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    Today I’m finally sitting down to talk about my life because things have been CRAZY!!! I tell you all the Eurovision tea and so much more… I used FOREO's BEAR to lift my skin and keep it snatched! And Oh-My, you can immediately see the difference! Check it out here: foreo.se/t9fk

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    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ, I love you.

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    1. NikkieTutorials

      *don't forget to join the GIVEAWAY!!!!!* 🌈✨

      1. gloria

        queeen host❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

      2. Lotte Wallenius

        DROOM!!!! My DROOM is to win this giveaway *winks* IG: @lottewallenius

      3. Batel Vaknin

        No way to miss it! and it is absolutely my "droom" to see you hosting the Eurovision again. you were so royal and classic. and where can I see more of your work and follow you if I don't have an Instagram account? ( don't like it:> )

      4. Josiah Dillinger

        Your my idol

      5. Alyssa Carter

        My droom is to be able to finish school to get my license in cosmetology! IG: illyssitcharm

    2. mia

      Thank you so much for all of your work in LookLab! I'm not in Europe but I've been watching Eurovision since the early 2000s and I felt more connected to the artists this year because I actually got to know about them through your interviews. I also feel like there was a bigger wave of Eurovision content on social media as I saw a lot of your LookLab interview snippets circulating on those platforms which made people who weren't familiar with the contest become interested. Thank you for bringing online media to Eurovision and making people feel connected when we needed it the most

    3. AapkiVoice21

      I like your all video and listening

    4. AapkiVoice21

      You my favourite nikkietutorials

    5. Natalia Os

      Droom 🦋💕💕@natalia_os_

    6. Millie Kay

      I swear she’s the best host

    7. Brendan Hoffmann

      That's so awesome that you were at Eurovision this year! My favourite song ever that's come from there is 'Rise like a phoenix' by Conchita Wurst (a few years back).

    8. McKenna Bradley

      Never be afraid and always follow your drooms! Be like Nikki, so proud of you and adore you! IG:kennanicoleb

    9. Nickolas Hale

      Ahhh I just love love love love LOVE you! Did I mention that I LOVE YOU. Your so awesome to keep me entertained and that isn’t easy to do lol. (Thanks my adhd brain) lol.

    10. Anum Arshad

      such an inspiration ❤ droom @makeup_by_anumm

    11. Eleanor Clark

      i think i speak on behalf of all us trans kids when i say we are proud to have you representing us on that stage!

    12. Sylvia B

      12 points: Italy 10 points: Ukraine 8 points: France

    13. Lieke

      Iceland was my favourite 😻

    14. loucif lynda

      @didalou40 Droom big as you can💪💪💪

    15. loucif lynda

      Droom comes true👏👏👏👏

    16. Esmeralda

      I liked Samanta Tīna from latvia and maneskin🥰🥰🥰

    17. Esmeralda

      Nikkie u were an amazing host in eurovison i just loved watching it,u are so powerfull,and ur loks were amazing i love you so,so much,keep going girll i belive in you!!😘🥰🥰🥰

    18. Itxaso Fernández Lizarazu

      Your are the best make yo artist that i Ever see you need to invite Blackpink

    19. geenagr

      I've been watching Eurovision since 1990 and I must say I think you performed in an excellent way! This year, I voted for two countries:Italy and Finland! Anyway, I have a request: how about a little nod to Eurovision here and there? Fe, why dont you do a collab with Eleni Foureira? Or any of the amazing artists that have taken part in the competition?

    20. Lotte Wallenius

      DROOM!!!! My DROOM is to win this giveaway *winks* IG: @lottewallenius

    21. Lily Rose

      please collab with jendrik, my humour needs it :D

    22. Emese

      meeting you would be such a big droom come true ! 🥺❤️ insta: x.emese

    23. miene esch

      droom @mienevanesch

    24. Mumma Kels 🐨

      Droom.... @mumma_kels on Instagram!

    25. Mari Roncetti

      I didn’t even ever heard about this show. Am I the only one?

      1. Ellie Kofou

        Every European citizen knows about it

    26. Ros World

      First of all: You were amazing! Great participants and hosts this year! My points: 12 to Iceland, 10 to Switzerland, 8 to Malta

    27. Dianne Strommer

      Don't start crying just after you've applied all of that incredible make-up!

    28. James Lotus

      France was by far the best

    29. oakpope

      You were the best host this year by a mile. You brought freshness, fun and joy, thank you !

    30. Georgie Lynn

      JC, I mean what do you say, really??? Nikkie, you're amazing! You do it ALL! I admit I'm not in LGBTQ but I'm a definite friend and absolute supporter in every way possible! I LOVE you,the community and ALL you do!

