VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE - Official Trailer 2 (HD)

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    You are what you eat. Feast on the new trailer for : Let There Be Carnage, exclusively in movie theaters October 1.

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    Tom Hardy returns to the big screen as the lethal protector Venom, one of MARVEL’s greatest and most complex characters. Directed by Andy Serkis, written by Kelly Marcel with the story by Tom Hardy & Marcel, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson, in the role of the villain Cletus Kasady/Carnage.

    Directed by: Andy Serkis
    Screenplay by: Kelly Marcel
    Story by: Tom Hardy & Kelly Marcel
    Based on the Marvel Comics

    Tom Hardy
    Michelle Williams
    Naomie Harris
    Reid Scott
    Stephen Graham
    and Woody Harrelson

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    1. Fht FhtrGgk


    2. Sertach 6

      1:40 anti venom

    3. XxLeaf ProductionsxX

      I can't wait to see this movie...

    4. Andy Fletch

      The special effects look terrible! I was hoping they was going to channel Alien and the Thing. But these two in venom 2 don't look scary at all. Another crap one from Hollywood!

    5. Shubhang Bahadur

      Bane is such a cool person, if he hadn’t hidden his face behind that mask, I’m damn sure Bruce Wayne would have found him funny rather menacing! 😂

    6. Breck Blessing

      I am hype for this movie

    7. iemrahli_01

      1:42 anti venom

    8. George Moshington

      Finally , i have been waiting 30 literal years for them to make some sort of carnage movie. My favourite character of all time in any comic universe. I think hes stronger than wplverine or spiderman .

    9. Lofey

      Anyone know the song?

    10. xlnr

      1:42 what is that white thing? Is that anti-venom?

    11. Soundwavegamer

      Ok minor complaints one Cletus’s hair looked better in the Venom post credit scene hell it was very accurate to the comics and actually made him Woody Harrelson look like a perfect Cletus Kasady but it’s changed for some reason. And then Shrek look they did the same thing to domino and Starfire and I at least like Dominos actress and thought it was a good betrayal of Domino, but hears the thing so Sony thought it would be a good idea to cast a black actress to play a female villain know for enjoying killing and maiming people and is considered just as monstrous as Carnage as she’s the only thing he refuses to kill as he likes her I’m surprised more people aren’t trying to cancel the film for Sony trying to demonize black people or their probably giving her a change of heart near the end of the film. Then theirs the fact that the movie isn’t R sorry, but it was at least fine with Venom, but when Carnage is in the film you need an R rating for this.


      Bruh the fact the venom says "oh yeah!" Just shows his personality lol!

    13. Aksak Timur


    14. Pog Cow

      this movie better not be underrated

    15. Adam Warlock

      im so glad they decided not to go wit that clown hair that woody had in the teaser

    16. Angel Lopez

      venom +riot=carnage

    17. Ainosuke Shindo

      Anyone realise that venoms voice is no longer deep,It use to be deep.But can't wait for this 😄😁


      1:41 watch 0.25x there is a white body infront of the cops if u watch slow you can see him is it ANTI-VENOM???

    19. Negvaton İOS

      Anti carnage???

    20. Kakashi - Hatake

      Carnage:like family Dom Torreto:Did u say family?

    21. Oyuncu

      1:42 anti- venom

    22. Jonathan Walker

      Bruh I have no idea what relevance that screaming woman has in the trailer there’s so showings of her just screaming and I’m confused and how she’s important

      1. Cr0ssfire Gaming

        In the comics she is carnage's girlfriend. She has sound powers, which is one of a symbiote weaknesses.

    23. Thommy Michaels

      I never followed Venom in the comics, just when he crossed paths with Spider-Man. Those who know: Is that how it is in the books as far as how comedic the relationship is between Eddie and the symbiote? I feel like it wasn’t as overdone in the first movie, it’s much more in your face in this trailer. I’m fine with it if that’s how the comics are. Just curious.

      1. Cr0ssfire Gaming

        Yes, they are usually really corny and argue like a married couple.

    24. PaCC 4L

      Venom and Hulk running from fights now ?

    25. KanatliJK

      1:42 THIS IS ANTI-VENOM !!

    26. EternalFariz

      hah anti venom scene is 1:39 make speed 0.5 slowed down

    27. Gowtham G

      You will colub with free firw

    28. Jared Colbert

      Kool-aid man

    29. Wolf Pack

      I will love Carnage to win

    30. Vraj Thakkar

      Why am I getting JOKER vibes from CARNAGE ?

    31. StoryGuy

      1:49 Yeah, the "Oh shit!" from Venom was great. But the panicky "Uh...Where you goin?" from Eddie afterwards is just gold.

    32. hello, Zuko here

      With all the rumors going on about Venom being in the MCU, I really hope that he exists in the same universe as Andrew Garfield's spiderman. The dark vibe suits Venom much better.

    33. Gh4stly Ghost

      I'm cautiously optimistic about this movie.

    34. Barzarel

      Anyone know who that probably crucial actress is gonna be in the cell, that a new character or existing marvel universe one?

      1. Barzarel

        @Legally Illegal Ah thanks.

