Barn Find - The Original BMW 3 Series: E21 323i - Project Castellón: Part 1

M539 Restorations

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    In this episode, I branch out and buy a Nissan! Except, I clicked on the wrong button and accidentally bought something else. I found this little gem in Castellón, Spain where it was sitting unused for the last 25 years. In the first instalment of the series, we take the delivery of the car, inspect the condition and see what it will take to bring it back to life.

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    1. Owen Edwards

      I had a Baur Cabriolet one of these in russet red colour, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with it. They don't (or didn't) work so well here is Australia as the stock radiator was far too small so the poor thing was always running too hot and overheating. Absolutely awesome car to drive in it's day though. So agile. Wish I still had it... Love your work - keep it coming!!

    2. Rob W

      I can't believe I missed this. Glad to see you taking this one one on!

    3. Yannis Valera

      Your channel and you are awesome ! I started to watch last week and now i can’t stop , thanks for me all the hours of sleep i skipped 😅. Maybe one day a VW ?! 🙊

    4. RivieraByBuick

      11:32 it is not 32k, it is 3k

    5. Fredrik Malmström

      When I was a child we had a BMW 1600 1969. It used to be my Grandfathers car and my mother got it from him when he stopped driving in 1980. My father drove it as a dalily driver until 1985/86. It stayed in the familly untill about 2005. And its still in the Swedish registry. The owner is living somewhere outside of Norrköping. Go and buy ut from him ;)

    6. Johnnie Guitar

      What year is this beauty?

    7. Thomas

      Awesome 323 Love it !

    8. MsAdela1111

      Hi, when are you planning on doing part 2

    9. Sonny Knekthage

      New subscriber here! Wow.. this will be an epic project. Cant describe my fellings of nostalgia. My first car, after I got my drivers license in '94, was a 1980 E21 323i. Of course it was a rust bucket with multiple issues such as faulty exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve, rusty fuel lines, etc etc. In hindsight it was a car that forced me learn tinker. :) Also so poor valve guides in the cylinder head is a common issue, resulting in blue smoke and high oil consumption. Seeing that your has the 5-speed gearbox must be truly unique. Trivia: The 1980 E21 got a minor facelift; the electric side mirrors and minor changes to the dash.

    10. NorthernN54's

      new to the page, i love the videos so far, wish i was closer i would ask if you help me restore my rare 07 e92 monaco blau, im in love with these cars and cant wait to see more with this one!

    11. Themis DL

      Excellent my friend 👏 cool bmw

    12. MEGABAWOL9

      :D Polish driver fast at all hah :D unfortunley he didnt speak eng ;c

    13. Nathanael Ciranni

      Hands down love this channel as it’s the best!

    14. G C

      Great channel! I’m only a recent subscriber but well hooked already

    15. Secard420

      The spark plug that falls when you're trying to get it off of the trailer, is probably the one you can see in the pictures when it went up for sale, sitting in the rim of the hood.

    16. Oskar Thorsell

      what websites do you use to find these cars?

    17. Marc Notyou

      I knew you wouldn't curse your garage with an actual Nissan.

    18. B K

      This is going to be great!

    19. Najwa Crystal

      I love this car 😍

    20. frank w

      hell yeah!

    21. Marco Salas

      Man I love your new project, looking forward for new updates. Gettings from Costa Rica

    22. Abah Sunny

      Cant wait for next vids, Peace from Indonesia

    23. Daniel Venom

      hell yeah love this type of body of bmw

    24. Andy DUNNE

      Love the E21 315 is the rarest apart from the Baur convertible

    25. forzer45

      "so it has bosch k-jetronic fuel delivery system, no idea how that works" It doesn't. :D To be fair the k-jetronic is way easier to work on than the KE-jetronic, which is just up to the gods to decide if it works or not.

    26. Bernard Hodgson

      Bla bla bla

    27. GZeka C3 RKS

      work more in this car

    28. Andre Gerber

      You csn get keys for old BM 's at the official dealer with the VIN .I had the same problem.

    29. flavianngabriel

      Give this guy a camera crew and a heli and there you have it: A brand new Clarkson! :)

    30. Burnt Avocado

      im really hoping for the 3.8 e34 m5!

    31. Thomas Luckfiel

      Solchen Schlurren hatte ich auch schon mal. Hat mir nur Ärger gemacht und fast in den Ruin getrieben... Ich empfehle, die Kurbelwellenlager und Pleuellager zu checken. Bei meinem 323i sind die bei ca. 95000 km kaputtgegangen und waren bei dem Motor eine Schwachstelle.

    32. Grunst57

      Can't wait, that car is the best you've ever had

    33. Mircea-Alexandru Luncan

      It's been one week, where r u my friend?

    34. Steven Greenwood

      I was expecting another video this week but nothing so far what's happening your end please.

      1. M539 Restorations

        Nothing. It takes time to make videos. I don't release videos weekly.

