Cristiano Ronaldo Is Always First Out To Train But He Doesn't Want To Be Filmed! 😡


2,9 mil. pregleda811


    1. BeanymanSports

      You can see Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal's full training session here =

      1. tony Adam

        Messi got carried by he's teammate his whole life, barca had the best players ever and is one of the biggest team in the football history, if cr7 and Messi exchange teams Messi wouldn't be as good as ppl believe he is.

      2. tony Adam

        @Israel Roy Pilli exactly, finally some noticed

      3. Qol I

        @Israel Roy Pilli Imagine arguing over 2 players in a sport

      4. Qol I

        @Bobby Playz Imagine arguing over 2 players in a sport

      5. andria koblianidze second channel

        @Israel Roy Pilli does that affects Messi's skills? btw he sent it wdym?

    2. George Lopez

      So cocky. Don’t get me wrong, he is good. But look at Mbappe already cocky and not at that level. That’s why we have Messi to put this guy at his place. 7th ballon de oro.

    3. Joey Caves

      Lol, they are cuz it’s their job 💀

    4. AmeerSirhan99

      Crazy how much he accomplished how many millions in his bank account yet still the hardest worker first to show up and the last to leave a true icon this guy . No doubt he's also a GOAT for me . I used to say only messi can be a GOAT but i have changed my mind this guy is there no question even surpassed messi sometimes . We're so lucky to have them both in our lifetime. God bless cr7 ❤🔥🙏🏾

    5. Clark Rodriguez


    6. MetzMusic

      And then you go and post the video?

    7. Ali Kanu

      Amazing physic

    8. Sheesh Beesh

      He’s just doing his job penaldo 🤡 I’m sure he wouldn’t film you for free

      1. Sheesh Beesh

        Maybe do the dolphin dive while your at it 😂

    9. Byron

      Why messi is the best he's a good player but messi won't ever say that

    10. Zed One

      He said it very very nicely, my friend, cam guy should have stopped asap

    11. Bilal Tech

      What's the height of cr7 😲

    12. Kevy


    13. Kevy


    14. k

      Am i missing something? I cant find the hate comments everyone talks about ;P

    15. averagestudent

      the liquid in the bottle he is holding kinda looking like coca cola

    16. lil Coco

      Damn I don't realize how big he was

    17. Lucas. GM

      whats the black strap around his torso ?

    18. TrbLft

      The best are always first to come and last to leave !

    19. Gorachand Bishayee

      The exaggerated swagger of the Portuguese GOAT🍻

    20. cI -_- 2017

      You can't diss Coca Cola and not expect to be filmed lol

    21. Zane A

      He is a punk

    22. Priyanshu Singh

      Wtf he looks soo huge

    23. Curious_Cat

      It was probably Coca-Cola that sent the cameraman just to annoy Cristiano. lmao

    24. Christopher Downs

      First one there at training and last one to leave. It really does speak volumes as to why he was the best for so long.

    25. CaracolZumbi

      The camera man' social circle increased by 400% after CR7 said that to him.

    26. Rexsi

      even when hes pissed he called him a friend

    27. nirvanafan500

      One of the biggest names in football, filmed all the time no peace. Must be frustrating.

    28. Nickolas Tse

      Why you idiot put an angry face emoji in the title? Do you want me to come to your place and filming you?

    29. TimmacTR

      It's impossible to not respect the guy

    30. tameem alsaify toys&vlogs

      cuz he was the first 1 to come to train

    31. Greay Statia

      It must be so hardd😂😂🤣🤣

    32. Robher85

      This is what comes with fame. Can’t believe he’s still not used to it.

      1. nirvanafan500

        How could you get used to it. Harassed every day wherever you go. I don't think you ever can

      2. Airon Maxslade

        He has to maintain attitude

    33. J M

      Ronaldo walking 2 Million people: interesting

    34. DJ!C.A.R.S

      stop da propaganda cr7 sucks in skills!4-2 vs germany where was he ?

    35. Fume

      And they still lost! Respectfully ofcourse..

    36. I love memes

      When Ronaldo doesn’t want u to film him: *my disappointment is immeasurable,and my day is ruined*

    37. Bhawna Dhami

      How tall is he ? That's a good height

      1. Airon Maxslade

        6 feet 2 inches

    38. Gulsher Aulakh

      what is in his hands................. coke

      1. Airon Maxslade

        Nope, its prune juice

    39. Heart Shaped Box.

      Narcissistic robotic footballer!!

    40. The Crews

      He's a best role model ever

    41. Michael Glavimans

      i understand him, why do they want so much footage i bet if they were able to film him while he was sh!tting i know at least 5 camera's would be filming that

    42. Ailan Krohn

      He looks like an action figure compared to them

    43. Meinhart Erschwanz

      Do i see Coke in his Waterbottle?🧐😂😘

    44. Nabil Benattia

    45. hehehhe

      hey Ronaldo where can I buy that vest? Thanks!

      1. Airon Maxslade

        Its Nike

    46. Eugenio Zavala

      Jaja che Cris

    47. fake dub

      damnn. guess the juventus all or nothing really gonna be something huh

    48. seplayer

      Football has always been a team sport. Then media came and destroyed it.

    49. AnOp 13

      Jornalists are the most annoying people in the world

    50. The Divide

      I remember when i was younger and supporting man u (Manchester United), and everyone use to say omg you like Ronaldo what a gay boy, then i grew out of football and years went on, and now his classed as the best player in the fucking world, not so much a gay boy now though ey, him i mean, people use to laugh at his over the leg ball technique and shit, look how many players do it now lmao, moral of the story, don't judge too soon, as he might give your kids ambition to be something.

