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    Claire Saffitz Makes Challah Bread | Dessert Person
    Honey. Tahini. Challah. It sells itself! But we’ll tell you about it anyway because it’s so good and is a great starter recipe if you’re interesting in getting into bread baking. Challah is a lightly sweet enriched bread in the Jewish baking tradition, and this version is infused with honey, olive oil, and tahini, which gives it a subtle sesame flavor and rich silkiness. If you can braid, you can make challah, and if you can’t, Claire will show you how.

    Honey Tahini Challah Bread
    Special Equipment:

    1 1/2 teaspoons dry active yeast (0.18 oz / 5g)
    1/2 cup honey (6 oz / 170g)
    1/2 cup tahini (4.5 oz / 128g)
    3 large egg yolks (1.8 oz / 50g), at room temperature
    1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil (2.6 oz / 73 g), plus more for bowl
    3 large eggs (5.3 oz / 150g), at room temperature
    4 1/3 cups bread flour (19.9 oz / 563g), plus more for kneading
    2 teaspoons Diamond Crystal kosher salt (0.21 oz/ 6g)
    Sesame seeds, for sprinkling the top

    0:00 Start
    0:21 Intro to Claire Saffitz Makes Challah Bread
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    0:57 Background to Honey Tahini Challah Bread
    1:53 Ingredients \u0026 Special Equipment
    2:36 Mix Dry Ingredients / Proof
    4:21 Mix Wet Ingredients
    5:56 Mix Wet Into Dry
    7:43 Knead The Dough
    10:11 Portion out Dough
    12:44 How To Braid Challah Dough
    17:33 How To Bake Challah Bread/Outro
    19:42 Y'all Still Reading These Chapters?
    Thanks for watching!

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    1. Claire Saffitz x Dessert Person

      For anyone looking to get more comfortable baking yeast, this recipe is a good place to start! Hope you enjoy!

      1. Zeyna Nd

        I'm very intimidated with bread recipes but I'll try this one when I'm off. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

      2. Olivia McKellar

        Which flour measurement should we go with? The one in the ingredient list, or the one in the actual step of the recipe? Thank you!

      3. Gabriel Carvalho - PIBID

        Claire, you should put the water in the ingredients list in the video description.

      4. Lein Astillas

        Hi Claire. What do you recommend an electric or gas oven? 😊

      5. lbdeuce

        Luckily, I don’t believe eating honey qualifies as homeopathy. If it does I will be forced to stop immediately.

    2. Sahar Naderi

      OMG where is Claire's dress/shirt from?! 🙀😻💕🐟

    3. Don Roberson

      “It is an easy dough to work with so there’s no knead to use a stand mixer and a dough hook” - Clair 02:00

    4. Jasmin Jasmin

      you seem like a lovely person.. I like your love for cooking..but man.. you are fatter and fatter- I am worried..switch to more helthy food darling

    5. CrankyPants

      They’ve proven that the the “using local honey to help with allergies” thing is a myth. There is nothing in the honey that could influence the immune system to prevent developing allergies.

    6. m shah

      Thanks for the video, I need to eat less sweet ,so if I add just 120 grams honey, do I need to change other ingredients??

    7. Olivia Stork

      Heads up, there's a typo in this recipe in the print copy of Dessert Person! The ingredients list says 4 and 1/3 cup flour is 563g, but later in the recipe it says that same volume of flour is 630g. That's a big difference! Make sure to stick with 563g if you're using a scale.

    8. Jorge Domínguez

      "treat your allergies homeopatically" Claire, sweetie...

      1. Katy Levinson

        Yeah, I died a little inside too.

    9. The Bedford Unicorn

      Just gave this a whirl, tastes great Hnot sure i got the right amount of water and flour Will keep trying Thank you

    10. Crazycujo

      I absolutely love the sass that is the editing team.

    11. ammcello

      Just made it for Shabbat tomorrow. My first challah! Thanks for inspiring confidence. I was unsure if it cooked all the way through so I took a little taste of one of them. I didn’t get the threadiness that I like and you mention at the end, any recommendation about that? I think I might not have kneaded long enough at the beginning. Thanks for all this; I bought the book way back when it came out. This was recipe #13!

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    13. Riley Stowe

      If we wanted to decrease the tahini should we increase the honey or the oil?

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      "Y'all still reading these chapters?" I see you, editors 😂❤

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      If its possible could you do a video on banana cream pie? Or other custard desserts?

    18. M A

      how much water did you put in????? why it is not in the ingredient list. this is really counter-productive

    19. Eric Cagnassi

      It worst bread that I had have made in my life. For me didn’t work.

    20. Ra S

      Can't wait to try this recipe!! Looks so delicious, and that challah pull at the end :) And great explanation of parve!

    21. Karen McCreary

      Has anyone made this without tahini ? I never have it since it would all have to be eaten by me .So . will it work without it or what could be subbed or how much butter would be used ? Thanks Claire or anyone answering this .

