Destroying Eyeshadow Palettes I NEVER Use... OLD Palettes into Inspiring Singles!

Lauren Mae Beauty

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    Just when you thought I wasn't going to upload... haha I hope you guys enjoy another depotting video! I am really happy with all the "new" singles I have added to my palettes! I definitely think I am going t get more use out of them now that they aren't in their palettes! And only 2 casualties... not bad!! Hope you enjoy! Thanks so much for watching! :)

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    1. Kristen Glassy


    2. Cradio

      There’s a product called “Goo Gone,” which is WAY better at breaking down and removing adhesive than alcohol. Alcohol takes forever to absorb and actually break down the glue, so I’d recommend picking up Goo Gone and giving it a try!

    3. Eartha Forester

      Lately I've been into "duping the vibes" whenever I want a new palette. I didn't buy the Flower Punk or Millennial Pinx, for example, cuz I knew I had the shades already. It was the unique arrangement of the shades (the color story) that was tempting me - not because the shadows themselves were anything special. I want to get the most use out of what I already own rather than be tempted to buy new all the time. It keeps me from overconsuming and allows me to make wiser purchases. Like I just ordered the You Beauty palette from Glaminatrix, and I could actually afford the heavy price because I haven't bought any palettes in a while. So I am a big advocate for depotting. But you're right, make sure it's what you want and that you'll actually use the shadows, because once you start tearing your palette apart there's no turning back. Another thing I like to do is buy older palettes second hand. Like maybe if I only liked half the shades and therefore couldnt justify paying full price for the palette new - I'll see if I can find a clean copy on the resale market and then hack it up. Eyeshadow is really easy to sanitize. You can save a lot of money that way too, with the added bonus of not contributing to resource demand and manufacturing waste by buying new (just shipping waste lol).

    4. bymillie

      Love watching these videos!! So satisfying

    5. Five

      Want an easy secret for repressing a square pan? Use a D6 (regular game dice) and cover it in plastic wrap. It's the perfect size for small squares.

    6. Five

      As someone who depots, I recommend a little bit if heat on the bottom of the palette, then they just pop out, no cracking or repressing. Close the palette and just wave a hairdryer on low-medium for 30 seconds to warm up and soften the glue. No need for a zpotter. Low heat wont destroy the shadows unless you're blasting and cooking them. It takes waaay less time than going through all those cardboard layers. Another thing I recommend is an artist's palette knife. You can get them from the "good" dollar store. The other secret is dental floss or sewing thread and sewing pins. If you can't seem to get a shadow up, slip some thread under it to saw at the glue.

      1. Five

        Another thing I do to replicate the zpotter heat us to put a flat cookie sheet on my stove (electric coils, this wont work for gas) and turn it on low. You have to monitor the temp, but usually the lowest keep warm setting is very low and won't do anything nasty, especially through the cookie sheet. You don't need to completely melt glue, just soften it a bit so the pan pops up more easily

    7. Alexandria at Fifth Avenue

      I thought we were smashing this up!!! But it is still a great video!

    8. Beauty Cookie

      This is totally worth vid because you are not just destroying the random items but dissemble them in a proper way of recycling. Love love love this video, please come up with more series🥰😍

    9. countrycoverangel

      I tried repotting a Juvias Palette. It was The Nubian 2. The mattes broke. I had to buy the palette again. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    10. beet

      Maybe you can use goo gone to get rid of glue residue

    11. Joyce Freeman

      Have you tried Goo Gone for the glue underneath?

    12. Purple Khajiit

      You should look into Goo Gone for some of the harder stuff to get off :)

    13. Nere17

      I loooooove these videos, they are so relaxing to watch 🥰

    14. Antoinette

      This is one of the most useful videos I've ever watched. I have turned three good palettes into two very good palettes. Thank you.

