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    👕❤️ OUR FRESH MERCH 👇🏽👖
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    1. 웃웃TwinsFromRussia

      👇🏽 OUR FIRST MERCH IS OUT 👇🏽 👆🏽🥰😍👆🏽

      1. Mom Girls

        I don't understand guys but I love it

      2. ❤️Mr Bexruz❤️

        Партии то оравыывмо¹

      3. 田中雅志



        Twins me like them because then take care of each other

      5. عبد العزيز المطيري


    2. ヤードリック


    3. Mom Girls

      Hi guys I'm a huge fan I loved it

    4. SkyJosh 951

      The Camera Man:

    5. socks in sandals

      Okay. WTF

    6. Dan L

      Why do they have Korean words in their name? '웃웃' means 'laugh laugh'

    7. Subho Rider

      Ohh my God , So original 😂😂😂

    8. ꧁༻ ᬊピོ࿆カོ࿆助ོ࿆ᬍ ༺꧂

      トイレの蹴りヤッサシ の前に双子の髪型オッカシ

    9. محمدحرم AMMm

      Vfdbjc clock next g

    10. Felipe Balboa

      VVVVVV: COMO qwq

    11. Letthemsay Pman

      They're the type of guys who will be doing they tiktok meaningless shit!😌

    12. john smith

      Why do I think this is so STUPID?.

    13. Gilda Olsen

      Scenario: They rescue her, she asked them for help. Real Life: These twins are millionaires and just do these TIk TOk videos for fun!!!

    14. Summer lover

      It's really creative how they make their videos

    15. JayUppercase

      Omg this really happened, it was on the news

    16. esdad1 2

      What the fuck is this?

    17. Hey Chris

      Jajajaja more fake. F

    18. Alvaro Lopez

      I wish to be just exactly the camera man, I could a lot of things...

    19. ЕНТЕР 90

      O main gospadi oscar ooooscar it iz kruto I v choke Пипееец гавно

    20. Winah Abay

      Ayeor ibet pos

    21. Triforce Hero

      Imagine all the scientific advancements to get internet on our smartphones and people use it to do worthless stupid shit like this

    22. T


    23. Thomas De Oliveira


    24. Jose Manuel Lopez Leal


      1. Jose Manuel Lopez Leal

        Hyzjeiz9 yrs size 5ai2os9uaez

      2. Jose Manuel Lopez Leal

        Ya bi en tu wi9 ke hai ujkdhejdu

    25. Katerine Reguera Quintana


    26. Uh_Sasha1

      Why they always have to use this music bro

    27. Cray Hager

      I know it's some B's skit, but funny thing is, the guy calls 911, and hanging up on 911, they will ping his phone to come find him, and by then the girl could have already told the police what was going on, and when the police find him and his phone, they can arrest him for kidnapping.

    28. Teyan Marak

      Any video with this music sucks

    29. Nikola

      tf did i just watch

    30. Edrelyn Abes


    31. franco


    32. Chocolef !

      What's the song called???

    33. 。みっちょん


    34. Isabelle Fransaert

      Super gentil je ferais pareille

    35. all with shriya

      Russian are so good I love because iam a indian India's best friend is Russia 😊

    36. Suresh jockey


    37. Андрей Аникин

      А что ты делаешь

    38. Emanuelle Torsani


    39. Ravshanbek Ibrohimov


    40. jan maroto


    41. Thanh Trúc Nguyễn

      Hi cam

    42. Faïçal Berrim


    43. Rpmdi sofyan Sofian


    44. Areef Apu

      How can you do this kind of stupid video..

    45. Bimla Rani

      T you

    46. Bimla Rani

      T you

    47. Gavin Matejcek

      And this kids is what happens when you drop your kids one to many times

    48. 柳川のけんぽい


    49. Marcin Toporek

      Ha ha

    50. qanza

      2.7 mil.. fuck my life

    51. chantelle tipdas


    52. Abu Bokor

      Ladki video

    53. Abu Bokor


    54. *-*[Sakuka]*-*

      I like this

    55. vulpes inculta

      its so painfully obvious that this is fake that i cant even see a 5 year old falling for this

    56. عبد العزيز المطيري


    57. Dzaka Azzikri


    58. 山寺拓斗


    59. 長谷川豪大

      I didn't get it, Is it that the twins stole his girlfriend? Which she did say "help me", while walking pass them. Or it wasn't a boyfriend at all in the first place, and she was desperately asking for a rescue help when the twins walked pass her, so they did?

