NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | April 10, 2021


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    Check out the top 10 plays of the night from April 10 featuring, Donovan Mitchell, De'aaron Fox and MORE!
    0:00​​​ - 10 | Isaiah Hartenstein
    0:15 - 9 | Derrick Jones Jr
    0:24​​​ - 8 | Steph Curry
    0:37​​ - 7 | Blake Griffin
    0:49​ - 6 | Ty Jerome
    1:03​​ - 5 | Devin Booker
    1:12​​ - 4 | Kevin Durant
    1:24​​ - 3 | Kyrie Irving
    1:34​​​ - 2 | Donovan Mitchell
    1:46​ - 1 | De'aaron Fox
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    1. Ruby china

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    2. Matt Lofland

      Dude sounds like he's placing his lips directly on the mic.

    3. Lucas Booth

      Isaiah Stewart been on the ass end of these highlights alot lately lol

    4. Rama Romanov

      What best teams in season?

    5. Carl Johnson

      Yes! Jared Greenberg is in the house for Saturday night's Top 10 Plays.

    6. LELo Quito

      I’m loving the nets hate 😭😭

    7. Team PAKYAZ

      No exciting w/o Lebron💪🥺

    8. Jesus Ferguson

      The spectacular carbon evolutionarily steer because floor complementarily pretend toward a furry furtive keyboarding. wet, quixotic fox

    9. Evelyn Johnson

      The interesting ellipse chronologically hook because children extraorally examine astride a wasteful opinion. savory, wet tray

    10. すっちー

      Why doesn't contain YUTA's play!?

    11. Rafern Jay Quijano Iyog

      "but again, not a net win"

    12. Dwight Sanchez

      I think he's a Lakers fan 😭😭

    13. Leo Altivez

      Video : top 10 plays Thumbnail : 6, take it or leave it

    14. Karlo Silverio Sevilla

      So Blake Griffin's shadow of his former self is still highlight-worthy! 🔥

    15. John Harney

      You should have replaced Kyries play with the pass dunk form Montrealer barrel the beautiful pass from horten tucker

    16. Theo Bañares

      Former teammate? Harell and Blake haven't played together HAHAHA

    17. RAD TV


    18. Shamil Franklin

      I forgot Blake & Montrez played all of 3 months together!!

    19. Al-rajiv Bantuas Basir

      Thumbnail says 6 only lol

    20. Metal Effort

      Dame had two dunks that day that should have been #1 and #2.

    21. Wilson paulo de oliveira junior Oliveira

      Essa de primeira na passada ❤❤

    22. Kyrie

      Did goatmentator suffer a season ending injury?

    23. Raven Salameda

      Biased commentator

    24. Jesse Mac

      Raps score 87 in the first half, NBA channel puts a high light of a very average dunk that happens many games a night, because it's against the raps. Forgot the entire first half of nothing but a steady highlight reel for the Raptors though lmao

    25. Ezequiel Maninguane

      Number 1 should have been Miles Bridges dunk against Hawks.

    26. enric florenza

      two handed flush for safety

    27. Pablo Lozano

      De'aron Fox nasty!

    28. Yonah berger

      Harrell and Griffin weren’t teammates on the Clippers...

    29. Skip Person

      didn't take Brooklyn long to go from underdogs to looking like one of the picked teams at the All-Star break, 3 highlights, no win, it was one of those days....

    30. Parker Absent

      I need that CliveNbaParody dude to do commentary on here

    31. n Vezilier

      les Hornets ne font qu'un

    32. Andrew Simmons

      Quality commentating against the GOATmentator but again...not the WIN!

    33. Dix E. Normus

      They must have made this list before the Miles Bridges dunk on Clint Capela


      Nobody's going to mention how Jones Jr blocked that shot with his ELBOW??

    35. LT Blicky

      Why y’all show all the highlights from nets On Lakers but they lost and y’all couldn’t highlight that hahah

    36. Purqp!

      That boa take big bongo rip before the game 😂😂

    37. Sharp Young

      I play a ton of Basketball. cool video.

    38. rasput blak

      commentator really had to say "not the win" hahaha. funny :)

    39. Jakub Bielak


    40. Shemphang Hynniewta

      We need the goat back! He's been gone for too long🤣🤣

    41. Jeff Smith

      Fox jumps higher with the new 'do.

    42. Jeff Smith

      D Book to Mikal Bridges better be on this list. Go Suns !!! Phoenix 90° 🌞

    43. Harbans Kaur

      I can’t believe it lakers didn’t have good players but still they won yes

    44. Ilija Devic

      Since when were blake and trez teammates though

    45. o0Skull0o

      Nu nu nu not a win

    46. Kobrall

      nice fouls, sorry, nice blocks

    47. Brandyn Tai

      how tf were there no Raps plays on this 🙃

    48. Gabriel Netbai

      Your so boring to listen too

    49. Mobile Master

      YOUR LIEING not the behinds the back buzzer beater from outa or the chase down block in that game I'm telling you they do not like the raptors one bit

    50. Lalith4l

      damn de'aron!