    22. David Cochran

      Girl are you pregnant?

    23. Grace Qiu

      claires eyeliner is so pretty

    24. George Green

      What would happen if you didn't braid the dough but left it whole, either in loaf pans or as a round loaf?

    25. Food Club

      Mmmm yummie love it 😊

    26. Natalie Butler

      6:36 this made me giggle because my mum is allergic to honey. Not so good for that allergy. Other ones work though!

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    30. infernoCBR

      Never eaten or made challah before. Made this today and it was delicious. The braids weren't exactly perfect before going to the over, but they turned out pretty decent looking after baking. Thanks Claire :)

    31. Arturo Cuya

      Bless you for measurements in grams

    32. Kaley Boo

      My sweet husband bought Dessert Person for me for my birthday! A bad time to try to be losing baby weight haha! I'm so excited to start baking!

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      Ok but like, does anyone remember gourmet makes. TwT

    35. nebulous queso

      Question Claire: how do you keep your pastry brushes clean? My non silicone basting brushes are such a pain to thoroughly clean the bristles.

    36. Noa Berman

      In kosher, normal bread actually has to be pareve. It is not allowed to have dairy in it. Traditionally bread was eaten at every meal and as to not mix meat and milk the bread had to be pareve by mistake. This tradition is still kept today.

    37. ZophieWithAZ

      I am curious and excited to have a go at making a vegan version of this!

    38. Daniella Y.

      For some reason honey makes it rise slower and much denser. I use a similar recipe for sabbath challah every week. I ended up swapping the honey for regular sugar (1/4 cup), and it rose better and it had a lot more fluffy and air in it. Looking forward to trying this combo!!

    39. Andrea Langstaff

      What is with all the poop health commercials during this video?

    40. Mashael AG

      can be done as three different flavors and then when u cut it it’s three colors

    41. StrongMachine

      You should add 3/4 cup of water to the recipe in the description! Managed to fix my dough afterwards 😅 Still tasted amazing!!

    42. ironstijnman

      Claire the baking Goddess. Loving these recipes

    43. Ia Umali

      Hi Claire! It’s still possible to make this recipe without the tahini right? Bless you! Always a treat watching you here and all the baked goods 🤩

    44. Javier De la Cruz

      I swear everytime I try to make challah for Shabbos it ends up being a disaster. I’ll follow this recipe for next week and hope it works.

    45. RJ Baggs

      Claire is the best

    46. Googie Gress

      Love your work Claire, have for a while, and I hope you know you're cute too!

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      I'm still reading those chapters!

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      oof I've never been so sad to be gluten free in my life what a babe (the bread...and Claire! :D)

    49. Iroxinping

      Honey is amazing. We really screwed up going corn syrup and sugar cane instead of honey. The Pharoah is a fact..... honey lives forever if you put a top on it.... Raw, unfiltered is the best... if it has comb in it even better..... processed honey is garbage

    50. poor oxford

      Is Claire having a baby? 👀

      1. John R. Jones

        @AllegraVivace Come on dawg, ain't no way anyone's gonna call out the best baker on HRaeror solely based off of her physical appearance ffs. It was either just a misunderstanding or a lousy stupid joke. Take a chill pill, dude.

      2. AllegraVivace

        @John R. Jones There's nothing in this video that even remotely alludes to her possibly being pregnant. He’s asking the question based solely on how she looks, basically saying she looks fat. Literal definition of fat shaming. She’s not even that big.

      3. John R. Jones

        @AllegraVivace How's that fat-shaming? Dude you for real?

      4. AllegraVivace

        She's not as far as anyone knows and fat shaming is a shitty thing to do. Just keep comments like this to yourself.

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    52. Zoe Newton

      I was following the book and the ingredients list says to use 563g of flour, but when the flour comes in the directions it says to use "630g of the flour" so I went with 630 but I think it was too much! The dough was far too dry and only got drier as I kneaded and I couldn't get it to the right texture. So if anyone else is working out of the book pls be aware of this typo. I'm not skilled enough to save this challah

      1. Zoe Newton

        @Shaikha M I think it's supposed to start pretty sticky! It loses stickiness as you knead and incorporate more flour bit by bit. My dough wasn't sticky at all to start and felt much too firm

      2. Shaikha M

        Hi! I did 563g and it was soooo sticky

      3. Ceci Harader

        That’s rough bestie

    53. Shaikha M

      My dough turned too sticky though I measured everything in grams, even the eggs lol and knead it with standing mixer for more that 15 mins. Wondering why....

      1. Shaikha M

        Update: refrigerated the dough overnight hoping it’ll turn okay but it didn’t, I braided it, second poof for an 2.5 hrs (didn’t rise tho), then I baked it and wasn’t happy about the result. It was too crispy and cakey for a challah and it didn’t rise in the oven but it definitely expanded side ways. :(

    54. Jose Quiles


    55. Kait Mahl

      Did anyone have trouble with their dough being too tough on this one? I used warm water to check my yeast, it bubbled. I measured out my bread flour to extra grams and double checked all my measurements.