    35. Alex Mercer

      As this is pre 09/85 car and the splines are again different, Mtech 1 or 2 won't do. this is the steering wheel that fits -

    36. Sebastian S

      Channel dead?

      1. M539 Restorations

        How do you mean? It's been a bit over of week. I cannot release videos quicker. It takes time to make them.

      2. Sebastian S

        @M539 Restorations no updates

      3. M539 Restorations

        Why would it be dead?

    37. Tyler Parkinson

      I had the euro 320/6 it had that rust spot sealed quarter windows in Canada they all opened. Fuel pump and battery light is the biggest problem. I was lucky I found alpina rims and all Zender spoilers recaro seats.

    38. Temetsu

      Your videos are like heroin, i need more NOW!

    39. Dominik Mikusa

      One week has passed, we need a new video!

    40. piffinator91

      most exciting project for me to date, amazing find, color and enthusiasm!

    41. Chris Rawle

      Hope all is ok. Don’t keep us waiting for the next episode

      1. Zestor

        @M539 Restorations We understand it, take you time and give us a Blockbuster!

      2. M539 Restorations

        Thanks but I cannot work faster. I am only one man and it takes time to work on cars, film and edit. I hope you understand

    42. Jap abdul

      Good luck bro Happy for you 👍👍👍👍

    43. Ivo -B

      Such a nice weekend for a new M539 video, don't leave us hanging!

    44. Haralampi Nedelin

      Getting some withdrawal symptoms, it’s been too long without a new video, rewatching older ones just doesn’t cut it... hope we get a ne fix, uhm, video, soon

    45. kosta liviri

      Really nice car, my family have it when i was kid. Hope that you will make it running again. Greetings from zemlje gde de peče rakija.

    46. Glycerin

      Did you force the seller to give you some money back due to all the rust you found?

    47. guri131

      Been waiting for the next video for so long that I re-watched this 😂

    48. Luiscustodio1

      Bueno, que puedo decir... Ojalá todos los contenidos fueran tan interesantes Así que, del 1 al 10... -14😁 Estoy deseando verte en tus proyectos

    49. John Sainis

      Cannot get enough of your videos, love them....coooommming up

    50. Leo Perez

      Awesome dude

    51. Lucas Schnock

      Very bad acting and super cringy, no thanks.

      1. Lucas Schnock

        @M539 Restorations Ciao!

      2. M539 Restorations

        Sure. Bye bye

    52. TheTruth76

      6:40 5 speed, cool and reversed gear layout :)

    53. Driver599

      Fun fact: E21, the first BMW to break a million units.

    54. xB-DeathKnell

      The car I want to see you restore is an E28 1989 BMW 525e. Great car.

    55. Sebastian S

      Diggah wo ist Upload man

    56. Alan Here

      Yes sir, that's gonna be a sweet ride!!

    57. Justin Harrison

      Hi its justin from the uk just want to say I'm love the content at moment all BMW's you own are really nice I hope to buy a e46 touring always wanted one I've e46 20d on a 03 looking forward to seeing what you are up to next 🙃 stay safe justin 👌

    58. Alexandre Parrat

      Hello, love your channel and BMW of course. Could you help me to know where to purchase cars as you do ? Thank you and e31 will rock 👍🏻

    59. Yaron Algoet

      If you ever need someone to go check on a car for sale in Belgium, you can ask me :)

    60. D4rkS4v4nt

      Great video, recent subscriber here from Worcester, UK. I don't even like BMWs that much, more of a Porsche 944 guy but I love watching your enthusiasm and logical approach to projects. Also the humour throughout makes it a good watch. Keep up the good work dude 👍👌

    61. Bonnie Coleman

      Check megstuBMW he might help you with engine.

    62. Michael-Javier Popig

      Evil twin asks: When the car’s from Castellón why the plates are from Valencia. Sreten: Sh.. f... up - useless Twin because the first owner was from Valencia an sold it to new owner to Castellón?! I know this region quite good - got a flat in Santa Pola seaside - casi naci en el mediterraneo Great fun stuff your videos

    63. A Marco

      Wonderful car, love the color!

    64. Milan Knapec

      I watch an M539 episode for 42 minutes than I spend another two hours looking for neglected BMW.

    65. Marcial Jimenez

      You are amazing man, keep them comming

    66. eric dejong

      Found this channel during the lockdown. Really enjoy it. Thanks so much

    67. Martin de Esteban Francese

      Im starting the same project, but mine 323i its really worse than yours. Great car n great project.

    68. D G

      Really great e21. After 5 or 6 episodes it will be in great condition i think. You are a good mechanic. Great channel. Thank you for your videos👍👍

    69. Ken Webb

      Would love to see a 79 Porsche targa restored

    70. RageMaster

      e36 restoration pls !!

    71. Murat Tezcan

      I really hope you find and restore a BMW 6 Serisi (E24) .... M635CSi ....

