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    Here are the Tik Toks that I've liked
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    1. Chase Dill

      yo who was that dude who said "I hate when white people make fun of indians" cuz imma check him out

    2. Anym

      9:23 I mean Dutch moms are kinda the same as well. "hi yeah I just decided to quickly stop by" and then 4/5 hours later they're still there

    3. Seth Bach

      Oh my God jacksepticeye have the blond Surfer guy's voice that's always seen carrying a surfboard

    4. Johanna Gullstrand

      Every time u lugh i lugh

    5. ysr_ pantom

      My mom is like this

    6. shadowcalibur 01

      I don't know why but I want jack to kidnap me and th n adopt me.

    7. Joey Fumia

      8:25 wtf is he even saying there

    8. Joey Fumia

      3:50 I would so watch that

    9. Tyler 97

      The name is get not it

    10. William Starr

      Funny thing is I am im the Navy and I have met quite a few people who was just like that old navy Tiktok

    11. The Druid

      Who would've thunk that the Great Irish Gladiator that yells fear into the hearts of his enemies would like yelling and screaming tiktoks???????

    12. dozertime

      About the realty show I can confirm that’s how it is in america

    13. Blue

      If IT was exactly like that we would see clowns different

    14. Smileyboi1

      The number one rule of TikTok is if you want to get famous, you need to look good

    15. Collin Evans

      My family's Irish yet we grew up in the U.S. yet I am still fascinated by death.

    16. Jake Pearson

      How does jack watch all of the same people as me wtf

    17. Hayden Baer

      when jack says hes really fun to live with jack just walks in starts doing fake punches an kicks his girlfriend ow you bitch throws bebe at jack bebe says gotcha bitch this is payback

    18. Bjdodo 64

      "Ha hA Ha THE WhEeLy BiNs"

    19. Mattheratt2106

      the girl from twilight looks like shes high and i know from experience

    20. Gee See

      9:33 this is greek moms too

    21. Lollipop Gunner

      Draco: Pottah. Harry: will you leave me alone and my name is Harry not "pottah"

    22. Angie M

      seeing jack laugh at these is funnier than the actual videos

    23. Hannah Tracy

      evan my gramma has tiktok

    24. musicislife

      TikTok is basically a cracked out version of Vine and I think that's why GenZ loves it so much; we basically all grew up with Vine

    25. XD -_-

      Jack the bloodborne plague doctor dude in the background, I attacked him and 1 month later he is still out for revenge. Can't avoid him. HELP

    26. John K


    27. Matthew McCrory

      The mothers are still the same in the countryside up North

    28. Vulcan

      9:30 I’m American and my mom does this lol Minus the death lmao

    29. BraySMG

      3:45 this also works very well with American property shows also! XD I couldn’t stop LAUGHING!!!

    30. Sky Con

      That last one fucking killed me bruh

    31. Necro Reaper King

      I'm only about 25% Irish and I am so fascinated with death i want to be the grim reaper and have a clan of people that control different types of undead,so I can ask how they died

    32. Nicole Schader

      Hey, Sean. Are ya gonna be at wonder-con next year? I think I may be going.

    33. Eleftherion

      I clicked this video specifically because I'm a new fan and I miss Jenna's reactions. I feel seen.

    34. xoxo62477

      I like to think, on some level, jenna misses us too. I just hope she's having a good time. 😊

    35. Ash likesFrogs


    36. masterfy24

      0:24 me too bestie

    37. Logan Thornton

      I let my self on fire to day it hurt I tried to be the once all of the sepiceyes lived in peace I'm jack with fire and it was an accident

    38. Arabeth Peters

      Jack, I want you to know that property shows in America are ALSO exactly like that, and I would know because hgtv was half of my childhood via my grandparents

    39. Cyberxterminate

      5:28 gave me survival hunter vibes but it doesn't even sound like it

    40. Cormac McCaul

      im irish i get it

    41. Sen Gen

      The American property shows are the exact same. It felt abnormal. This was indeed. Every property show ever

    42. Danielle Morgan

      1:45 thats how my dad wakes us up for school, fake karate and fake fights, My mom just peeks through the door staring at my dad making swoosh noises, kicking and swatting air. It’s her daily dose of stupid

    43. J W

      I swear that "Irish mammy" one is relatable all over the world

    44. YungBoyNugg


    45. Garath Webb

      Oh yeah, it's all comin' together

    46. Amber J

      Noel and Cody are hilarious lol

    47. Amber J

      I miss Jenna too! 🥺 hopefully she decides to come back one day.