      1. Kyle Guptar

        This! And it hasn’t even budged in 3 hours. I stuck it in the fridge overnight to see if the longer time helps

    56. futon2345

      It’s called challah, not “challah bread”

    57. PinkeeLee

      eating challah with sweet butter at our family friend's house is my first food memory. I was bowled over and still am by this wonderful bread.

    58. Zack Meyer

      Just made this recipe, and I noticed another typo. In the ingredients, it lists "4 1/3 cup (19.5 oz)" bread flour, but in the steps it says "4 1/3 cup (22.5 oz)" bread flour. I measured it out using Claire's scoop and level method, not packing, and it came out to >22.5oz, but it worked out just fine. Dough is very forgiving and you can play with it as needed to get it to that tacky texture she described. Super easy and tasty! Definitely making again soon

    59. Zachary Shaul

      I'm Jewish and love Challah Bread!! It is the best bread for French Toast 😋

    60. Jason Davis

      The whole thing about local honey helping with seasonal allergies because of pollen in the honey is only anecdotal. The effect has never been repeatable in blinded studies. “One study, published in 2002 in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, showed no difference among allergy sufferers who ate local honey, commercially processed honey, or a honey-flavored placebo.” Oh, and I’m a beekeeper who repeated this for years till I learned that it wasn’t backed up in the science.

    61. Jackie Hiebert

      Love this! Especially since it is all done by hand. As one of the few without a stand mixer, this is so great. I would love to see more baking without standmixers.

    62. Kitty Cat

      That mixing bowl winked at me! 😉

    63. Christopher Clontz

      Honey is a strong sugar and its antibacterial. Those properties make it harder for the yeast to multiply, which is why it takes so long for the bread to proof.

    64. Kabel93

      At least you didn't make a Shepard's pie truffle because of the pages sticking together #friendsreunion :D

    65. AnnieC

      Hey Claire, I’m making this recipe from the book, but I noticed that the ingredient list (and this video description) says we need 563g of flour, but the written directions then say to use 630g of flour. I went with the 563g this time, but wondering which is the correct measurement for next time? Loving the book and these videos so far! Thank you!

    66. awesomage1

      My library hold for the book just came through... Can't wait to try the recipes, including this one!

    67. Laurence Boischot

      I made these yesterday and they turned out great! Thanks Claire. 😊

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      Claire: "My sister called me after the croquembouche episode and was like, Claire, there's sugar in my entire kitchen." Claire, sometimes "sugar" doesn't always refer to "sugar," if you know what I mean. You have to get the subtext. Also, "croquembouche" is now street for "crack cocaine."

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      "The croquembouche pages are stuck together ... from all that sugar, from when we made it." That's right, and my adult articles magazine collection happened to be on the counter at the same time. Yup, that's what happened with the middle pages, all the sugar.

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      🤮 Claire

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      I know this yeast is alive

    73. icesilverwind

      I used to hate kneading, before I realized... I'm short. The counters were a bit too tall for me. I put the surface and the dough on the ground, and put my body weight behind my hand. It got a lot easier to knead.

    74. name name

      You need to color your hair and lay tons of make-up on. That homeless look is not working!

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      My cat always gets upset at the sound at the end of every video 😅

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    78. Welp SendHelp

      i think it's slow rising because of the honey. Honey has some anti-fungal properties which might counteract the yeast but I can't say for sure.

    79. heyitsjordansmith

      Most seasonal allergies are caused by grasses/trees that are pollinating. Bee's honey is made from pollen from flowers and includes a very small amount of pollen in the finished product. Eating honey is unlikely to affect your seasonal allergies.

    80. 000euMJ

      shouldn't it have poppy seeds instead of sesame?

    81. YTaccountuser

      Hey Claire, I was wondering if you have thought about a Passover cooking series or Rosh Hashanah series?

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    86. Julie

      Is there a good way to replace the eggs in the bread if you're alergic?

    87. Dominika Stryjewska

      This feels weird, but up to a few months ago, I didn't know challah was Jewish. I'm Polish, and from a Catholic background, and we see chałka (as we call it), in every bakery. My mum always makes it. Since we had a massive Jewish population, it makes sense that other Poles also eat it. I feel embarrassed for not knowing.

    88. Azraa Thomas

      One direction ♥✌🏻

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    91. MrScottikiss

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    92. Falxie_

      Ooh it kind of reminds me of Swedish bread

    93. Tzisorey Tigerwuf

      Ever thought of doing an episode just on the differences between an egg wash, milk wash, water wash, etc. and when to use each?

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      There's an r/dessertperson community on Reddit and I've been seeing this bread posted there CONSTANTLY since the book came out haha

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