Albina - Tick-Tock - LIVE - Croatia 🇭🇷 - First Semi-Final - Eurovision 2021

Eurovision Song Contest

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    Albina represented Croatia in the First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Tick-Tock
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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije mjesec


    1. Eurovision Song Contest

      Read more about Albina here:

      1. Slocks- YT

        @Ivañaa why?

      2. Borna Knez

        How Dare you Eurovision! Croatia was good for Finals!

      3. Toto Moto

        @Ivañaa u .j k lhgi lg Hz

      4. Veselinka Buha

        Albina is the bestttt!!!!♥♥💞💞💞

      5. Danko Dominis

        The fact that she was ripped off by Scandinavian jury mafia gave this song so much more publicity and recognition then if she ended up in finals...

    2. Lommy

      Croatia always sends good songs. 1998 was a true classic!

    3. sus

      Najbolji dio kad pjeva na hrvatskom

    4. Enrico Paoletti

      Ehy Samantha, what do you think of Croatia not qualifying for the Final? "THE QUEEEEEEN OF THE NIGHT HAS BEEN ROBBED"

    5. Leon Zovkic

      Song is super

    6. подстилка дьявола


    7. Ambam

      She deserved to qualify so much more than other contestants. She has been one of the few singers who impressed me, classy also in the moves. Love from Italy

    8. Andrew McIlwraith

      I think the costumes might have put people off even more than Cypriot devfil worship!

    9. Erpur Arnórsson


    10. badassmorse

      biggest robbery

    11. Draco Malfoy fan

      Aš: mama ka imti i atostogas? Mama: TikTok, pieną, sūrį.

    12. Macaulay Grant

      How this didn’t qualify over Norway

    13. Andela Galesic

      We at body tik stream workout me and my bff just flow time leak can't anymore😌

    14. Andela Galesic

      Too nice albino❤️❤️😍😍 tick exact time leaks I can no longer bite my lips alone

    15. Benjamin Pucher

      I honestly love when singers include a bit of singing in there native language

    16. Milica Lazarevic

      Kad je Albina rekla ohhhh nooo naježila sam se

    17. Veljko Milosevic

      Evo mene mesec dana kasnije jos uvek tuzan zbog toga sto hrvatska nije prosla

      1. I Lederer

        E nisi sam😭

      2. Milica

        i mene

    18. Ivanka Lederer

      Albina ❤ ❤ ❤

    19. havokhazard

      the mathematics behind albina not qualifying still boggle my mind one month later. also why is this not geoblocked in the geoblocked countries 6/17/21

    20. Eagleruler 88

      Ahaha sranje

    21. M° Maroth Araya

      I strongly believe that it was the staging that costed Albina's place in the Grand Final :(

    22. @laaaaančeee22

      I love you Albina and Croatia

    23. smilylaugh


    24. Ivanka Lederer

      Love a disco queen

    25. Fish And Bits

      *En Cambio No => Tick Tock 🤐🤐🤐*

    26. Edgar Jiménez

      Mexico ❤️😍 amé cuando cantó "En cambio no" de Laura Pausini en español. 🙏🏼✨🙌🏼

    27. Kei

      I'm obsessed by the Croatian part, I sing it but I have no idea what I'm rambling

    28. Hrvoje Koši

      Harry Kane and Albania go home

    29. Domagoj Rubil

      The song is hard core 🗑

    30. Ash Femboy

      I dont like that the dancers has their abs covered with a skin color fabric, like they are males, its fine to show their body..

    31. Petra Benko

      This is so sad she didnt get in the finale but i love her voice so much she gave all of her hope to win

    32. Кристина Галеева

      Привет русским

    33. Ax


    34. Rabia Nur Bakus

      şarkı ilk çıktığından beri sevmiyordum ama bu show dan sonra israil veya norveç in yerine çıkmalıydı üzüldüm baya



      1. Antonisk vlogs


    36. Anna Kagkelidou

      This is stuck in my head so bad I can't even explain

      1. alien

        Me to

    37. Crtani Filmovi Hrvatska

      15. 06 21:11 it' s anymoore in trending in Croatia 😔

    38. Mira Grujic

      ❤️my queen

    39. Marios Skiadas

      Why she dont qualifed🤔

    40. MediaHypeTrain

      I fell in love with her before the way even dropped, damn she’s beautiful 😭

    41. Nurse Universe

      She was great. Liked her more than Cyprus

    42. WhenThe MusicDies

      Aslında bakarsanız şarkı ve show low olmuş biraz

    43. Khaled Ahmedov

      I actually watch this almost after a month but still thinking this song is not that good to qualify but Albina herself deserved it. She should represent Croatia again with a good song

      1. alien

        Me to

    44. Dramatic Scar

      Looking back, Norway didn't deserve it.

    45. Milorad Milenkovic

      Koliko jeftina pesma kao i nastup 👀 miljama od finala, to je što je, zasluženo mesto

    46. adam.

      this deserved to be in the final :((

    47. Little Princess

      This was painful because Croatia deserved so much more. Albina is such an amazing artist, but the fact that Israel performed close and too many popsongs in that SF, I think people overlooked this one. In the SF2 this would have qualified easily. Don't give up Croatia, your time to shine will come very soon! Keep on sending such a great songs and you will be rewarded.

    48. LuKa

      Every english comment: Oh no. Croatia should go to the finals. Croatian and Serbian comments: (fight against each other) 😂 (I'm from Croatia, living in Germany)

      1. Khaled Ahmedov

        Why are they fighting?

