Shocking make up hacks to try tiktok


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    1. YellowClover

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      1. Savannah Blackhawk-McCormick

        @Bread Bread no thanks don't force that on me creator is my higher power

      2. Bread Bread

        Sread the word about god

    2. gianaseppanen

      I just don't understand why young women with great skin just pack on the products. It's just so much!

    3. La Laraib

      The final look totally depends upon the artist's skills not the products

    4. upasana dutta

      The hack where they were mixing foundation and powder and saying it covers up every single spot in their face ...... To be honest, I tried it and it doesn't work the foundation became thicker but when I started to apply in my face it was alll powdery and it was unblendable it's the worst hack everrrrrrrrr....

    5. Karaetify

      4:55 does anyone know what pallete is she using?

    6. c o o k i e s n’ m i l k

      6:08 she said the n word , and covered her mouth bc she knew she said it, WHY IS NO ONE SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS???

    7. Danny Nunes02

      0:52 music??

    8. eleni thoma

      I don't know why but i really hate fake lashes idk its so changing the face like... omg

    9. Bulle The Teletubby

      i think that natural skin texture is pretty, id never apply foundation

    10. CATS!!!!!!!

      5:23 This is just the foundation hack

    11. Milagros Torres

      7:49 music please

    12. Scullcandy49

      3:01 PLZ DONT USE BABY POWDER!!! Baby powder is made up of an ingredient called talc and talc is known to cause lung cancer if inhaled and it’s horrible for your health. Be careful!!!

    13. StAn LoOnA oR mArRy JaY wHy PeE

      Okay people out there , stop using makeup that do animal testing pls instead use those that are cruelty free #stopanimaltesting !!

    14. Esly Isamar

      Me gustaría que el o la dueña del canal, se asegurara de que los típs que está resubiendo no sean malos para la piel o su cara. Ya que vi una chica usar polvo de bebé y leí aquí en los comentarios que hace daño o algo así, mejor promuevan consejos que estén seguros no sean dañinos, ya que en internet se encuentra muchos consejos así.

    15. Esly Isamar

      0:22 yo pensé que la gente se operaba la cara para no tener que contornearse, ya nadie se conforma con nada :V

    16. Ankita

      5:23 is really fucking work like magic and it's stays for hour omg whenever there is a function in my family i use that method

    17. zareen nasreen

      3:26 giving kylie jenner vibes

    18. Ponyboy Cade

      i recently had a sunburn, so when they say “sUnKiSsEd” i say, “oh you mean sunBURNT?!”

    19. Francene

      3:12 Thank you! Because people are always telling us to change our face shape when you should just enhance your face shape! Like we have different faces for a reason now make it shine! Not everybody wants to look like an angle

    20. Izuku Midoriya

      Makeup tip of 2021: NEVER USE BABY POWDER ON YOUR FACE. It sucks all of the natural oils out of your face and gives you acne


      At 4:01 why does she look like Kim Kardashian

    22. Kelly Quinn

      6:08 my girl said the n word

    23. Camila

      3:25 for a sec she reminded me of Kylie

    24. Jade Dawson

      Me: *puts on about 3 sprays of setting spray* My dad: (first spray) get that cold crap of my face!

    25. Selena Thompson

      5:23 why does she look like Doja Cat mixed with Kate Middleton? 😭


      Why they use so much foundation, I never put THAT foundation Well I never like myself in makeup 😒

    27. WAPTECS on iG is the best

      I strongly recommend y'all to *WAPTECS* on lnstagram he got access into my childrens device perfectly without them knowing

    28. ????????

      3.26 looks like Kylie Jenner

    29. Olagundoye Bola

      I recommend *WAPTECS* ôn lG he helped me with my account and he also helped me to spy into an account

    30. Masumah Begum

      My Muslim dad be like:Will this MaKe-uP make you white Me:(つ .•́ _ʖ •̀.)つ

    31. Asna

      0:39 first I thought she was Hailey Bieber😢😂

    32. Shreya Roy

      3:26 that's literally Kylie Jenner 😳

    33. Kass

      8:20 that’s not Fit Me that’s Infallible by L’Oréal.

    34. Alexandra Hernandez

      The last tiktok Gurl…HER MF FOUNDATION DID NOT MATCH HER NECK TF I hate I love her but girllll

    35. Doll

      Okay but the filters thouuuuugh? 😒🙄

    36. Justaname

      Damn that girls makeup at the end way too light

    37. Who?

      I always put my blush on the apple of my cheeks, and then blend it up. I like the way it looks and no one can tell me otherwise🤷‍♀️

    38. ironic

      4:54 note to myself

    39. Rayelle Johnson

      If you ever want to be traumatized by nose contour do your nose contour then have someone take some side photos of you. All u need to do to never have that feeling again is to highlight or just a line down the middle

    40. Asgari Mansoori

      I tried that foundation+powder technique not once but twice and believe me it looked sooooooo cakey I don't recommend that

    41. Donald Cameron

      Thank you lovely ladies for helping me with my beauty facials and dress up pretty too 😍

    42. Donald Cameron

      I love beauty facials and hairstyle s and buy beauty products whenever I can!😄💓

    43. Donald Cameron

      I should have been a lady 😍

    44. Donald Cameron

      I am a girly girl at heart sometimes! Especially around special occasions!😍💓

    45. Donald Cameron

      I love Tiktok beauty tutorials so much lovely ladies 😍💓

    46. Donald Cameron

      I love your beauty tutorials and love your beauty and hairstyle and fashion ideas so much, and I love to dress up pretty like you are lovely lady 😍 ladies 💓😍

    47. Ashley Gomez

      Ok but why are we putting blush on our foreheads?

