Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - PlayStation Showcase 2021: Reveal Trailer | PS5



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    Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the next game in PlayStation’s critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. Developed by Insomniac Games in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation for the PS5 console.

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    1. Nick

      I just hope they incorporate web wings to Peter’s traversal.

    2. Rdo Rdo

      Air space

    3. Rdo Rdo

      Stuff they can't do us too because key west carribean Hawaii too is an island to include Puerto Rico Russia Cuba as well

    4. Imagine Lol

      the description says spiderman 2018

    5. Quboi

      Please no MJ missions

    6. Jessica Bernal

      not Venom

    7. Jessica Bernal


    8. Jessica Bernal


    9. Spiderman Spidey PS4 /PS5

      The Future Best Game Of Year of Spiderman


      Will one of you finally give me what I desire.Venom:YEESS.......WE WILL is the BEST scene ever in the game and trailer

    11. נתן קורקות

      I hope its still single player and not forced co op because i have no one to play with because im solo only so i hope its like i choose one spidey and the other is npc or it can be switched

    12. נתן קורקות

      I wonder how will this connect with harry

    13. NAAX

      Can we get a venomized spidey vs miles

    14. XD'NT dos puntos uve

      lástima que no saldrá en ps4, espera...¡NO TRNGO PS4!

    15. Andre Graham

      Notice how venom said we… Eddie???

    16. Kevin

      I hope it comes out on PS4…

    17. Gon 1:end

      2023? bro

    18. ZolTex

      the game will release in 2023?

      1. AmeerGtLayto


    19. M.E.

      Venom sounds like Zoom from The Flash

    20. Dawn Climax

      Put it on PS4 Or else....

    21. Artist JM

      Will this be for PS4 too?

    22. MatsuSenpai

      I know that everyone's waiting for this game, but am i the only one who wants a game about Spiderman Noir?

      1. Hyh Ddd

        Spider Man shattered dimensions has Noir section

    23. Rafael .Guzman

      Okay, i will buy a Ps5.

    24. JOSUA AUNG

      i got excited when venom show up at the end

    25. Antisocial Cultist

      Sounds like Morbius? Glad he's been getting a lot of attention recently. And that Venom reveal, gawt dayum. Poor Harry.

      1. Antisocial Cultist

        @this Bubbly Goodness Is it Kraven? Ah, well.

      2. this Bubbly Goodness

        its Kraven the Hunter

    26. Water Me Loan 64

      Harry Osborn is going to be Venom? ...Did I miss a Comic Book or something? 😦

      1. MrButt4eva

        I haven’t read the comics but I know that almost everyone got the symbiote or something

    27. Elias

      Yes... We will

    28. Jerry Lorient

      Me: hey google…remind me Spider-Man 2 comes out in the year 2023 and schedule a reservation for a rehab facility mid 2023. Google: reminder & reservation set.

    29. Rajkamal Angiras

      Not for ps4.......sad

    30. lucid_jxck

      Ill be in yr 9

    31. Amita Shastri

      Please make it for PS4 too

    32. Joka2002

      So Harry Osbornes venom?

    33. Saad000 Allheudan

      SPIDER-MAN 2 PS5 , PS4

      1. this Bubbly Goodness

        not on ps4

    34. •Cal•

      I will wait 7 years to have the spiderman 2 because it is for the ps5 and in this year I was able to get the ps4 imagine ..

    35. Robin Animations

      I need the ps5,now

    36. S.Ragunathan 0829

      Riot entering I think so

    37. Batyr Mukhlynov

      Я у которого пс4

    38. Kaustubh Gosavi

      Will it be on PS4 as well?

      1. Gudgel

        Only ps5

    39. Gysellys Flores

      2016: E3 Trailer 2017: E3 Gameplay Trailer 2018: Release __________________________ 2020: E3 Trailer 2020: Release _________________________ 2021: E3 Trailer 2022: Gameplay Trailer 2023: Release _______________________

    40. Nomes Chafes

      I think we can only play peters spider man because it’s marvels Spider-Man 2

      1. Nomes Chafes

        @KinnikuBoneman then why it’s written marvels spider man 2 If it was co op the title would be different

      2. KinnikuBoneman

        Nah, it'll be all three

      3. this Bubbly Goodness

        thats what im hoping for, Miles will probably be Ai, like Peter was in Miles Morales

    41. SHERIFFs TV


    42. coleman archer

      THAT LOOKS AWESOME. but 2023??? :/

    43. midwings00

      So the Green Goblin will finish the trilogy?

    44. vaibhav verma

      I want also in PS4 because we investing our money in PS4 in 2021 also so it should also be in PS4 and PS4 is also worthy for this game as its also powerful console

      1. Sandeep Samarasinghe

        Well I'm sorry to say this but it will come exclusively for PS5 only which means only playable on PS5

    45. Quentin B

      Hope insomniac doesn’t carnage

    46. TheDuckGoesQuack

      Hopefully, Insomniac/Marvel add Carnage and the other symbiotes "original comic symbiotes" in the game or even DLC. Crossing fingers. Excited for the new movies, Venom "Tom Hardy" and Spiderman "Tom Holland". I was collecting the 2nd edition of the Spiderman Symbiote series *Original Comics*.