    49. Lucia Kuharić

      Idemo 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷

    50. Ásta Björg Jónsdóttir

      I love you albina💋💋

    51. andrea cecchi

      it s pretty incredible, that this song didn t qualify for the final ,while uk, germany did......this is a good song man....and she is good as well ;)

    52. Saint J

      Croatian queen 😍

    53. Klajdi Domi

      One of the most robbed song/singer of ESC🥺😩😍

    54. Fabrizio Florio

      She definetely was robbed by Belgium

      1. Conk

        Why belgium

    55. Manos Men

      The song isn't for eurovision contest. She begun perfectly but during it wrecked completely.

    56. Немања Радуловић

      Nisi ni zaslužila finale

    57. Željka Justament

      Proslo je skoro mjesec dana i dalje ne mogu vjerovat da ovo nije proslo barem u top 5..

    58. Nikola Beljo

      Najjjjjjjaaaaacccccaaaaaaaa pjesma

    59. Zeljka Rakita

      Serbia(Hurricane) end Croatia(Albina)💙💙💙

    60. Kat Rose

      Što se mene tiče pjesma je smeće, al što se to mene tiče?!

    61. Женя Сысоев


    62. Arinator

      I'm sad bc Croatia dident win not bc I'm from there but the song is so good

    63. Zita Fransen

      She's beautiful

    64. Mnc190 2

      Where is the performance from the final? Oh, wait...

    65. Russian Girl

      only if she was a fat creepy maltese fem girl she would qualify -_-

      1. Conk

        Hol up

    66. Harry reviews

      It’s been just under a month and I still don’t get how this didn’t make it qualified with both juries and televote

    67. Xeyal Ezimov

      There's something about this song that pushes me towards it. Going to the final doesn't mean anything.

    68. Andy Mar

      Good staging, but as song nothing special

    69. Vladanka Jovanovic

    70. Borna Knez

      How Dare You Eurovision! Croatia was good enough for Finals!

    71. LudaMeri

      There is just something magical when she switched to Croatian. I got goosebumps

    72. Itay Tubis

      The Croatian version is BETTER 💙

    73. Natalia Kot

      Kylie Minoque of XXI century

    74. Unicornio power

      Alguien que hable español???

    75. Nikola Tesla

      So ugly and bad song from Croatia this time

    76. Baruch Augustinović

      1:31 not good,to be in a agreement with Satan!

    77. Marija Jovanov

      Ja također mislim tako

    78. Luan Fonseca Barros

      I think i'll never accept the fact she didnt qualify.

      1. alien

        Me to

      2. alien

        Me 5o

    79. Dertixenon [GD]


    80. Maja Ljuba

      Pjesma ti je super.

    81. egolog batu

      Stvarno je čudno da nije stigao do finala. Pjesma po mom mišljenju zaslužuje biti među 10 najboljih. iz Turske

    82. Ivanka Lederer

      Absolutely love this song! ❤ ❤ ❤

    83. Pero Jelisic

      I like dis song

    84. Crtani Filmovi Hrvatska

      Still in trending, #23 today (11.06.2021)💓🇭🇷

    85. Biljana Stojanovic

      Trebalo bi ukinuti glasanje zirija, DEFINITIVNO!!! They don`t even vote for song! I can`t find word`s for this competition anymore!! Bravo Hrvatska!!! Budite ponosni na svog predstavnika, razvalila definitivno!! Sto vise slusam, vise mi se svidja, pozdrav iz Srbije!

    86. Biljana Stojanovic

      Pesma je vrhunska! Steta sto nije u prvih 5, realno... Na zalost, veelika nepravda!

    87. Kitty Mitty

      Tick tock! jury votes and televotes are coming to an end

    88. Dynoman9398

      sviđa mi se pjesma xD naravno haha,,, ali čim počneš na kraju pisme vikat "C'mon Europe" xD znaš da si zajebo hahah

      1. Dynoman9398

        @Crtani Filmovi Hrvatska hah,, prošla,, očigledno nije jel,,, ako se nije uvrstila među top 10,, ako i JE PROŠLA, onda nedovoljno..

      2. Crtani Filmovi Hrvatska

        @Dynoman9398 prošla je i od publike i žirija

      3. Dynoman9398

        @Crtani Filmovi Hrvatska jer znaš da nastup nije bio to to, šta si očekivo,, ukočena je bila u ono odječi, dan prije na generalnoj probi, di jih ocjenjuje stručni žiri je zajebala, to sad več znamo, i vjerovatno bila pod pritiskom da "performa" odlično, ubiti da joj nastop u polufinalu bude JOŠ bolje, bez kikseva... i "osjetila" da mora viknut "C'mon Europe" da digne sebi šanse za koji glas više...

      4. Crtani Filmovi Hrvatska


    89. Ava Green

      This should have deserved to be in the final. Lot of support from finland

    90. Azzurre Cloudshell

      Some ppl might not like this song and thats on them But if albina didnt make the cut then why tf did cyprus and sweden qualify they literally COPIED bad romance and starboy respectivelly

      1. Harry reviews

        This made it with both but it’s the point system

      2. Caren Dosagomi

        Nope, Croatia was at a 11 place, so it (?) was so close to quallify

    91. Vuk Piljevic

      Zar je ovo hrvatski

    92. I Lederer


    93. Ivanka Lederer


    94. Veli Eren ŞEN

      to the people who unqualified this song for the grand final, you all need to go to the jail because of this crime.

    95. NAVIZD


      1. Ivanka Lederer

        Nije, meni dobro

    96. 🇭🇷🐺Vučji ratnik ♱

      This song and dance reminds me of those songs and dances in Disney cartoons. I love it! 🇭🇷❤

      1. Tyluild

        Agreed or like a Bratz Movie

    97. Crtani Filmovi Hrvatska

      Still trending in Croatia 💓

    98. Ivanka Lederer

      Wonderful song 💖

    99. l s

      zao mi je susjedi, ali nastup na dori je bio bolji. I kostim. previse koreografije za nju, previse misli na korake. steta ful