Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 17


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    The last video on the raptor??! We finally are getting to throw on nearly all of the mods we have onto the raptor! This thing is turning into an absolute beast and here soon it'll be 100% finished. The Corsa exhaust is just beyond epic and I don't think it could sound any better than this. Also we finally got our lights in for the bumper and a few other things as well. We are so close to finishing this build but as usual we got a little surprise coming soon! Thanks For Watching!!!

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    1. Gerardo Ramirez

      Came up on that washer 😂😂👌🏼

    2. xotic86

      That exhaust 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    3. Charles Eballa

      👌👍👊 that wheels

    4. Rythm Plays

      19:02 Legends say he still has that washer in his pocket....dannggggg

    5. Sss Diarr

      Hey goon squad you should install bed toolbox on your air for 50 to 2019

    6. Ruben Melo

      I'll happily buy that TrackHawk you guys have just sitting there 😁


      where is it cat Thomas?

    8. Joey T

      I really hate people who run light bars and extra lights on public roads. Blinding!

    9. Nathan Hovanec

      I have a corsa on my 95 eclipse and it screams! You can’t hear 3 hours after you go for a rip.

    10. Kyle Miller

      anyone know the actual name of these wheels?

    11. Ellis The DJ

      Imagine if the hammer slipped out of your dad and amd hit the new piece of glass

    12. SxmTech

      Pops is so funny

    13. B6jfkmx

      throw a shattered ceramic part of a spark plug at the window and watch!

    14. curtis wilcock

      Wow loook at that nice loving the side steps also the exhaust 😱🤤 nicee sounds great pops mean blue machine and the nee light spotlights are sick super bright and look at those rims oh my goodness 😱

    15. Dr MacPuffin

      #elonmusk hook them up with some parts!

    16. Steve H

      Great looking exhaust. Sounds okay until you blip the throttle, IMO of course. So glad the TRX came out. Made Ford put in the R&D for another V8 for the Raptor. Isn't competition great!

    17. Robert Emery

      I've been following you guys since blue rubicon and I must say if I ever win lottery I'll ask you to do my first super car. You guys are great and do what you do .✌💪

    18. Tfo L

      Yall must never had a skriaght piped chevy bf

    19. Dave Bettey

      Your crazy brothers, ha ha but love the work and the modcoms. Keep it going lads

    20. Brian Bixby

      What type of fuel wheels are they?

    21. Eric Bierman

      You know what would look good is if the side steps were painted the same blue as the Ford Raptor.

    22. Life with Lilah Marie

      Those rims are bad@ss, now paint the truck a diff color haha

    23. TheSiekieramotyka

      The alignment of rear right door is strange, comparing to opposite side... :)

    24. Anthony Gragg

      Y’all probably won’t see this but if any other subscribers know why don’t they use the Gladiator for the daily “grocery getter” type stuff? They said the dually was too big but they’ve got the jeep and a gmc

    25. don earl


    26. Sterling Stauffer

      I loved seeing the little sister riding around in the background.

    27. Richie not so rich

      The V6 still sounds like a crappy V6. Nothing beats the deep tone growl of a V8. I don't know why Ford didn't put just a supercharged 5.0 in these. That would be proper.

    28. Patrick Carr

      I guess i don't really see the reason people liked the gold wheels? It doesn't really seem to go with the truck? Maybe they will look better on... i just think the same style wheel in a gunmetal color would have looked a LOT better.

    29. Todd Irwin

      Where's the mini Jet boat Build for summer!?!? #CleetusMcF

    30. Mads Bock

      "Are you ready?" "I'm ready!" *Misses it.

    31. Saki630

      thats a great sound, but just a little quieter until you want to rip it would be nice.

    32. Samuel Berry

      Who need as a shop when you can work outside with cardboard on gravel in the sun???

    33. Elijah Young

      Put a petal commander on it

    34. Shawn Adams

      You guys are comedians ! Freakin epic, never a dull moment watching goonzquad 🤘🏼

    35. It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry

      Please don't hurt your hands trying to punch out the glass. (I know not really.) Though you know who can?!?!? WhistlinDiesel! I saw him do it in one of his videos!! SIC! Anyways..the Truck looks SIC!

    36. Andrew Masters

      Well that's cool that we'll get to see this build twice, since you'll have to rebuild it again after you start a fire from throwing in that larger fuse

    37. The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7

      Bigger fuse does not solve the problem, you’re just offsetting it, you are probably stressing out the wiring and switch, This is why relays and different wire gauge exists, you got to know what you are putting through the circuits

    38. Ernest Adzraku

      I wonder what their mpg readings are after these sweet exhaust mods😃

    39. Richard Farmer

      Please do a price reveal.

    40. Christopher Baroni

      Trucks looking good

    41. Kenneth Cuds

      I would love to have the stock tires of your f150! I’m a fan here from the philippines also a truck owner🇵🇭

    42. TheFastStang

      Right here...🙈🙄🤷🏽 every second sentence

    43. Kalani.21

      Price reveal would be dope!!!

    44. Chris Ebinger

      Does anyone else think these guys are over? I hate to say it. They are expert painters and they know how to install an exhaust, a tune and a cold air intake. That's about it for mods. Yes, I know the optioned the red Jeep all over the place with camping stuff but we never see them use it. At this point, they should consider selling these builds as part of their business plan and not because they want to. I enjoyed the house content because it was something fresh. Now they are back doing the same old thing. I love you guys but you are becoming stale.

    45. josuu guillen

      link to the exhaust. love the video btw you earn my instant subscription !D

    46. Gamingplayzz

      You guys get stuff done in second

    47. Reece Mccann

      For you're next car can you get an exotic or a rare or a brand of car you haven't worked on like McLaren I want you to rebuild a 720s it's my favourite or restore a really old car

    48. pat mcgeough

      When you turn those lights on UFOs are gonna chase you down man!!

