Story Trailer For Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7


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    They came without warning, their intentions were unclear. But what’s clear now is that a war has come to the Island.

    With an explosive opening attack, a mysterious alien army is invading the Island. Under the command of Doctor Slone, the Imagined Order (IO) has taken it upon themselves to fight back. As you battle amidst the chaos, meet Characters who embrace the invasion, oppose it, or just want to keep fishing. The fate of the Island is at stake

    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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    1. Mathew Hernadenz

      Epic can you change the graphics on Nintendo plz😢

    2. Bizzy Be

      Can I get v bux

    3. Vision Twizzler

      anyone notice that superman is playing fortnite as batman

    4. alexis romo

      Les puedo dar una idea para una colaboración si si me dicen el la cuenta pelon5412 es muy buena aunque sea beal la idea porfabor

    5. 0nepunchman709

      Add the pick Rick as a backling or a skin that randomly say I’m pickle Rick

    6. PixanoYT

      I have a question for fortnite or anybody could answer, If you are on champion league and have 6,000 points, you can be able to play solo or duo lr trio cash cups?

    7. Noah Jacobbb

      Fortnite plz get rid of the space ships there to op I keep getting spammed with it then I die plz

    8. Zion Matthews

      They need to have female deadpool that would be amazing


      Epic games how many games she then

    10. Grady Johnston

      Has anyone else notice the shadow of the spaceship is getting bigger over the island

    11. حاتم Hatem Wael

      اللهم صلي وسلم وبارك علي سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم

    12. Freydson Ventura

      God bless yall, Jesus loves yall and He wants you to be saved 🙏 John 3:16 romans 10:9-10 Have a blessed day yall.

    13. Mateo

      This game sucks now

    14. Christian Barthelus

      And black panther and chase it from gen lock take a look at the show

    15. Christian Barthelus

      Please put fade in item shop This is from Rul1034 hope you see plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    16. zerux playz

      fortnite put in levi ackerman from attack on titan

    17. Aarón Bugarín

      Ana apology cuuld me my 1000 V because they atole money to Buy the V

    18. PlsFramey

      They better not put minecraft in the game

    19. Jayden Hayes

      What if they add star fire as doctor slone sister

    20. EK_kings00 7


    21. Delores Whitstone


    22. Aarav Bastakoti

      Can I please have the battle pass I’m subscribed

    23. Lazerbeam#1fan No no square

      Remove ufos or add some reload time on the blasters

    24. Boston Ferguson

      Can you do a fnaf crossover

    25. Ahmad yb gamer

      I can't even waite for download it 😂😂😓😓👽👽

    26. elias lopez

      If you thought that FortNut meets RicanMorti would be too autistic to be true, then get a load of this.

    27. Tanner H

      Nerf the ufos

    28. Abor

      The notes she plays in 0:53 reminds me of a song and I cant remember which one :( Can someone help me out?

    29. Shaun

      Please delete ufos, they are almost as bad as mechs or planes

      1. Twilight Rocketeer

        Jesus Christ does this community have to complain about everything, the UFO’s take ONE AR CLIP to take down, if you don’t like them, they’re disabled in competitive.

    30. Larry Wright

      Fortnite can you please add a lil baby emote

    31. Space_Cat_Playz


    32. Pogtronaut

      For this season why do you need the battle pass for any reward?

    33. Ryan Horn

      Theory: the number 22 on the broadcast might mean the 22 minute loop and maybe maven (the reporter) is hired by daily planet to broadcast info from in the loop every 22 minutes when the loop resets but acting like a news channel so IO doesnt get suspicious.

    34. Off man536 • 163 Years ago

      Morty: Rick what are you doing in Fortnite? Rick: I’m getting a 1# Victory Royal morty

    35. Musasenpai

      Bro nerf the fking UFO’S please


      free jravis

    37. Tjisagamerr

      i think we are getting vans as cars

    38. Cat Army

      When the alien dances ………… It was so CRINGEY ngl 1:07

    39. Matthew Parker

      Fortnite pls see this comment every time I leave a match it kicks me out of my friends party so pls fix it

    40. Nicu Hutanu


    41. Nicu Hutanu


    42. Nicu Hutanu

      ..INVAZIA !!

    43. Nicu Hutanu


    44. Nicu Hutanu

      ..IA_I AUZIT?

    45. Nicu Hutanu


    46. Nicu Hutanu


    47. Nicu Hutanu

      ..FI IN ORICE LUCRU ...

    48. Nicu Hutanu


    49. Nicu Hutanu


    50. Nicu Hutanu


    51. Nicu Hutanu

      ..E ALTCEVA...

    52. Nicu Hutanu


    53. Nicu Hutanu


    54. Nicu Hutanu


    55. engineer tf2

      wtf they just copied tf2's invasion update

    56. Thayna Vilela


    57. ساسوكي العرب

      Abu Fella has more subscribers than his fortnite channel

    58. Ashley Nunes

      Hello ID4 springs to mind and we all love that film

    59. YetiMASTER

      Why rick just why

    60. layland johnson


    61. котёнок кусь кусь

      When will you be back game in the play market, I have not played for 1 year, I really miss the game

    62. Ujay_Rdking Ruddick tati

      TAKE UFOS OUT!!!!