    48. Chelsy XTC

      Br0 this video super good and hilarious

    49. Heidi Kasel

      Jack, yes the Irish git!!!! 🤣😂🤣 why can’t I like this more than once. So Irish…

    50. Darragh Larkin

      The Irish mum one is too true

    51. Kıvanç Çağın

      Cause it litt- *ad* X B O X

    52. M B

      this was great

    53. Daysia Phim

      Hi Jack, it’s 12am where I am and life has been a little rough lately. Thanks for the little break and the good laughs 💕 this channel has been a very happy place for me since 8th grade and I’ve just graduated college. 🥺

    54. Unrealdude9998

      If Jack came up to me and did fake karate moves, I would challenge him to a fake karate move BATTLE TO THE DEATH!

    55. Offline -_-

      God damn someone give the editor a raise this editing made this video 10x better 👌🤌

    56. Kirsten Schuman

      🥺🥺 miss Jenna thanks for shouting her out Jack 🥰

    57. Squeakz Music

      The video getting really loud indicates the clip ending.

    58. Alexander Braithwaite

      Anyone miss the laugh board

    59. MonsterRAGEnrg

      When we say dont eat the whole brownie dont eat the whole fucking brownie

    60. LordxypheR

      The last one sent me

    61. HOKINOKI

      Love it

    62. Anony mouse

      This is like my twelfth time watching this video

    63. Emma Nutley

      6:08 "theres so many people doing 2 accents" my dumb ass sitting here with a hybrid accent

    64. David Fusselman

      Never laughed

    65. Maggie McShan

      Ok but Irish mannerism is the same as southern mannerism

    66. Rafael Trittelvitz

      This is the funniest jacksepticeye video i have ever seen

    67. You will never Know my name

      10:24 finally somebody understands me about death

    68. yeee_51

      0:42 is a perfect scream

    69. NeXcrotic

      as someone who has had edibles that tiktok was very accurate

    70. sandra Bell


    71. sandra Bell

      When you said potter I laughed

    72. Tommy Kammers

      To be honest I'd just watch Twilight movies just to watch and enjoy them

    73. 1

      watch the tiktok cowphobia

    74. The Rattle Snake

      Is it just me or did the second guy sound weirdly close to Marks voice

    75. Tony Sotello

      Bards_tale is a big fan of yours

    76. Kamileon_Lyn

      I wanna see him react to a compilation of tiktoks that use his sounds. Lol

    77. Kalen Lott

      I’m a part of the 1% that hasn’t downloaded Tik Tok. It’ll stay that way too

    78. MK_the_Maniac

      6:15 C-chase? Is that you?

    79. JMnitro

      1:04 I remember this 😂 6:21 the way they act after the joke 😅

    80. Multifandom_ shipss

      1:52 my brother does that when I'm minding my own business and he'll do it for like 10 minutes without stopping 🤣🤣

    81. Matthew Orr

      Yo jack what are those headphones called and we’re can I find them

    82. itzgavdrum

      1.41 thats gonna be me lmao

    83. Daimon

      Sean’s “white guy” impression was crazy, sounded like a totally different person.

      1. seiom jvony

        I agree, That's what Draco malfoy looks like when he says, " Potter "

    84. Luna Likes To Draw

      I'm DYING 🤣🤣🤣

    85. Joyful James

      the one about the edible is so accurate it hurt first time i was on edibles i kept feeling the wall, like slowly caressing the wall, and crying because it was dirty (it wasn't) and i kept telling my partner i felt like a turtle.

    86. Choky_boy

      Currently at an Irish pub at 12

    87. Stanley Solski

      also i see no problem with living with u, i cant judge u because i do the same

    88. Dayne Lyngen

      I don’t even find some of these funny, but jacks laugh just makes me laugh so hard. Love you Jack!

    89. Vegeta the Boss

      The screech brought me back


      Can we get an AHT thread?

    91. Kyle Houlihan

      the irish mam one with "im only calling in for five minutes" is super funny because the name is geraldeen and that my nans name

    92. ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

      1:40 OMFG!!!!!!! Bruh, bro I'd do the same thing all the time to all my family members and friends sometimes it's funny and just silly I'd do a lot back then when I was a kid 😅😅 ahhh the fond memories

    93. Crusader infiniti

      Is it bad that I have a somewhat decent Kronk voice

    94. black-rose

      9:38 everytime my mam’s friends come to our house for ‘5 minutes’

    95. Christopher Lawrence

      I have the other version of that one

    96. Brøken XD

      6:42 Fun fact: me and my mom for some reason bing watched the whole thing on god damn facebook-

    97. kara davies

      I’m guilty of doing fake karate with my dog 🐕

    98. Millie Shields

      My family isn’t Irish but this is my mom and my aunty, she’s like I’m going to ur aunty’s to drop this off be back in 10 mins and then 4 hours later... 😂

    99. vfg nhj

      The spotty impulse systemically hop because vase subsequently cure round a receptive alloy. whispering, obeisant heart

    100. wozing

      PeteyUSA is my favorite. I found him through the "low-integrity knot" video.