Cristiano Ronaldo SCORES, but Germany picks up STATEMENT win vs. Portugal | Highlights | ESPN FC



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    3. jetblackdemonblade

      Has Clattenburg ever got anything right in his life?

    4. 4LitreJeeper

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    5. D

      Impressed with Gosens...

    6. phamcangam nguyenganga

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    7. Mo

      lmao Portugal defence sucks

    8. Trinidad Adena

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    9. II

      why is Germanys number 2 wearing that?

    10. Julker Taou

      Meanwhile Penaldogs still shamelessly celebrating this tap-ins goal of Penaldo, as if they won the world cup trophy! 🤣🤣 Don’t blame them, Penaldo can't perform in big games. Out of Penaldo's 107 farming goals, only 5 are against world cup winning teams. Yes, only 5! 🤡🥴🤡



    12. Stefano Sandano

      3 out of 4 goals were goalkeeper's error. Portugal should replace the goalkeeper.

    13. John Guan

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    14. Amin Adibi

      ریدم به رونالدو

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    16. Andradé

      good stuff

    17. Dawn Di Maio

      Omg wow shod I walk over

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    19. Dreamville96

      At this point give me Diogo dalot I’ll take my chances 😭💀

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    21. Dany Ayoub

      did the commentator just call Ronaldo "the best in the world"? lol when was the last time this guy watched a soccer match? 2014? lool

    22. cuz rocks

      Cr7 trash

    23. Moss Deph

      If you don’t count that auto-goal it’s 3-2. Great game. Germany is really lethal in the area.

    24. Tono Rsiko

      Whoooo tf is goesns

    25. Randy Angel

      Gosens was so lethal!

    26. Kim Nelson

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    27. Ali Aliee

      That's what I call a perfect world class football game. Thank you ❤️

    28. EIon Musk ꪜ

      Ronaldo is the greatest EVER.

    29. Angelo Lopez

      Portugal played sloppy

    30. Makinja

      Nice goal, but was Ronaldo just offside @2:18?

    31. Dawn Di Maio


    32. Dawn Di Maio

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    33. Dawn Di Maio


    34. BoneGaming

      Cringy the way they say Gnabry

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    36. Mike

      Oh snap, we got a nearly 8 minute highlight

    37. geothermal

      3:52 Portugal Semedo, turns sideways afraid of ball. Defenders must face ball squarely and block any cross/shot. Don't make yourself smaller. Had he been wider, then cross would've been blocked.

      1. Dawn Di Maio

        Amazing. Come here to me and rich house

    38. palkelbajo


      1. Dawn Di Maio

        Lmao. Amazing

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    40. SaSpursfan

      Twellman is annoying

    41. MrMbutube

      France vs Portugal is going to be on fire!!!

    42. Jim

      portugal got lucky germany slowed down

      1. Dawn Di Maio

        Wow come n get me my friend. I would love to see lol

    43. James Matthews

      That Portugal backline played terrible. Small players out of their element.

    44. YoArqks

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    45. Zuko

      You can tell how different Messi and Ronaldo are wow

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    48. Sport Fans Center

      The second goal by Germany was definitely offsite, I don’t know why the ref still insist it wasn’t a offsite after var. but anyway, this is the difference between German and Portuguese maybe. The second OG was incredible.

    49. Myles (G-PRIME)

      Gosens definitely MOTM

    50. Lorenzo D

      Ronaldo has the agility and athleticism of a 27 year old

    51. Nanach Avaiu

      “Arguably the best player in the world” 🤣🤣 yeah right... he barely did anything as usual

    52. I am a Troll

      Will joe cancelo be back for the euros ?????

    53. antord 1

      Why was the Portugal goalie wearing yellow? The Germans thought he was from Brazil. 😄

    54. Mateo Cugno

      Germany’s best forwards were the Portuguese defenders

    55. Pierre Degaré

      That Portuguese lb was shredded.

    56. christian garcia

      Germany creates so much confusion.

    57. Leo Kwak

      Ger is just better than por


      who hired this 2 people to ESPN? weak commentators. super WEAK

    59. Adrinopaulindromeus

      Jogi Low just re-created Philip Lahm (Kimmich) and Lucas Podolsky (Gosens). What a football moment!

    60. Modality

      Gosens goes from being the worst player in the France game to the best player in this. Gotta love football.

    61. Field Marshal Doge

      Portugal might as well play without a right back

    62. Jhon Chabban

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    65. Alberto López

      How is the title of this video "Cristiano Ronaldo SCORES..." and not "Gosens DESTROYS Portugal"??

    66. SAKA (SAKA)

      where is the equipe tricolore (equipped w nonsense, squadra azzura......) really??????? ihr schwachmenser!!! lass ma machn die schiddde!!!????

    67. rosi byr

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    68. Vu Nguyen

      all German goals came from the left wing (German's side)

    69. Luke Corcoran

      Good to see Kai playing well

    70. ItsMeHammie

      Always a great game when the country of Ronaldo plays against Bayern Munich

    71. Mohamed Ibrahim

      The championship of the own goal !!

    72. A Z

      Last goal was stolen from Ronaldo, reminds me of Nani

    73. Juan Carlos

      Havertz ever celebrate?

    74. Krasnaludek

      Tie game, Portugal 2x own goal is very unlucky for them. I’m not for either team - mybteam is Italia, but Portugal is better team most days.

    75. Glagys Krockel

      Their Back. Go Germany You Got This!!!!👍👍👍❤❤❤🇩🇪🇩🇪

    76. Clown Boi

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    77. ynwsl¡me

      ESPN titles are so bad 😂😂

    78. Unattainable

      Thank you, Germany! I wanted Ronaldo to lose because of his arrogance against the major sponsor, Coca Cola.

    79. Adam Clark

      I was expecting a true CR7 goal, like he’s carrying but the team can’t pull through. Kinda disappointed but he had great positioning and got it so I can’t complain

    80. modusvivendi2

      When two veteran referees can look at the exact same video review and come out with different opinions on whether a goal should count or not, at some point you have to start questioning whether the rule they are applying is even fit for purpose. We've had a hundred years of disputed offsides calls, tinkering with the rule, and more disputes. It's a garbage rule and it's long past time to scrap it. If you don't want cherrypicking, then put in a hockey-style offensive zone line.

    81. pablo

      Tap in king penaldo my hero

    82. Israel Freeman

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    83. Skylar Polek

      What a performance from Gosens.

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    85. Hoang Pham

      When I first saw the 3rd german goal, I thought it was an own goal

    86. Nick


    87. Tony

      The American commentator sounds like an idiot. He doesn't have a clue.

    88. Aaron

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    89. Jihn Gind

      At least Germany knows not to start Timo. But for real, they really came out with game plan and executed

    90. Kayton Nguyen

      Ronaldo so so fast...

    91. Lucca Starkman

      Gosens = 🔥🔥🔥

    92. DarrianLow

      That's fast ⏩

    93. Formulaic 78

      An old trick for watching highlights when you haven't seen the game is to make your browser as small as possible, search for game, click on first thumbnail without seeing the score hopefully and then fullscreen that thumbnail and relax. ESPN have decided to put the score in a banner headline on that full screen view. You just can't win.

    94. soccerplaya102289

      What's with Germany wanting to beat up on anyone who speak Portuguese. First Brazil now Portugal.