    15. Megan Harrell

      I love to depot all the palettes I’m not using because once the colors I won’t use are out, I can use then as pigments in my art❣️ Those holo fenty shades would be great in resin💖💿✨

    16. Beth Richardson

      Glad to know someone does something similar to me. I 'm a mutant that doesn't like pallets. I've rehomed several, keeping only four smaller pallets by BH. I do have numerous magnetic pallets arranged by color, shade, and undertone. (Yes, I took art classes. ;) ) To date, I have 313 pans from singles I've bought and pallets I have de-potted. BTW: I purchased some empty de-potting pans and magnetic stickers. They come in hand from time to time. Also, if a pan shatters, a few drops of alcohol can set it right. I also have plenty pans, round and square, and adhesive backs for pans that aren't magnetic. I found them online. It is also fun sometimes to mix colors. Some are real winners, some not so much. Delighted to find you.

    17. Ashley B

      I would try using pure acetone to get the glue off... If it can take nails off and the superglue off it should get that glue off a little bit easier I think 🤔

    18. gRose

      I want to depot my palettes but they're strong, plastic ones.... Idk how to even start

    19. Mayra Cervantes

      This reminds me of when I decided to depot my older shadow pallets except I actually destroyed them lol

    20. Miss Spooky

      More!!! I love this series

    21. steph

      I wish I could wear colours like that. Unfortunately, I'd look like a clown.

    22. FierceJadeMakeup

      Have you ever tried goo gone, I wonder if it would be better at removing the glue on the back

    23. nastya0987

      The difference in pans is one pan is aluminum which doesn't get magnetized and Fenty is metal Pans which stick to the magnet. Just fyi it's material difference

    24. Angie NG

      I just need to mention, because it was bugging me the whole time, sorry, but the MAGNET is IN your palette, not on the bottom of the shadows. They don't stick to the palette, because they are probably made out of aluminium, which is a non-magnetic metal - do not get attracted to a magnet -, while the other pans (probably the more expensive ones) are made out of magnetic metals. And so are those little metal-stickers you use. :)

      1. Angie NG

        Ah, forgot to mention that otherwise i really enjoy these videos, super relaxing to watch the depotting and listening to you :) thank you!

    25. Alexis Evans

      I wanted you to attempt the single in the plastic packaging so bad 🤣 the shade is so prettyyy

    26. Amber C

      This is such a wise thing to do if you have a ton of ehhh palettes. Personally I’ve got more singles than palettes. I’m suuuuuper picky on palettes because I have everything in my singles already.

    27. Pamela Anzaldua

      I’m a teacher and I love passively listening to/watching your videos while I grade or plan.

    28. TAZ Wise

      Hi Lauren.. Can you tell me How to depot the MOrphe Palettes?

    29. lovelygirl1975

      The Zulu looked so much prettier deported. That was a very pleasant surprise. I never wanted that palette before and now I do. I think the packaging was hiding some of the beauty of the colors.

    30. Kourtney

      The fenty singles kinda remind me of the saharan 2 pallete

    31. Juliejobob

      I would just take the round pans that you didn't like colors, and remove the colors to reuse those pans. I know you prefer the square pans, but in a pinch, at least those round Fenty ones are already magnetic.

    32. Mandy Holzer

      Can I ask how your are supposed to repress the shadows

    33. Brittani Smith

      I love depotting! I've taken apart a couple Juvia's Place palettes and they're the easiest to do in my opinion...but when I got the They feel more like plastic and bend so easily. I had a few cracks in my shades just like yours.

    34. Robin Becht

      When I wanted to depot a palette in plastic packaging, I found a video that recommended holding a hair dryer to the back of the packaging for maybe a minute or so to loosen the glue first. I tried that, then went in carefully with a palette knife from the front, and it worked really well!

    35. barker0331

      I find that goo gone used with a q-tip works wonders for me, I just make sure I wipe all the residue off

    36. Kiely Newsome

      I don’t get why the Fenty ones were glued down if they’re magnetic anyways although now I know if I ever depot mine they are

    37. mamas luvs tbj

      I really wanted to do best but just watching this video like having to pull the cardboard off I literally have Goosebumps from head to toe. I had Goosebumps as soon as you pulled out the spatula and stuck it in between the cardboard. I think that all I shadow palettes should come in a way but you can pop shadows out easily but they would not fall out like that secret button that cell phones have (androids) that you have to have that certain tool you just put the little pin tool in and it pops out that would be perfect. I actually absolutely hated that little pin dot on my cellphone years ago but it would come in very handy for this.