    51. Mbutta7

      On a side note, he is fucking massively tall compared to all the other guys around him.

    52. mixterz

      Made his cash from being filmed, little b.... when he wants.

    53. Ghatotkach

      Ronaldo is noob

    54. Venkatachalam perumal

      what is he wearing (black color)?

      1. Airon Maxslade

        It is a form of spinal correction vest. Usually tall people wear it because their spine starts to hunch and create muscle imbalances. This vest prevents it and stabilises that area.

    55. Joe Joyce

      He's drinking coke 😂😂😂😂

      1. User

        @Joe Joyce he drinks water, coke is for pussies

      2. Joe Joyce

        @User yes

      3. User


    56. Maitha Me just me

      It's so annoying that the cameraman didn't stop filming after that, idk what else he needed to stop? 💀

    57. Dr. Strange

      He looks like an avatar.

    58. lailayusuf

      he wasn't mad- he was calm and joking-

    59. Michael Irizarry

      whats that thing is is wearing i see a lot of players wear that

      1. Michael Irizarry

        @Airon Maxslade ahh thank you

      2. Airon Maxslade

        It is a form of spinal correction vest. Usually tall people wear it because their spine starts to hunch and create muscle imbalances. This vest prevents it and stabilises that area.

    60. V12

      0:12 i thought that guy wants a hug

    61. TeraTrox

      Imagine getting filmed almost anywhere in public, and if said something which is not even remotely offensive it reach millions😂

    62. Jarhead89

      Arrogance pure

    63. sultaa86

      Give that Man a Coke

    64. Arrow Bro

      This makes him look like a dick but when you have to disguise yourself to have privacy I would get depressed everyone always on you

    65. Gehopt wie Gedupt

      Who cares what the princess wants on high heels

    66. Simon Law

      cheating ponce

    67. Sean Mac

      Cristiano a God amongst men

    68. Rohit chandran

      now wonder he became one of the two best but difference is this man earned it ... messi was born talent .

    69. Sebastian Peñamante

      is he Holding a Coca cola?

      1. Airon Maxslade

        Fruit juice

    70. Jamesy

      Oldest boy there and still the best

    71. I didn't know Ronaldo was this huuugeee

    72. hell no

      My friend if they know how early i train they will catch up

    73. Qwertzu

      0:11 dude wanted to hug ronaldo haha

    74. The Anonymous Commenter

      "in preparation for Sweden at Euro 2020"? Portugal never played Sweden at Euro 2020...

    75. Zicnopotamus

      0:12 he is straight from Avatar

    76. E m m a

      I don’t wanna see anyone trying to make him the bad guy in these comments. How would you feel if you had a camera shoved in your face all the time? Whatever your opinion is of paparazzi and that sort of thing, surely we can all agree that it’s understandable that he’d be a bit annoyed. He was still polite though.

    77. Artheur Nkenzacki

      10% lifestyle 20% talent 70% hard working

    78. Eter Wael

      "Filming everything already no? *Camera keeps filming*

    79. claunko

      Yes he does. He likes it more than taking it from behind. Dont fool yourselves


      Bhai please help me


    82. Juan Perez

      Real hard work and discipline is not filmed. Respect 👌 💯

    83. Life Of Lucas

      Great men,

    84. Juan Jacinto

      The weird thing about this is that Ronaldo is treating this guy, who is clearly there just to do his job, and has been hired to do so, as if he's a Paparazzi

    85. fatalradius

      I'd be tired of getting filmed 24/7, God Bless his patience

    86. Jason Jansen

      Why wear a bra?

    87. Franjo Jukic

      Junge das Video wird mir seit Tagen vorgeschlagen ... ich klick jetzt, wehe kommt nochma wieder amk.

    88. Los Angeles


    89. Writer’s Paradise

      It right to not film people every time they step out. But that guy got guts, Ronald told him to not do it and he was just like, ‘go on’

    90. Nicolas M

      He wasn't the first! Why people love to lie in order to hype their idol.. I don't get it

    91. Wiqar Dream

      Masha'Allah ronaldo looked nice

    92. Naif Shaikh

      He will be a great coach once he retires.

    93. Erscii

      Cr7: "filming everything already?" Camera guy: *proceed to continue filming

      1. Juan Jacinto

        Of course, why not. The weird thing about this is that Ronaldo is treating this guy, who is clearly there just to do his job, and has been hired to do so, as if he's a paparazzi.

    94. Vaibhav Choudhary

      And stupid camera man still goes on

    95. AgosGPlay

      I used to be a little salty towards Ronaldo cause of messi even though I'm from Madeira, but I learned to appreciate his football and how much of a inspiration and role model he can be. No doubt Messi and Ronaldo Goats of all time .

    96. -United-

      Ronaldo love that cam is on him, u see his eyes is always up on screen to see if he can see himself there. Ofc he is out early to be in the center but stil acting like hes not....

    97. Neil McArdle

      00:13 is that man tiny? Or is Ronaldo a giant?

    98. Quixotic Fiend

      First out of the Euro as well.

    99. TalabGaar

      What was that liquid in the bottle he was carrying 😁?? Any guesses

    100. Azeem Ahamed

      U kn it doesn't matter how much u dum shits @ coca cloa try u u aren't stupid anymore