    31. Šviesa

      She did a fabulous job, I'm so glad she enjoyed it too :)

    32. PandaHannah Vlogs

      I was watching eurovision this year with my best friend and she looked at you and said "damn she's tall" she didn't even know who you were, but I just want to say, damn You looked FIRE

    33. Pedro Jardim

      Droom ! @jazzydrag

    34. Alma Mater

      Ukraine was my favorite because it was very much Slavic ethno, but I'm glad Italy won 🥳

    35. Alma Mater

      It's sounds so wierd when you're an European listening her explain this to someone who's never heard about Eurovision before 🤣

    36. Heim Bíborka Hanna

      Droom.....wow this is sucha pretty word im sure i will be saying it and teaching it to other pepeole lots of love,you proud of you

    37. Bunnybunnyhophop2005

      I think my votes would have gone to : France, Ukraine and Iceland. X

    38. Juliana Resende

      I can't imagine all the feelings you felt when you were on the stage. Thank you for the advice that is never giving up. I need to hear that from anyone. Thank you for your kindness. Droom => @jar.resendee

    39. Ala Arc

      droom 🦋 @alaaarc

    40. Rosangliana Hmar

      I love2 dis vid💜💜💜

    41. Rosangliana Hmar

      U know what!! I have watch dis video for the 3 time😁💜

    42. Rosangliana Hmar

      U know what nikkie u have suffered alot in the past and its time for u to shine out and get all the blessings that u deserve😇!!...love u nikkie and were proud of you

    43. Pavlostr

      My 12 for Switzerland 😍😍😍 🥰😍😍 and omg your words are so amaizing you did great job on this verry stage and you deserved this dream it's so sweet taht you are truthfully happy that you could made this experience congrats to you i'am happy with you amaizing girl Nikkie 😍😍😍😍😍

    44. dodo nellie

      Nikkie's ukrane moment..... lalalalalalalalalalalalalala🤣🤣🤣

    45. Nina_D89

      My favourite was Ukraine, and I voted! Shum has been stuck in my head since the semifinal!

    46. draakjuhnl

      France was my favorite

    47. Whipped for kim seokjin

      The top 5 is basically the same for me but I also really wanted Bulgaria to be in the top 5

    48. Cristina Persa

      Droom! Loved your video 🤩😍! Insta: cristinapersa

    49. andrea ramirez

      Drooooooom. Dreams come true!

    50. Nerdy Girl

      Droom, @athenianprincess

    51. Fewy FWU

      Dutch word of the day:dream-droom Instagram: _._cristi14_._ I love you so much queen

    52. Crazy Fred

      Oh Nikkie you and Maxima got me 🤩🤩🤩 she is flawless indeed but a girl can dream to see her with your makeup on. And the princesses too!!!

    53. Ruth vdb

      Fav act SERBIAAA 12 points to SERBIAAAA🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

    54. Ashley Kelly

      ~TrAns ViSibLe~ Nikki: Only came out because of being blackmailed into it. 🧐🤷🏼‍♀️

    55. Tay Morrelli

      Oh I love this look!!! And the story! DROOM ❤️❤️

    56. Very Very Violet

      You did so well in Eurovision, I’m so proud of you Nikkie, and my day becomes always better when I watch your positive videos!!🥰🥰 Have a nice day to Nikkie and to everyone else too!!!😍😍

    57. Allie H

      Going to australia is a *droom* of mine IG: allie.hefner

    58. eoghan watts

      My 12 points go tooooo Moldova

    59. Jay Smith

      Love this proud For you love you Nikki xxxxxxxx dream if life xxxx

    60. TheSleepyhead

      The makeup is stunning! You're so talanted

    61. andriachionia

      you were amazing in Eurovision 💜 💜 which rhinestones did you use? 💜 💜

    62. Lennox Fenn

      my number one was switzerland, I literally threw all my 20 votes at switzerland xD

    63. the_southernthaigirl

      All I can think of is Eurovision with Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams and “Jaja Ding Don.” Now the song is stuck inside your head. You’re welcome.😉

    64. Helene Linnea Wiklund

      I’m from Norway🇳🇴 and I met Tix once, and it made my droom come true. I loove him, he’s honestly such a sweet guy and such an important rolemodel. He talks alot about mental illness and bullying, and really puts an important light on it. @helenelinneaa

    65. Matyáš Jindra

      i voted for Malta. so sad they got just 47 points

    66. Andreja Knavs

      Switzerland absolutly 12 points! Love u Nikkie, I feel more confident since I follow you! ❤️❤️

    67. your local weeb

      this year my fav act was ukraine and i'll give them 12 points idk why but the song is just so catchy and amazing

    68. Martin Goodman

      Ok so- 12 points- France (I love Barbara pravi anyway so I was buzzing that it was her and her song was just so beautiful) 10 points- Italy (that were such a bop I loved it) 8 points- Bulgaria (idk I just loved Victoria’s look and the stage was breathtaking) Just my opinion don’t come for me but I thought they were all amazing ✨🥴

    69. Joanna Rueda

      AmericaVision: only US. Its not like eurovision.