    51. esp_sosa

      why is the nba so biased against the raptors. they had way better plays then that cavs one

    52. Chris

      #8 was a foul for days

    53. papatootsie

      Top 6? Ahahaha

    54. biG Manta TV

      Hahahah "not the win" 😂🤣

    55. chupa chups

      did Nets win anyone ?

    56. Keegan VerBurg

      I was hoping he'd emphasize the Nets losing a bit more.

    57. Qurzakle Gaming

      They show hartensteins slam but don't show Bembry in the paint passing it behind his back to Yuta to make the 3pt buzzer beater?

    58. Ian On The Go

      DJJ was so high that his elbow did the blocking.

    59. Carlos Rafanan

      Isaiah Stewart always in the top ten for the wrong reasons 😂💀

    60. HC DaVe

      Nets won't make the finals just like the Clippers did not

    61. Kos Films

      Why is the thumbnail a 6

    62. LIN LIN CHEN

      Kevin DOOrant

    63. Ivan Leon

      that #9, block with elbow should be much better position, look at the elevation.

    64. Dee Jacocks

      Harrell and griffin weren’t teammates

    65. Singh Leo

      Raptors had enough plays to fill this top 10 just by them but it is what it is. Last time I'd be watching this washed out list.

    66. Jaydeep Panchal

      They really put 6 in a Top 10 video thumbnail.

    67. Ruairi Tilley

      Can we discuss the fact that De'Aaron Fox dunked on RUDY GOBERT


      "BUT AGAIN, NOT A NET WIN" Dammmmn big barss

    69. GreenGoblin05

      DJJ’s block should’ve been ranked higher than Blake Griffen’s smh

    70. Samuel Eldridge

      So did the Nets win or not?

    71. Miko Morata

      Wait what? Blake and Montrez were never teammates haha😂

    72. OG papi

      bunch of fucking nets haters 💯

    73. L.N. Hitsman

      That pass from Booker should be #1.

      1. WeAreTheVirus89


    74. Szabolcs Doszkocs

      Best thumbnail

    75. Sean L

      Big 2 lost to big 0?

    76. Zion KausHagen

      Everybody’s always sayin “don’t swish a layup”, Kyrie just can’t help it.

    77. Tavyn Likosky

      0:55 what happened there???

    78. Grand Inquisitor

      Gobert poster becoming a daily thing.

      1. coleDman45

        That wasn’t no poster Rudy was out of the way

    79. Vladyslav Kurbatskyy


    80. Jake Oh

      I swear, the nba hates the Raptors. The Raptors never get any highlights on these things.

    81. JustBE

      We put way too much value on dunks... that curry move and Booker pass were both way better than the fox dunk

    82. oo_Commander -JT777

      the thumbnail looks so weird

    83. NBA 2gay

      Blake has some beef with Harrell, blocked him 3 times on dunks

    84. Doffy Donquixote

      chef steph still acknowledged huh..okay

    85. Benjamin Sulka

      Blake still has ups 🐰

    86. Jepoy Pagalilauan

      Commentator always emphasizing nets not winning againts the lakers😁🤣

    87. humm

      Denyvan Mitchell!

    88. Max Lucas

      Man Chris Boucher deserves to be here

    89. Michael Khatib

      So number 6 is a behind the back pass to a layup, Raptors Bembry had a behind the back pass to Watanabe for a fading buzzer beater...... but i guess these "analyst" dont watch Raptors

    90. Austin Verette

      Why is this commentator SO much better than the others?!

    91. Arnold K

      Didn’t m me I’d see the day the NBA posts a 1080p video!

    92. MLG

      Stop getting excited guys, Minus Harden, Minus Kyrie full game, and only a 75% KD returning from injury. In a 7 game series, some games will be close. But the result really wont. 3 of them on the court can not be defended by the Lakers. and I am a Lakers fan even when we had smoosh parker. #realism

    93. Treycoyne12

      Fox back to back #1 plays?

    94. Pancit! At Rebisco

      Am I the only one who got curious on why the thumbnail is Top 6?😆

    95. Zap Rowsdower


    96. Treycoyne12

      Jones jr bounce is absurd

    97. Ethan Arnold

      I swear, you guys did not put a raps highlight in there. I saw Isaiah Hartenstein but nothing else. THEY GOT 87 POINTS IN THE FIRST HALF 47 POINTS IN THE FIRST QUARTER AND YOU DON'T PUT A SINGLE HIGHLIGHT. cmon

    98. Manne Di

      Fox get the top play but still not a Nets win

    99. Big D

      Fox #RESPECT

    100. 陈骞

      渡边那球呢 ?