    72. Віталій Андрієвський

    73. esp27541

      Hi, not sure if someone already mentioned it to you, but the the year on the spanish ITV sticker is the expiry year, and the dot marks the month, not when it was done. If it had its oil changed in 96 means someone drove it (maybe) for a year with an expired TÜF lol. Regarding the keys, my father owned for 30+ years an e30 and it also was my first car, with the older models to get keys done from the barrel, it´s best to get them done either with the drivers side door or the ignition, as I remember when my father bought his new in 1986, it came with 4 keys, 2 main keys that opened all doors, boot, glove box and petrol cap, one tiny key that was designed to hide somewhere (this one opened everything too) and a vallet key, which only opened the drivers door and the ignition. Love your videos, keep the great job. If you need translating spanish or portuguese anytime (my french is a bit rusty to offer lol), let me know, happy to help.

    74. Mircea Sidorencu

      Mate you are doing a great job. I am also a bimmer fan , owned e46 320d touring, e46 325iA both facelift, e60 525dA e90 320d e87 118d facelit, e93 , love the cars. In Romania you can find bimmers that need rescue, when you have time throw a look on i can help you with all you need.

    75. kam1996

      I can't think of many transport guys in USA that would help take car off and push. Kudos

    76. hitardo

      Great video, and great car! I am really excited for this series 🙂 5:22 That is a Dodge A100. Nice looking, but I think the Japanese ones were better, in looks and reliability. Jay Leno did a video on a van of that era, the Chevrolet Greenbrier:

    77. George Apakhov

      Well, thats really MINT for a 1980 car, indeed! I'm restoring a 1976 318, and it was in OK shape at a first glance, but I had to fully sand blast it after some closer inspection. And original M10 lump was almost destroyed by previous owner, so I had to get rid of it and found some very fun alternative with 60 in it's name : ) BTW, do you plan to source an original pop-up rear windows and side-mounted chrome mirrors?

    78. Pete's Things

      This is so exciting! I love your channel. Been addicted for several months now. I just bought a 1981 528i 5 speed also! It was well taken care of, but it needs some work to run as well as I want it to. I look forward to your thorough expertise of taking this engine down to get it running as the M30B28 engine in my 528i is very similar (or so I've been told). Good luck sir! I'll be watching closely and giving tips if I have any to give! Greetings from Canada! Peter

    79. Badea Cristian

      Nice find! Looking forward for new episodes on this one. Hope you are able to service and reuse the k-jetronic fuel sistem. Good luck!

    80. Josiah Tech

      Love this channel.

    81. Josh Cadieux

      The best channel on youtube. I haven't skipped a minute.

    82. 02dag

      congratulations, now go to walloth nesch, they have all the parts for it. Next car a 02?

    83. Chris Bradshaw

      You can tell he watches Vice Grip Garage

    84. Jordan Johnson

      This car is quite a score... Surprisingly, it looks pretty clean and relatively solid. 😁😍👍🏼🔥🔥🔥

    85. Franco Regalo

      Good to see something “old “ in the Chanel a proper BMW , Cheers you will enjoy this one !

    86. bengalorauch andi1985

      Hat sich mal für private Fragen Zeit genommen mittlerweile scheinbar genug Abonnenten und desinteressiert wenn man mal was wissen will, danke für nichts

    87. James Latimer

      I used to have a 316i same colour 1979 Car loved it

    88. Frank Leimcke

      1995 als der Markus Löffel auf der Loveparade gerufen hatte "ihr seid so shice leise!" oder 1980 als Harry genau diesen BMW gerne schonmal vorgefahren hat

    89. nope nope

      Someone should give you a TV show

    90. 137vuk

      For your new location, you need to find something in 'Benzinstrasse' ;-)

    91. jessman1004

      LOVE your new project !! * * * * *

    92. Anders N

      whaaaaat ? coming to Sweden ? WELCOME !

    93. Romain

      Nice vidéo as usually and really cool the E21, I find the color is matching with his original country 😎. By the way, really cool too to know you permit yourself to keep it :D. By the way it is really likable I found the essence of simplicity and quality incarnate by the E21 serie. Good continuation and thanks for the videos ;)! Ps: god damnit, while I was deseperatly to found a 315 or 316 to a decent price you have find a 323i arf^^.

    94. alebigna

      Looking forward to see this project evolve. My fayher had a 520i MY 1975 and I have nice memories that this car, that is similar in many adpects, brings to life.

    95. Matthew J

      Can tell how laser focused you are on BMWs 😋*Looks at a Mclaren* "Nice Ferrari" 😂

    96. Jørgen Friborg

      I owned one 30 years ago.

    97. Bertrand du Couëdic

      I really like your videos. May i ask you if you do this (fixing bmw) as a day job too?

    98. lem0n

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      I like those original wheels. What was that style of wheel called?

    100. R. S. Robertsen

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