    48. cu


    49. Jenny Lee

      doodoolooksgood with a filter. all these hacks should be done without any filters....then lets see

    50. olivia rose

      0:32 so important for me!!!

    51. My Amusing World

      The girls who don't wear makeup be like: 👁️👄👁️

    52. Nicole Nemanashe

      cheap: purposefully takes dark shades expensive: natural

    53. okok okok

      And 70% of us doesn't use make up but still watching this video. Hit up if you agree

    54. Viktoria Schmied

      I don't think I've ever seen someone wear eyeliner as well as the second clip.

    55. Inna Bangalan

      Song at 0:31?

    56. Lola The Bunny

      2:23 don’t ask I just want to mark one for me

    57. Bella Hadid

      Why does everyone looks like they are from Kardashian-Jenner Clan?

    58. legendarymythlover

      That girl with the baby powder is gonna get cancer. You're not supposed to have that anywhere near where you can breathe it in

    59. Zaheer Ahmed

      3.12 song plz

    60. Dubliana Perin

      Baby powder makes my skin dry

    61. Kim seokjin

      6:07 did she just ?????

    62. madi

      i don’t even use makeup why am i here

    63. Marshmallow


    64. Natália Petim

      #SaveRalph 😢😢😢✊🏽🇲🇿

    65. Candace Smith

      That was a lot of setting spray

      1. Candace Smith

        @Souvik Dey I know right

      2. Souvik Dey


    66. Kotosulamun :3

      Why am i watching this, I don't even wear makeup

    67. Lauren

      Thanks for the white screen at the end, very cool ⚪👄⚪

    68. Mr. Demon

      I hate wearing makeup why am I watching this 😭 so talented

    69. Chloe Vadgama


    70. Chloe Vadgama


    71. Júlia Anjos

      4:54 - eyes

    72. Joanne

      so many of them have blurring filter on so you can't see how cakey all this makeup they're putting on is 🤦🏻‍♀️

    73. Disha Das

      3:45 Kim? Is that uh😭

    74. Andrea Uskovic

      3:26 Kylie Jenner is that you????

    75. Wareesha Siddiqui

      In this fake world, I want to be real while everyone is trying to be fake.

    76. Davi

      0:36 song?

    77. i declare bankruptcy

      i have a question homies. i don’t wear like full face bc i just don’t like it much and i love my current routine, but does it feel heavy when u end up wearing heavier makeup?? like some days when i wear light make up it feels heavy, so does it feel rly heavy? so sorry if this makes literally no sense im an idiot

    78. lol life and others

      It’s true girls can shape shift with makeup

    79. Wena Alia

      3:12 she kinda look like Kylie...

      1. Souvik Dey


    80. Sometrash 1

      I don’t use makeup but is wearing make up uncomfortable? Like does it feel heavy on ur face?

    81. ananya sharma

      3:25 she is giving a lil bit Kylie's look

    82. Baldieee

      *now let's see these without the filters🤠*

    83. 3:54 is soooo pretty

    84. Jazmyn Lopez


      1. Souvik Dey


    85. Amciu Zawadzka

      3:04 oh wow, Must Try

    86. iqra jawed


    87. Krati Bhatia

      2:47 anybody know her channel?

    88. 「Amana 」

      3:33 My girl looking like a whole strawberry..🍓

    89. Jess Salmon

      Idk how these people dont break out loads from all the makeup??

    90. Alana Rodríguez

      Laura Lee, bruh lmao.

    91. shizianthea

      i freaking don't know why people with slim and perfect noses still puts contour. their face is literally perfect and the contour makes it too defined and exaggerated. contour is just for low and big noses like mine. btw i dont even have makeup i dont know how i got here.

    92. Account

      4:00 Kylie Jenner who?

    93. 💜Bugaboo💜

      11 years old girl here Edit : my mom is white so she has this white foundation and I’m Asian she’s Asian too but she’s just white for some reason anyways I look so weird putting on her foundation 😂

    94. Fayelith Minamari

      Yeahh cute but is that animal testing free make ups

    95. Rock Star

      It's like these people are ashamed of their natural skin tone. Everyone is ghostly white!! The technique is good but colors horrible

    96. Kari Lawson

      The youthful observation intringuingly excite because screen numerically prick along a jumpy tennis. enchanted, unknown pull

    97. Rhyder

      I always use baby powder too bc I never find many good setting powders here and they’re expensive lmao, only thing I noticed that if you keep it on too long/use too much it gets drying a lil bit but just a personal experience

      1. Rhyder

        @Reese Smith yeah true, gotta be careful and use little product, i stopped using it tho ahah😆

      2. Reese Smith

        baby powder can actually cause skin barrier damage and that’s why it gets dry because after a while in some cases your skin might not be able to absorb and retain moisture

    98. Amelia Garrod

      I don’t even use makeup so why am I watching this

    99. Mirajane Strauß

      We now know where water pollution comes from

    100. Hello World

      Do you actually see them the same before and after? Makeup doesn't change your face shape lol it just adds color.