it... (i think)

    98. Shoggo

      It dont fit tho. It smaller.

    99. Itz Jihaaa

      Its just another way to be a perfect match