    38. CallMe skullz

      I LOVE depotting my palettes

    39. isabelles

      When I depotted a palette I used goo gone to get the glue off and now I am wondering if that was a mistake. lol. ASLO! When you were smashing up that pink I wanted to yell go get the round Fenty pan and crush and reset it in that!

    40. Kat Jones

      Super random but I watched a Jacqueline Hill cosmetics video today. I’m not subscribe to her and I don’t watch your videos, but I do want those new lip liners. 😅 anyways. - she was talking about how cruel people can be online, and she said if you have some favorite content creators leave them a positive, it helps. So here I am saying thank you so much for all the videos. I really appreciate you!

    41. Emerald Byrne

      I could watch you do this all day omg

    42. Anna Rapson

      goo gone is my life SAVER - definitely would help cut down the time taking off pesky glue on the bottoms :)

    43. cjaneg97

      I use a hair dryer to melt the glue so the packaging pulls apart easier.

    44. D P

      that fenty shade kind of reminds me of berlin girl glow

    45. Agata Konopka

      I have no idea why this is so satisfying to watch. Thanks for sharing

    46. Rainia Wright

      What do you with the mirrors

    47. my makeup insanity

      I love these type of videos! I hope to depot my entire eyeshadow collection eventually. The idea of having the power to rearrange colors myself is so alluring. I just need magnetic palettes first😅. One thing that might be good to try is to spray the shadows with alcohol before you remove the pans. If the shadows are damp they will be less likely to crack and crumble.

    48. Kaitlin Beste

      I have longed for the day you depot the fenty palette!!!!

    49. Maddie

      You're depoting method is so much cleaner and organized. I just shove a fondue pick between the pan and the packaging and pop it out. If theres any glue i pick at it with my fingers and then stick them in my z palette lmao

    50. Tiffany Sollog

      The Flare and Sugar Crystals will be beautiful together

    51. Moriganna Brown

      I LOVE THIS! Please do a part two. I love watching "The QUEEN OF Depotting". You did this so well. I prefer no music. 🤣😄🥰

    52. Becca Hope

      I’d love to see a tour of your magnetic single collection! This was so relaxing to watch.

    53. Sarah Tropical

      this video is so relaxing, love it😍❤

    54. Michael Spinelli

      Lighter fluid is really useful for removing glue!

    55. Linda Cormier


    56. logorea

      I highly recommend buying a bottle of terpentine (turpentine?). It removes glue like a dream in seconds :D

    57. Emily Redeker

      I’m pretty sure my family has the exact same butter knife! We have the whole set of silverware lol.

    58. Tabita Escobar

      Yes, do part 3 or 4, or whatever. It's so oddly satisfying to watch. I may depot 1 or 2 of my own palettes.

    59. Football, bloody hell

      Hey have you tried depotting kaleidos escape pod?

    60. realtalk

      all of your single shadow videos, whether it's rearranging, decluttering, duping, or just making your own palette vids, are my favorites. They are so inspiring and relaxing. Would love to see you work on the Ace Beaute one and to see what color combos you can create with your expanded collection

    61. April Gillespie

      What brand is your giant palette? Any recommendations? I can't get adept in the UK 🇬🇧

      1. Lauren Mae Beauty

        The big one is Colured Raine! Its a little heavy but it holds a ton of shadows!

    62. OneCueT - Kristi

      I use my flat hair iron & a cooking sheet of wax paper. It works great at heating up the glue to de-pot pans. Esp ones in the hard plastic pkg.

    63. Cecily Maya

      I've been doing this lately!! 💜 Its so much fun! 🙌

    64. JanDuz Reviews

      To repress the square pans, just use the bottom of another square from the same palette wrapped on a tissue.

    65. Sandra !!

      I depot every shadow palette I have ! So fun to have the versatility!

    66. Sarah Ward

      Using a hair/blow dryer helps loosen the adhesive because it warms it up!

    67. Being Biogirl

      i always enjoy your videos so much, but i get so bummed that i never watch them as soon as they upload. i feel so old. lol. this video was so much fun. 💚

    68. kristophine

      Unexpected is such a good shade!!! I got it for several of my friends and everyone loves it!

