No budget Christmas present exchange swap w/ my BESTFRIEND!! ft Anastasia Kingsnorth

Saffron Barker

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    No budget present exchange swap w/ my BESTFRIEND!! ft Anastasia Kingsnorth
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    1. Emree Reese

      It ain’t even close to Christmas honey.

    2. Darcy X

      What was your budget

    3. Shannel Rose

      this gives me zoella and louise vibes 💕

    4. Dominic Jones

      Aaaaaaaa this just come up in my recommended and I thought it was this years

    5. Caoimhe Rooney

      Me and my three best friends love u and Anna’s vids I’m so exited for this years gift exchange

    6. Francesca Coombes

      I hope there is one this year 😂😅

    7. Olivia Brydon

      4:05 kinda looks like penniwises top ngl

    8. Danni Gillott

      The dog 🥺🥺🥺

    9. Alisha Dawswon

      I love watching both of ur videos ✨✨🦋🦋🦋💕💕💕🥰

    10. Alisha Dawswon

      I love u so much u too are my idols ur both so pretty I just love yous so much ✨🦋💕🥰

    11. aml horsegirl

      Why are you guys so rich??

    12. Sofia Blazyca-White

      Awww! Your both so sweet! Just watched Ana’s video and it put a smile on my face! 😄

    13. Sofia Blazyca-White

      This is so sweet of the two of you!

    14. serenababe

      I love your friendship!!! Definitely the best friendship I have ever seen! Love to the both of you xx

    15. Daisy Gleeson

      I think I’m being stupid but did saffron not link Anastasia video? I can’t find it 😂

    16. Marjory Fries

      10:04 06:56 02:11

    17. Evie Donnelly

      Anyone watching this in 2020 and wishing it. Was 2019 again

    18. Suraj Patel

      Who’s desperate for Saffron to go to Anas house

    19. Anne Brown

      Anastasia petting the dog like she's gna do something bad "I've been waiting for you"

    20. Emma Gregory

      You and Anna is my favourite youtuber

    21. Kerry Miller

      U both look like sister sooo cute 🥰

    22. Gaming

      What’s the name of the spray she got you?lysm xxx

    23. J A D I R A H

      Got an M&Ms ad just went she showed her box 😂

    24. Ameera Chyy

      Wish I had rich friendsssss😩🤗

    25. Amalia Rosa

      You don’t have a profile pic

    26. katherine collins

      This was so cute

    27. Nancy and Ava Summer vlogs !

      Your HRaero picture is missing ????

    28. axlixilo

      they look like they could be sisters

    29. lain may

      Imagine having a friendship like this

    30. I'ma Vegemite

      wow spoilt rotten, great friends, just hope you girls repurposed/recycled all those Chrissy pretty bows

    31. Lucia Garcia

      Why does it sound like Saffron fakes her accent

    32. Felicity Lister

      Where’s the green top from xx

    33. Jessica Sheridan

      Saffron if I am right u said thank you 21 times 🤣🤣😘😘❤

    34. F. zna

      What perfume is that? Does somebody know please?

    35. Em- -Em

      You guys would make such a cute couple ☺️

      1. Em- -Em

        @Molly Byrne I know but still

      2. Molly Byrne

        Emily Button urm. there straight

    36. Shucks

      You didn't even link her channel..

    37. tabitha honey

      yes the dog deserves screen time i am happy the stroke happened but no presents were given to the dog

    38. LIFE WITH A!M0

      Please do a Christmas outfit video

    39. Lucy Little

      my to fav yotubers together doing christmas always love this

    40. Chloe Fuller

      Aww my two fav youtubers Anna and saff best friends

    41. emma

      What happened her profile pic?

    42. Bumblebea

      Bro what happened to your profile pic tf 😂

    43. Charlotte xx

      Who saw saffrons video first ??? xx

    44. Danielle Rice

      amazing video

    45. AlexiaJames _

      No one: Saffron: awe I genuinely love that

    46. Michelle xo


    47. TikTokVibes 2k20

      Copy right. I don’t think that this is actually saffron’s channel

      1. KateWnukowska

        It’s got 2mil+ subscribers, please don’t say stupid stuff😂

    48. Jess Will

      Saffron is so stuck up

    49. Beth -

      All the better things you could spend this amount of money on this is so excessive and selfish ☹️

    50. jennifer

      anyone know what the girls instagram is who made those biscuits?!!!


      Nice video. exchanging Gifts.

    52. Anonymous Anonymous

      What’s happend to your profile picture?