    60. くっくそにあ

      あの女の人は誘拐?されかけてて、犯人の男に声出すと殺すぞ的な脅しを受けてるらしく声を出せない状況。そのため、傍から見ると仲の良いように見える…? オレンジTシャツの2人組とすれ違う時、女性は「Help me」と口パクで訴えた。 オレンジTシャツの2人組はそれに気づき、女性を助けようとする。 1人のオレンジTシャツは男の人の気を引き、犯人の携帯を使い警察911へ気づかれないように電話。 もう1人のオレンジTシャツは背後から女性にこちらに来るように合図を送る。女性もそれに気づき、走って逃げる。 電話のやり取りを終えたあと犯人は女性が消えたことに気づき、気を引いたオレンジTシャツにどこに行ったか聞く。 オレンジTシャツの人は適当に違う方向へ指を指す。犯人はドアを開けてみるがそこに女性はいない。 女性に電話しようとしたのか犯罪仲間に報告しようとしたのか分からないが、携帯を開いてみると通話履歴には911が…通報されている。 犯人はその場を去っていき、オレンジTシャツ2人組は女性を救うことに成功した。 というふうに見えたのですがどうでしょう。

    61. 曹明思

      0o4r Rdrrrrr45ygi

    62. asha anish


    63. The JOKER

      Tiktok fk

    64. Irfan Haider

      Rukhshana Hamid

    65. Irfan Haider

      Ruhk shana hamed

    66. Eva Jimenez Lobato

      Así tendría que ser

    67. عزالدين كاظم


      1. عزالدين كاظم

        ؤتينبمببلخير 💛💛💛💛💜💜💙💙 💗💕💌💝💞🚽🚮🚾🚾💜❣

    68. Agnieszka Kamczyk


    69. Pallabi Rath


    70. fmfm


    71. I X

      Dachte kurz, wtf sieht aus wie in gta 5🤯und ja der s

    72. ak Akhil

      പാവം പാവം guyz

    73. Count Dracula

      Wow cringe 💩

    74. mele sikiti


    75. Crissa Wahing


    76. Crissa Wahing

      I keep it is more like i will make this scribers everyday i'm your biggest fan

    77. Kzaxrtij Skather

      What happened to my Motherland🇷🇺

    78. chrystian henrique

      Maluco, parece o phineas

    79. kapella

      lod I own it that the alludari

    80. That's Interesting

      Was the girl not asking for help?

    81. kemoll

      i thought this kind of behavior only exist in the third world country, i was wrong. super cringe

    82. Gacha_Unkøwn

      WhT is with their hair

    83. Anna Clerides


    84. حميدة / HAMIDA

      اشهد ان لا اله الا الله واشهد ان محمد رسول الله

    85. tinaj sews

      Repent , the kingdom of God is at hand , read your bible for yourself, and pray , there is nothing our there in the world ,ask God to guide and protect you ,if you have any question please ask me.,, .

    86. ProblEm sOlvE

      Tik tok is cancer

    87. The Legendary Booty Bandit

      Cringe lvl is beyond imaginable

    88. سجاد سجاد


    89. Michel Barbosa

      Que merda esses vídeos kk

    90. Jose Hidalgo

      Lmfaoo stupid videos !!

    91. Summer Fike


    92. Ana Rios

      Hola 😘

    93. Tabotato

      The fact that he busted open the bathroom after less than 2 seconds of knocking.. Smh

    94. Dawa Yanuk


    95. Christel.

      If you think your life is so brutal and depressing, remember that these guys exist

    96. Aarush Sanghvi

      Omg this is so scripted Like cmon

    97. ランサー抹消者


    98. Fikri Lhistanto


    99. Iska the first

      Hey google, what is the definition of cringe?

    100. Jhonnie Ron Sibunga

      Mga siraulo amputA