    47. Daniel Lenoir

      I hope you can be able to swap characters during fights like the dual team take down from Batman Arkham Night

      1. this Bubbly Goodness

        im assuming Miles will be Ai controlled like how Peter was in the previous game

    48. QaharNetic

      Spiderman games are overrated pass it on.

      1. MrButt4eva

        And thus, your the most hated human on Earth

      2. Sandeep Samarasinghe

        NO wht???

    49. Ellon

      I hope they bring back peter's old face in this one

      1. this Bubbly Goodness

        they won't

    50. islam Martin kurdish

      Very very nice well done sony 🥺😘

    51. Ali

      I hope it comes for ps4 as well🙏

      1. Sandeep Samarasinghe

        it actually won't it says its ps5 exclusive only

    52. Al ex


    53. v40 hacker340

      Please bring spiderman to xbox

    54. OminousAce


    55. Gautham S

      # real ease for PS4

    56. Yeye of Yt Gaming TV

      Play Station scalping and reselling never ends of PS5! all the true gamers cant get their hands on PS5

    57. Soly YT

      that looks like a hard boss battle ngl

    58. FRANDOIT Gaming

      Fauk playstation thé ps4

    59. Mr Stegosaurus

      PS5 only? :(

    60. Paulo Elicot

      Well I think harry will be venom

    61. RAphael cripz


    62. Joseph

      Does "we will" refer to venom joining the spidermen or will he be playable or is venom talking about himself and it's user..... Hmmm I hope there a symbiote suit to switch to at any moment and it's powers kinda like web of shadows that would be dope af


        I think he/they are gonna team up with the Spider-Men at some point of the game


      Rrrr. I can't wait man!

    64. Shivam

      Finally,the venom is here!!

    65. Ayberk

      😓 2022 spiderman coming

      1. Infy


    66. 0loster

      Is that Angelo Bronte's voice?

    67. РОШКА

      Me when I saw Venom: AAAAAAAA VEENOOOMMMM Then I saw coming in 2023: -_-

    68. We are Venom


    69. Mistah

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i just came

    70. Catrell Johnson


    71. Sekiro

      I'm excited to think there world be a jungle setting in this game becoz Kraven isn't complete without a jungle and traps and his animals. Would like to see how they pull that off.

    72. KingCollins

      we gonna get black suit peter??????

    73. Br Gameplayers

      Não vai sair pra PS4 ???? Se não Sair Que pena Comprei meu PS4 fez um mês hj ! É gosto muito do spider Man tá bem top o jogo. 🤔😔😔

    74. Hari

      Is it on ps4 tooo

      1. NeverDreamz


    75. NicOdysseus

      So Kraven the hunter and Venom confirmed?

    76. Muhammad Aneesh

      Game Demo Realse date

    77. 19 dollar Fortnite card

      1:14 the background music music though, that's terrifying!

    78. Fachrul Rozy


    79. Ghost Ninja 忍者ゴースト

      esto si es un verdadero tráiler, rockstar lo ves?

    80. i͠x͠y͠

      Xbox better but venom look noice

      1. NeverDreamz

        Oh look a console war loser

    81. Shreyas Phani Pendyala

      Who here's watching this even though they don't have a PlayStation? 😎😎😎

    82. BRANMiiNO Animations

      Co-op with Peter and Miles I BEG!!!

      1. this Bubbly Goodness

        not co-op my dude, they've called it a single player game

    83. Vaughny

      bro this game really finna be fire i swear

    84. MEEP

      Will it be on ps4

      1. Seget


    85. Felipe Valença


    86. Daanyaal Mohammed

      I hope they change the face of Peter back. ✌🏽

    87. Faris Shami


    88. Gislane Talbi

      Ps4? Pls

      1. dean lynch

        PS5 ONLY

    89. Valeria Poli

      Ci sarà anche per ps4

      1. Valeria Poli

        Ma che c

      2. Steamlazer


      3. dean lynch

        ps5 only

    90. Bois Co.

      I think that we might be able to play as Peter and Miles in this game, that would be awesome


        Pretty obvious

      2. Silent Joe106

        It might work like GTA where you switch between them.

    91. RainingLights

      Bully Morales???

    92. Wiktor Demyter

      Who want to play venom like my coment

    93. Lamont.The.Artist *

      I hope dig more into peters parents being agents of shield.

    94. Xavier Washington

      Candyman himself playing Venom, it can’t get any better

    95. Veteranation777

      This disappointed me a little i mean venom is cool but i want like Lizard or even or i think morbuis ain't a spider man villain

    96. FunkinOnTheWeekends

      IM EXCITED i have the whole collection of the 2 games and a 3rd would be awsome..especially venom

    97. 김민상

      We are expecting ‘The Amazing Spider Man 2’ Suit.😏 Make Fans Happy

      1. MrButt4eva

        @Steamlazer I thought the movie was great

      2. Steamlazer

        That movie was bad but the suit was the best movie suit ever

    98. Chester Lester

      So the 2 main enemies are…Kraven the Hunter and Venom? Sweet combo

    99. 김민상

      TASM2 skin. Pls

    100. secret cipher

      Alright TBH who else hopes they bring back the old face