    53. Emily Alice

      me and my friends- *gives a £2 bottle of perfume to each other* “MERRY CHRISTMAS” Saff and Anna- “So we had a budget but we went over” *spends like £1000 pounds on each other* love this friendship 🤣🤩💓xx

    54. faye singleton

      I filmed a realistic budget present swap with my bestie!! Because am pooorrrr :/ pls go watch it :)

    55. Shannon Sibbald

      I literally felt like I was sitting with my besties opening presents when I watched this. So humble I love IT

    56. Cali Gurnett

      What perfume is that??

    57. Mariell Fingal

      Search lussekatt its saffron in it are u the maker? Baker?

    58. holly meek

      OMG the dog killed me 😫😫😫😍😍😍

    59. ItsGeorgia

      U haven’t linked Anna’s video and channel 😓😓

    60. Rachel B •Farmiga Fan•

      Materialism at it's finest 👎🤮

      1. seeni gzty

        make a vlog about being an arab for 24 hours

    61. JC Denton

      Why do they have orange faces?

    62. Sharon Middleton

      Please post again I have nothing to watch

      1. seeni gzty

        How did the world come to this 😭😭😭

    63. heyitsamyxo xo

      She proper spoilt ya

    64. maya tpwk

      I have the same kurt Geiger boots, they're amazing

    65. seeni gzty

      Wish I could do no budget Christmas presents with my friends hopefully in the future

      1. faye singleton

        seeni gzty lol same I filmed a realistic budget Christmas present swap! It’s on my channel now if u fancy a watch x

    66. Evie Gatt

      love you saff x

    67. Kate Robertson

      Need those black boots!! Ahh gimme the link!

    68. Lilly Preece

      Hey saffron it’s my birthday 🎁 on the 28th and I watch your videos as soon as they come out and I’m your biggest fan and it will be mi best birthday ever if you could respond to me on my birthday on instagram @lilly_preece_im turning 13 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘I love you so much and don’t worry if you don’t see this or if you don’t have time.

    69. Dahlia Apfelbaum

      What was the perfume that you love?

    70. Tomasz Cisoń

      Thsi Video✔️👍🏽💞😍🤗😘🙂

    71. amie

      Are you and AJ to gether because you are so cut and a perfect match together I love you giyes to gether

    72. Jessica Davis

      I feel like I am just like you saffron ♥️♥️

    73. Jessica Davis

      I love you soooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooo sooooooo much I love you !!!!!!!!!!!

    74. vliduu zeeb

      This video has made me even more excited for Christmas, I wish I could buy that many presents for my best friend

      1. faye singleton

        vliduu zeeb lol same I filmed a realistic budget Christmas present swap! It’s on my channel now if u fancy a watch x

    75. Don't Press the Square

      How did the world come to this 😭😭😭

    76. Ash Nabulsi

      make a vlog about being an arab for 24 hours

    77. Harriet Oakley

      Anastasia is such a good person

      1. vliduu zeeb

        Omg i need a friendship like yours 🙏❤

    78. Karen So

      does anyone know where saff's jumper is from? it's so nice!x

    79. Leslie Harding

      Hi please raptly saying something love you x

    80. Wissam Bnr

      "She's pigmented" 😅

    81. Tanya B

      Ana is so cute 🥺🥺🥺

    82. Darren Powell

      I Have to watch every video with Anastasia , saffron and Bella in chase they are the best of friends xxx

    83. Darren Powell

      This is my favourite video on saffron channel xxx

    84. Joziah Bullock

      Spectacular video production, I delight it so much . Unexcelled part is 1:33. *I up 1st twerking, Pls come and tell me what you think* 💝 💝 💞

    85. Lauren Nichole

      Love u both 🤩🤩

    86. Bethan Melbourne

      I absolutely adore how thoughtful Anastasia is ❤️❤️

    87. Christine Dokina

      I’m so broke

    88. ILA Soo

      I dare u to send u a gift but u back me too...

    89. Jesus In My Place

      hey Saffy, i've decided to subscribe to you because i love your personality and your attitude towards giving to others :-)

    90. Bunnie Huxtable

      take a shot every time Anna mentions them going out of town. 🥃🤣

    91. Charlotte Louise

      Omg i need a friendship like yours 🙏❤

    92. tia x

      it’s funny when u requested it!!

    93. Katy Green

      Your dog 🥺

    94. Suntzuscp

      Just got 2 iPhones xr a mac book and 3 pokemon bundles in this ebay mistery box 202849152578 highly recomended couldnt believe when I got it Christmas made!!

    95. iona thompson

      Does anyone know which perfume it is? x

    96. Alex Ascs 26

      Okay Gen-Z.✌🏿

    97. Naomi bdx

      What happened between Spencer and saffron loll

    98. maya yaniv

      What's the name of the perfume??

      1. courtney summers

        maya yaniv lady million

    99. Sarah Gosling

      I which me and my tow bats friends could do this 💖

    100. Laura_leah

      I like that tequila Rose I did a live whilst drinking a bottle once 🤣