    63. mulu lisanework

      0:33 relies how how super man is playing fortnite and has the batman skin on

    64. Adan Noriega

      I wish that the secret skin is the foundation for this season but I don't think it is the secret skin is going to be Loki

    65. Charming nowhere to hide

      1:19 oh I thought epic forgot about the foundation

    66. Fezzverbal

      "Story" Didn't they abandon the story mode of this game in favour for the battle royale modes?

    67. Jesus Hernandez

      can you and chromebook bring fortnite to chromebook becuase its blocked me on geforce and i dont know hwat to do

    68. Ragusa Bowens

      Fortnight if you’re listening to me I don’t know if you’re going to see Yesterdays but if you can please give me all the skins from chapter 2 season eggs from the battle pass that would be thankful because I really want the battle pass and all the skins in it I don’t even care if I need to get the other styles I would rather have the skin and mostly I want the knight in the battle pass and I really want it because every time a HRaero or has the skin I think it’s going to be in the item shop when it’s not and I wish I had it so good please stupid that would be good and by the way my user name is Ragusa2011

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Nerf the ufo

    69. Corrina

      Get rid of the UFO

    70. Daniel Ramirez

      i wish there was a michael jackson emote

    71. laumys juego

      maldito te odio le sacaste el codigo a recargado 777 y no le pagas

    72. Luke soccer 21

      Not a fan of this season, but I gotta admit, this trailer is cool

    73. Bridie French

      Can you please put a shoot timer on the UFO blaster it is to overpowered it would help everybody in the fortnite community

    74. Elisei Tiushniakov

      When will be on mobile again?

    75. Marc

      Why u ban jarvis

    76. theshibby13

      Dude get spaceships out of the game! theyre fkn cancer

    77. sham_yt

      Fortnite you may not read this but can you add A11 phone to Fortnite i was within and I still don't see that I can't play Fortnite on this phone pls add it pls add it and it bind 3 years and I can't play on my A11 if you do read this pls add it

    78. Gabriel Garcia

      Please try to add a among us character backpling that would match any type of alien astronaught or space themed skin and it would be simmilar to the baby yoda and rocket raccoon backpling.

    79. Vengador Fantasma


    80. flying  frog(・o・)


    81. Nayeli Atempa


    82. Salk

      I hate the new season because they destroyed the Spire

    83. Paris Frazier

      Nerf the ufo

    84. sans_ mode

      So Foundation might be swimming the water's trying to get to the Island or he could be dead foes all we know

    85. Ninja_boy912

      Fortnite keep the my word dance in the item shop in tile Monday please 🙏

    86. Jack Gilman

      I ment black not silver

    87. Jack Gilman

      You should ad iron man but cilver

    88. Brandon Bartlett

      i figured it out in season 6 i think, the monsters rise trailer, the island which kevin the cube was holding up: exploded, and it was floating. it had some sort of purple glow that shot to the sky, when it exploded. in this trailer, the spire, which had the zero point, (which has the same energy kevin had) got sucked up by the big ufo, and was *floating* . the ufo sent some *purple glow* through the middle of the island, and *exploded* , just like kevin

    89. Leonardo César

      Coloca isso fortnite faz parceria com Google play

    90. Leonardo César

      Por que também com certeza vai ter o monte de pessoa que concorda comigo se vocês estão a favor coloca

    91. Lifeline

      I want a app that tells me how many v bucks I bought and when I bought each skin, emote, etc. ETA?

    92. Leonardo César


    93. Leonardo César

      E se vocês querem mudar isso então tenta fazer então tenta fazer a parceria com a Google play de volta ok

    94. Leonardo César

      Epic games uma coisa que eu quero falar porque você parou de fazer parceria com a Google play porque todo mundo tá louco para baixar só que não tem como porque fica falando que precisa ser o celular compatível e aí do nada a pessoa fica assim eu tô com vontade de jogar então eu vou entrar nesse site que provavelmente vai ter algum vírus mas eu tô nem aí eu quero jogar fortnit e aí para mim que a pessoa pega o vírus porque porque todo mundo tá louco para jogar e aí todo mundo tá querendo jogar fortnite aí a gente fica com vontade porque as outras pessoas jogam e a gente não então por favor volta a parceria com a Google play se não se vocês não responder para mim cinco dias depois significa que vocês não tão nem aí que não tô nem aí para ninguém

    95. first entertain

      ये मूवी है मेरे पास है किसी को चाहिए तो बता देना मुझे! में आपने drive का link share कर दूंगा okk

    96. Josie Marvin

      What is Superman doing? Playing Fortnite as Batman. 0:33

    97. Rhys Murley

      UFO spamming is the worst part about this season

      1. theshibby13

        Ruined the game again. just like the mechs. I'll start playing again when they remove them. smh

    98. Losiq on keys

      Bring back our card crushers and golf card please because I am because I’ve been playing for kind of a long time I have in the maps I’ve made have those calls in it and I don’t want the Lamborghinis and other stuff just please bring back car crushers and golf coach please oh beg you like my first have a map have those cars in it now i’m sad because you took them away and why did you even take them away

    99. im Toothpaste

      Sousers are to op

    100. MindaB0110

      Fortnite if you put Jarvis as a skin