Angelina Jordan - Bohemian Rhapsody - America's Got Talent: The Champions One - January 6, 2020


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    1. Etrichtaube1

      Deine Konzerte sind viel zu teuer, 450,. Eu ist fast 50% des Einkommen eines Angestellten, also nicht bezahlbar.

    2. Eko Budianto

    3. ShuEmperor

      Nice girl with the nice voice .

    4. tanpe Islam



      amazing voice ..

    6. Mark Smith

      She did a great cover, well done Young lady.

    7. Bryan Park

      she is not excellent singer. too much mic play. sometimes tv program makes performer excellent singer by exclamation sound effect. she sings too much mic play.

    8. Jjs Srd

      Is she on the dharr mann ?

    9. maciek b

      Angela,to wykonanie i ta interpretacja jest pikobelo👌👌👌

    10. maciek b


    11. simon cooper

      What a beautiful performance

    12. Linda S

      She's proof that the music (and style!) of that generation is still the greatest!

    13. Elizabeth Kunn

      She looks like she could be the sister of that one girl in dhar Mann

    14. J K

      Why she did not got golden buzzer?? What is wrong with those jugies 😡

      1. EDDEGT

        She got it from Heidi.

    15. Anderson Andrade

      Sei que vc não me entende. Mais eu entendo sua msg.ousa menina. Vc veio com sua linda voz nos trazer a paz. Que as pessoas veja sua voz, e ame mais umas às outras. .

    16. Nazeem Hussain

      She was just flawless...natural Freddie reborn

    17. Funky Monkey

      Freddy will get up and will sing to the roof with her.....

    18. Funky Monkey

      Lift the roof with that voice...

    19. Funky Monkey

      Angels voice

    20. Darcy L

      I'm a grown ass man and this made me cry like Michael Jackson in a world with no prepubescent boys.

    21. OuiOui

    22. 1949ala

      I am watching this in 2021, and I still think the show made a bit mistake in not voting for her..i.e. she came in 5th place. They Shure know talent when they hear it ?

    23. rama rahmanda


    24. Gail Gunderson


    25. Latabrine

      C'mon Freddy would love this! That tone!

    26. Witt Nguyen

      She’s my most favorite ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    27. No Name

      I can't count how many times I've watched this video. Gimme me 👍 if you did the same. 😆

    28. Elon musk is my dad

      Dahr man actress revealed? Looks like the sniper wolf girl

    29. OneThousandHomoDJs

      Angelina is so gifted, she should be considered a Mozart for the 21st century.

      1. OuiOui

        Carry on Mozart,

    30. Entertainment

      Omg god god goddd o my goddd waw

    31. Jean Gomez

      Beautiful voice!

    32. anthony somma

      The black host is one of the best people in Hollywood lovable man

      1. M e

        Yeah he is a fuck load better than racist Nick Cannon.

    33. Sukh Sukh

      She deserves this love

    34. Gerben Baljet

      iewl she dont wear shoes so manny germ oin the floor i dont like bare feet people

    35. JoziGirl

      Wonder how many people came just to see her...?

    36. OuiOui

      Mozart is here! 4th,

    37. John Lagan

      Feeling bored and fed up and then I heard this let me tell you this girl is definitely going places brilliant

    38. little dumpling♑

      Meh I've seen 11 year old sing better but it's not that bad it's just not awsome

      1. 103mrg

        little Please give us a name.

    39. Thomas Wijaya

      Billie Eilish who?

      1. OuiOui

        Who has bigger voice? Billie Eilish or Angelina Jordan?

    40. Isabel maçana bruxo

      , ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

    41. silvertix

      ‘Do whatever you want with my music darling, just don’t make it boring’ - Freddie Mercury

    42. DeToo Official

      M I the only one watching this today I mean in July month 2021 🙀🙀🙀 Comment down if someone is there😅

    43. Roki Tumei


    44. alain paquin


    45. ferdy lin


    46. Eduardo Vergara

      Wowww!quien poseyo a esta chica...

    47. Margaret Macharia

      She sounds like the wind

    48. tj schoenlein

      And who elevated Simon to…?

    49. Giuseppe Urna

      vorrei sapere quelli che anno messo il dito in giù che gentaglia invidiosi. Sei un talento grandioso.