      2. Legally Illegal

        That's Naomi Harris portraying Shriek. She's Cletus's girlfriend and a mutant in the comics.

    35. Nova_Omega1769

      Kool aid man in the mcu be like : 2:00

    36. Morbid Corpse

      Oh good grief. Marvel and its comedy. This could be a very dark movie and horror like movie but Disney ruined it.

    37. I N

      What the, its banshee from x men?

    38. lolledopke

      the biggest special effect expense was Woody's wigs

    39. 2H Arvin Singh


    40. CHIRAG

      In the post credit spiderman appears

    41. Primus03

      Idk how Venom is gonna be the bad guy in the MCU of he’s the Anti-Hero in these films

    42. Naima Naima

      *Venom x Free fire*

    43. Durmiyon

      This will definitely connect with Spider-Man somehow. Dunno how but it will. Also, Carnage just looks meannnn!

    44. Darkroad95

      Cletus face is also perfect for Joker or Two Face role

    45. Inferno Dragon

      gg sony u have made me love this trailer now die pls

      1. Inferno Dragon


    46. Pokesoul The Storm

      I think carnage is one of my favorite villain's. He has such a cool design, I love the slender look tbh

    47. 18 Manas Pokle

      1:47 huh the background looks like kind of the dr strange one

    48. Antwone Bailey

      1:02 He tasted piece of Venom's Symbiote then his blood is combined with the symbiote which is how Carnage was created. Which means Venom is Carnage father and the offsprings of symbiote are more powerful than the parent. Also you can kinda see Venom's face on Carnage if you pause at 1:30

    49. SKYRULE-49

      This movie is going to be 1.5 hours long 😟

    50. Beluga fan

      The fact carnage was cleetus(flimflam reference) cuz when he was shot at he just turned see through

    51. Keith Kogane

      1:29 tentacle hentai

    52. adonis clark

      I love the scene when he says “ Oh shit that’s a red one! “ I laughed so hard😂😂😂😂

    53. Mary ann Buenaventura

      The funny one is venom say oh sh*t that is a red one

    54. Rare Infinity

      Who here come after seeing Free Fire × Venom 2.0

    55. SP creation send me status

      தமிழ் விக்ட்டிரி அடைய வாழ்த்துக்கள்

    56. JcashBTA

      idgaf what anyone says!! venom 1 was one of the best movies id seen in a while despite the reviews, definitely gonna watch this.

    57. XconquerX

      Venom is more sad that his ex married

    58. Jeff

      How in Tf is this not rated R? Such a failure just on this alone! Venom shoulda been rated R too!

    59. Pokedude97

      1:35 Serious Chills!

    60. David Lopez

      Carnage let there be venom

    61. Bigfanofgodzilla

      If u don’t like this u r not a venom fan

    62. Haha I am king

      Who else wants to see toxin in the 3rd movie

    63. Aquib Alam

      Venom 3 b banao please as I can do this played a few minutes to kya ho gaya hai darr ke liye ek din ho gaye the other day and the following link 🔗🔗 to kya se kya ho gaya hai darr ke sath hi nahi 😂 to kya se kya ho gaya hai darr ke sath hi nahi hi WO tasweer to the other side of the rest is fine for you and I am happy 😊 to kya hua hi ho ho ho ho kore ek din ho to lagta tha aur ho ho kore ek din ho gaye 🥰😘 🙏❤️🙏

    64. Muhammad Fahmi

      Ducati does not sound like that


      Can't wait till 1st Oct....

      1. ShadowScar


    66. Kenos The Spacebug

      2:00 Venom's version of the kool aid man guy

    67. Becker Polito

      This movie looks sick

    68. Ikmal Rizal

      1:49 😂😂

    69. HyperBlast

      Think of the damage we can do now MANN hahahahhaha

    70. Theodore R. Bundy

      My fave villian in spiderverse I've waited like 20 years for this

    71. cyncxd

      carnage looks more closer to 3d animation than venom

    72. call of duty gunsmith nick

      oh shit that one is a red one

    73. Hassan amadou

      when venom sayed oh shit that is a red one tell yall were not laughing

    74. Hussein Saleh

      Eddie: You need to come out right now! Venom: That is a RED one! Eddie: I will let you eat EVERYBODY! Venom: Promise? Eddie: Yes! Venom: OH YEAH!!!

    75. Danny Price

      Harrelson is perfect for this role! But it still looks like they are taking the cartoonish route for cheap comedy. Hope isn't too high for this sequel after the last one.

    76. Kid-K

      wait.. carnage has a FAMILY? wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    77. Izonxy

      Bruh free Cletus Kassidy he ain't done nothing wrong. All he did was kill his mother's dog, murder his grandmother, and 11 more people.

    78. Artax Sinking

      Looks stupid (but then again I hate all superhero movie outside of Batman) and I also hate the voice

      1. SALMA HAYEK

        @Artax Sinking Except Bat nipples

      2. Artax Sinking

        @José Antonio shit, at least that dude is real and not some fantasy Harry Potter on steroids douchebag. Batman is the everyman, with awesome weapons

      3. José Antonio

        batman haha

    79. Dr Muhammad Hadi Khan

      Spiderman falls nowhere near to Venom. Venom is lit.