    70. Marilena Theodotou

      Droom @marilenar5 12 point to ITALYYYYYYYY🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 Lots of love and kisses from Cyprus 🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾

    71. Livianeth Avila

      Droom @_libby04

    72. Livianeth Avila

      Droom. _libby04

    73. Tanisha Smith

      Oh my goodness Nicki.... You looked so beautiful in that photoshoot, never mind you achieving your droom but you looked like an absolute droom! So proud of you and what you’ve done for the transbility community 💗 @tanisha_kira


      i really loved italyyyy

    75. Monster-or-Human

      I live in Hungary. Hungary did’n participate in Eurovision because the government said “They had had enough from the lgbtq medium surrounding the event” I think its disgusting. This country should be democratic but it is not! After this Nikkie shared an instagram story about what is going on in Hungary and she was so mad. Most of the people are upset. This was not the first time when they interfered in our personal lives and denied our human rights. If you are accepting the LGBTQ+ community, PLEASE stand up against it, to let the government know that everyone thinks it’s unacceptable. Thank you Nikki for the support❤️🏳️‍🌈

    76. marapopa20

      Concita: wins eurovision Nikkie: ...

    77. Elisallysa

      My droom is to watch my country win Eurovision. Last time Spain won was in the 60s! You did great in the show Nikkie! So proud of you! (@elisallysa)

    78. Zahra

      As a dutchie I'm literally so proud of you! You're my favourite BN'er

    79. Isabel SC

      I am so glad you droom came true. Happy Pride month!! I have a droom to meet you and travel. My insta account is @wyckedwytche.

    80. Chloé Passoni

      Drom 😍😍 my Instagram @chloepassoni

    81. maria kyriakou

      droom... By far my favourite was Italy btw Instagram: @mariakyriakou1908

    82. Usha Hollema

      my droom is to go to antarctica insta: ushahollema

    83. Plumpy Plum63

      Last night I had a droom that my cat did my makeup and I was jealous @Niamh_Elspeth

    84. Tijana Tintor

      Droom @tijanatintor ❤️‍🔥

    85. GlobbyChan

      Hii so my name is grey I’m part of the lgbtqia+ community and u inspire me so much I love how brave and confident you are your a hug inspiration, ( I thought why not enter so droom also so sorry I don’t have an insta but I do have snap it’s “greytheartist”)

    86. Henry Bieker

      Droom and my instagram is henry.bieker

    87. Pilar

      i hope you host again!! you were incredible

    88. Anastasia A

      The greek word of the day is Σ'άγαπω you are very beautiful love from Greece!

    89. Michelle Silvar-Watson

      I’m so incredibly proud of you Nikkie. I’m so happy your achieved you “droom” hahaha

    90. buddaboh

      Hostess with the mostess! 12 points go to you! Thank you.

    91. I. Stein

      Yasss, Ukraine!!! I so hoped they’d win! They have my 12 points. 😊 10 points go to Italy, 8 to Iceland. 😊 But I have to say - you were absolutely fenomenal! I live under a rock, so I didn’t know you were going to be one of the hosts, so when the show started I jumped and screamed to my husband: “Omg, Nikkie! I know this girl!” 😂 I’m so happy your droom came true! ❤️❤️❤️ My IG handle: @FairynailStories

    92. Angie B

      which lipgloss is she using?

    93. Angie B

      which lipgloss is she using?

    94. Angie B

      which lipgloss is she using?

    95. Ellie Bailey

      i absolutely LOVED seeing you on the show. my points: 12: Bulgaria 10: Switzerland 8: Ukraine i voted for Bulgaria multiple times so i was disappointed when she only received 30 public votes. i love maneskin though and i’m glad they won

    96. Mikki Lewis

      This is my favorite thing today! How wonderful!

    97. GlobbyChan

      Omg I love ur vids!

    98. La elotera del rancho :p

      I loved Destiny (Malta). She gets my twelve points

    99. La elotera del rancho :p

      I love how sweet is her with Destiny, they're so sweet toogether ❤

    100. Tanya Benedict

      and and. 🥰