    49. de Caci

      Wow that exhaust sound... Almost perfect

    50. Shawn McCroskey

      What happen to the wife's car 🤔

    51. Mike Gustav

      dannnng son youre dad COOL

    52. vincem5

      nicely blocked of the air flow to the intercooler with the lights in the front bar now. ?!?

    53. Joel Torres

      Does anyone know what car is the grey one in the background at 16:36?

    54. Hi there From points west

      Fuse size is tied to wire gauge….putting more amperage on wires designed for less means tge wire gets too hot….then fire.

    55. tradbowyer1975

      pops cracks me up!

    56. fily nv

      Yo guys needs the raptor decal in the bed !!

    57. philip Dodge

      Yous should do a hellephant on the Gladiator

    58. Flabio Rivas 69

      Badass 🇲🇽💯

    59. Tyler Harris

      dang that just put a new dog-on exhaust in that thing!!

    60. Newnan Dawg

      my second family...

    61. Bryan “Death Upon Relapse” Daum

      Yes please do a price reveal.

    62. César Cabrera

      Turn on the Spanish subtitles to reach 5 million subscribers guys.

    63. Bert’s Channel

      Bout time to start giving away things like trucks and money if u wanna take the channel to the next level.

    64. elbori_617

      14:17 what happened to the Nissan Sentra ¿body work???🤔🤔

    65. mwill76

      You should’ve did the high flow cats and a tune.

    66. Jon Guthrie

      I love that you bought a lift and your excuse for not using it if anyone asks is “our helicopter is in the way” keep up the awesome content fellas

    67. Mason Price

      Do a car for your mom

    68. Ryan Freeman

      I’m currently doing a Raptor swap on my king ranch, you guys selling the rear bumper and the exhaust you took off?? I would like to get my hands on the take offs that would help me so much!

    69. Eddie 21222

      It really needs a lift kit

    70. nik black

      Hey can you link us up with tunes you use especially when you fit exhaust up

    71. Yello Peril

      Goonzquad sponsored by the word "Dude"

    72. Anthony Peachey

      Truck luckin fine!!!! Tickles me how they never use the ramp in the garage to install the exhaust etc

    73. John Edzon

      Dang that trackhawk has been forgoten after billy had an overspeeding violation 😂

    74. Joseph Sites

      needed to wire in a relay for the lights

    75. Nil Pepió Navas

      10:49 i can say without any doubt that i never saw that happy face in any of the previous videos. That sound🤤🤤🤤

    76. Chris Manuli

      “Puttin that in my pawket maahn” 😂😂😂

    77. gabi Ibarra

      Good afternoon, do not forget to enable the subtitles in Spanish, so that Latin Americans can be aware of your videos, thank you very much, and a hug from Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina !!!

      1. gabi Ibarra

        @Taunuslunatic si si gracias !!

      2. Taunuslunatic

        Ya están disponibles en español.

    78. Bubu shuya

      I love it bro... It's amazing bro

    79. USAF99

      I hate to be the killjoy here buuuuut....that fuse is sized for the wiring in the truck. Amperage causes heat. Putting a 30A fuse on a 15A circuit is a recipe for an electrical fire. If you just changed the fuse for the purpose of showing the lights, okay- but I would hard wire them with at least 8 AWG wire for the short distance (max about 12'). I get it, you want to use the upfitter switches but burning down this sick build over some pod lights is no bueno. As always, great video guys!

    80. Brad Downes

      Dude. ...!

    81. Ethan Vyacheslav

      You guys shouldn’t get your cars sold you need to put them up for bids

    82. Tural Bedelov


    83. Andi Doci

      The Hitch looks very ugly, was there not a aftermarket version that hides better then the F150 sock one? Also, before you do to a larger fuse make sure the line can handle the amperage, you don't want the line to be the fuse cause it does not go easy and it usually takes the truck with it.

    84. Deziment

      Please fix the captions!!! It getting into my nerves!

    85. Terrell Chapman

      V6’s sound like shit, in my opinion.

    86. Pixel Gaming

      Daaaang Son!!!!

    87. Tom Hman

      What exactly makes this exhaust epic? It’s a muffler and pipes. By the way you act like a dingus.

    88. Nef

      Viper is like , what about my windshield?? What about me ?

    89. first class

      "DUUUUDE" lolol

    90. tim empson

      Love you guys so natural ,you made me giggle when you said with all the oil on the ground you could do a funking oil change lol lol nice one Billy you are the boys

    91. ml br

      Great video... a little distracting with incessant arm movements. Guessing if you were ever handcuffed you wouldn't be able to speak? lol Keep killing it!

    92. Gengar gamer

      U guys need to start the track hawk and clean it

    93. Rafal Olszewski

      Dude... most abused word: "dude".

    94. Matthew Dyess

      If you watch the intro with the sound off, it looks like a karate tutorial

    95. Elblancochingon

      Those trucks are awesome but they sound like shit regardless of what you do to them.

      1. Elblancochingon

        Sorry guys, the wheel color does NOT work with blue!

    96. Elblancochingon

      Power steps are for 1.old people 2.fat people 3.REALLY lifted trucks. Aka: not your raptor!

    97. KeysKaveMen

      I had a feeling they were gonna do the blow off valve. It just sounds too good

    98. Mark's Snakepit

      You lost a bunch of your viewers with those stupid house videos. Your channel is dying.

    99. fralin1966

      The Raptor got the Royal GOONZQUAD Treatment what model are these wheels trying to find them ?

    100. Rusty Nails

      You guys are going to burn that truck up with a 30 Amp fuse on 16 gauge wire.