    80. WrangWrang is me

      Oh shit

    81. D3th10rd

      Damn, not only do we get Venom vs Carnage, we also get Scream. Excited for more Symbiotes to appear.

      1. D3th10rd

        @Legally Illegal Well damn, I'll take the L on that then. I forgot Disney/Marvel has the mutants back in the MCU. Curious to see what happens with them, whether they'll make a revival like they did with Sony's Spider-Man, or just leave them be for now. Still, it doesn't diminish my excitement to someday see the rest of the Symbiotes on the big screen.

      2. Legally Illegal

        @D3th10rd It's not Scream. It's Shriek, Cletus's girlfriend. She's a mutant in the comics.

      3. José Antonio

        @D3th10rd crearly you never seen an venom comic or carnage comic too, its so obviusly scream wont appear, even if carnage can defeat scream and venom

      4. D3th10rd

        @José Antonio Ah yes, because it's totally out of the question for someone to assume the female character in containment with super powered screams in a movie about Symbiotes isn't Scream the Symbiote. Clearly you've already seen the movie and know there's no possible way that's Scream.

      5. José Antonio

        eve scream doesnt has real scream powers, she is only named scream

    82. ThatOneOddguy

      Its nice that when I laugh nicely My jaw elongates then my head resembles venom

    83. ZAGR Rockz

      I swear to god if they change the fact that Carnage is Venom’s offspring imma be throwing hands

      1. 123 456

        Carnage came from him biting Eddie/Venom in the jail scene i seen it at the esrlu viewing , also the post credit scene is the Spider-Man far from home daily bugle thibg and venom licks the screen saying he looks tasty

      2. ZAGR Rockz

        @louis webtser I knowwww😭 I just hope with all my being that they didn’t and we’re all just overthinking things

      3. louis webtser

        It seems like they didn’t change it

    84. Adolf Hitmaker

      - Character that can scream really loud - 2 Symbiotes with sound as a weakness Gee.....I wonder what is gonna happen in this film....

    85. King doge the Third

      I promise you get to eat everybody OH YEAHHHH

    86. JackRabbit E2E

      I wish the US military or protective service fought against Antifa and BLM.

      1. JackRabbit E2E

        @louis webtser The movie shows some branch of military or service team trying to to take out a domestic threat. But in the real world you have Antifa & Blm destroying property and hurting civilians while the government does absolutely nothing to protect its citizens. I was just comparing the movie to real life situations.

      2. Spidey


      3. louis webtser

        What’s that got to with the movie

    87. Denis Capson

      I know no one cares, but I'm gonna give you Venom information anyway. In the first movie Venom keeps biting off heads, and he also likes to eat chocolate. These two things are connected. The Marvel writers said that there is a chemical that exists in both brains and chocolate that symbiote need to survive. Kind of dark, but also awesome.

    88. THE TRUTH

      I haven’t even been to the movie theaters since the start of COVID 😂😂 and I still don’t plan on it!!!!! You guys are messing up by not releasing it on demand


      I hope, the Venom in *this* alternative universe joins the MCU and meet Spider-Man again. ))) 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    90. Lela Mitchell

      Why is it PG-13? I was hoping for an R rating!

      1. KlyntarNage

        One word: Money

    91. Széplasz Dominik

      1:24 is orobably the coolest scene in all of comic book movie history. I am so hyped

    92. Zak Kelly

      At one minute and 34 seconds the song fits perfectly

    93. Fleep

      love the fact that Venom sort of builds himself up around Eddie when he transforms, as if it was a living suit, whereas Carnage transforms Cletus's actual body instead.

      1. PLE2936

        @Gh4stly Ghost bro that kinda shook me a bit

      2. Gh4stly Ghost

        @PLE2936 Yes and no, Carnage unlike Venom in the comics is bonded to Cletus Kassidy on the level of biological. The symbiote and host have achieved a perfect symbiosis because Cletus' symbiote is bound to his bloodstream. Meaning in the comics the two are literally inseperable. During the comic line Maximum Carnage he WAS at one point weak to sonic attacks but the symbiote iirc adapted towhere he was immune. The danger of Carnage is that there is no reasoning with him and much as he is shown here. His singular goal is just as his namesake: Carnage.

      3. PLE2936

        @Richie Goz (1st Order) is that how he can make a hole in his stomach

      4. Richie Goz (1st Order)

        Yes the symbiote is bonded to Cletus on a molecular level.

    94. The Order of The Galactic Hospitallers

      I’m already pissed off bc Carnage is supposed to be red, super skinny and hunched over. It’s like if the simbiot took over Ted Bundy’s body

    95. Joe Shields

      Man this looks awful

    96. Zero Scans

      Venom : that was supposed to be us😂😂

    97. Dave Johnson

      same old same old

      1. louis webtser


    98. Mac Mooney

      2:00 ooh yeah

    99. cello ezpeleta

      Al cine

    100. cello ezpeleta

      Cuando sale oa pelicula