    50. Becky Dutra

      Still incredible, still the best. 💖

    51. Christian Ehrnsperger

      HOW TO BE SAVED : 1. Admit that you are a sinner. 2. Turn away from sin. (Repent) 3. Believe that Jesus Christ died for you, was buried and rose from the dead. 4. Through prayer, invite our HEAVENLY FATHER THROUGH JESUS CHRIST into your heart to become your Saviour.

    52. Mattias

      out of this world

    53. Ceps Official

      1. 103mrg

        ceps Please promote your own music somewhere else.

    54. Eman barzanji

      Ch danga na xosha

    55. Tangerine Boke

      This is amazing but no one can beat the original love this💖

    56. Milly

      her voice sounds like christmas

    57. Nico Sagnelli

      Oh wow she's so awesome

    58. Aqilluddin Aqil

      What is that freddy. Its my masterpiece

    59. Chantelle Garlow

      Has anyone heard Mr Simon Cowell sing? Not being rude just wanted to hear him sing a song

    60. Rac Hna


    61. Annie Guzman

      Wanna hear her sing Strange Fruit.!

    62. Muhammad Ariie

      What?! So amazing angel!!!!!! Keselllll

    63. Constance

      Easily the best

    64. Ayyyysisters

      I singed since I was 2 years old and I start singing everyday for 6 hours and now I’m turning 12 years old

    65. Wikim위킴

      I got goosebumps!!

    66. Dert Hyy

      ¡Angelina, soy uno de tus Ángeles...a pesar de la corta edad que tienes(Has cumplido 15), ya eres una leyenda, recuerda, eres un ANGEL, que el SEÑOR ha puesto en la Tierra, para mermar el sufrimiento de nosotros, los Mortales...tus Ángeles, TE AMAMOS!. (Argentina)

    67. Jayse Greene

      She's dreadful

      1. 103mrg

        jayse I suppose you think you're some prize.

    68. Matthew Tomlinson

      How can this version have 7k dislikes.

    69. Erik Cox

      Wow. Very impressive and in case you didn't hear her say, she's 13 ☮️

    70. milan perinay

      Wow,I fell in love with you. Excellent

    71. Marie Scalera

      Gets better every time I hear it. You really got this girl

    72. leah hael

      WOW! She had a very great vocal! Plus I really lime this song..

    73. INTAN MARS

      cry.. ur performance soooo beautiful 😭💜

    74. Super Ten

      You are not alone in August 2021

    75. Le'Ney merciParis

      Magnifique tu chante juste avec ton cœur 💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💕

      1. Lydia Bentley

        Totally agree with you

    76. Francesca Marfe


    77. Yesyess


    78. Sisnsksmshskxnxkmbsm

      So you see

    79. Robin Daigle

      Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

    80. isaias zalazar

      Eso fue asombroso me encanto

    81. Becky Lawler

      I was waiting to see if she got the Golden Buzzer but it cut off too soon.

      1. EDDEGT

        She did

    82. Ashish Devkota

      Brings tears to my eyes 🙏

      1. Lydia Bentley

        You are not alone

    83. Joe bani Wan

      The real 'QUEEN'

    84. Carl Villamor

      it's so lovely :


      Your amazing Angelina Jordan you are a star 🌟🤩✨💖

      1. Lydia Bentley

        Angelena sure is

    86. Robert Jacoby

      Beautiful version of this song , Freddy is smiling down on this young lady 😀❤

    87. Kevin Sanchez

      She's so amazing!!! Such a beautifull performance!!! Congratz

    88. UK420Show

      She still keeps her American Accent while singing anyone else get that ?

    89. J W

      She Bad!

    90. Caroline Aucott

      She has got a very beautiful voice, but I am not a fan of melismatic singing

    91. tracy claphan

      Like holllyyy shitttt that girl can sing

    92. Strike Taing

      I'm so haunted by that voices . . .

    93. Ed Dale

      Why is she sing in Cambodia)) none in the US want her or what is it???

    94. Adriano Oliveira

      Eu já sabia

    95. SR

      Absolutely utterly totally completely magnificent. You’re a star ⭐️

      1. Lydia Bentley

        You said that right

    96. Fatima Fink

      A melhor interpretação..

    97. Ellery Familia

      First time I hear this. Speechless. Wow, so much talent!

      1. Lydia Bentley


    98. Genesis Deceano

      She. is. ART. TRULY A MASTERPIECE 🎨❤️ been a fan ever since I was little and I knew she had talent from the first I heard her sing “Fly me to the moon” 🌒 I wish her the best in her career 🕊.

      1. Lydia Bentley

        A lovely comment and so true