    69. Kristi Patterson


    70. taylor pontzious

      I absolutely love these videos from you and I also successfully departed a pallet using your method thank you so much

    71. Lou LaBelle

      I wish I had the balls to de-pot my palettes. I love singles, but I’m so afraid I’ll destroy my shadows.

    72. popscockles

      Yesss here for the demolition of the Sugar Crystal's palette, I want to turn mine to singles too! Great video!!

    73. Emma Adolfsson

      Kind of patiently waiting for the next part 😋

    74. Makey Ju

      that sugar crystals palette just keeps hanging on by a thread 😆

    75. Tara Inman

      Love these videos so 😎 relaxing

    76. Makey Ju

      I LOVE watching you depot your eyeshadows! can't wait for part 2 (3??)

    77. Makey Ju

      RIP small pink square shadow 💔

    78. Brunhilde Eihwaz

      I love these videos! I depotted 3 JP palettes recently and I peeled off that plasticky paper so it was just cardboard and then plopped them all in some shallow water. After a few minutes I could just basically lift all the eyeshadows out. It was so nice compared to last time I depotted shadows and broke like half of them!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

    79. em

      Faces by Gina has a great video on dry repressing mattes 🙌

    80. em

      Ahhhh I love depotting. Everything in my collection is depotted apart from Pat McGrath. And I repanned my Juvias as I could not with the pan size

    81. Kat Jones

      The z palette depotter works great. I just did this to a bunch of rainbow palettes. I really only like pastel rainbows 🎉

    82. carole mcphee

      i really love watching these, so fun to watch destruction and making it into something new

    83. Jen Chaney

      For repressing just poured a little rubbing alcohol in the broken pan wait ten minutes then press with some toilet paper. Its so easy I love repressing and mixing multiple shades to make new ones.

    84. Erin Palmer

      I'm sitting there thinking that Fenty Shade reminded me of Good Gawd and then you swatched it as a comparison

    85. Jemstone M.

      Does anyone else save the mirrors? Not sure what else I should repurpose them for

    86. Eeva-Leena Hassinen

      You could re-use the broken/excess eyeshadows to mix with clear nail polish! I bet they would turn out prettyyyy 😍

    87. Jessica Harrison

      Watching you depot the Juvia's place palette had me dealing with some feelings. I have a Juvia's place palette (mine is the Festival) that I love some of the shades and I almost never use them because most of the shades are more pigmented and bright than I usually want to deal with. But I can't bring myself to depot it, because the packaging is so pretty, and also the arrangement of those particular bright shades is just so aesthetically pleasing to me! I hope that it helps you use it more, because I really love their formula, and feel bad that I don't use it more.

    88. CFRealityChick TT

      GIRL!!!! bust up one of those round fenty you didn’t like and press that shade in a round!!!

    89. Ohnoitsruthio

      I have depotted those Illamasqua singles before. They’re a bit like MAC packaging - you can pop out the top layer of plastic and heat it to melt the glue.

    90. Jenni A.

      I could never do this to mu palettes but I love watch these videos! 😍

    91. Amanda B

      Your decluttering video inspired me to bring out my Zulu palette again and I definitely fell back in love. I just forgot it was in my collection

    92. Cat Ecklund

      I don't depot my shadows as I've found throughout the years that I don't use them after I do it. However, I LOVE watching depotting videos! I loved this one!

    93. Alice Čolak

      these kind of videos are so satisfying 😂 sending you some love Lauren x

    94. Ellis Bell

    95. Ximena

      For tough glue, Acetone (nail enamel remover - the harsh one) is great.

    96. echoes in the dark

      Idk, I thought that Fenty palette was meant to be a Highlighter set, personally I would have used the 2 discarded shades as toppers

    97. Kristin Adams

      Ahh your videos are ALWAYS so pleasing to my eyes and ears. The background music you choose is always on point and I love it so much 💕🎶

    98. Ashley Whisman

      On the ones that are glued I use my wax warmer as a hot plate and it loosens the glue and makes it a ton easier to depot.

    99. Caroline Patterson

      I deconstructed an ancient quad from The Balm from an ipsy bag. There was mold all through the inside 🤮

    100. Jill Jahns

      I find these so inspiring and soothing. Makes me want to rip up some palettes in my collection